Update on Taylor McKinney’s Order of Protection Request Against ‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Ryan Edwards

“Dude…stay away!”

Last week, The Ashley broke the news that Teen Mom OG stars Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney had filed Orders of Protection against Maci’s ex, Ryan Edwards, in a Tennessee court. Taylor had filed his own request against Ryan, while Maci had filed one for herself and her three children: Jayde and Maverick (whom she shares with Taylor) and Bentley (her son with Ryan).

Both requests were to be heard in a Tennessee courtroom on Monday afternoon. While Maci’s hearing results are pending, a Hamilton County Circuit Court rep tells The Ashley that Taylor will have to wait nearly two months to have his case heard!

“[That case] has been reset for May 21st,” the clerk stated. “It does not appear that [Taylor’s case] was heard today.”

The clerk also stated that the temporary protection order remains in place

On Monday, The Blast reported that, in the documents that Maci and Taylor filed against Ryan, they requested that their two dogs, Bonnie and Clyde, also be protected by the Order. She reportedly checked the box requesting that Ryan “must not hurt or threaten to hurt any animals owned or kept by the Petitioner/Petitioner’s children.”

In addition, Maci reportedly alerted the court that Ryan does own a gun. The site reports that Maci also checked the box on the form that indicates “a weapon was involved in the threats made by Edwards, but the exact details are unclear.”

(As Roundup followers know, Ryan was investigated by his local police back in August 2016 after he posted numerous disturbing photos of himself to social media, showing off his weapons and bragging about using them to shoot cats. He was not ultimately not charged.)

Radar Online obtained the Order of Protection forms that Maci filled out for her and her kids. On the forms, Maci explained why her family needed protection from Ryan.

“He has left messages threatening to show up at my house and take my son,” Maci wrote. “He has made threats to show up at my house and hurt me if I don’t answer my phone.”

She also detailed a scary incident that went down at one of Bentley’s sporting events.

“In May of 2017 [Ryan] showed up to my son’s baseball game under the influence of heroin and got in my face, yelling and threatening to hurt me,” Maci wrote. (This alleged incident took place the same month that Ryan married Mackenzie the first time.)

“I fear for my son’s safety because of these threats and proof that [Ryan] drives while under the influence. His behavior and actions are getting worse,” Maci added. “I am fearful for my three children and myself, and what he may do, based on his threats.”

She also indicated that, currently, Ryan has no custodial rights to Bentley.

Taylor and Maci have yet to speak publicly about the Orders of Protection requests they filed. Ryan has also remained quiet about the pending requests against him.

However, last month, Taylor bashed Ryan and his pregnant wife, Mackenzie on Twitter. It marked one of the first times that Maci’s husband spoken out publicly about his wife’s ex.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available.

(Photos: MTV)

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  1. Ryan has never had any visitation schedule or custody arrangement, because he does not want to have to see the kid if he doesn’t feel like it. It was also easier to blame Maci for not seeing Bentley without an order.

    Maci didn’t have to let Jenn and Larry see Bentley every weekend all these years. I am sure if she were older than having a kid at 16/17 she would not have allowed it. Why would the drug addict baby daddy’s parents get to see your child every weekend when the father/drug addict has never even filed for visitation and has no custody arrangement??

    Larry and Jenn should be background noise..not any real fixture in Bentley’s life. Grandparents don’t get to see grandkids every weekend, that’s absurd.

    Also, why was Bentley subjected to drunken Grandpa Larry every damn weekend??? There is no court order. Why did Bentley have to be forced to see Ryan when Ryan clearly didn’t want to see him or be bothered with the kid? Maci messed up there and hopefully this will end the Edwards free reign over Bentley.

    1. I don’t think Jen and Larry are necessarily bad people. But I think they failed as parents. They’re too concerned with being a friend than disciplining, and they’re too willing to over indulge. Its like, there were meant to be grandparents, just not parents. Grandparents are supposed to have fun with their grandkids and spoil them and what not. But unfortunately, they did that with their son, and he never learned how to act as an adult. I think Jen and Larry are good to Benny, and he obviously loves them but Maci has said it herself, he’s a brat when he comes home after spending the weekend there. I think Jen and Larry should be able to see Bentley, just not every weekend. It’s interfering with the way Maci is raising him, and he’s getting older, and will want to spend weekends with his friends soon. I hope they don’t make him feel guilty about it though.

    1. She said it’s escalated since then. One incident between broken up co-parents probably isn’t enough to get a restraining order. It’s more helpful if you can show a pattern of behavior. Multiple threats, erratic behavior, and repeated phone calls/texts, etc. would be enough to convince a judge that this is serious.

      1. Here’s the thing if he do what she said he did you call the police and file a report, that way it is on record, and they can have witness statements on record, that it shows that there was an incident with witness. Maci needs to get a better lawyer, because mine told me to report anything and everything and it work in the end. I just know how this mess goes, you have to have a record of everything or at least you do if you a normal person.

        1. We don’t know that she didn’t report it.

          But I can also see wanting to endnit as quickly as possible and not have your child’s game interrupted by police coming to question his mom, dad, friends, other parents, and coach. She was probably trying to spare Bentley the trauma that a scene like that could cause.

    2. And apparently he threatened to shoot Taylor in the head last week, three days before they filed for the order of protection. The police were called and recommended they file.

        1. Radar reported that today. Taylor mentioned it in his request for the order of protection.

          Ryan is getting dangerously close to rock bottom. This is terrifying behavior.

          1. Didn’t they just shoot the reunion a couple of weeks back? I cannot imagine Maci and Taylor would’ve wanted to be anywhere near Ryan, if things has already been this bad. Sounds like things went downhill like an avalanche.

  2. Ryan is so terribly unhappy and miserable! It’s my opinion that he did all this with Mac to please his parents, his mother doesn’t want this for him, his selfish father can’t refrain from gulping beer in front of his addict son, his wife’s main goal is to make Maci jealous… first words from Mac on her pregnancy “ should we tell our ex’s”
    Jen needs to pull her son out of that situation to save his life, start a legal seperation and make arrangements to start dealing with rights to the new baby.
    Unfortunately this is going to be hard for Bentley, he will be cut off of all ties to Ryan including seeing Mimi for a short lunch or visit.. you can’t have the best of both worlds with a court order and Maci is going to protect her son… as she should.

    1. I don’t know who Mack wasn’t trying to fool last night with the whole “Ryan was so excited he couldn’t contain himself.” Ummmmmm yeah, we’ve been watching Rhine for about a decade. He doesn’t want to be a dad and doesn’t want the responsibilities of being a dad. This is the man who literally never once tried to establish custodial or even visitation rights to his 9 year old and is perfectly content to let his parents act like Bentley’s parents. He stayed tre to himself last night with his “yeah, call me when he’s 3” comment. Mack, you are truly an idiot.

      1. She really thinks she has some kind of prize, doesn’t she. Maci has no use for Ryan and Mack lives to think Maci is jealous of her. Mack certainly loves the money that comes with the territory, she doesn’t love her husband mean while Ryan is getting closer to splatting rock bottom hard.

    2. I agree that Ryan’s life is shut and that Mackenzie isn’t helping, but I don’t think we can ask, hope for, or rely on his mother to pull him out of it and fix his life. He’s a 30 year old grown up man with money and privilege who has been making his own decisions for many many years. I’m not sure that his mother can force a separation or annulment, nor does she probably have much of a case for any rights over the child that Mackenzie is pregnant with. You can’t force an adult addict to get help, or change his life, or leave his wife, or care for his kids. He’s been an adult in the eyes of the law and society for 12 years. It’s not fair to ask his mother to be in charge of cleaning up and fixing his life.

  3. I’m actually really loving Taylor’s shade, dude just got up in my book! It’s obv he wants what is best for Bentley and is basically his dad now. He is taking the place Ryan failed to fill. Bentley already knows who his dad is and it is not Rhine.

  4. PS—I know his isn’t related to Ryan and Mackenzie, but I so badly wanted to reach through my tv and slap Amber silly for her indignant comment that Gary was the devil for saying Amber only saw Leah twice all summer when Amber saw Aleah three times. Three times in an entire summer. That’s pathetic.

    1. The worst part is that Amber doesn’t even realize how pathetic that sounds. She literally has no clue what it takes to be a parent. She has never taken responsibility for Leah’s day to day care. If I saw my child 3 times instead of 2 of a period of 10 weeks, I wouldn’t be bragging about it.

      1. Yeah, when she acts like that was total bullshit then says “I saw her 3 times!” Ugh. Like that makes any difference? Unless the 3 visits were each a week long it’s still shitty Amber!
        I’d be heartbroken if I only saw my kid 3 times over a whole summer! That’s what I’d be depressed about.

  5. Does Mack really not have custody of her son?! Man, that makes her comment to Hudson about acting like his dad really shitty and petty.

    Did anyone else notice in tonight’s episode when Mackenzie announces her pregnancy that the MTV producer was the only one excited? Mack did not seem happy about being pregnant and Ryan sure as hell didn’t seem happy about the news. I honestly felt bad for a fetus. Best case scenario from when I sit is that Jen raises this baby, having learned from her enabling mistakes with Ryan and gets a do-over raising her grandchild. Please God, and the state of Tennessee, don’t send that baby home with Ryan and Mack to the heroin hideaway on the lake.

    1. I’d not trust Jen with this new baby, after all she raised Ryan and we all see how he’s turned out.

  6. Did y’all see on tonight’s episode when Mack found out she’s pregnant then Ryan says diapers, bottles, and baby food, ugh… call me when he’s about three.

    As. You. Do.

    1. And then at the end of the show he said if she was going to be such a bitch or ads I can’t remember for the next nine months he’s out of there lol

    2. This is who Ryan has always been, no matter how much Mack pretends like he’s a good dad who is a excited about another baby. So excited he couldn’t contain himself??? Really, Mack??!!

    3. If my husband had said that to me I’d probably have punched him in tbe face lol. I’d at least be upset. Especially if he was like Ryan… because you know he actually meant it. He wasn’t joking.

  7. Hey Mack!

    Here is a news flash…Maci is a MOTHER. Everything she does regarding this affects Bently. She was still trying to navigate her way through Ryan’s addiction and while he did things in the past it’s very likely that she didn’t feel personally threatened.

    He’s addiction has clearly escalated as there are NEW threats with a weapon. The rest are just detailed accounts of a PATTERN of behavior and prior incidents.

    You’ll learn when you file your first report on Rhine. I predict it will be in 173 days, 4 more Tinder mistresses and a DUI.

    1. I don’t know why Mack has access to Hudson anyway, since she’s married to a Mama’s boy drug addict. I thought the ex-husband didn’t want their son filmed. Did I miss something?

  8. I’ve always felt Ryan was a little unstable who’s parents were to concerned about how his actions would make them look instead of getting him help. I certainly hope he gets help because this is not good for Bentley and what he sees and hears. Im glad Maci talks to him and doesn’t hide it. And why would she enroll in school just to get pregnant, a husband that’s not fully recovered and a child under 5. Does she not think!

    1. I’d like to say she’s just young…but I think it’s worse than that. She wants the fame and it feels like, she thinks, she’s outdoing Maci.

      Well, Maci never married Ryan, but I did. Maci couldn’t keep him home with a baby but I will. Maci didn’t humiliate herself and everyone else on tv…while simultaneously pushing her husband to the brink..but I will ??

      I seriously think she’s uber jealous of Maci and is trying to put up an “I’m so much better” facade to the world.

      I never have been able to tolerate people like that. Where they’ve always been trashy (money makes so difference) but still feel like they’re superior to the rest of us peasants. She gives me those vibes.

      Also, if she had a smidge of a brain and some Google, she could very easily see how Ryan treated Maci. Then she could compare it to all the times she has sat alone, while Ryan was somewhere with a needle in his arm 🙁

  9. Getting blasted on heroin, killing cats, threatening dogs, sending d*ck pics to other women while asking them how pink their private parts are on Tinder, and marrying you while stoned out of his mind.

    Oh, yeah. Without any doubt, Mack.

    Maci is just so damn jealous of you.

      1. Yes!! Google it and find the text convo – it’s so pathetic. ANd then Mackenzie the moron posts a pic of herself with her wedding rings on saying that she’s the wife and attempts to throw shade at these side pieces. 1. Like they CARE and 2. Like Ryan’s some prize. Oh Congrats Mackenzie, you’re the one that gets to stay with the POS and those poor girls only get him for a night. Big winner.

    1. Like that whining, mama’s boy, lazy, drug addict would know what to do with pink lady parts! Bawhaa…

  10. This makes me feel really bad for Maci. She cried to Cate and Amber about Ryan potentially losing his life and Ryan, his did and his snakewife did nothing but treat her like shit. Now Maci’s family has to be threatened on top of that? Really nice people.

  11. Once again mtv just let all this go on over and over again. Drug use, child abuse, child neglect, dui’s, domestic violence, and on and on. Time to shut it all down. I guess being a porn star is worse than all of the other shut. I don’t understand this show. I guess that’s what happens when you shove endless amounts of money to immature childish people.

  12. well mack i hope you got everything you wished for. marrying him was the most stupid thing you ever did and instead of getting fame and huge paychecks you will be stuck with all his debt, supporting him and probably loosing what little custody you had of your son. I hope to god your not pregant

  13. so where is his mouthy wife defending him? how about his loser parents who allow and protect him ? None of them deserve any rights. I honestly feel like we are just waiting to see who dies first ryan or adam. they are not going to stop the drugs not for their kids, their wives their family they will keep going till they end up dead. I have zero respect for the parents thinking laws don’t apply to their children they should all be facing charges for voiding court orders

    1. It has been been reported on other sites that Mavk left and flew alone to New York & did not have her visitation with Hudson. IIRC, the house Mack & Ryan were living in belonged to Jen’s relatives. I wonder if the relatives kicked them out after his arrest & that is why Ryan is staying with his parents? Maybe Jen & Larry would not let her stay too or if she just bolted out of embarrassment? IMO, Jen does not like Mack. Mack may have been lying to her about Ryan’s antics and Jen just had it with her lies. Both Jen & Larry work, and them living in separate houses, I have no doubt Mack has lied to them.

    2. Right?! It’s like they had no problem sounding off about Maci, blaming her for Ryan’s addiction and saying she’s “still in love with Ryan” (please…) but now, all of a sudden, there’s not one word from any of them. Just as soon as it’s proven beyond doubt to the world that he’s a lying, cheating junkie, they haven’t a word to say. Hypocrites isn’t even the word.

  14. Rhine isn’t sober and Mack is starting to realize her fake pinterest life is crumbling before her eyes. (Not that any of us ever believed her BS)

    Jen’s probably a basket case and I think the speculations about Larry’s alcoholism are true (though certainly high-functioning). Sadly, I think Jen’s going to have a nervous breakdown soon. She definitely enabled/babied Rhine but I do feel for her given all she’s dealing with.

    Mackenzie – do you think she’ll bail on Rhine or try to put her usual happy face on the situation? If Rhine IS using again and she knows it – she may try to force him back to the ‘hab for another productive 21 days with threats of withholding this new baby. Her only way to “save face” here is to get him in the ‘hab then start a new round of “he’s doing great!” to whomever will listen.

    One thing is for sure – Maci & Taylor gave Rhine MORE than enough chances (I’m sure there’s SO much more we don’t know). They’re right to file for protection all around.

    1. I’m pretty certain Larry is an alcoholic too and an abusive one at that. Whether it’s emotional, verbal, and/or physical. That’s why Ryan is the way he is… Larry is his trigger. Remember when he had just got out of rehab and Larry and Co. were outside talking about Maci and Taylor and Jen left and went inside. Larry went OFF and Ryan couldn’t even talk because he was trying not to cry. My heart broke for him… if Larry was out of line at Bentley’s game in front of everybody, can you imagine how he must be when he’s mad and no one else is around? Just sad all around.

    2. As long as the money keeps coming in an the fame she will be around somewhere.
      Isn’t weird them showing
      Ambers friend problems and 3 kids and now Tyler’s sisters
      I bet they are shopping for people and storylines.

  15. I commented on the exclusive post a few days ago that I thought there would be threatening messages come out and Rhine has proved me right.

    I really hope he can grow up, get off whatever he’s on and be a proper father to Bentley.
    I’m not holding out much hope though.

  16. Maci you stupid little girl. If someone threatens you, you file asap, not almost a year later.. That just looks like its not serious, and you’re being a spiteful little bitch. Even the footage of him under influence driving has been out for awhile. And who are you to judge, consuming beer while knocked up. dumb slut

    1. When you file, you list ALL incidents that have occurred that constitute a thread. Nothing says this was the only or most recent incident listed. While parts of the DVO Application may be public record, any that have applicability in an investigation or pending charges, then it would be redacted and not visible to news sources requesting the public info.

      (Retired cop, just sharing the facts)

    2. You have no idea how agonizing it is to go through the courts. I was assaulted when I was 18 and didn’t file for a restraining order until 8 months later because the court process is traumatizing. Not to mention the constant debate of “am I being dramatic? What will people say when they find out”. So take your judgement and shove it up your ass.

      1. I was 21 when I had the “Bill Cosby Experience” it took me two years after I found the guy had moved to the same city I moved to. Then, after spilling my heart out for hours I was told I had to go back to the city where the incident occurred. It took me 3 more years after that.
        8 months makes you superwoman in my book.
        It still effects me, now 17 years later. I’m not weak or indecisive, PTSD is something no one that hasn’t been through it can really understand.

        1. I’m so sorry Rhinerhine! No one should have to go through that. Then being tormented all over again in the justice system just makes it worse. I’m proud of you for going forward and reporting it! <3 I know that isn't an easy decision to start with.

          *I'd never judge even if someone doesn't report their own assault. Unfortunately I've seen enough of this up close and personal to ever judge that decision 🙁 I know I'm rambling but I'm just saying that was brave and I know it was hard ?

    3. blaming a victim really? you pick on her for having a beer while pregnant that hasn’t been proven you don’t know if she knew she was pregnant or not. but he can drive completed cracked out and you defend that? He wouldn’t go get a drug test so he could see his own kid. Macy is damned if she does damned if she doesn’t she did what she had to do to protect her family from a druggie a loser wife and parents that think the laws don’t apply to their druggie son. You really are setting her coming down on her you need help

    4. This happened a couple years back. It took me until December to file for shit that started in August on mine. And mine wasn’t half as bad as the others have listed. The strength it takes to finally go and file charges/for a PO is more than I ever imagined. My final straw was when I was calling a cop buddy crying because I was so pissed off and scared. After over 4 months of abuse and assaults. And I had to list EVERYTHING from those four months. Stuff I didn’t want to relive and have through my head again. It took another 3 weeks to be finalized and a permanent protection order, and another month to file charges (by the state) after it was violated.

  17. Ryan, David, and Adam are ALL scary. I hope both orders are granted. I bet Snakekenzie is pissed! She needs to stop blaming Maci, and place blame where it actually belongs.

  18. It doesn’t seem right that he’s able to be so cruel towards cat but then go on to have a dog as a pet

  19. All of that sounds very scary. At least if it’s on voicemail she has evidence that the judge can hear straight from his mouth, and if it happened at a game then there were plenty of witnesses. If he has no rights to Bentley then they may want to consider moving even if it’s just temporary and cutting all ties with Ryan and his family.

  20. So, Ryan thought that he was done with court ordered drug tests, started using again and turned verbally violent towards his ex, their son, her children, her husband and her dogs. He owns at least one weapon. In the past, he became involved with the law not only for heroin possession, but also for allegedly shooting stray cats. It’s not publicly known whether or not he injured those cats when he was under influence.
    While I want to feel for Ryan, I can only feel for Bentley. He’s a 9-year-old boy, caught in the middle of everything. Even though he’s a smart kid, neither Maci nor Taylor will be able to explain any of this to him entirely. Even adults don’t understand the full extend of this situation. Given Bentley’s age, though, it won’t be long until he actually looks up “Teen Mom” and comes across articles, pictures and comments.
    It’s good to see that Maci and Taylor make sure to strengthen their bond with him now, before he’s entering his tweens/teens and comes up with his own answers.

  21. Imagine waking up with that kind of fear every day and then sending your children to various schools out of your sight

  22. Mack was absolutely right! What a wonderful dad Rhine is! Threatening her baby mama, or trying to randomly show up and kidnap his son. Step aside David, Rhine has taken your place as the world’s best dad!

  23. I bet MTV makes sure to film during and after the court appearance even if it wasn’t scheduled before. I should check Mack’s not so subtle Twitter account skippy_000 I bet it is posting like crazy right now.

  24. I definitely agree with Maci in regards to her family and their animals….Ryan’s a heroin addicted man child who has no problem shooting cats…It would be so devastating if he got ahold of Bonnie and Clyde out of retaliation. I also agree with Taylor’s tweet….Ryan and Mack are a pair of entitled spoiled brats…one needs rehab and the other one is an opportunist….if it weren’t for Maci being on the show you better believe Mackenzie wouldn’t be with Ryan.

  25. Does Taylor think he’s employed selling those dollar store tshirts with the fake leather pockets?? They all need to thank Maci for their paychecks, Taylor included

    1. At this point, you’re not wrong. BUT Taylor held down a job and had consistent income that he was able to support himself on before the cameras came around. Ryan has never held an actual job that was able to support himself, his girlfriend, and his son. Taylor just quit his job maybe 2 years ago at the very earliest. But in all honesty, if you would make much more money and be able to spend time with your wife and kids, wouldn’t you? Taylor will still be employable after this gravy train comes to an end. Ryan is not.

    2. What are you talking about? Taylor has had a regular job the whole time he’s been on the show. He even was working another job on top of running that t-shit business. When the business took off and became successful, he quit his other job so he could run the business full time with Maci.

      1. Those “cheap shirts” are making him enough money to quit his job and they just opened up another warehouse in FL if I remember right. Which means, there is a high demand for the product Taylor is making.

  26. That’s my tweet that Taylor added his rant to. Also, good for them. They need to protect their children. I don’t care what the Edward’s claim is or isn’t true. Ryan is unfit and unstable. He doesn’t need to be anywhere near Bentley, or the McKinney’s. If Macktrucks ex is smart, he’ll follow suit and petition to either revoke whatever custody Mack has to Hudson, or file a petition to grant her supervised visits in a secure facility, without the presence of Ryan.

  27. Yep, I knew it. Even though that tweet Taylor posted was deserved due to all the shit talking Ryan & Mack have done on the show, I knew it was going to trigger Ryan. Think about it. Taylor has taken Ryan’s place as Bentley’s father and Maci’s man, which are the two things he failed at. So for Taylor to belittle Ryan even further by saying he “still needs his ass wiped” probably sent Ryan into a serious rage, especially if he’s back on drugs.

    1. Ryan didn’t seem to watch Maci or Bentley at all though. He didn’t fail, he quit. I feel for Ryan. I really do. He’s an addict with no support system, who was dragged down the isle by a predator. I feel for him. BUT I don’t feel bad that Taylor retweeted my original tweet and went off on it. Ryan and Mack talk way too much shit for people who don’t work, don’t raise their existing children, live in a house that mommy Jen owns, and don’t do anything to better themselves. For them to sit there and go on about how much better of a father Ryan is than Taylor, is a massive slap in the face considering Taylor is raising Ryan’s son. My Bio dad talked shit on my step dad and the way I was raised, and you know what? I no longer speak to my bio dad because my step-dad is the man who sacrificed and provided everything my bio-dad didn’t want to give up or provide.

      1. He does have a support system. It’s just his support system doesn’t hold him accountable for anything and baby him like he’s 3 years old.

        1. Or encourage you to have a baby with them when you’re still very much cripplingly addicted to heroin just because they want a replacement Bentley.

        2. If you’re supporting bad/life-threatening habits, that’s not really supporting, but enabling. So, Ryan’s got an enabling system.

      1. He wasn’t. Guaranteed. He left rehab a week early and posted pics of himself on a boat headed to a lake party with a beer in his hand like a day after he left rehab. Puh-lease. No way in hell do you just kick heroin after a few weeks in a plush rehab.

    2. People are down voting my comment? Maybe I worded it wrong. I wasn’t saying Taylor did anything wrong. I was just saying that I know that tweet must have really set Ryan off, especially with him being on drugs.

    3. ryan walked away from bentley a long time ago. he din’t try he didn’t care he only wanted time with him when he got older and was fun. go back watch their 16 and pregnant he wouldn’t stay home and help when he did he still wouldn’t help. all her had to do was get a drug test but we know why he didn’t. stop blaming maci taylor everyone else when its him his messed up parents and wife that think laws don’t apply to them

      1. I think people are misinterpreting my comment. I wasn’t blaming Maci & Taylor or defending Ryan at all. I was simply saying that Taylor’s tweet is probably what set Ryan off and ended up making serious threats which led to them filing for a protection order.

  28. Ok, so this order of protection was definitely a result of threats being made by Ryan? It wasn’t just because Ryan was arrested, right?

    1. I wonder since Maci said he threatened her with a weapon, that is what caused lead his arrest for violation of probation. I would think that would be a cause to revoke. The filings were Mar. 23 & he was arrested the 27th.

  29. It sounds like something went down between Ryan and Maci/Taylor that no one talking about.

      1. He’s admitted to shooting cats before on social media. I think they’re just covering all of their bases. I’d rather spend the money to make sure my animals were protected even if those weren’t his intentions, than save money and have my animals turn up missing, maimed, or killed.

    1. Coincidence this all comes out after Ryan’s pregnancy announcement? Odd timing since he was an active heroin user for many years, nodded out while driving a year ago, he has been arrested, is on probation, threatened and cussed at Maci multiple times on camera, knowing for killing cats as of two years ago, his father had a screaming match with Taylor at baseball last year. Now, he is suddenly a dangerous felon. What was the wait to protect Bentley the past 9 years?? Sending him weekly to Ryan’s parents where Ryan has unlimited access to the kid? We have seen Ryan as an unstable, abusive, erratic drug addict for a decade, what is the sudden urgency to protect themselves from him??

      1. I’d say the rush now is because it’s escalated. Ryan threatened to shoot at least Taylor. I think that would be a good reason.

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