‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 7 Episode 17 Recap: Puking in Bags & A Positive Pregnancy Test

That feeling you get when you realize you’ve been watching this crap for like nine years…

On this episode of Teen Mom OG we get (another) pregnancy announcement, some good old-fashioned baby daddy drama, a trip to rehab and sounds of vomiting that we’ll never be able to erase from our brains.

So…basically, it’s business as usual for a ‘Teen Mom’ episode!

First up we check in with Amber who is face down in a plastic bag of brown throw-up. Unlike the times when Amber yakked on camera in the past, this regurgitation is due to pregnancy sickness, not because she got HIGH! HIGH!

And, because it’s Amber, she’s puking while sitting on her bed instead of in a toilet. As you do…

While Amber loses her lunch of sports drinks and fruit snacks, Andrew stands by smiling and offers her a piece of gum and some water. (I mean…it is only like their fifth date, so he’s still trying to keep the romance alive, I guess?)

Later on, Amber’s cousin Krystal comes over to whip up some grub while two of her three kids “wraaastle” on the floor. What a downright treat to have so much Cousin Krystal footage in a single episode! Other than Tyler’s on-the-leash-of-love sister Amber, Cousin Krystal is about as good as it gets in terms of getting the most trashy drama bang for your buck!

“Come on y’all kids, come and git yer Helper before it ferments!”

As the two cousins discuss odd pregnancy cravings, Krystal tells us that while pregnant with her youngest offspring, Laytonlynn or whatever the hell she named that poor kid, she had wicked cravings for gas station chicken salad sandwiches.

It’s nice to picture Cousin Krystal waddling into the Quick ‘n’ Lubby with her other kids Lavonastina and Lawsonoly, pulling out her stamp cards and smiling as she gets her swollen mitts on a few of those gas station chicken delights! (Surely she bought an extra one that the kids could wraastle over.)

“That gas station food sounds like the slop they fed me when I was in gel.”

Krystal also talks about how her latest baby daddy left her while she was 15 weeks pregnant. (I mean, this is ‘Teen Mom,’ after all.) Amber gives her props for being a single mom.

Down in Tennessee, Maci and Taylor talk about adding another beneficiary to their growing leather-pocket T-shirt empire via adoption. Bentley tells them he’s on board with the plan because it will give him someone else to play with when the other kids — Jayde, Maverick, Huddle and his dad, Ryan, — are busy.

Speaking of everyone’s favorite dazed and confused dad Ryan, we head over to his place to see what him and Mackenzie are up to. Since they have a lot of free time (what with being jobless and all) they decide to turn their kitchen into a doggie day spa.

Awww…Ryan’s dog has the same eyes as Ryan!

Mack says Ryan’s dog washing skills show that he will be a good dad.

Oh, Jesus God Leah…

Mack says they’re “one big happy family” …despite the fact that both of their children are not there and there’s an ever-present tension stealing all of their scenes. Mackenzie seems to be trying to convince everyone (including herself) that an “oopsie baby” is just what they need to get their marriage back on track and Ryan off the smack!

Cate is still in Arizona at the treatment facility, but Tyler is heading to yet another treatment facility to visit his dad Butch. (Honestly, this season should be called “The Tyler Baltierra Rehab Tour 2017.”)

Tyler and his sister Amber talk about their dad’s addiction and Tyler says he holds some of the blame for owning the house Butch was getting high in. Amber says positive things are to come and for her sake, we hope she’s not referring to a pregnancy test.

Later we see the two of them head to the facility and Amber complains about the fact that Tyler is listed as Butch’s primary contact. Um…Amber, girl, the “home” phone number you would write down probably rings at the bar down the street. You need to have several seats (and maybe several baths…just sayin’.)

“I mean…you’re still using a pager, Amber…”

We also learn from Tyler that his mom Kim is struggling with guilt for the issues Tyler and Amber have gone through. (She had to know that fornicating with Butch wouldn’t end well…right?)

Meanwhile in Indiana, Amber’s throwing up has ceased long enough for more baby prepping to go down. Andrew lugs in a homemade nightstand, courtesy of Uncle Bubby, while Amber lounges on her trusty stuffed sloth (no, we don’t mean her ex-fiancé Matt) and talks about Krystal’s baby daddy troubles. Amber somehow relates Krystal’s problems with her baby daddies to her own issues with Gary, completely oblivious to the fact that she’s the one bringing the drama in her situation.

“Just think, Andrew…some day I may be throwing this down the stairs at you!”

After a trip to the doctor, Amber learns she has gestational diabetes so Andrew researches some tips on how to keep everything under control. Amber is bummed she can’t enjoy all of her favorite gas station treats now, but she’s down to stay on the straight and narrow…at least until that oopsie baby plops from her sperm palace.

We learn that Amber and Gary are currently having trouble getting along (again), but Amber and Andrew still come by to pick Leah up for some quality time together… Just kidding! They’re going to shop for trains and other decor for the baby’s room… ya know, exactly what every 9-year-old kid wants to do on the one day a week they get to see their mom.

“Andrew, wouldn’t it be cool if the baby was like nine years old and could actually play with these toys? If only we had a kid that age around!”

After watching the train shopping fiasco go down, we then check in with… Cousin Krystal? MTV has apparently decided to devote an entire segment to a cast member’s random trashy cousin, which I appreciate. Give me a gas-station-food eatin’, random kid luggin’ Krystal over Farrah trying to prove she’s a celebrity, ANY.DAY.OF.THE.WEEK.

Let’s be honest, we all should’ve seen this one coming. First we were treated to an inner look at Amber Baltierra’s life (consisting largely of tales of washing dogs’ butts and exchanging bodily fluids with local felons), and now MTV is bringing in another messy family member for us to enjoy. Look out, world… Krystal and her litter of L-children have been waiting for this!

For her solo-segment debut, Krystal is off to pick up Baby No. 3 while driving in the snow and complaining about needing new brakes. Krystal planned for one of her assorted baby daddies to change the brakes for her but he calls her while she’s on the way to his house to tell her he’s not doing it anymore. After loading No. 3 into the death trap of a vehicle, Krystal starts crying and her oldest son asks if she’s OK. Krystal then vents to her kids about the situation while adding a few F-bombs in for good measure.

She ultimately pulls the car over to take a cigarette break.

“So I says to my baby daddy, I says, ‘I ain’t got no brakes but at least I got my ciggies!'”

Krystal shares her frustrations with Producer David, who is probably wondering why the hell he’s being forced to listen to a second-rate cast member complain, all while standing in the snow. (Despite all this, you know he’s just happy to be off Farrah duty. He’ll gladly risk a little frostbite and secondhand smoke if he means he doesn’t have to deal with Big Red.)

Over in Tennessee, Mackenzie says she’s not feeling well, and Ryan acts like he has no idea why she could be feeling sick. (I mean, to be fair, this is Ryan, who usually doesn’t even know where the hell he is, so it’s possible he’s not acting here.)

Meanwhile, Maci and Taylor consult with an adoption counselor.  Maci and Taylor say they aren’t ready to adopt right away, but want to get more information on the process for when the time comes. Maci adds she and Taylor both have some grieving to do over her miscarriage.

“So, when we’re ready do we just order a kid online? I wonder if they deliver?”

Rachel the adoption counselor arrives at Maci and Taylor’s house and the three of them sit down to talk. Maci tells Rachel they are looking to adopt a child over the age of 4. Rachel says the majority will come from foster care and some may have issues they are dealing with. Rachel also explains the transition period for adoption.

After Rachel leaves, Taylor says the chat has convinced him even more that adoption is the way to go. Maci agrees (most likely because it means she doesn’t have to keep her womb free of Bud Light for four or five months). She adds that she now wants to do it sooner than they originally planned.

“Y’all wanna adopt a kid? I may be able to help you with that…”

We move over to Butch’s recovery facility,  where Tyler and Amber are meeting with a staff member to get an update before the visit. They are told that Butch is doing well but will have to be involved in programs and other recovery methods on a daily basis in order for him to be successful. They are also told that Butch isn’t cured and will never really be cured, but it is important for them to know how they can help him going forward.

It’s finally time for Tyler and Amber to see Butch, and Amber is especially emotional about the reunion. (Perhaps she’s sad that her smoke-out buddy has sobered up, I dunno?)

The three of them sit down and Butch shares some of the writing he’s been doing. He tells his kids that he’s always been one to try his best, whether it was at work or doing drugs.

I think that’s nice.

Amber points out that he didn’t try his best at being a father, but that it’s not too late for him to be a good grandfather to his existing grandkids (and whatever spawn Amber and her leashed felon boyfriend create in the near future). Tyler tells Butch to keep writing to help him work through his issues and Butch tells him he’s grateful for both of them and for the opportunity Tyler has given him by sending him to treatment.

“I mean, I’ll ask her for you, Dad, but I don’t think Debz OG is gonna want to record any of the rap songs you wrote.”

Over in Indiana, Cousin Krystal updates Amber on the rocky relationship with her most recent baby daddy and the pregnant girl he left her for while she was also pregnant.

We’ll give you a moment to let that all sink in…

Amber tells her she’ll eventually find a guy that’s a good match for her. (And, if not, she can always go on a reality show and hook up with one of the cameramen, right Ambie?)

Finally, we swing back to Ryan and Mackenzie’s place. As per usual, Ryan is lounging on the couch, thinking about ways to blame Maci for crap about his life he doesn’t like.

“Hey Maci…er, I mean Mackenzie? I think I’m fixin’ to run down to the Food City for a bit!”

However, Mackenzie has some BIG NEWS to share. After taking a producer into Huddle’s room and closing the door, Mack pulls out a positive pregnancy test. She waves the pee-soaked stick around proudly, knowing that this little gem has just secured her a fat monthly MTV paycheck!

She says Ryan was “ecstatic” about the news… so much in fact, that he didn’t want to be on camera when she announced it.

I think that’s nice…

“Oh, Mackenzie! You finally have the ‘Teen Mom’ Trap Baby you’ve always wanted! I’m so happy for you!”

Later on, Mack and Ryan decide their respective exes will find out about the big news on their own and then they chat about all the things they need to do before the baby arrives. Ryan is already overwhelmed at what’s to come and tells Mack she can call him when the baby is “about three.” Mackenzie doesn’t see the humor in Ryan’s “joke.”

“Fine, you can have a kid, but I ain’t breastfeedin’ him! No sir!”

Wait a few years, Mack. You’ll be grubbing at the gas station, pulling over to swat your car full of screamin’ trap babies and calling Ryan to yell about him not fixing the brakes on his car!

Fingers crossed MTV is there to capture all of these Kodak moments!

Until next time….

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  1. Catelynn & Tyler just… shouldn’t be together. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen and I don’t wish them unhappiness, but I think they’d truly be happier apart.

    Amber is a joke of a mom.

    I would rather plunge my head into a vat of eels than watch Cousin Krystal’s segments.

    1. Hmmm it seems I already commented about Cousin Krystal. Reading too many Ashley articles at once!
      This comment is funnier – ignore the other lol.

  2. Wow – I re-read the captions and the ones from this re-cap might be the best ever. Amber’s pronunciation of jail as ‘gel’, Mack-o’s trap baby caption, Krystal meth’s captions – all gems. I laughed at the one with Leah being ignored, but then my heart sank since there seems to be some truth to that one ?

  3. Your’s is the BEST recap ever! I especially loved Ryan’s eyes looking just like his dog’s! They do! lol

  4. This whole show is a mess however the one thing that annoyed me the MOST was when Maci and Taylor were talking to the adoption counselor and she said that most of the kids were “damaged.” As a foster mama that was like a kick in the gut. You never say that about these kids. They are traumatized and have a lot issues but they are not damaged goods. They are little people who need love, patience and understanding!
    End rant

  5. “That gas station food sounds like the slop they fed me when I was in gel.” I’m still dying over this caption! ?

    The more I witness Andrew, the more I’m starting to feel for the guy. He really seems like a pretty laid back dude. All I ever see him do is wait on Amber, hand and foot. She should just be done with it and get some adult diapers. That’d save her the effort of having to get up unnecessarily. Sloths are embarrassed Amber is claiming them as spirit animals.

    Who else rolled their eyes out loud when poor Amber couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes in the damn toy store? Good heavens!

    1. Don’t feel too bad for him. This “laid back” guy has stalked two ex-girlfriends and their families. They had to get restraining orders against him. These are the men Amber brings around Leah…

  6. OMG Ryan is so obviously still getting high and is a mess. How does MTV ignore this ? How do his parents not see it and say he is someone who can help other addicts? And why would Mackenzie get pregnant ? She is already a mother and should know better. This is a train wreck waiting to happen. I am so sad for Bentley and Mack’s kid and new baby. Good for Maci for taking legal action to protect Bentley and herself and Taylor.

  7. I work with an HR manager that used to work for a Company that either Ryan worked for. or applied to. He was who the heck is this kid that works for Viacom making over $100,000 a year at his age. He finally figured out who he was. Ryan probably makes more than that now because this was several years ago. He is always asking Mack how much money she spent. She must be spending it as fast as those checks come in. I wouldn’t put it past her to take a life insurance policy and hoping he overdoses.

  8. This is hard for me because I have fought for Cate since day 1. I see myself in her so so much. I also have PTSD from childhood trauma. Everything is hard and I get it. I understand her struggle.
    I do not have a kid. I have nephews I love to death and a boyfriend of 7 years. I have never left my house for treatment, I always do therapy and meds from home because I have to work, I have to pay for my cat and dogs food and our house and car.
    Trust me, some days, ya I stay in bed all day, sleep for 15 hours, and cry. Its hard. Its not IMPOSSIBLE. And if I had a kid, Id never EVER leave her as much as Cate is. I’m very sad…

    1. I know what you’re saying. I had a lot of trauma in my childhood too and I know what it can do, but cate is using it to be lazy. The way she will just lay in bed and when she has to leave places all the time and leave Nova. There is help and I’m glad she’s getting it now, but she should have taken it seriously a long time ago before having Nova.

    2. @WTF

      I also had a dysfunctional childhood and had to work through the depression & PTSD from it. There are still things that trigger me once in awhile, but now that I have better coping skills and tools I am so much better.

      If you live in a suburban or urban area, you might be able to get therapy for free/low cost so you wouldn’t just have to do stuff at home (I did and do stuff at home too, but it is nice to have the additional resource for no cost). Usually if you have a university or college nearby, they will have a counseling program you can take advantage of and you don’t even have to be a student. I used one as a student at one school and another at a different school as a nonstudent.

      There are also Adult Children of Alcoholics, Alanon groups, etc. depending on what kind of dysfunction you grew up with. I was able to pick up a few tools there too.

      Sometimes cities will even have free/low cost therapy if you check through 211.org

      Good luck and I wish you well!

  9. Hey guys. Long time reader but I’ve never posted. But I had to come here after last nights episode. I just cannot. I have been wanting to give Catelynn the benefit of the doubt with rehab and such but after last night, she is such a freaking hypocrite! “She’ll manage” in regards to Nova about leaving again for rehab after being home for like 6 hours made me so angry. Just like how maybe your mom thought “you’d manage” when she was bombed and with whatever man candy of the week that left you with all this “trauma” now. Absolutely ridiculous. It’s clear after last night the only regard she has is to herself and doesn’t seem to care about how her absense effects her own daughter and husband. She’d rather be on her own then deal with real life at home. Didn’t even pretend to want to try any outpatient treatment. I feel so badly for Tyler. I was so happy he vented to Amber #2 and said what we have been all thinking. My heart breaks for Nova.

  10. When she DOES have Leah, it’s still all about HER! No wonder the poor kid doesn’t want to go over there. I wish cousin Krystal would shut up about Amber’s rights as a mother.

    1. Krystal is the one who made a big deal out of Leah saying she went somewhere with her parents, referencing Gary and Kristina. Right in front of Leah, Krystal did the whole “I would DIE if my kids referred to their step-mom as a parent”. Amber tried to pretend like Leah did the same for her and Matt (?) to save face. Krystal did Amber are delusional about Amber’s parenting. Also, it’s not even a big deal that’s Leah said that.

  11. What’s this about Tyler on insta saying the n word and saying that he was so high? Curious. When was that put up?

    1. A few months ago, Tyler posted a video on his IG story (or maybe Snapchat? Both? Idk) saying the n-word. He didn’t direct it toward a person of color in a derogatory way (although of course it’s not okay for a white person to say, regardless of connotation; I just wanted to clarify). He later apologized on Twitter and said he was super drunk at the time. I don’t recall him saying he was high, unless there was a different instance.

  12. Dr. Phil has had Farrah and Amber on the show. I have watched the show from day one, and he wouldn’t put up with Farrah’s bullshit. Not once did he let her bully him like she does everyone else. She was so angry about that, y’all. It was kind of funny,

    1. Oooh I somehow think I must have missed that! Thanks for sharing. Looks like I have some youtube in my future 🙂

  13. “Tyler and Cate’s Crunch Wrap House”
    -I wish I could remember which snarker here said this but it never fails to make me laugh.

  14. OMG can’t wait for the reunions. Dr Drew will be kissing up to Farrah and Ryan. I think they need Dr. Phil so he can tell Amber to get her lazy azz out the bed. Dr Phil can tell Farrah lip stick on a pig is still pig.

      1. You can tell all Larry and Jen care about is a new baby for themselves. Ryan didn’t even have a plate of food at their dinner. Mac, Jen and Larry had played. Ryan looked high as a kite …

      2. OK so this date confuses me. IF she is due this mid October, then she got preg in mid January and her visit to the gynecologist shown last night said she was 6 weeks preg so that had to be shot early March. I thought they shot much further in advance than a month before airing.

    1. This baby that Mack selfishly conceived will probably trigger Ryan to get high even more. He is going to be so stressed out and the more stressed, the higher he gets. I hope he will be alive when the baby is born.

      1. It probably wasn’t your intention, but something about the wording here is bugging me. I think it’s that you’re almost blaming a baby for Ryan’s future using. “This baby… will probably trigger Ryan to get high…” I would just hate for their child to eventually read or hear that they are the reason their dad is getting high. Right now, it seems like ANYTHING is a trigger for Ryan because he has no intention of being clean. By calling out Maci, or Mackenzie, or Bentley, or a baby, or any other person as his “trigger,” he gets to place the blame for his using on someone other than himself and he gets to guilt people into treating him like a super special child who shouldn’t be upset or asked to do or feel anything too difficult bc it will lead to him using and it will be all their fault if he dies, or fails a drug test, or gets arrested again.

        And then the part about Mack selfishly conceiving. She didn’t put a baby in there by herself. We have no evidence that she lied about being on birth control to trick him into impregnating her—I’m thinking this was more a situation where both she and he thought that since they were married they didn’t need to worry about using birth control and it was totally fine and acceptable to have babies. They’re both to blame for getting pregnant right now. And they were both selfish for getting pregnant right now.

        1. Ok, sure they are absolutely BOTH to blame. However, we all know (and that idiot wife of Ryan’s knows) that Ryan is an active junkie!! So, just based on the fact that Mac is a sober human who is not actively addicted to any mind altering substance-she should be taking active measures to not bring yet another innocent baby into this train wreck. And the stress of another child, this one LIVING with Ryan with the nature of a newborn baby and their needs, will likely be more than he can handle. It’s undeniable and I doubt anyone else felt that post blamed a baby for that.

        2. Amy, O’m sorry if it sounded like I was blaming the baby. I did not mean fir it to sound that way. I am blaming Mack for getting pregnant when shen knows Ryan is still actively using and not ready for a baby. I don’t have children but I have seen enough to know that a new baby is stressful and we all know how Ryan treated Maci by going out drinking & leaving Maci at home. Ryan hasn’t changed and will do the same thing to Mack.

  15. Oh Amber, she can’t be bothered to go to the bathroom to get sick. Why do I feel like Andrew also empties her bed pan that has yet to make its appearance on an episode. I really want to know where she buys her mattresses from…obviously very durable to survive 24-7 usage. Maybe she’ll sleep through labor. 1 positive for Matt is Amber at least got out of bed and sat on the couch for 80% of the day.
    Seriously how is this girl this tired and lazy. She wants Gary to always be the bad cop. She doesn’t want to discipline Leah or tell Leah no. Just like he said if it’s my weekend, I would say no. Grow a pair and say no. It’s not Gary’s fault.

  16. Haha great recap Chelsea and The Ashley! Loved the Butch’s lyrics to Debz OG caption 🙂
    Omagersh am loving the addition of Krystal to the mix. Can’t really stand Amber’s trashy self, so this is great as a simpleton sidekick. I look forward to more of her antics and sea shanties lol.

      1. Indeed. It is no “Kail’s skull sleeve” but impressive nonetheless 🙂
        I love your posts. Please keep up the good work 🙂

  17. Why would you want to throw up in a bag in bed. I am a couple months pregnant and i need to be in the bathroom for that. Who knows what will happen.

    1. LMAO! I didn’t think of it that way, that is a very lazy thing to do….I’m sure if she put forth a little effort she could’ve at least briskly walked to the bathroom and made it to the toilet, but shes only ever motivated to just sit on some sort of cushion all day….

    2. I need the security of a clean tile floor and a spotless toilet to barf effectively.

      Amber is going to aspirate her own upchuck out of sheer refusal to roll over in her dog bed.

    3. All I could think of when I saw her doing that, is pretty much every time I unpack my groceries from those kind of bags, there’s almost always a hole in them! ?

  18. I just dont get Mackenzie… I mean, yeah obviously she is there for money and fame but at the same time, I dont think Ryan makes millions, and clearly NO ONE likes her! So why the heck? It just slips my mind….

    1. How much do the dads make? They’re not even in every episode. (Though Ryan has been lately). The moms are making $300,000+ per season, but I thought the dads made MUCH less.

      I’m also wondering if that’s partly why Tyler stays with catelyn—she’s the mom and she’s the one who makes the large paycheck. If he left her, she would be paying him alimony and child support probably, but it wouldn’t be the same as having access to ALL the money.

  19. Well, Amber sort of got her paycheck on tonight’s episode, when Leah chose to stay with a friend rather than her. I think Amber just hasn’t realized yet, that Leah is no longer a baby/toddler and more aware of and expressive about the overall situation. While Amber wants to integrate Leah into her life, following Amber’s schedule, Amber should instead integrate herself into Leah’s life, respecting Leah’s interests and needs.

    1. If Amber spent a lot of time with Leah, she would know how important sleepovers are at that age. Also Leah would be sleeping over only one night (assuming Saturday) so what is stopping Amber from picking her up from her friend’s Sunday morning and spending time. Oh and can’t she spend another evening during the week to make up for it? I guess she should have spent more time during the summer. Poor Leah.

      1. Not to mention Amber is he one who allowed Leah to go to a sleepover on her weekend. If she only gets two weekends a month, why would she do that? She could have easily said no or told Leah to ask her dad about another weekend or talked about alternate plans with Gary before agreeing. Oh that’s right, she doesn’t actually want Leah. She does, however, want to cry about it after the fact and make Gary look like the bad guy for refusing to clean up her f*ck up…again.

  20. I know Tyler can be smug and a bit self righteous, but I really do feel bad for him. He is surrounded by absolute chaos. I can’t imagine having a bunch of drug addicted people around me while trying to support my suicidal spouse. If I were him I would run!

    1. Tyler for sure has a TON on his plate this season….I do feel bad for him. This is the one and ONLY time I understand why he’s unemployed….taking care of a young child, 2 fully grown adults, trying to visit the 2 adults in different rehabs, and learn how to talk to them and be more “understanding”, on top of holding down the household while trying to maintain your sanity is a full time job in itself. I just hope that he can stay strong and keep it together, because that would drive anyone crazy.

    2. I felt badly for him after last night’s episode. When Cate said she is going back to rehab and he asked why she can’t try doing outpatient, you can see how deflated he was when she was giving her poor reasons. She didnt’give one legit excuse not to try outpatient. It was clear that he is on his own raising Nova. They will likely split once Cate gets stronger. I wonder if Cate knows it which is why she keeps running back to rehab to postpone the inevitable.

  21. Ambers cousin is a H-O-T mess, and you can tell she’s over acting for the camera to try n get a permanent spot on the show.

    As for Snakenzie….she was once again caught telling a bold face lie on national TV…Ryan was in no way “ecstatic” about this baby…when she started naming off the baby supplies they’ll need, you could see the pure horror in his drugged up eyes and you knew he was having mental images of a screaming baby and a bossy Mack truck telling him it’s been 524 hours 45 minutes 2 seconds and .08 milliseconds since he’s changed a diaper. Everyone in that situation knows it’s not the right time to bring a child into this world….even Mack, that’s why she told the producer in private by herself….but she’s such a selfish opportunist, she’s concentrating more on “securing the bag” than giving her kids a healthy future. I cannot stand her.

  22. Amber acting like she can relate to Krystal is just ?. Ummmm, Amber? You are the absent baby daddy in this situation! And that picture of Leah sitting there while Amber and NuMatt shop for the new baby is seriously sad. She gets Leah every other weekend and one Wednesday afternoon a week. She barely uses that time and when she does, she puts zero thought into doing something that her daughter would be interested in. She is a joke of a mother and it’s clear that Leah sees her as an aunt at this point. Kristina is the mom and Leah knows it.

    Ugh Mack and Ryan. They are gross and I feel very bad for that baby. This is not a happy occasion. A heroin addict, immature cheater is about to have a baby with an unhinged, immature, opportunistist. How wonderful…

    1. “I saw her 3 times over the summer, not 2! Quit making me sound like a bad mom!” Hello amber…meet reality. This girl is such a delusional mess I would almost say she’s as bad as Farrah. At least Leah has Gary and Kristina. Poor kid

    2. I still can’t get over Amber announcing she was having a boy at Leah’s birthday party. Poor kid can’t even have her birthday be just about her.

    3. Amber will leave for Cali asap the baby boy is born. Her foreshadowing …

      Andrew will dump her, get the kid and she will be off with some new guy by the time the baby is one. With Leah completely dumped. She’s exactly like a deadbeat Dad. Worthless.

    1. I am going to put bitcoin on when he trades the babby for pills and an xbox controller sooo about three days after the babby is home. Point spread is Mackenzie leaving the car keys out while she takes an exhausted nap to dream about riding a unicorn with sober Ryan wearing some sort of gladiator outfit 😉

  23. LOLOL, Amber (Tyler’s sister) and Krystal (Amber’s cousin) are really something. Where do they get all these baby daddies and has anyone heard of a condom on this show?! Anyone, anyone….Bueller?

    It’s not like the OG Amber is better. Too lazy to go throw up in the bathroom, I bet Andrew will change James’ diapers too. But it’s not like I can feel bad for him, seeing her on Marriage Boot Camp should have been a warning for him.

    I think Butch is really trying but sadly, he always fails. Hopefully not this time tho!

    On the other hand, Ryan is always failing. It’s obv he isn’t thrilled to have this kid but it secured them a paycheck so why not (esp if he is still on drugs which I’m almost positive he is). Btw, remember Mack’s “count to million and we will have a baby?” LOL, she wanted to sound smart like they will wait long but we all knew it won’t happen.
    If Maci is really serious about adoption, props to her but it will be hard. And no, don’t go to Cate&Tyler for advice.

  24. 1) SUCH a funny recap. 2) Anyone else wondering if they keep doing solo family segments (Krystal, Tyler’s sister, etc) because they’re thinking about the longevity of the show and potential family based spin offs? I know Farrah left time on the show to be filled, but it almost feels like how in sitcoms they do “back door pilots” (no pun intended with Farrah in the same sentence…) in episodes to see if interest in a spinoff could happen. The producers must know people are getting annoyed with certain cast members and that the idea of a show being called Teen Mom about girls in their mid-twenties is getting too ridic. I may be wrong but I almost feel like they’re figuring out which girl and her family that’d wanna keep to keep in the franchise upon Teen Mom not airing anymore. Thoughts?

  25. We don’t actually believe Ryan is sober or happy to have another baby, right? I get that he isn’t a guy prone to excitement or exuberant reactions, but damn, his reaction to this new baby was just sad. I actually felt sad for Mackenzie for a couple of minutes. But the. I remembered she chose to marry, procreate, and ride as a passenger in the car with Ryan. Clearly her life decisions aren’t great. In tonight’s episode, Ryan said he was going to leave Mack alone for her pregnancy because she was being cranky. She’s pregnant! I don’t love the girl, but seriously, that’s cold.

    This is super petty, but damn, Ryan has gotten fat this season!

    Ashley, fantastic review, as usual. You are seriously crushing it this year. Keep up the good work.

    1. Rhine gained all that weight from the nonstop drinking he’s been doing since he left the ‘hab. He has not been “sober” for a full minute. He makes awful choices, but I feel for him because he is so obviously miserable.

  26. Amber us really not a good mom. She doesn’t see leah enough, and then has the nerve to take her shopping for a baby that will be living with amber? That had to hurt that poor lil girl. Thank God for gary and his wife. They seem pretty decent.Sorry Amber. You’re a selfish narcissist, when it comes to raising your daughter… oh, big Mac and Smack-boy.. this pregnancy is sad.. for the baby. These 2 are lazy, unemployed victims. Sickening…Amber cousin, omg, I can hear the dueling banjos as I type this. A mess. Period.

    1. You hit lots of nails on the head! I don’t really know how they think digging thru a phone and posting IG updates on camera is going to be seen as better parenting vs acting like you are a good parent while MTV is around filming. I guess it would develop some sort of Pavlovian response in the children though (MTV=hugs) if they all didn’t sit around like there is a gas leak in the house lol.

  27. Great idea to have Cousin Krystal replace Farrah for the show. Her antics would be waaay more entertaining than Mackenzie McKee. If Jenelle ever gets the boot then Tyler’s sister should take that slot.

    1. Amen to Amber’s cousin Krystal and Tyler’s sister Amber! They seem ratched, but likeable. I can get down with that 🙂

  28. OK I’m really feeling bad for Nova, and Tyler. OMG again?? I wish she would have given out patient therapy a shot. Good lord seems like she is happier in rehab! Kinda selfish in my opinion. That poor little girl wants her mom home.

    1. I really felt bad for Nova and Tyler too! I wish she had tried out patient, you could see the disappointment on Tyler’s face ! And you’re right she would rather be in rehab then to be home with Nova and Tyler !

    2. I can’t with the “she’ll manage”. Cate actually had me agreeing with Tyler. She’s 3, sooooo she can’t manage anything and she will suffer. Make better choices, Cate.

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