“Yeaaah Buddy!” ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Premieres With Record-Breaking Ratings

“Face it– you’re never getting rid of us!”

There’s some celebratory fist-pumping in order for MTV and the cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation!

Billboard has announced that Thursday’s debut of the ‘Jersey Shore’ spin-off was the most-watched unscripted cable series launch in six years.

The reunion show, which had already been renewed for a second season in February, averaged 2.5 million viewers during Thursday’s two-hour global premiere, according to Nielsen Live+Same Day data.

Nielsen also reported an average score of 2.96 with the 18-34 demographic, exceeding the final ‘Jersey Shore’ season’s average of 2.82 back in 2012.

Despite the stellar numbers out of the gate, ‘Family Vacation’ has yet to get the ratings that ‘Jersey Shore’ achieved in its hey-day. During the show’s most-watched premiere (Season 4), the show brought in 8.78 million viewers. The premiere of the sixth and final season of ‘Jersey Shore’ averaged 4.69 million viewers.

While the numbers have yet to reach the viewership ratings of ‘Jersey Shore’ past, the premiere of ‘Family Vacation’ surpassed premieres of other hit MTV shows–including Teen Mom 2 and The Challenge–by a wide margin.

For reference, last year’s Season 8 premiere of ‘Teen Mom 2’ brought in 1.49 million viewers, while the premiere of 2017’s ‘The Challenge: Dirty 30’ attracted just 0.84 million viewers.

Following the successful premiere, the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast and production crew celebrated their high ratings on social media. DJ Pauly D tweeted that the episode was currently No. 1 on iTunes.

‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ airs Thursdays (ahem, we mean Jerzdays) on MTV.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. I loved seeing what we refer to as “the kids” again. My grown daughter was amazed to see me enjoying them the first time around. She loves them too.

    I am SO happy that Mike has gotten his act together and I pray that he does not have much, if any, time in prison. I always liked him and saw the good in him. Now I am beyond proud to see his progress.

    Ron is still obviously in love with Sam. They were young and really did love each other. Some therapy and maturity might have helped to keep them together.

    Jenni is great, I like the way she looks. She didn’t need surgery but it looks fine. Nicole, however, should have her lips redone – get the filler out of there and go back to your natural beauty!

    Vinny and Pauly are wonderful as always. Love them both.

    Thank you MTV for bringing back these “kids” for us to enjoy once again.

  2. Vinny’s door dance was hysterical.
    Him & Pauly are my fave couple haha, would 10/10 ménage à trois with those two.
    The Sam doll was cringe worthy at first, but watching them struggle to move it around was hilarious.
    Ron has issues. Other than that, I love them all! Always fun to watch.

  3. I hate to admit it but I liked the reboot. It was clearly not as good as the original, the Sammi doll stuff was unnecessary and it was obv the only made it to make it seem like nothing has changed. But it has.

    Special shout out to Mike for being sober the whole time while his friends were heavily drinking! I have to admit, so far he is the only one who really matured and is really likable now. Loving the new him!

  4. I loved the first episode of the reboot. The Sammi doll was hilarious, especially the garbled underwater “Ronnnn!” Haha! And Pauly D is still hot as hell.

  5. Very disappointed that they think it is appropriate to use a sex doll to replace Sammi. It just shows how little respect MTV has for females. Not to mention the cast of Jersey Shore. No wonder Sammi didn’t want to come back, they treat her like a joke. Very sad.

    1. I like Sammi but it was funny. Especially when Snooki was fighting with the doll and it was yelling “stapppph!”

  6. Great. Now I’m torn between watching and not encouraging them. Pretty much the same way I feel about all the crap I watch.

  7. JWOW doesn’t look like herself. She has become someone else. I don’t get why they would come back back. I can’t imagine explaining this to their children.

    1. they came back for the money! Vinnie had a show of his own on MTV if failed after one season, Snookie and JWow had shows, none of them are doing other shows now, they need the money, it’s not like they can do anything else.

  8. I wish they could see my snoozing even though my tv was on mtv…. those fake faces omg ? too much surgery and the lips… enough said!

  9. It’s 100% staged. No doubt. And Rosanne was painful for me to watch as some of them have been out of the acting game for so long. BUT I was a die hard Jersey Shore fan when it came out so just like TMOG and TM2 I have an obligation to watch. That being said, Ron is my least favorite so far. And I cannot stop looking at Snookis lips. Holy Batman Tyler she has screwed them up!

    1. It seemed like the whole scene with Snooki’s lost ring was fake. Her sobbing was just too much. Why would she tell her dad she wants to, “come home?” Does she live with him?? It’s pretty sad that Ronnie is still such a douche.

      1. Yeah, the ring scene was the only thing that I was taken aback. Why make such a big deal out of it and how did you just realize it at home?! (Oh yeah, I forgot she got drunk the night before) Ronnie is unbelievable considering he had a pregnant girlfriend at home but what can you expect when you are together for so little time.

        Surprisingly, my new favorite is Mike. The change in this dude is amazing!

      2. Agree the whole ring scene seemed pretty fake. I am 100% sure that they all came back for the MONEY. MTV pays well. Very scripted. Ronnie is still a BULLY.

  10. Snooki’s face and jwows face both look terrible, both were so much prettier before they messed about with fillers etc.

    Won’t be tuning in.

  11. Roseanne had 18 million, and that show isn’t even funny. I have no interest in watching their boring show, and it is scripted in a way, some have kids are married, it is completely contrived for the cameras, far from reality. It’s produced and directed, it’s not a real reflection of their lives, no MTV money they would not be there at that time,

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