‘Kendra On Top’ Split Update: Hank Baskett Responds to Kendra Wilkinson’s Divorce Filing

“Maybe now it can finally be ‘Hank on Top’ every once in a while?”

Kendra Wilkinson has been vocal about her split from her husband, Hank Baskett, documenting the days leading up to her filing for divorce (right down to showing the outfit she wore to her lawyer’s office…as you do!) However, Hank has remained totally silent on the split…until now.

E! News reports that Hank has formally responded to the divorce papers that Kendra filed on Friday. The Kendra On Top stars each cite “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split, and list January 1, 2018 as their date of separation.

In addition, Hank has asked for joint legal and physical custody of his kids with Kendra– eight-year-old Hank Jr. and three-year-old Alijah. Kendra has requested the same.

According to Us Weekly, spousal support “will be determined at a later time, per the papers.”

Although Kendra made sure to show her fans just how upset she is about the divorce (even sobbing on Instagram Live…again, as you do), a source for E! News said that we shouldn’t expect to see Hank bawling on social media any time soon.

“Hank is probably not going to say anything publicly unless he makes a statement through a lawyer; he’s just not that type of guy,” a source told the site, adding that Hank and Kendra “are both pretty upset about it; Kendra is just more publicly emotional.”

Hank has reportedly already moved out of the home he shared with Kendra and the kids.

If you’d like to rewatch Kendra’s social media sobfest, click the video below!

(Photo: WEtv)

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  1. Still not buying it until the divorce is finalized….Kendra is so weird. I use to love her on the girls next door, but as soon as she got her own show she got really desperate… Plus, this is just my opinion, she got super boring when her and Hank got married, and he seemed to have control over her while he was making that football money…as soon as he retired and she became the bread winner, she became bossy and pretty unlikeable. I can tell she does a lot of over acting to get her old popularity back, but it’s too much

  2. I haven’t kept up with them after his fling quite some time ago, can anyone tell me what went down with them lately? Thanks all!! XOXO

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