Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Lash Out At Farrah Abraham & Her Family On Kail Lowry’s Podcast: “They’re A Whole Different Breed!’

“Chew on that, Abrahams!”

Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra got chatty about a variety of topics during an appearance on Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast this week– discussing everything from their daughters Nova and Carly to Cate’s recent trip to rehab.

However, the couple was most vocal while talking about their former co-star Farrah Abraham— discussing her firing, who should replace her on ‘Teen Mom OG’ and the time Farrah’s dad Michael (allegedly) tried to beat Tyler up!

(Yes, you read that last part correctly!)

Cate and Ty told Kail and her co-host Lindsie Chrisley that Michael tried to box Tyler while they were filming a ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion a few seasons ago. The alleged incident occurred after Tyler made a comment on-camera about Farrah and her dad.

“Michael is actually a very interesting character,” Tyler said. “I never actually told anybody this but he physically got in my face and wanted to fight me about two reunions ago!

“I went onstage and they asked me something about Farrah and I gave them an honest opinion and then left the stage. I think it was something like, ‘Michael must not have any authority over his child if he allows her to call him by his first name’ or something like that.”

Tyler’s comment did not set well with Michael.

“Michael comes up to me and points in my face and goes, ‘You want to talk about my daughter?’ and he gets in my face, literally nose to nose,” Tyler said. “I just started laughing in his face because it was so funny to see this short little angry man yelling at me, wanting to fight me! [He’s], what, like 20 years my senior?”

Catelynn and Tyler both stated that the show’s security guard had to come break up the potential boxing match.

“The security guy pushed [Michael] into the couch,” Catelynn said.

“He was like, ‘Alright Michael that’s enough of that!’ It was crazy,” Tyler added. “They’re a whole different breed.”

Cate and Ty also offered their thoughts on MTV booting Farrah from the show.

“She says she wasn’t hard to work with…BULLCRAP!” Catelynn exclaimed.

Kail chimed in, stating that she felt Farrah’s firing was “long overdue.”

One member of Farrah’s family that didn’t get bashed was her (currently estranged) mother Debra Danielsen, who Cate said has always treated her well.

“I do get along with Deb,” she said. “She’s kind of a chameleon too but we just saw her at the reunion and she was actually very sweet. She’s never been rude to me or said nasty things about me. I get along with Farrah’s mom.”

They discussed the rumor (that, mind you, The Ashley, has not confirmed to be true) that Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee has been chosen to take Farrah’s place on the show, and all agreed that it wouldn’t make sense.

“They can’t [bring in another girl to our show] because we’re the OG’s, the original girls,” Catelynn said. “If you do that, it won’t be the original girls anymore.”

The idea of bringing in Whitney Purvis or Ebony Jackson (who starred with the OGs on the first season of 16 and Pregnant but we’re picked for ‘Teen Mom,’) was brought up, and both Cate and Tyler felt that would be a good way to fill the slot.

“I feel like that would be [good] beecause they were from the very first cast of ’16 and Pregnant,'” Catelynn said.

Tyler stated that it would be interesting to see the contrast in the lives of the girls who were picked for the show and those who weren’t.

“That would be crazy to see [where they ended up] since they didn’t follow them on TV,” he said.

They also suggested another solution to filling Farrah’s hole (pun definitely intended).

“They’re adding people left and right [to the casts] so why not just merge the [‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’] casts together?” Catelynn said. “Some of the cast [members] are crazy on each of our shows…not gonna name names but…you may as well merge all the good ones together and get it going!”

To listen to the full episode of Coffee Convos featuring Catelynn and Tyler, click the link below!

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. I’m on board with them adding Whitney or Ebony. Or at least doing a special. I was actually upset Whitney wasn’t on TM but Cate and Ty were….

  2. Tyler and Catelynn should not throw stones at glass houses. They are a breed of their own too. I’m sick of them constantly talking about Carly. Carly is no longer their’s she belongs to Brandon & Teresa. I think they thrive on people praising them for their selfless decision. Catelynn does not work a real job, yet she does not take care of Nova herself for someone that missed raising Carly so much. April takes care of Novs more than she does. The same April that supposedly abused Catelynn. Catelynn is using excuses to go to rehab to escape motherhood. She never does what doctors and therapists tell her to do. She did not even quit smoking or try to lose weight like her doctor told her before getting pregnant again. She was probably even still smoking pot when she got pregnant with this last one. All of these factors could have possibly contributed to her miscarriage. And know, this is bit Farrah. I just can’t stand their holier than thou attitude.

    1. right april who according to cait is the reason she has ptsd and has to go into treatment so you leave your child with her gfo

  3. “Some Warriors look fierce, but are mild. Some seem timid, but are vicious. Look beyond appearances; position yourself for the advantage.” – Deng Ming-Dao

    Michael would have beaten Ty like a rented mule, just sayin.

    1. Mykol couldn’t beat a drum, hell he can’t even man up to farrah for the way she treats him.

  4. I like trash tv. I have been watching 16 and pregnant and teen mom since the beginning. And some of my favorite episodes would be where are they now. I would love to watxh an episode of all the other girls feom all episodes and do cath ups.

  5. MyKol is a dick.
    And a wuss, that cnut of a daughter disrespect, belittles and degrades her father, she always has done.

    His fault for letting his daughter from day 1 of 16 and pregnant to now, treat him like a doormat, I think calling her father by his first name is very very disrespectful ( that’s my opinion tho) yet he never stopped her.

    So what her sister had a different father, mykol is still farrah’s father, she used her 1/2 sister as an excuse to be rude to her father, I’m amazed Sophia doesn’t call him mykol too.

    She is delusional, desperate and vile bitch.

    She is no longer on the show, do there is no need to talk about her her mom or that pussy wipped creepy weirdo that is her father.
    Stop talking and mentioning them and they will go away.
    By mentioning them, they are kept relevant, ( well to the Abraham’s ) they will think they are something special.

    ***(Fuckrd-up-Farrah, meek- Michael and dizzyDeb) you are not special you are not relevant and you are no great loss to this show) ***

  6. Michael sure likes to try to start a fight, huh? Matt and now Tyler (don’t know which one was first but still, lol, dude, grow up). Tyler’s comment was unnecessary (it’s none of his business if she calls him Michael) but still, it was stupid of him to try to start a fight.

    Cate is back from rehab? Wasn’t it again a bit soon? I hope she is okay now or will be soon. Just don’t bring a baby into the mix now.

    Honestly I think they should just stop talking about her and her family and they will all disappear. Sure, Farrah will still be in media because she is trash but them giving her attention makes publicity too. So, move on and leave her fall in oblivion. That’s is the best thing you can do.

  7. I’m still pulling for Catelynn and Tyler due to their decision to put Carly first and ensure her a stable upbringing. I do think they’re good-hearted people. They just have to learn to be more accountable and responsible. I’m unsure of whether Cate should be a mom. Some people aren’t meant to have kids. I hope she’ll get better at that. I think she’d benefit greatly by going for a long walk first thing every morning. She needs to get in motion and stop sitting around thinking. Also, losing some weight would help her self esteem.

  8. of course trashy cait they can’t bring someone new they won’t be og this is why mtv needs to shake things up fire the rest of these losers that think they cannot be touched. Oh yes merge the cast are you that afraid you will have to get off the couch and work? Your low quality clothes line with 6 designs can only last so long.

  9. trash bag Cait is out and bragging about her new tattoo yes she learned so much. She and her scummy husband have no right to talk about anyone else . Soon she will go on another vacation I mean treatment

  10. Farrah is batshit crazy and an all around terrible person. With that said, the ONE thing she has going for her is that she was the only one with the self awareness not to bring more children into her mess ?? They tried to drag her…okay you might be “nicer” than her, but what have you really accomplished that makes you better? Cate can’t stay out of rehab and Tyler is obviously overwhelmed by his entire life. Neither of them are educated or well rounded. Half the time someone else is raising their do-over kid, I mean really? ? Gonna laugh so hard when they are no longer “OGs” and just losers, they need a dose of reality.

    1. I think you’re giving her too much credit. Every guy that had sex with her probably wore at least 3 condoms. Who would be stupid enough to risk having her in their lives for 18+ years?

    2. The ONLY reason Farrah doesn’t have more kids yet is that she hasn’t been able to get guys to go on more than one date with her. It’s not a choice she made.

    3. Only because no man wants farrah or to be tied to her for 18 years with a kid

      Any men who fks her will use protection or her ass.

      Not her being sensible it’s the guy for using a condom and fkn her then fkn off

    4. I don’t think that is self awareness. I think Farrah doesn’t have any other kids because she is freaking crazy and no man wants her.

  11. OMG! Pot. Kettle. Black! Catelyn and Tyler are a breed in and of itself. Who goes to rehab for stress 3 times in one year? You are far from sane, doll. I think Farrah takes better care of her Sophie than you do Nova! Don’t get me wrong, I think Farrah is messed up but so is Tyler and Cate in their own way. They act like they’re the golden children. And Carly is NOT your daughter. You gave birth to her. That’s it! Get over it!!! You took your parents to therapy and made them say nice things about you. Even when they probably weren’t true. Suck it up buttercup! Everyone’s past is fucked up to some degree or another. Stop biting your fucking nails and smoking pot and get a real job and take care of the one neglected kid that is yours or 20 years from now she’ll be the one in therapy and you’ll be forced to say nice things about her.

    1. It’s actually Sophia.

      And have you seen the way that poor kid communicates !!!!! This kid will have big problems in the real world when she is older, because of her upbringing.

      I do agree with you on the rest of your comment.

  12. Michael said the other day he got severely injured over his “fight” with Matt that one season lol
    Delusional people raise delusional daughter.
    And Sophia don’t play hide and seek with Michael sure explains a lot, I can read between the lines.

  13. I like the idea of adding a girl from the original 16 and pregnant.let viewers see what it’s really like when you have to work to support your child.

    1. I agree. It might give the current cast of girls some perspective. If they see how privileged their lives became because of the years of MTV money, they might start acting with more wisdom & gratitude.

  14. Merging the shows actually does seem to make the most sense. Farrah is gone. Jenelle’s status is still rather unknown, but if she keeps up with the constant gun posts (today’s was that she joined the NRA), I would hope they completely pull the plug on her and not just David. Briana was brought on as a filler/boost and I have no idea if she’s under a multi season contract (I’d guess not, as I would assume MTV would want to gauge audience/rating reaction?). Keep those 3 off, and merge the remaining OG/2 cast members. I used to watch religiously, and this is the first year I haven’t been keeping up. Things are just getting boring. I’d be much more likely to start watching again if there was some type of format change that allowed the show to move a little faster.

    1. You think joining the NRA is a reason to get kicked off the show? She deserves to get kicked for a lot of other reasons, but joining the NRA?….?

  15. It’s kinda nice to hear everyone talk about that vile, bully farrah. It’s also very true that Michael does get walked all over by his sick daughter. Good riddance to that white trash abraham family. Yuck.

  16. Oh please no, not Purvis with her cutesy little voice. She is absolutely not as innocent as she makes herself sound.

    1. I know, I was cracking up when they showed the “stressed” look on his face because he had to wrap his Tierrareign fashions in tissue and ship them. Oh the humanity…..poor Tyler’s fingers must have been bleeding! Work! The four letter word of all the Teen Mom OG cast.

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