Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Kayla Jordan Is Pregnant With Her Third Child

“I’m joining the 3 kid club!”

A lot has changed for Kayla Jordan since she starred on the second season of 16 and Pregnant back in 2010!

Kayla, who is set to get married on April 28, announced on Tuesday that she is expecting her third child. Kayla posted a sonogram photo to her Instagram account to announce the pregnancy.

“Sweet little Odin Lute Jones! Come on July!” she wrote in the caption.

Sweet little Odin Lute Jones! Come on July! ?

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Odin will be Kayla’s third son. She has her eight-year-old son Rylan (who was born on “16 and Pregnant”) with her former fiance, J.R. Davis, as well as a two-and-a-half-year-old son, Bryce, with another former fiance, Zach Bedwell. (Kayla and Zach split before they got married, though.)

The father of the baby Kayla is currently pregnant with is her fiance Dakota Jones. The couple is still living in Kayla’s home state of Alabama.

When Odin is born, Kayla will join a large group of “16 and Pregnant” alum who currently have three children. To date, 18 of the 59 girls from the show have at least three children (or are currently pregnant with their third child). Only one girl– Season 3’s Jennifer Del Riohas four children.

UPDATE! Roundup readers have asked The Ashley to list the “16 and Pregnant” girls who currently have (or are pregnant with) a third child. They are Season 1’s Maci Bookout and Ebony Jackson; Season 2’s Jenelle EvansChelsea HouskaKail LowryLeah MesserKayla JordanLori Wickelhaus and Aubrey Wolters; Season 3’s Jordan WardDanielle Cunningham and Jamie McKay; and Season 4’s Mackenzie McKeeLindsey Harrison; Jordan HowardKristina Head and Sarah Roberts.

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  1. What kind of alternative reality is this show?
    MTV – Hey, here’s an idea, let’s make a show about the struggles of teenagers getting pregnant, we’ll call it 16 and Pregnant!

    – Ooh! Good idea, let’s make this happen!

    MTV – Wow, that was a great success, let’s find some more school kids who are knocked up and make another series!

    – OK! Bring it on!

    MTV – This is so awesome, let’s make another and revisit the first girls and see how they’re getting on, we can call that teen mom!

    – Yep, good idea, that will really show the reality and struggles of teen parenting.

    MTV – Let’s make more 16 and pregnant shows and Teen mom 2 & 3!

    – Hmmm, not sure, tbh. I mean, if the show is supposed to to be helping prevent teen pregnancies, surely there would be a less 16 year olds getting pregnant?
    I’m all for the Teen Mom shows though..

    MTV – Nah, trust me on this, it’ll be great!

    – Erm, well, um, how can I put this? How many seasons have we done? Hmm? How many girls have had a second child?

    MTV – some have 3

    – Wait, what?! Wasn’t this supposed to be preventing teen pregnancies?

    MTV – Well, most only have one baby per baby daddy, so, um…

    – So 3 baby daddy’s? And they’re married now, right?

    MTV – A few did get engaged and some married, but they’re divorced now.

    – SMH… I thought these shows were going to be a good way to help prevent teen pregnancies. Well, I suppose if they have their hands full of diapers and formula they won’t have the time or money to get involved with drugs.

    MTV – Ah, funny you should mention that….

  2. Does she at least have a career or does she just get guys to pop the question and then pop out those babies?

  3. I honestly liked her first baby’s daddy and don’t know why she seemed kind of determined to not make it work. Can we get an update on him?

    I had some hope for her. She seemed to have come from a good family and had a good upbringing, so I don’t know why she’s doing this trashy three babies by three daddies thing. I remember her being worried that people would think she was trashy for being pregnant on her episode!

  4. Total Moms- 59
    Moms with four kids: 1- 0.02%
    Moms with three kids: 16- 27%
    Moms with two kids: 28- 47%
    Moms with one kid: 14- 24%

    Total Babies by Season- 122 total
    1- 13 (6 moms); 9 years old
    2A- 23 (10 moms); 8 years old
    2B- 18 (9 moms); 8 years old
    3- 23 (10 moms); 7 years old
    4- 27 (12 moms); 6 years old
    5- 18 (12 moms); 4 years old

  5. I can’t imagine 3×3 and how custody and parenting plans would work. I have two stepchildren and just trying to figure out the holidays with all families is exhausting.

    I know a girl who has 6×4 (possibly 5). Let that sink it. I’m not sure how involved the fathers are in the kids lives though. I know #3 convinced her to get pregnant after less than a month of dating and it turned out he was married or something. It boggles my mind.

  6. good god. use birth control. and how about youre actually married before popping out another illegitimate kid.

  7. Clearly she failed to visit “” or whatever it is that they say multiple times during an episode.

  8. I just randomly stumbled upon this girl’s Instagram when I fell into one of those search holes. The first time her 3rd baby daddy made an appearance was August of 2017. So I’m guessing she got pregnant not too long after they started dating. What could go wrong?

    1. I looked up Odin out of curiosity, and it weirdly comes from the same ancient word that gave us ‘Wednesday.’ I don’t know, I guess that’s kind of cool, but… it’s a hard name to like!

    2. Odin Borson was the former King of Asgard, protector of the Nine Realms, father of Hela and Thor, the adoptive father of Loki, and husband of Frigga. …Am I the only one who loves this name.

  9. So third time’s the charm? Will she actually get married to this guy? And I checked her age, she is around 25 which is aligned with Kail and Jenelle! So……another 16&pregnant ‘star’ having three kids by three baby daddies…….good luck with those custody cases, you’re gonna need it!

    (But seriously, do those girls even think before they have a baby with someone new?!)

  10. At least she isn’t going with “Odyn Luyte”… I don’t even know, or care, it’s grasping at straws with these thirsty hoes.

  11. God,,, why?!!
    Multiple children with multiple men. I don’t understand that. Makes me kind of sad…
    Then again, not my life, not my problem.

  12. This is the third engagement and third baby daddy by the age of 25. Sorry, but that’s trash as all hell. I feel like shes just making trap babies at this point.

    1. She’s basically Jenelle. Jenelle was engaged to Gary, Nathan, and lurch. ( I don’t think she was ever engaged to courtland…just married)

      1. See, I remember her coming from a really tradition and family oriented household. Like, her parents seemed like they were probably stand up members of their community. I didn’t expect Kayla to go this route at all. I knew about the second engagement and baby, but that’s not out of the realm of average for teen moms. Three by three is a bit excessive. Especially when you were from an extremely privileged background complete with horses and beauty pageants, and know damn well how to prevent a pregnancy. Again, I think she’s just making trap babies at this point.

        1. I agree with you about her family. I liked her on her original 16&P episode; she seemed like a girl who realized she screwed up but was really trying to make the best of things. Her boyfriend (J.R.), her parents and J.R.’s parents were all very supportive and they all wanted to help out with the baby and make sure that she got to finish school.

          There was a catch up special with her when Rylan was about a year old, I think, and she said that her parents had gotten a divorce, it was totally out of the blue, and it seemed like it had really messed with her head. She said she split with J.R. because she felt like he was tying her down and she wanted to be a normal teenager. On the show, she went to prom with a boy who was younger than her, she was hanging out with girls younger than her, etc. They showed her taking Rylan over to visit J.R. and he was trying to talk to her about working things out, asking her what she needed from him to be happy, and she just basically dismissed him and left in a huff. I understand not wanting to be with someone just because of a child and maybe not wanting to miss out on your teenage rites of passage like prom, but as a whole, the special made her look like a totally immature, selfish brat.

          All of that said, she does appear to be a good mother. I creeped on her IG and last year on Mother’s Day, she wrote a nice tribute to Rylan’s stepmom and said how much she loved that he had her in his life. She said that she, J.R. and his wife all have a good relationship and co-parent well together.

          1. True, I never thought she was a bad mom. I’ve seen her insta a few times over the years and her boys are always happy, clean, and cared for, so we can’t lump her with Jenelle. I felt awful for JR because he loved her and wanted to do the right thing by her and his son, so I was a bit miffed when she called the engagement off when most teen moms would kill for a partner like JR. But I do think she’s just making trap babies. There’s really no excuse for having three unplanned pregnancies by multiple men.

  13. 3 kids with 3 guys… Sounds like the hulk! Ha! And “Odin” ? Really? Reminds me of Odie from Garfield! 😉

  14. (Note: Judgey comment alert)
    She’s joining the exclusive Janelle and Kail club of three kids with three baby daddies – what an accomplishment. I often wonder if the majority of the country is this way and I live in a bubble or if these girls are above average hot messes. And as usual, SMH for the poor kids involved.

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