EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Has Filed For Protective Orders To Keep Ryan Edwards Away From Her & Her Family

“Stay away!”

When it comes to the safety of her family, Maci Bookout obviously doesn’t play around!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the Teen Mom OG star and her husband, Taylor McKinney, filed for Orders of Protection against Maci’s ex, Ryan Edwards. In the filings, Maci and Taylor list themselves, as well as their children Jayde and Maverick, and Bentley (the son that Maci shares with Ryan) as those needing protection from Ryan. As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan was arrested on Tuesday. 

A judge will decide next Monday (April 2) if the Orders of Protection will be granted. Maci and Taylor must attend the hearing, which will be held in a Hamilton County courthouse. (The Ashley does not yet know if the hearing will be filmed for ‘Teen Mom OG.’)

It is not known when exactly Maci and Taylor filed for the protective orders; however, it has to be within the last 15 days.

Ryan’s pregnant wife, Mackenzie, is not listed on any of the document filings.

In Tennessee, an Order of Protection prevents the accused (in this case Ryan) from abusing, stalking or assaulting the filer(s), or threatening to do so. It also prevents the accused from telephoning, contacting or communicating with the filer(s) in any way or through another person. (It’s basically the same as a restraining order, except that an attorney is not required to file it.)

Should the judge approve Maci and Taylor’s Orders of Protection, Ryan will not be permitted to have any contact with them or the kids. (The judge will decide how long the protective order will stay in place.) If the protective orders are approved and Ryan were to violate an order, it could result in him being arrested and going to jail for up to 11 months and 29 days, according to the court website.

UPDATE! Click here to see the latest details about this case, including the reasons Maci listed for why she and her family need to be protected from Ryan!

(Photos: MTV)

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  1. I honestly just feel sorry for Bentley in this situation, but i do agree 100% with Maci & Taylor trying to protect him!
    It’s just sad because you know he’s at that age where he’s starting to really realize how shitty his dad is, you can even see it on his face at times around ryan/mac.

  2. Ok maci have another drink while knocked up and give birth to another hospital bound baby you hipocrite.

  3. Now that you mention it, I do remember something about that. I don’t blame Maci at all. I can’t wait to see all this play out. Ryan and Mack are going to have a huge fit. Y’all know the drill… “Maci is making all this up!” Blah blah blah.

    1. More than scream. I would like to bitch slap her, especially after seeing him drive like that to the wedding on the same road I drive all time. She is a delusional, conniving, money hungry, fame whore and pathological liar. I’m not positive, but I think a tweet she sent out today is inferring Maci & Mack’s ex-husband planted drugs on Ryan. I could be wrong about that.

      1. Mac will end up on television, Women Behind Bars. She’s certifiable, and clearly has been a problem child, since she was a knocked up 16 year old tramp.

  4. I think something significant must have happened for Maci to include the whole family, even the babies in the order of protection.

    Also, does Ryan even have any actual custody or visitation with Bentley? I know over the years his parents have pressured him to file something with the courts but I don’t remember hearing that he ever actually has. Probably worried he would be asked to take a drug test and knew he wouldn’t pass.

    1. I agree, something must have happened to prompt Maci to do that. My guess is Ryan made some sort of a threat or said something that did not sit right with Maci. He always did have a big mouth on him and he probably got pissed that she wouldn’t let his high AF ass see Bentley. Opened his big mouth and said some stupid stuff that scared her. Just my opinion. Also, I’m not sure they ever had a custody agreement in place at all. I think they just worked it out between them right? Or did they do mediation at some point?

      1. Maci waiting all this time to finally do something about the Ryan problem, so I think it might have had to do with his sex apps and Tinder, maybe strangers knowing his location. Maybe Ryan having sex & drug parties while Bentley was with him. Ryan having the ability to take Bentley right out of Jenn and Larry’s house with out them being able to stop it. Didn’t Larry and Ryan have a physical altercation with one of them having a fat lip at one point? Edwards’ can’t sweep this one under the rug anymore…they are in deep sh8it.

  5. What is wrong with these people? Maybe it’s all just scripted anyway… I haven’t watched it religiously since Farrah Abraham was the big thing.

  6. Off topic, sorry. My best friend died fifteen years ago today, and I am having a tough day. Keep me in mind? She had spina bifida. The last three years of her life, there were a lot of respiratory problems. I really miss her. We had been best friends since I was ten. She was a year older than me, and our birthdays are six days apart.

  7. This hurts Larry and Jenn because Ryan is livng with them now Temporarily? Maci doesnt want to send Bentley over there to visit if Ryan is still using. I dont think larry and jenn have much control of the situation. something must have happened for maci to feel this was necessary but i trust her judgement. shes a good mom.

    1. I would t be surprised if something more than Ryan getting arrested caused this. To have a protective order cover all three kids and Taylor as well? Seems like Ryan said or did something to warrant that kind of action and I’m guessing there’s more to it than being an addict

      1. Ryan could have said or done anything under the influence of drugs. Also, Mac is one crazy conniving fame-whore, seeing everything she has been working so hard to secure blow up in her face…probably not fun.

        The way Mac speaks her to son is appalling, she is not above any diabolical action, this is a woman that looked like a deranged lunatic on national television trying to turn cameras off of her high as a kite boyfriend she was dragging around to marry her, while completely incoherent and nearly incapacitated. Maybe she was threatening Maci via text using Ryan’s phone pretending it was him, I am sure more will come out.

        Hopefully, Ryan and his family can have this marriage annulled, and is there proof Mac is actually pregnant? She’s also a liar…

  8. Can’t say I blame her. Especially with him just getting arrested. Poor Ryan, I hope he gets the help he needs.

    1. My guess is you’re just trolling, but just in case….

      1. Ryan is a 30 year old man. Maci is a girl he dated a decade ago. She owes him jack shit.
      2. If anyone should be helping him, it’s his wife and parents. But they’re making things worse. The only one helping him at all is Maci, by not enabling him.
      3. Maci’s 1st priority is Bentley. This is about Bentley, not Ryan. Protecting Bentley from his heroin addict of a father spinning out of control isn’t what I’d call “piling on”. It’s called keeping her son safe.
      4. Ryan was spoiled his entire life and had the world at his feet, pockets filled with MTV money, and zero responsibilities. He threw it all away for a high. He’s an idiot and it’s all his fault. But he and his “sweep it under the rug” family do nothing but find ways to blame Maci. Which is hurting Bentley, whom they claim to love. It’s pathetic. They all need to get TF off Instagram and Twitter and straighten out their mess of a life.

      1. Amen 100 percent
        Someone on Twitter said Maci did it because she is jealous Mack is pregnant,
        I said she doesn’t give a Rats Ass-if Mack is pregnant.
        Another person said I hope Maci can adopt their baby.
        I’m like how old are these people?

      2. Couldn’t have said it better myself!!!
        Especially when u said it’s Ryan’s fault!!
        Addiction is not a freakin disease as people like to say… that’s a pathetic excuse, he put that needle to his arm on his own free will. He chose to. Alcohol and drug use is a damn choice. He did this to himself and as an addict, he likely doesn’t give a shit right now. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Hopefully he figures sh*t out and starts working on himself. His stupid wife better have all the patience in the world and know that she can’t change him.

  9. Remember how Maci said that Ryan had been sending her threatening texts and stuff? I think it was at the beginning of this season. Perhaps, with Ryan using again and his overall misery due to his living circumstances, it’s happening again and this time, Maci just won’t put up with it. Taylor and Larry had their falling out over Larry’s actions at Bentley’s game, resulting in Ryan “having a problem” with Taylor. I bet if Ryan’s been threatening Maci, he may as well have threatened Taylor.
    It’s about time Ryan got some actual consequences for his behaviour. Yes, he’s an addict so he can only be hold responsible to a certain degree, still, without consequences, he’s never going to see a reason to change. I hope that the shit that’s been happening lately to him won’t cause him to continue down that spiral, but end the vicious circle.

    1. Sad part is that Ryan was an ass LONG before he became an addict, as we saw on 16 and Pregnant. This is pure speculation, but my best guess is he made a threat that involved her children and she decided to take it seriously. Which I wouldn’t blame her for, what with Ryan being unpredictable as he is. I actually feel very sorry for Jen and Larry, as they are stuck in a very difficult position. Yes, they should probably stop enabling Ryan and kick him out of the house. But they probably worry about what will happen to him if they aren’t around and that fear keeps them from doing what they know they should. It’s a very, very sad position to be in and I wish them the best.

    1. Grow up. Bentley is an innocent kid – don’t start stupid rumors like that and put him at risk of getting bullied.

      There’s plenty to trash Jen for without dragging Bentley into it. That’s disgusting.

      1. Unfortunately it’s true than Jen demands Bentley sleeps with her when he is there, he mentioned not wanting to go there as he didn’t want to sleep in her bed once on teen mom.

        It’s Jen who’s the disgusting one

  10. This is such a sad situation…you know that Maci doesn’t want to do this because she’s never wanted to keep Bentley from Ryan, but we all know Maci will protect her family by any means necessary, as she should. Honestly this is the tough love that Jen and Larry need to show Ryan (I didn’t say Mack because we all know she loves a drugged up Ryan….he’s easier to manipulate that way), because if they keep doing what they’re doing with all of this enabling, Ryan’s going to have the same fate as Valerie from 16 and pregnant.

  11. Erm, Mackenzie should be included if you’re going to file – she’s the one who is the most insane.

    1. That was my thought too. Mack is Looney tunes, that whacked out bitch is a legit threat to Maci’s family. She’s the kind of desperate-crazy that Lifetime specials are made about, and might actually hurt Maci or her kids if she thinks that the TM “fame” and money is about to be ripped away.

      1. I think Mack has no legal rights to access Bentley so there is no need for a protection order. I think this order is to protect Bentley from those who exposed him to danger (Ryan, Larry and Jen). Unless Mack made a threat, I don’t think there is a way to say she is a threat.

      2. The psychotic look in Mac’s eyes when she knew Ryan was driving while nodding off on heroin and she shut the cameras off; was Lifetime for Women crazy. To drag a half dead corpse to a field to get ‘married’ is sickening, no wonder Jenn was crying…now Jenn and Larry have to deal with this whack-job forever if she really is pregnant, which I don’t believe, btw….Ryan is pretty much a lost cause, in 10 years he has been a miserable, a hole to everyone around him, even Bentley…don’t see him living much longer TBH..

    2. There could be many reasons why she did not file on Mack.
      In most cases you need a relationship with the person dating, sibling, related ECT.

      plus Mac has no visitation agreements with Bently is my guess. She still can file them though if Mack crosses the line.

  12. Well, I’m sure according to Mack the “Damage Control Diva” even with Ryan now being slapped with a restraining order after his recent arrest for heroin possession : “Everything’s okay, y’all.”

    “This last selfish move is just Maci being her usual selfish self, refusing to use her months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds to stop Ryan from being constantly stoned off his ass while sipping beer in a lawn chair at Jen and Larry’s house and convincing us all that he’s clean.” (Cue eye roll right about here.)

    Good for both Maci and Taylor for putting the safety of their family FIRST.

    1. I really wonder if she actually LOVES HIM. Or she just loves the “fame” he brings her.

      Because if she really loved him, she would have told him to go back to ‘hab because their future kid needs a sober father!

      If anyone will be at fault if he ever accidentally overdoses, it will be her. Unbelievable.

      1. Exactly. If she loved him, she would be helping him not helping herself by vying to be a full time OG or getting pregnant. I am no Ryan fan but Mack is the worst thing for him.

      2. What is there even to love about Ryan? I mean WHAT on earth could she possibly have seen in him except for money and fame? He has no job, he’s a lazy slob, he has no interest in anything, sleeps constantly, is a freaking drug addict, barely sees his son and when he does, he barely speaks to him, he cheats with random chicks online and says gross things to them, he’s not even nice to people. I mean WHAT IS THERE?!!
        At least with Maci, she was 16 years old and he was a cute older guy. But at this point anyone showing interest in Ryan……..I mean there’s nothing there. Just money and fame. Sad.

      3. I don’t think I would lay the blame of Ryan overdosing st Mackenzie’s feet. That’s sort of like saying that when some guy commits suicide it’s all his girlfriend’s fault for not preventing him from doing it and stepping in to force him to get help. If Ryan ODs it will be Ryan’s fault. He is the one who needs to make the decision to get clean for himself. No one else can force him into it, and if they try, it won’t work unless he wants it to work.

  13. It’s so great to see someone having their child in mind first. She is even thinking about the ones she doesn’t share with him! As long as he is not completely sober, you have no idea what he is capable of doing.

    Now if only Jenelle was that smart and kick David out and file the same protection order. (Yeah, I know, we can only dream of that ever happening!)

    1. Well, janelle should not have kids either. They shd both have nothing to do with kids. Two losers, like Ryan & big Mac.

  14. Jen & Larry could learn a thing or two from Maci & Taylor about real parenting, not enabling.

    Mack will be fine with this as long as she still gets the same amount of airtime and can spin a fake ass sob story out of it for herself.

    Ryan, unfortunately, needs extensive court mandated rehab and therapy. We will see if that’s what will actually happen.

    1. Wrong.

      My husband got sole custody of his son (who I was later able to adopt) for a helluva lot less.

    2. @sean

      That has nothing to do with this story. This a story about Maci doing what finally needs to be done. Ryan claims he is sober from his 22 day rehab, and he is not. It’s absolutely ridiculous if people think he should still have a right to see Bentley. No. Ryan needs to get his shit together. This is rock bottom for him. If he loves his son and new child on the way, he will take getting sober seriously. If he wants to ruin his life, whatever. Leave his children out of it. End of story.

  15. Oh yes. I can see Rhine’s family explaining this all away to Bentley as they have done time and time again. Good for Maci. She must protect her son and she is.

  16. Ryan will never take rehab seriously until he’s held responsible for his actions. Since Mack and his parents keep enabling him, I think this might not be a big enough kick in the pants. He and Mack will just sit around complaining about how mean Maci is and how she’s doing this because she’s still in love with him. He needs Mack and his parents to be willing to call him on his crap and stop making excuses.

    I don’t know what Maci’s motivation is for doing this now, but any mother would be horrified that her kid’s dad is still doing drugs after rehab, especially when his wife has a history of letting him drive while high. Any risk of Ryan driving high with Bentley in the car is too much.

    1. In one heroin fit of anger, all Ryan has to do is take Bentley from his enabling parents and enabling wife and crash his car (on purpose) killing himself and Bentley in the ultimate revenge against Maci. Ryan has nothing going for him, and is killing himself with booze and heroin anyway, why not ruin Maci’s life while he is at it, as he blames her for everything that has ever gone wrong in his life. Will also really show his parents as well, Ryan couldn’t stand Bentley from the moment he was born, because Bentley was taking attention away from HIM. Maci’s restraining order is the smartest thing she has ever done to finally protect her son.

  17. I think Maci is pretty solid. I give her credit for taking immediate action to protect Bentley. I would love to see Ryan give up any rights to him and let him be adopted by Taylor. Maybe Maci could someday let a sober Ryan have some involvement (if Bentley wanted to), but he would have a Dad that loves him and makes him a priority.

  18. So I read elsewhere that the reason Ryan was arrested was bc he tested positive for heroin on a recent drug test. He has court soon to figure out what his punishment will be for violating his probation in this way. I wonder if the judge will let him go to rehab again (like they appear to Ave done last time) and just order more probation and possibly mandatory NA meetings and more frequent testing when he gets out, or if he’ll actually go to jail. I rather hope he gets sentenced to a long stay in treatment that he is not allowed to leave without it violating his court order and probation. I think he would benefit from mandatory meetings too, if only so that the court knows that he’s not going to be able to go out and use during the times he’s at meetings. I said earlier that I think he needs a LOOONG stay in rehab but that I worry about MTV, Mackenzie, and his parents rushing him to come home and act all normal and “happy family man” so that he can participate in the MTV filmed baby shower, doctor appointments for Mackenzie, a stupid gender reveal party, painting the nursery, etc. I can see Mack throwing a fit for him staying away too long while she’s pregnant. Should’ve thought of that before getting pregnant when your husband is very fresh out of rehab and fresh off of a heroin arrest and still on probation. I also am wondering how long he’s been using again for. I do hope that he’s only used a couple of times and got caught quickly bc having to go through all the physical withdrawal again would be horrific and prevent him from being able to focus on the emotional/mental aspects of his using for a couple of weeks while he deals with the fact that he feels like he’s literally dying and is cursing everyone for putting him into rehab where he has to go through it all. But I think it’s more likely that he started using slowly and occasionally almost immediately after his first rehab stint, making sure that he didn’t use anytime within the 2 weeks leading up to a drug test….then, as he got more addicted, he started pushing it and using closer and closer to his drug tests, until he eventually couldn’t go more than a day or two without using and ended up using right before a drug test and then just drinking a ton of water and praying hard that he could flush the drugs out in time. I think the fact that he actually dropped dirty on a test he had to know was coming points to the fact that he’s probably in very deep again, is physically addicted again, and couldn’t stop himself from using even knowing what the consequences would be. This is an all around awful situation for everyone involved.

    1. Completely accurate!! Everything you said was exactly what I also think. He’s lost all control and is in over his head again.

    2. Girl, this is too long lol! No offense, I swear. Why didn’t you break it up into 2 paragraphs. Easier to read that way. I bet it’s soooo good too. Give us the footnotes of it ??‍♀️

      1. I guess I had a lot to say!

        TLDR version: read elsewhere that he was arrested for testing positive for heroin in his most recent drug test and has court coming up.

        Mused about how I think he’s in way over his head again and that this was not a one time slip up where he got caught. Assumed he had been using since leaving rehab, and then started using more and more often until he was addicted again and using close to his test dates.

        Worried that mtv, mackenzie, and his parents will want him to do a quick stay in rehab so he can come home quickly and take part in mtv filmed baby shower, gender reveal party, and play “happy family man.”

    3. Bottom line is he won’t get clean unless he wants to.

      Seems that he only went to rehab as a PR stunt to minimize the damage from when that scene aired where he was driving in an almost comatose state. I sincerely doubt he’ll be able to be focus enough of improving his life while he’s still on TM. It’s probably far too much of a distraction. I would imagine it would be very difficult to be under that level of scrutiny for a newly sober person, and even harder for a heroin addict since it’s such a strong addiction.

    1. Just like when maci knew for 11 months 46 years 90 bajillion minutes, that he was using. She also knew now that he was still using. Whatever sources that told her in the first place, kept her in the loop. Since she was accused of not saying anything and jeopardizing Rhines life last time, i’ll bet she did this time. She wnt to Jen and Larry and let them know. They per usual, along with the Mack truck, swore up and down he was fine. Evverryythhings just fine, he’s sitting right next to us. I’d say with him getting arrested, Maci decided not her circus, not her monkey and that was it for her.

    2. Maci might have found out that Jenn and Larry are letting Ryan drive with Bentley in the car…like Adam’s parents, did Maci really think they would ever stop Ryan from doing what he wanted..??

      I like Jenn and Larry but .. Why are these girls making Grand-parents such a huge part of a kids life, Grandparents are not to be seen EVERY WEEKEND, they are GRAND-PARENTS, not co-parents, you don’t co-parent with your druggie-ex-boyfriend-baby-daddy’s parents so you can have weekends off..

      1. My parents are a huge part of my kids lives. They go every single weekend (not the entire weekend). I love that they’re so involved with my kids and my kids adore them. While i agree that grandparents are not co-parents, it takes a village and the more people that love my kids the better. My husband’s mother hasn’t seen them in over 6 months and lives 15 minutes away. I’ll take involved grandparents any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  19. I’m sure Maci has a really good reason as to why she did this. I honestly hope that Ryan can get his life together for Bentley before their relationship really gets hurt. You can tell that Bentley really loves Ryan. I don’t want to see their relationship get to the point of Tyler and Butch’s.

    1. Well I just hope she doesn’t get made the bad guy like I was. My ex had a drug issue and I tried to fight my ex on custody and his drug use came out and everyone made me out to be evil his family and him. My son was even mad at me. He was 8 and of course didn’t know the details. Macy may have a bitter pill to swallow on this one. I know things have been better between Jenn and Larry but she may need to restrict their visitation as well. But she needs to sit down with them and have a very real conversation.

      1. Paula, forgive me for asking because this is none of my business, but I am very curious: How did you tel your child about this new situation? That he wouldn’t be seeing his daddy for a while? It seems like such a hard conversation to have, since you obv don’t want to burden your child with too much information?

        I am wondering the same in Maci’s case, having to have this talk with Bentley?

    2. Where exactly can you tell Bentley loves Ryan?? He looks incredibly uncomfortable around him. Look at Bentley with Taylor..that is where the love is..for the man that plays with him, helps him out, is there for his mom. Taylor is the Dad here..not Ryan.

      1. I thought that too. I was like “Bentley obviously loves Ryan? Really?” Bc I agree, I think he looks super uncomfortable around Ryan and is constantly feeling let down by him when he doesn’t show up for things, or when he doesn’t get off the couch to do things. But at the same time I think Bentley feels like he’s almost not good enough or “cool enough” for Ryan bc Ryan is constantly making stupid, snarky comments about what he’s wearing or doing. I think Bentley feels like he has to make sure he’s acting like a cooler, older version of himself so that he doesn’t get picked on by his douche-bro, asshole father who acts more like he’s the “cool older brother” to Bentley than his father.

  20. I applaud this high functioning alcoholic…I wish she would’ve gotten a restraining order sooner because she has been aware of his drug abuse for a while and still allowed him around Bentley…..

    1. Well she may not have had a choice. Depends the custody order. My ex was allowed to continue to get my son on regular unsupervised vocation. Even after he got busted for contraband the week we had our custody hearing. Nothing surprises me with the courts.

      1. No she stated in previous episodes that’s since they were not married she by law she had full custody or something like that….so she had full control whether she would let Ryan see him or not….this is not His first time in rehab Dalis said he went awhile back which I’m sure Maci was aware of and the lawyer Ryan called said he has never seen a judge give rights to a father on drugs. Maci chose to allow Bentley to visit Ryan even though she knew about his drug use she only did something when the viewers began noticing….

          1. Maci really did say in an episode that Ryan had no rights. Anytime he had seen Bentley was through her choosing. I wouldn’t call LALA dense when those words came out of Maci’s mouth.

        1. Custody is not the same as visitation, though. I don’t think Adam or his parents have any custody of aubree, but they have court ordered visitation with her every other weekend.

          1. Maci and Ryan have never been to court for anything as far as him seeing Bentley. I think they tried mediation once but not sure if it stuck.

          1. Wow lets defend an alcoholic who drinks with an obvious baby bump. If it was Jenelle everyone would be pissed like her doing drugs while pregnant. But everyone defends her drinking while pregnant she knew as did everyone else. Maci is just as useless as the rest of the moms I hope CPS investigates her because Mackenzie is not the only one risking their children’s lives. Lol sorry I misspelled the drug your on floorcheesepoof.

        1. Wow. Someone has there panties in a twist again. U have some sort of vendetta against maci. Well i think she was trying to not take bentley away from jen and larry because bentley loves them. But something must have happened. And now she is gettimg a restraining order. So what exactly is your problem? Is this mackenzie??? Probably

        2. It’s because it’s an annoying “redirector.” What does Maci drinking to do with any this? Nothing. Literally nothing.

          You’re a teetotaller, whatever super cool for you, but Maci doesn’t drive drunk, she isn’t on camera slurring, falling asleep, obviously inebriated taking of kids. Her house is well maintained, her kids are healthy and happy, taken care of.

          So it makes you look ridiculously petty to call her out on drinking beer alot. So what? Who cares? Is it affecting YOUR life? Seems like it.

        3. *you’re on… ‘Your’ indicates possession, something ryan is well acquainted with. #onlyaddictedtogrammarsweetheart

      1. People are so angry when I call Maci out on her shit….remember when she didn’t know she was pregnant with an obvious baby bump shes what 100 pounds…everyone comes to her defense with her drinking while pregnant, people get their children taken away for that FAS is not a joke.

        1. Hey Mack! I was wondering when you’d come ??‍♀️ First of all, what the hell does this have to do with Ryan being arrested and accused of continuing to use drugs? Hard drugs too, not marijuana. Oh yes, it has nothing to do with it… at all! Lol! Your whole point of writing a paragraph filled with jealousy and nastiness, is to shoot Maci down, even though she did the right thing here. She did not drink with a baby bump. TV editing by the time the episode aired and the timing of her pregnancy announcement will seem so close, but it wasn’t. Things are filmed at maximum, 3-4 months before an announcement is made about it, so, try again sweetie. Ryan being a user and addict is not Maci’s problem or her job to stop it. That’s on Mack and his parents.

        2. That whole pregnancy roll out episode was so weird. I think she knew she was pregnant but MTV was like “we need to shoot some scenes where you find out you’re pregnant, so maybe you can act like you’re not sure and then go take a pregnancy test which will come back positive and then go to some walk in ultra sound place to ‘find out’ that you’re 4-5 months pregnant.” It was weird that she just had a pregnancy test to take and it was unbelievable that she didn’t know she was pregnant and just thought she was getting super fat. I think they edited it weirdly so that there would be some drama over whether or not she knew and whether or not she was drinking while pregnant.

    2. Seriously like what is your deal??? Why are u always going in on maci? She is doing that right thing. Do her kids look like they have fetal alcohol syndrome??????? They dont…. have u ever seen her put her kids in danger or neglect them. I sure havent. The only time she was drunk on thw shpw was at ryans wedding. Have u seen her personally drink while pregnant? Do u know her personally??? She has very good kids look at bentley, hes a good boy no thanks to ryan or that spineless wife of his. So please sit down. Nobody here agrees with u.

    1. Word is he’s already moved to take full custody and isn’t allowing him over. That was released by a few places yesterday.

  21. It may sound harsh but I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to keep Bentley from Jen and Larry too. They have enabled their junkie loser son at the expense of their grandson’s safety and wellbeing, and crucified Maci when she tried to what was in Bentley’s best interests. In my opinion they should face the consequences of their horrible behavior. Bentley will one day see his grandparents berate his mother for trying to shield him from his drugged up father and be horrified.

  22. Good for Maci for doing the right thing for her son. She is going to take a lot of flack from the Edwards of course but the safety of her children has to come first.

  23. Yaaasssss! Good for Maci and Taylor. Bentley does not need to be around any of this.

  24. Holy moley. What a shit show this has become. Well, this further proves that Mackenzie is lying, as usual. If he didn’t fail a drug test and is perfectly clean then why on earth would Maci do this? I have a feeling that maybe this wasn’t just a result of him failing a drug test. Maybe Ryan was threatening them or something after Taylor posted that tweet about Ryan still “needing his ass wiped.”

  25. I think one of the sad things about this whole thing is the only person who really seemed to care about Ryan getting help and taking responsibility for his actions was Maci and she crucified by his family for it. Now look at him.

    1. I would imagine they’ll only get to see him at Maci’s approval and convenience.

      They better start playing nice.

      1. It’s been reported that after Ryan was bailed out he is stay at Jen & Larry’s house. It’s also saying on youtube that he’s back on tinder.

  26. My sons father is an arse, not a druggy, just a lier and cheater. He did things such as opened credit cards in my name, maxed them out, then didn’t pay them off. He’d cash cheques in my name too (no idea how!) so a general scumbag. My son is now 13, and sees his dad. I found it very difficult when he idolised him. As he’s got older, he’s sadly seen for himself what he’s like. He doesn’t trust his dad and feels like he can’t talk to him. He won’t introduce friends, or tell him how he feels. Bentley will realise for himself what he’s like. You can already see his feels awkward around Ryan, they don’t have the bond that Maci and Bentley have. Taylor is fab with him too, and as he gets older, he’ll appreciate him as a father figure more and more. My husband found it difficult to get the balance in their relationship right. He does so much for him, for example when he takes him to football training, he stays and watches, unlike his dad. I do sometimes wish that my sons father wasn’t in his life, for many reasons. Ryan has never had a solid relationship with Bentley. I mean, has he ever taken him anywhere? Love that Taylor took him to Florida and he was happy to go! Random fun fact, I live around the corner (literally) from the only Bentley factory in the U.K.!

  27. Good for her maybe he will get help now.
    Big Mack is going to explode!!
    Bently is the one who should be protected and worried about.
    And Hudson.

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