‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Reveals She’s Sober & No Longer Smoking Pot

“Hugs not drugs!”

Catelynn Lowell says she’s no longer “HIGH! HIGH!”

The Teen Mom OG star recently clapped back at a Twitter user who accused her of being a drug addict, stating that she hasn’t smoked pot for months.

“Been sober for five months,” Catelynn tweeted.

Catelynn added that quitting “the weed” has made a big difference in her life.

Catelynn has been open about using marijuana to self-medicate, admitting at one point she was smoking pot twice a day. During one 2016 episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Catelynn and her mom April were shown smoking pot while Catelynn was driving a car, causing viewers to take the reality TV star to task on Twitter for driving under the influence.

After returning home from her first trip to rehab in 2016, Catelynn reluctantly admitted on-camera that she was still smoking pot after her mother-in-law Kim called her out.

According to a source for Radar Online, Catelynn’s third stint in rehab focused in part on getting her clean.

“She detoxed from marijuana while in treatment in which she admittedly used as a crutch for her anxiety,” an insider reportedly told Radar in January. “She’s sober from alcohol too.”

Catelynn recently opened up about other changes she made during her third stay in rehab.

“I feel way better,” Cate said on Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast. “I did a whole med switch and genetic testing. I found out that the medication I was on for five years doesn’t even work for me. They put me on different medications and they seem to be working really well. It all stems from the trauma of my past so I’m going to have to keep digging into that.”

Watch the video below to see Catelynn’s mother-in-law Kim call her out for continuing to smoke “the weed” back in 2016.

(Photo: MTV)

64 Responses

  1. After Catelynn finishes the rehab and feels strong she HAS to find something to do that will fulfill her and make her proud of herself. She had always talked about college and about helping unwed mothers. DO IT. She will be better from the first day of enrolling, just knowing that she is going forward. She doesn’t have to breed again to feel better. There is time to have another child, this is probably not the best time for it. Tyler has been SO great with taking over child care, the business, the house renovation and being there for Butch who he lovingly placed in the best rehab available. To repay him for his efforts, Catelynn HAS to go forward and rejoin Tyler in all of these endeavors. I wish them both the best.

  2. Cate & Ty need to not be together. I think they’d BOTH be much better off apart.
    Even if they eventually got back together, a good solid break (without planning to get back together) would do wonders.

  3. I hope she is not just saying this, unlike Amber and Jenelle, I still hold out hope for Catelynn. She needs to keep up with her appointment’s and try to rebuild her life.

  4. Tyler so badly wanted her to do out patient, you could tell and she is just liked I’m leaving bye! She wants everyone to fix her and she isn’t really doing any of the work. Being out of rehab is hard, and that’s when you have to work the program everyday . I don’t think she is a mom or wants to be one.. For her to say “ she will manage” sorry that is a small child and you’re effecting her . No mother would behave this way without also being broken for leaving their daughter. She also isn’t a wife. For her to do this to Tyler over and over and then cry he might leave her. You have left him! He’s been raising your daughter since she was born. You are either high, sleeping, or at “rehab”. Sadly she is on tv and forced to act like she wants the whole marriage, family, career gig but she rather sit on a couch, on her phone, doing nothing. She is lazy and selfish and Nova deserves better .

    1. Absolutely, I am so sick of Catelynn getting a pass because she gave up a kid she was knocked up with at 16. She can’t even pay attention to the kid she had well into her 20’s. The Carly talk is all BS. She’s a crap mother and I feel sorry for Tyler. What a mistake to stick it out with her; just LEAVE DUDE…Cate has NO interest in being a mother, she doesn’t even LOOK at Nova, there is NO bond there, there is NOTHING.

      Watching Cate be so short with the child she never sees is appalling…all Cate does is look at her phone, pull on her hair, put Nova in a dirty messy bedroom to get out of her face, yell at her, or dump her at preschool. I don’t see one ounce of joy in Cate FOR Nova. I see it with Tyler, but I see NOTHING from Cate. Tying her tubes is a good place to start; Tyler take Nova and LEAVE…don’t make more mistakes with Catelynn she is NEVER going to change. Cate is Selfish, self absorbed person thru and thru, I am glad MTV is FINALLY showing something that most of us viewers knew about Catelynn YEARS ago..

  5. If I was Catelyn and Nova said Thank you for coming home to me I would never leave again. No matter how screwed up I thought I was or needed. Maybe once never again sorry get help close to home.
    Kids come first after you have them.

    1. I know! You could tell she was off in the bathroom scene and Tyler ignoring her triggered her. She likes to be in a rehab bubble where everyone listens to her complain but it’s ridiculous how she’s willing to sacrifice her family. And lying to Tyler about how it has nothing to do with him isn’t helping. They both keep lying to each other and it’s so awkward and obvious. They both just seem like dead eyed robots.

    2. That completely broke my heart and I was honestly shocked she did not start to cry if I heard that from my daughter there is nothing in the world that would make me leave again especially when she has so many outpatient options in and around Michigan It always has left me with such an uneasy feeling that cate has such a disconnect with people in her life including her own child

    3. Cate is too selfish to care what Nova thinks, wants or needs. She is too selfish to get it together for Tyler. She needs to go live on her own and leave Tyler and Nova alone. She doesn’t want to be there, she might want Tyler but she does NOT want Nova. She wants to do what she wants to do at ALL times. Parenting is not even on her list of priorities. Her horse comes before Nova..

  6. no one cares the most selfish self absorbed person in the world. Showed her true colors tonight if anyone is doubt about her. She wouldn’t even try out patient therapy why because it wouldn’t be at a luxury spa like treatment center. She would have to do the work and the program. It spoke volumes hearing her say I need this I need that not caring one bit about her husband. She is also still lying. if her meds were not changed for 5 months that is on her. On any of those medications you have to be monitored your blood drawn your levels checked. Its done sometimes every month sometimes every few months. If she was on those medications for 5 years which I doubt she is too lazy to go to the drs they would have changed them long before this. All medications from the type she takes to antibiotics to migraine medications you build up a tolerance for them and you have to change them. But again we should believe she was on medications for mental health issues and her dr never changed them never monitored them? bull she is disgusting. guess what cati many of us came from abusive families with alcoholism and many of us were beaten with belts as a way to discipline us and guess what we had to grow up take care of ourselves and stop being a victim. You wouldn’t even think about out patient you care about no one but yourself and you didn’t care one bit about leaving your child again. So lets see you claim to be sober not smoking pot which I believe as much as I believe ryan is sober what will be you next excuse because we know you have no intention of getting off the couch and doing anything with your life. Maybe you can make up some new career choices that you don’t intend to keep or are qualified for

    1. There have been many viewers who noticed Cate was selfish to the core several years ago, most of us got ripped for saying so. Finally, she is being seen as a miserable whining druggie worthless ‘mother’ she is. She is NOT better than Jennelle except she gave Nova a decent father. How long Tyler can hold it together dealing with Cate for 10 years I don’t know. I really really hope he requests the separate and Cate move out. He has to free himself from her, she is drowning him and Nova barely knows her.

      A grown woman, married, mother whining about her childhood trauma is FKING PATHETIC, GROW up, you whining sniveling coward. Most of us don’t get to go to country clubs in Arizona to whine about our parents got divorced…STFU…Say it for what it is, YOU DO NOT WANT to parent Nova, you are bored of faking it…

  7. I hope Catelyn has also stopped smoking cigarettes. She always looked so cheap when they filmed her smoking. Sounds like she is finally getting the help she needs and the correct medication. She DID suffer from a pretty messed up childhood. Her mother, April, was actually an horrible role model. She had several men in and out of the house while Catelyn was growing up and I am sure her mother’s own addiction had a negative impact on Catelyn growing up. Does anyone know if Catelyn has any siblings on her mother’s side?? I thought I remember a little boy in the house?? I would like to see Catelyn go back to school and find some sort of career to pursue. The MTV paycheck will only last so long. Even if she did volunteer work at a school. Something besides selling clothes on the Internet. She should be happy that she has a healthy and happy child right now. Where is it written in the book that you have to have more than one child?? I would have loved to have been an only child!! Best of luck to her!!

  8. Uhh does smoking pot really make you a drug addict? I think this Twitter user needs a life of their on and to stop the dramatics

  9. The worst thing in all of this is that they keep on blabbing about how they are ready for another baby. NO, YOU ARE NOT!

    1. I agree. Didn’t the doctor tell her she needed to lose weight and quit smoking cigarettes before getting pregnant? She didnt do what the doctor said and got pregnant immediately. I actually wonder if those things caused her to miscarry.

      1. Honestly, it was probably a multitude of things. The smoking, her weight, the anxiety/stress/depression, the fact that she literally just had her birth control removed. I wasn’t surprised that she miscarried at all. Not that she deserved to or anything like that, but because she is far from being physically in good health and has a lot going on with her mental health.

  10. This girl is such a loser…She is lazy and she won’t go to school, leaves to rehab when life gets hard, can barely manage the child she has yet wants another. I mean she is lazy….

    1. You are right. I believe she goes to rehab for month long vacations. Come on. Three rehabs to quit smoking weed? Wow, to have the luxury of not working and be able to jet off across the country for rehab aka spa retreat whenever things get tough. The rehab she could receive locally. I predict she will be going for the 4th spa resort aka rehab before the end of the year. I’m personally sick of her pity party. She acts like she is the only one in the world to have a miscarriage and a rough childhood. She also thinks she is the only one to give their baby up for adoption. . She is an attention seeking drama queen. smdh

  11. Everything about these shows is SSDD. Time to say goodbye,frankly, other than those poor kids, I couldn’t care less about what happens to a anyone on either show.

  12. Good for Catelyn! I’m glad she’s taking positive steps. Now she needs to get up off the couch, and get out of her own head! Go take a class, go volunteer at Nova’s school! Get your brain moving! It’s the only way to feel better.

  13. I have general anxiety disorder and PTSD- I’ve been going to therapy consistently for 5 years, I take my meds and I’m poor (I’m no teen mom star). I don’t have money for fancy treatment. I struggle with the same issues she does but yet I work, volunteer with hospice and next spring I graduate with my BS in Cellular Molecular Biology. I take my MCAT this summer, and I apply for medical schools in September. She has the ability to get better but she’s lazy.

    1. @Tyler’sFauxhawk – WAY TO GO! I don’t even know you, but I am seriously impressed and proud of you for working on yourself and towards your goals! I also feel pretty strongly that you will make an amazing doctor given your experiences. Best of luck in all your future endeavours!

  14. I was shocked when Cate was clueless as to what 12 steps were when Tyler was talking about Butch’s recovery. I definitely think she has a drug problem, but I also believe she suffers from PTSD and childhood trauma. So it’s understandable she wants to self medicate.

  15. Smoking pot does not destroy lives. Hope she is saving $$$ because all these expensive meds and vacations from her child, errrr I mean trips to rehab can get pricey one the show ends.

  16. It would be in her best interest to quit the show and social media. The constant scrutiny is terrible for mental health.

  17. I honestly think Tyler is a drug addict too! This is a little off topic but I work for Target and I am in charge of everything inbound and outbound. Including fulfilling, packing, and shipping Target.com orders. We are given 6hrs of payroll for every 100 units to fulfill, pack, and ship. He said they received 60 orders in one day.. that’s not really a lot and shouldn’t take hours on end to complete considering they have a room where everything is, we have to go around the backroom AND sales floor to fulfill everything while helping guests.

    1. I think he has something going on with him also…. do you remember that one scene when tyler and caitlin were driving in the car. Tyler was in the passenger seat and he had to lay down and generally was just acting really odd. I was like hmmmm…. thats weird .

      1. I think Tyler was trying to on camera Shame Cate for never letting him even rest; he can’t even sleep at night he is so jacked up with all her problems. He isn’t exactly stable either. I feel sorry for him..she’s a selfish manipulative bitch and he is just being swallowed whole by her insatiable neediness and bitching.

  18. Cate and Tyler have been together since about thirteen or fourteen years old.

    I still can’t help thinking that maybe after Carly’s adoption if they had taken the time to at least date a few other people to be sure they wanted to be committed to each other in adulthood — there would probably be far less stress, strain, depression, and anxiety for both of them at this stage of the game.

    Just my take on this. Glad to hear Cate’s seemingly doing better.

    1. I don’t think they would still be together if they had not had Carley and ai think Tyler only stays with her because of guilt and her co-dependence.

    1. It annoys me how she can’t handle the stress of the toddler she has but they want another baby.

  19. All I can think of when Tyler says they’re each responsible for themselves is that YOU ARE BOTH REPOSNSIBLE FOR A Child, you idiots. Even if she is ‘sober’ right now, she still is not fully capable of being a mother. They need help and catelynn needs a good slap

  20. 5 months sober. Now all she has to do is write a book about it. Please how about getting out of bed,getting a job and not being high around your kid. In case no one has told you that’s not ok. Quit making excuses for the choices you make. Self medicate, I would love to hit The person in the face who came Up with that word. Do the right thing for your kid.

    1. I think caitlin and tyler should stay off social media. Since they are so desperate for everyone to like them. Its sad really

    2. Lol???? Not that I know, but how does that make sense? I have a job and like to unwind by reading The Ashley when I get home from making money. I assume MOST of those commenting do the same…

    1. Amber blames drugs or drinking every single time she does something wrong. She’s so sober and so clean but oh her behavior on marriage boot camp was bad then she says she was drunk

      1. Yeah, Embers full of crap! On Friday’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp, she told her mother that she was always being abandoned for whatever new guy the mom was with. Well, she is doing the exact same thing to Leah!

        1. I wonder how Amber’s brother Bubby turned out so normal? I think Amber is just using Tonya as an excuse for being a “bad mom”. Amber has no job and plenty of money to be able to provide Leah a stable home and spend as much time with her. I think it sounds like Tonya had a hard time while she was raising Amber and her brother. Especially, after losing a child. Amber just likes to play victim.

          1. I think the reason Bubby is different is cos he got the hell out of there and into the army.

            We’d probably see a very different Bubby if he’d stayed in his hometown hanging round with the same crowd.

    1. Why work when you can suckle from the teen mom tit?! I don’t think they understand that the end is near and a whole new crop of younger teens with babies want their spot.

      1. Yup, i think they are gearing up to make the new girls on young and pregnant to take there spots. It makes sense. They arent teens anymore and its time that these people see that they need to get there asses in gear and realise you arent going to be famous (if you would even call it that) forever. The new girls have a LOT more drama also

    2. They will be like lottery winners that go broke. I predict will end up being a Butch 2.0 & Catelynn will be April 2.0. I have never liked a Tyler since he kicked one of their dogs. I do not like animal abusers.

      1. I take back what I said about Tyler after watching tonight’s episode. I think Tyler is trying to break the cycle and has awareness, but Catelynn is continuing the cycle by leaving poor little Nova. I did not realize she was at the resort during Christmas. What mother would want to miss that morning with their young child making memories. Nova is in her formative years and is already exhibiting separation anxiety when Catekynn just dropped her off out school and told Tyler “she will manage”. Nova is the cutest. It broke my heart when she thanked her for coming back. Catekynn didn’t even hug her when she walked in the door.

        1. Cate doesn’t care about anything but herself; she is tired of faking it for MTV, for Tyler, for the viewers, the only way out of Nova and faking ‘domestic bliss’ is her BS anxiety made up problems. EVERYONE knows pot makes you PARANOID you stupid twat…how about stop smoking it..problem solved. But that would mean, taking care of Nova and as we have seen the past 4 YEARS, Cate will do ANYTHING to avoid having to care for Nova or do ANYTHING but look at her phone and rip her fingernails off and pull her hair out..

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