EXCLUSIVE! WEtv is Begging ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans to Appear With Husband on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

“I can’t leave! I’m rakin’ here!”

MTV may not want David Eason anymore, but that’s not stopping another TV network from trying to get the former Teen Mom 2 star (and his wife Jenelle Evans) to appear on one of its shows!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that WEtv has been trying to get Jenelle and David to sign on for the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. The negotiations have been going on for the last month or so. Shockingly, though, David and Jenelle have been turning the opportunity down!

“WE has been hardcore negotiating with them for the last few weeks, but Jenelle and David have already turned down three offers,” a source for the network tells The Ashley. “They keep saying no but WE keeps offering them more money.”

The source added that the network really wants Jenelle and David, because they know that any show that includes them is almost guaranteed to have major drama.

“The network is really pushing the casting directors to get them,” the source added.

WEtv has reportedly offered Jenelle and David more money each time they came back with a new proposal.

“They keep saying ‘no’ though,” the WEtv source tells The Ashley.

This would be for a regular season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ (like Jenelle’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin did). It would not be for the show’s “Family Edition” (which is currently airing.) Back in 2016, Jenelle had been planning to do that version of the show with David and her mother, Barbara Evansbut Barb backed out.

“They are going to start shooting the next season in about two weeks,” the WEtv source added. “Jenelle and David would be gone for about 10 days, give or take, if they signed on.”

One of The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ sources tell her that the girls are going to be on hiatus from filming for a bit, so if Jenelle wanted to go to Los Angeles to film ‘Boot Camp,’ she could.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. I would love to see them on Marriage Boot Camp. David will BLOW UP and probably end up in jail for hurting someone. Personally I think that show is ridiculous and most of the people who go on it are losers who are hanging on to their 15 minutes of fame by a thread. But I would thoroughly enjoy watching David participate in the so-called drills.

  2. How are the going to film around him? He never leaves her alone. Just Jenelle ignoring Kaiser and talking to the producer because she has no friends? This is going to be bad, the live in MTV but I don’t think David is smart enough to get what he is doing.

    1. Or maybe MTV threatened to fire her if she breeches her contract?! Lol! That’s what she gets for supporting an abusive gun toting homophobic!

  3. 10 years and the only changes are negative and pathetic . The worse things get; the worse they get.

    Hopeless, enablers, druggies, parenting skills non- extistent, egotists, losers, train wrecks. ALL OF THEM.

    It’s a spiral downturn at the end of tfs spin.

    1. Exactly and the camera never turns off. This isn’t mtv who protect these two abusers. They will reveal everything. Every scary look. Every sign of abuse

  4. Bring this mess on. I’m down. These people aren’t real to me. They’re characters that play on a crappy TV show. I Don’t give a hoot about them, their kids, or their families. Its like hollywood actors, musician’s & athletes. I don’t care about them, I’m just watching for the drama. If they over dose or get busted, I don’t care. It makes no difference in my life. I’m amazed to see so many that pretend to care, & are so outraged by these morons.

  5. They say no cuz they want to (in their delusional minds) keep up the facade that their life is perfectly wonderful and all rainbows and butterflies. But I’d love to see it!

  6. They’ll never do it. They won’t break their stupid fake facade of being a happy and stable little familya. If they do give in it will be for the $$ but they won’t be real or tell any truth. It’ll all be lies and fakeness. The only issues they’d talk about would be their “haters” and Barb “keeping Jace from us. Idk anything about MBC but nothing makes me crazier than when people are obviously lying and the professionals on whatever show it is go along with it. Like Dr. Drew. If MBC would actually call them out – great – but otherwise I couldn’t watch. There are more red flags than you can count and it would make my blood boil to watch a show just let them present their fake story.

  7. Well Jenelle, it might be a good middle point to bridge the gap between your Teen Mom days and your future inevitable episode of Dateline.

  8. She’s holding out because her and her <1% African husband (according to Jenelle, David did an ancestry.com type thing, and can’t be racist because he’s “black”) want to continue the façade that they’re this healthy and happy couple….but nobody’s buying it…and never will.

  9. As if Lurch would allow anyone into their relationship or admit that it’s a heaping pile of moocher shit.

  10. Ah yes. I see they are being offered the Heidi and Spencer Reality Tv package! Good choice! Your show ends, so you start making the rounds on the other garbage channels. Maybe sell a wacky story to the tabs every 3 years. Keep bringing up the past. Maybe Spencer can get David in on his crystal business!

  11. This would never fly. David’s ego ‘s far too delicate to withstand any scrutiny or criticism. Like so many bullies, he talks tough, but is an insecure, hypersensitive little snowflake.

  12. Great. More big TV network $$$ being thrown at these two. Clearly, for more knife, delusional wife, and bad parenting drugged up drama. (Cue big eye roll right about here.)

    Wish those poor kids had a show they could appear on – to tell us all what really happens on THE LAND.

    Along with any help that could be offered to them to possibly get them OFF OF IT…of course.

  13. The beginning of the end, ladies and gents. Enjoy the crazy ride that will be their divorce, I will have my popcorn ready.

  14. Way to go rewarding bad and abusive behaviour ????.

    Just shows how fucked up Tv companies really are.

    Racial slurs, child/Animal abuse, drugs.
    Those two morons shouldn’t be given the time of day.

    1. The entire world: “So, Jenelle, what was going through your head when your husband was fired from MTV for using homophobic slurs? That made it into so many different news sources, what were you feeling?

      David: “Homophobic rant? What homophobic rant? That never happened.”

      The entire world: “Never happened? David, there are screen shots, articles, a statement issued by your wife, and your terminated contract with MTV, what do you mean it never happened?”

      David: “Never happened.”

  15. I wonder if she would get pregnant by a Sasquatch lighting man 2 months after the show ended also. It would still be a huge leap over this ballon hating, homophobic racist Lurch.

  16. I would pay to see that train wreck of a couple on that show. I would hope WE would only book gay, lesbian, and minority couples on the show with them. They should fill there bed room with balloons also because the only thing David hates more then minority’s is balloons. For a couples challenge they should have them rake dirt and lay sod down. I am pretty sure David has bodies buried under the sod on the “LAND”. This is a little off topic, but did anyone see Jenelle posted a picture on twitter of David’s Ancestry.com results and he has 1% North African blood in him. The funniest part about that though is she wrote on the caption that “since he has African blood he cannot be a racist. “. I am waiting for the next caption saying “he cannot be homophobic because he blows guys”. Please WE TV make this happen. Take away some money from Mama June from “Not to Still Not Hot” budget to make this happen. As much as I like watching a 36yr old grandmother get her stomach stapled and date men with less teeth then Sugar Bear the drama is not even close to this jobless, drug addicted, racist, homophobic, balloon hating couple. Please WE make this happen.

  17. Yes, because inciting a hateful brawl and supply junkies with more drug money is a fantastic thing to do. Ugh. WeTV is trash if memory serves correctly, I haven’t had cable in awhile though.

  18. Whenever these two idiots are referred to as “Husband and wife” it just cheapens the whole institution for me.

  19. Idk if they will do that show. I just know if they do they will be fake. I can see the police being called or they will be asked to leave. I can’t see Jenelle and David passing up the opportunity to go to California for free. I can only imagine all the smoking that will be going on. Puff,puff,pass.?‍♀️

  20. I’m shocked that they film the whole season of marriage boot camp in ten days! How much growth and development can anyone do in the short period of time? And if filming only takes ten days, then why does it take them a year or more to get the show out?

  21. Just wait a few months after Teen Mom 2 ends, WEtv. They will need the money when they don’t have the MTV paychecks.

    1. Agree 100%! They are too ignorant and near-sighted to see that they are only going to be infamous for about 12 minutes after TM2 is cancelled and once the Man starts threatening to foreclose on “The Land” Lurch is going to terrorize Jenelle every second of everyday to find another hustle. I honestly can not think of any other show on television that will want anything to do with them, so I think it’s a given that they will eventually accept the offer. {sidenote} David looks like a super-douche version of the Green acres guy in this photo.

    1. Wouldn’t be a problem. Angela just went and got a Xanax from Brandy on camera the other night. No one would’ve known Brandy had a bottle with her til then. And Tara Reid stayed fucked up, as is Amber’s mom. Her pills were late and she was dopesick one day but Jenelle could stock up and make it thru.

  22. I didn’t even read the comments before posting this time. They would be stupid not to do it. Number one, their marriage/family cold benefit from this and two, they have 5 kids between them that need college funds. The parent in me (and responsible adult) would see this as a good opportunity. I’m in no way a Janelle fan but come on, this is an offer she shouldn’t pass up!!

    1. Like “American Gothic: White Trash Edition”? (At least that was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this picture.)

  23. If WEtv wants to keep this show going they have got to edit and air it quicker. Amber’s baby with one of the members of production (Hi NewMatt!) will be here in real life before the season even concludes.

    1. My thoughts gets exactly. They’re way too obsessed with portraying themselves as the perfect, happy couple.

    2. And aren’t the contestants all living in the same house? That would make getting high so much more inconvenient for them.

    3. Can’t wait for Judge Toler to get a hold of David.
      But my Lord I hope we don’t have to watch puppets of them having sex.

  24. I actually don’t seem them bringing the drama between each other. They might get into it with other couples but I think they’d be super guarded about their relationship and issues. Those two will defend their bad behavior. They are severely codependent.

  25. I would love to see a psychotherapist analyze David. He will be fighting with everyone. I hope they have a same sex couple and see how David interacts face to face instead of behind instagram.

    1. I wouldn’t inflict David on ansame sex couple though. That’s just cruel. It would be interesting, but I don’t think it’d be fair to the same sex couple to have to deal with a homophobic hater while they’re working on their own marriage.

  26. David is a coward thats why they wont do it. Because they will call him out on all his horrible behavior. What a bitch. Jenelle would probably do it but we all know she doesnt have a mind of her own. David says jump she jumps. The two of them make me sick. I would watch though, just like ive been watching amber and matt crash and burn. Its just funny to me that ambers new baby daddy met her on that show. He saw her and was like yup, im gonna impregnate that. Wow just wow

    1. Maybe that’s what lurch is afraid of. Lol. He’s worried that Jenelle will finding her next soul mate and baby daddy on marriage boot camp, a la Amber. We know from watching teen mom 2, that they rarely go anywhere or do anything or interact with anyone besides each other and their gaggle or kids. Jenelle shines about having no friends. David doesn’t even want her to see barb. They had no one to really invite to their wedding besides David’s family and the mtv film crew. I think David is insanely jealous and can’t stand the idea of Jenelle talking to or being around anyone that isn’t him. He gets so weird and antsy at the reunions, slashing balloons and calling Dr. Drew derogatory slurs; and demanding they leave ASAP. I always thought that was just because he didn’t like Jenelle being questioned on camera without him sitting right next to her to intervene whenever he feels like he needs to, but maybe it’s because he doesn’t like her being around the other dads, the larger crew, the audience, and all of the exes of the other girls.

      1. More to add: he doesn’t even like it when they stay in hotels. He always has Jenelle demand a vacation rental home! I think it’s seriously because he doesn’t want her to be in a hotel where she could meet bell hops, room service waiters, guys in the elevator, guys in the ice room, or other guests. We all knew that he liked to keep her isolated from the other girls and her mom and that they probably needed their own house instead of a hotel room bc they do drugs and fight, but maybe it’s also bc he doesn’t want her to have any chance of meeting another guy.

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