‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Defends Her Third Trip to Rehab: “I Wasn’t Running Away From My Problems”

“Damn those Internets!”

On this week’s Teen Mom OG season finale, Catelynn Lowell informed her husband, Tyler Baltierra, that she intended to return to the Arizona treatment center she had just left in order to continue her treatment for her mental health issues. After the episode aired, Catelynn defended her actions to nay-sayers, telling fans it was necessary for her to go back to treatment.

While Catelynn has discussed the reasons she made the decision to go back to treatment, viewers still voiced their opinions about Catelynn leaving her family (and young daughter Nova) again to go back to Arizona.

“I feel like she’s just lazy she doesn’t want to take care of her wife/mom duties,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I love Catelynn but I feel for Tyler,” another person tweeted. “She didn’t even consider Outpatient therapy just wanted to be gone from the house.”

After the episode aired, Cate took to Twitter to tell her side of the story.

“All you ignorant people are the reason why mental health still has this huge stigma around it! #GetEducated #KeepTalkingMH you have NO clue unless you have been through it yourself. Some of you people disgust me,” Catelynn wrote, before explaining that some things that went down during that time period were not shown on ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“I wasn’t running away from my problems I was FIXING them!” she tweeted. “Working HARD & getting on the right medication. I wouldn’t wish this crap on my worst enemy! But I guess I’ll have haters no matter what! Just glad I got myself better and if ppl r mad then be mad I guess.

“Wasn’t refusing [to do outpatient treatment]. [I] KNEW that I needed more than what I was getting,” she added. “I was doing outpatient counseling etc. #youonlyknowhalfofit”

During an appearance on Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast, Catelynn stated that her mental health has improved since returning from her third rehab trip.

“I feel way better,” Cate said on the podcast. “I did a whole med switch and genetic testing. I found out that the medication I was on for five years doesn’t even work for me. They put me on different medications and they seem to be working really well. It all stems from the trauma of my past so I’m going to have to keep digging into that.”

Catelynn and Tyler also discussed their desire to appear in a ‘Teen Mom’ special focused on mental health issues.

“‘Teen Mom’ has had a lot of mental health [issues] that have been covered on a lot of the stories,” Tyler said on the podcast.

Catelynn and Tyler recently taped an episode of The Dr. Oz Show in which they will discuss their mental health struggles. That is set to air later this month.

Watch the ‘Teen Mom OG’ clip in which Catelynn explains to Tyler why she needs to return to rehab.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. I’ve had mental health issues, I had a mother that hated me thru my whole childhood. She blamed me for being molested at 9. I still feel like Caitlyn is milking this whole thing while she leaves Tyler to raise their child. She shouldn’t even be thinking of having another one until she can participate in the the life of the one she has.
    After all she gets all kinds of attention when she has to run back to rehab, until she dropped that bomb Nova was getting the attention. Nice going Cait! Get over it already!,

  2. I’m with Cate on this. Hear me out: my husband is a therapist and an executive with a behavioral health non-profit, so I’ve learned a lot through him. I also had a very traumatic childhood and still struggle with depression.
    So here are my two cents. Cate is the best person to decide what she needs for her own mental health. No one else. In my experience, true breakthroughs take a lot of time and a lot of therapy. If Arizona rehab is where Cate feels safe and supported, then that’s where she needs to be. And it’s not an either/or with outpatient versus in. Ideally you do both.
    As for leaving her young daughter, yes, that sucks. For all of them. But it’s long-term gains versus short-time heartache. Cate is a severely depressed woman who, on occasion, feels suicidal. She is doing what she needs to do to try and stay alive. That might be hard for Nova for right now, but, given the choice between suicide or multiple trips to rehab, I guarantee Nova and everyone else in Cate’s life would choose to have her alive. Why is it that Jeremy didn’t get bagged on for being away from Addie when he traveled for work, but Cate gets slammed for taking care of her mental health?
    As far as her playing the “trauma card,” that stuff is pervasive. And it comes up again and again and again, and you have to deal with it fresh nearly every time. I think it gets better, but trauma never really goes away. And no one gets to decide for anyone else what is and is not trauma. Yes, Tyler had it rough, too, but it may not impact him the way it does Cate.
    I cannot imagine having suicide-level depression and trying to go through the media onslaught Cate is dealing with. My thoughts are with her and her family, and I have confidence she will eventually get to a place where she can be a more present parent.

  3. I think I am in the minority here because I have so much sympathy for Cate. She grew up in a very abusive household and sadly for some people depending what age they were when the trauma happened and just their own make up it isn’t so easy to get over it. I do really hold MTV in part responsible. Someone should have intervened on her and her young brothers behalf. While April does seem to be doing a lot better now she also doesn’t seem to fully grasp the emotional and psychological abuse she heaped on her children. I think Cate worries about becoming/ being like her mom which is why she stays away. Unfortunately so many of the teen mom grew up in obviously very abusive homes (Farrah, Janelle to name two) and you can see that they are continuing the cycle in their adult lives.

    1. Cate is so afraid of turning out like her mom so she leaves her daughter with her mom? Sorry, not buying that.

  4. I’m coming late to the party, only just watched the episode, but did anyone see how Catelynn managed to twist and manipulate the situation of her going back to rehab? She twisted it to get that reassurance from Tyler that he wouldn’t leave her, making him probably feel guilty if he ever did want to leave her. It’s definitely a one sided support system in that marriage!

    She continually talks about this childhood trauma and fair enough, but what about the trauma she’s putting Nova through? Constantly picking up and leaving for treatment on the other side of the country. Oh and how April was such an absusive, alcoholic mother, yet hey-ho, leaves Nova with her.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m being harsh, but I’m over the whole Catelynn Pity Party.

    1. It’s like aan abuser using the fact that they were abused as a kid to abuse their own kid. When does the cycle stop?

  5. If April was to blame for part of Catelyn problems, how has she changed?
    I’m talking about Catelyn letting Nova stay there for long periods of time and not worry about how it effects Nova?
    Was it a strictly a drug problem?

    1. I think it might have been a drug/alcohol problem for the most part. April didn’t seem to take care of herself, let alone her kids at all in 16&P an in the early days of TMOG. I don’t doubt she’s a decent person now, because it seems like she’s been clean for a while, but I think her issue was neglecting her children to go out and drink/do drugs or that she was too drunk/high to properly care for them. Honestly, I’m not sure she actually understands how badly she has messed up her kids. Not just the abuse side, but the lack of parenting as well, because Cate has no idea how to handle a single thing in life. Like, I don’t doubt that Cate needs to be medicated and seeing psychiatrists, but she keeps jetting off to what are essentially spa resorts in the desert for long periods of time, even leaving early, not following up with aftercare, or being responsible in any way for her home or daughter. Cate has no idea how to be an adult or parent, and doesn’t think she needs to work on her mental heath outside of the facility. Personally, I’m extremely tired of the trauma card she keeps pulling and using to guilt Tyler, who btw, had an equally shitty childhood, Butch as a father, was raped when he was around 9 years old, and supposedly attempted suicide by the age of 12. I think Cate is very childish and not to sound rude, but very unintelligent. She plays the blame game all the time, and at this point, pointing fingers won’t help her. She needs to take her treatment seriously and work on herself instead. She is making the stigma surrounding mental illness worse, and that is being said by people who struggle with their mental health, but have to live life without MTV money, hold a job, pay bills, take care of their kids, regardless. I have virtually no sympathy left for her, and I know I’m not alone in that.

  6. Well thank goodness she gets a six figure paycheck from MTV because having to work a full time job AND suffer with trauma from childhood would blow Catelyns mind. I think her mental illness stems from knowing that Tyler doesnt want to be with her and when MTV cancels the show Tyler will divorce her. MTV will pull the plug on the show anyday now. Thats why she is punishing Tyler will this drama and doesnt feel bad at all for dumping this on him. I wouldnt blame Tyler if he left her. Nobody wants to be an emotional slave. Catelyns the type that would threaten self harm if tyler leaves her.

    1. This is exactly how i feel, this show is coming to an end pretty soon i think. She knows tyler is out when it does end. So she is manipulating him and pulling a guilt trip just to make her feel secure while she was away. Shes very insecure. This is probably the last paid rehab vacay she will be getting. I see right threw caitlin at this point

  7. I applaud most of the Ashley commenters for seeing through Caitlynns BS…on another not an I the only one who hates when she called Tyler “Ty”

  8. Many have suggested she do SOMETHING< be it . a job, taking classes, or VOLUNTEERING, in order to have a reason to get out of bed in the morning and take a bath and head out the door, like 99.999% of us do. But from the start, that's been a no go, remember when they were supposedly taking college classes for . few weeks, a lla Leah, only to announce that oh, they had decided they would be "counselors" and their classes "wouldn't count towards that degree" as if the first year college courses were degree-centric: they are not, they are core courses required prior to any declaration of a major.

    All their talk of "making Carly proud of her parents!" is just another pathetic joke. Cate seems able to rally for reunion shows, and vacations, and increasingly resort-like and longer "rehabs," anything but real life, real work, real responsibilities. And seriously, I can see longer in-house rehab for drugs, in an effort to keep people sober….but just for "depression"? This approach keeps failing, time to try something else, and for me, that would start with HER being expected to do something other than moan and groan about her "trauma" while ignoring what she is doing to her daughter with her own selfish decisions, including getting pregnant again before what else..putting any "work" into trying for a healthy and successful pregnancy by losing weight and stopping smoking,be it pot or tobacco.

  9. I am so over her and her trauma??? Does she ever talk about ANYTHING else? Its getting ridiculous. Stop trying to convince the world how terrible ur childhood and the “trauma you expierenced was. Please stop. Are u thankful for anything? Cut the trauma out of your life u idiot!maybe that would help. I dont know if i can watch her segments anymore

    1. On your same subject.. when we first starting watching cate her mother ( April) was the absolute worst.. April seems to have come a LONG way, totally different person and mother, all for the better, what Cate is doing with carrying this monkey on her back and constantly yapping about the past is a real slap in her mother’s face! You can’t go back, it’s like cate simply doesn’t want to move on.

  10. There are many middle ground
    Options when seeking help for depression and anxiety. Having to fix your prescriptions doesn’t require you leaving for weeks at a time. I just wish she would give those options a chance for her family and herself rather than leaving Tyler and nova for so long. Tyler truly is a kind guy and I wish them much needed peace

    1. I will say this not a fan of her but if you are on a group of medications dealing with depression, borderline personality and many others they recommend you go in patient to change them and monitor them. they want to stay safe. If your severely depressed have had thoughts of suicide they are not going to just change you meds and leave you be they will admit you. Then again no one being treated for any of those issues is just left on the medication with no results. You are subjected to blood tests to check you level. if she was on them for 5 years with no help she never went into get checked. Unless her dr is a quack he wouldn’t prescribe non stop medication for 5 years you are required to be seen by that dr every few months. So she is either lying and self medicated with pot booze etc or she has some hell of a dr that would prescribe 5 years straight without seeing her or doing level checks.

  11. I can see this from both sides. Caitlyn probably feels like this is the first time in her life that’s shes ever been allowed to actually focus seriously on treating her mental health issues, and whenever she makes the decision to do what feels right to her (like go back to rehab), she feels empowered, like she’s doing the right thing for her for once, instead of defering to what everyone else wants her to do (like adoption, or having more kids). And I can understand her feeling like she either spend 6 weeks in rehab really intensely fixing the problem or she can spend years slowly going through outpatient treatment. She probably feels like she gets the biggest bang for her buck and her time when she goes away and can completely focus on herself. I also think it’s kind of weird to criticize her for choosing a nice and expensive rehab—if she can afford it, or someone else is paying for it, than why wouldn’t she want to go to the best place? Though I wonder why they didn’t address her meds the first two times she went. Maybe this place isn’t actually helping her that much.

    On the other hand, it looked like she spent very little time at home before deciding to go back. She didn’t give herself enough time to readjust to being at home, and getting comfortable with outpatient treatment, getting to know the new counselor she’d be working with. I feel like she became easily overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities facing her once she was home, but rather than talk to Tyler about how they could make it easier for her, she just decided she was going to leave.

    She must be coming out of these rehab stays with a lot of anxiety. She sees the rehab as step one in a long road to getting better. Whereas Tyler and everyone else is seeing rehab as something that’s going to fix her, so that she will come back refreshed and better and able to take on all of the responsibilities that Tyler needs a break from. He expects to finally be able to get a rest from all the stuff he’s been doing for both of them, but she is expecting a lot of support and help. I think they should hire someone to help with the business. Maybe get a cleaning service. Maybe a nanny, instead of relying on April or themselves all of the time. Just until Caitlyn is read to take on full responsibility herself. I can understand that it would be overwhelming to go from rehab where your one job, and everyone else’s job, is to take care of you, to coming home and being expected to take care of many different things and people immediately.

    And about getting a job. I don’t think she needs to get a job, but I do think she needs some kind of reason to leave the house. Even if that reason is just therapy twice a week at first. The sort of job that either of them would qualify for would be some kind of minimum wage job that makes you feel like you’re being used and abused by the system. At a food place you stand on your feet all day, smell like grease, and get treated poorly by customers. At some kind of factory, it’s the same thing only you smell like whatever it is you’re making and you’re bored and treated poorly by the company executives. I don’t think any kind of minimum wage job is going to do a lot to make either of them feel useful. It wouldn’t be fufilling and the small amount of money would not seem worth the huge amount of physical and emotional effort they would put into the job. Many of us who don’t have mental health problems feels used and abused by our jobs and going to work is something we hate doing. They have enough money from the show, plus their business, and they own multiple properties. I don’t think they need jobs. I do think Caitlyn could benefit from a hobby, school, volunteering, etc—something that gives her a reason to wake up every day, shower, dress, and leave the house. Because while depression and anxiety can’t be cured by just doing stuff, there is something to be said for the energy and momentum one gets from leaving the house.

    1. Before she ever went to rehab April had Nova 3-4. Nights a week. April has been taking care of Nova since she was born.

      1. Nobody is shaming cate because of her mental illness. The problem that I have is that she should have been serious about getting help before she had Nova. I know mental illnesses can strike or get worse at any time, but she was skipping sessions during outpatient yrs ago. She should have sought help earlier.

        1. I completely agree with that. I think she had lots to work on before getting pregnant again. The childhood trauma, the depression and anxiety, and the adoption. But I think she also suffered from post-partum depression which made everything so much worse after nova was born, and that is what probably spurred her into getting more involved and longer treatment. Maybe before the postpartum, she knew she had issues but she didn’t feel like they were that bad, and it was only when combined with postpartum that she began to really be crippled by her issues. So I can see why she’s doing the more intense treatment now instead of earlier. But I also wonder if she had dealt with all of the stuff she had before nova was born then maybe the postpartum would not have been so bad and lasted so long and been so severe. It didn’t seem like they were in a great place when they got pregnant with nova. There was stuff that she could’ve dealt with first.

  12. Co-dependency is not the basis of a healthy relationship: let’s keep in mind, as I recall, Tyler told Cate at the git-go if she kept Carly, he was out of there. It’s too bad she didn’t go through with the adoption AND dump Tyler, they would both be better off. They became each other’s enablers..and anchors. Anyone else remember when Tyler was at least talking about furthering his education, and Cate bein gall “Oh no, he will meet pretty and skinny girls if he does that!”? They somehow have this “childhood sweethearts” facade going, and yet they are truly toxic for one another and always will be. Cate’s “role” is her “I can’t help myself due to my mental illness and childhood trauma,” while Tyler’s is “I’m the long-suffering hero, stuck here trying to save Cate from herself.” Not healthy for anyone, else that cute little girl who is likely heading to some serious abandonment issues. They also, let’ s note, been rushing to “counseling” at the drop of any hat from the very beginning…..and yet…here they are what, almost ten years alter?

    Random question, how the hell DID April and Butch end up married to one another?

    1. BTW, I mean “anchor” not in the sense of solid foundation, but in the sense of each dragging the other down.

    2. I believe April and Butch met through Cate and Tyler. The kids had started dating first and then their parents made them step-siblings. As you do.

  13. Exactly. Can you imagine being across the country at a spa resort and not be with your baby girl on Christmas morning? She could have been home if she received treatment close to home. And poor Nova will probably always be afraid to get close to Catekynn because she leaves her all the time. It broke my heart when Nova said “thank you for coming home” and then Catelynn didn’t even pick up her and give her a big hug and kiss. No child she have to say that when the mother had a choice of where to go for treatment. Hell, Catelynn acted more sad leaving the dogs. I wonder how she would have been if she had kept Carly. I bet it would have been a 1000x worse. Thank God for Brandon & Teresa. Speaking of them, I wonder what they really think of Catelynn now.

    1. I think this is something that people sometimes don’t get. Many of these places don’t let you just leave whenever you want. You have to stay there the whole time, unless you get some kind of day-pass and then they’ll allow your family to come pick you up for the day. That’s the basis of inpatient treatment vs outpatient. You’re not allowed to leave and go home whenever you want when you’re inpatient. So while going to s treatment facility that was closer to home would have made it easier for her family to visit her, it wouldn’t have meant that she could just leave to visit them whenever she wanted.

      1. yet she left early when she wanted to attend the reunion? she came and went as she saw fit. she also refused to go to groups and such the first time . she was suggested out patient treatment which they do not do if your not ready and she refused to even try it instead leaving tyler and nova sick of the excuses

    2. “thank you for coming home” was heartbreaking. Catelynn appeared to act like it was cute (although she may have been covering up her true feelings). While i understand that she is going through a lot, I think because she has no focus, it is making it all worse. Cate needs to stop making excuses of what will make her feel better (horse, another baby, rehab) and commit to getting the proper help and purpose for her life. A job or volunteer work will help. Focusing on Nova will help. I don’t understand how all the moms out there with similar struggles and don’t have the luxury of dropping everything and running to a rehab in the sun cope if this is the recipe that Cate says will make her feel better. She needs to understand that her family depends on her focusing on coping in the real world and that may require outpatient vs inpatient

  14. Isn’t she accusing her father on being part of her catch phrase “it all stems from the trauma”, then why did she go live with him and why did she have him at her wedding.? IIRC, she had him visit a another time me. He actually looks like a decent man. At least he didn’t abandon her and never keep in touch. Many children are abandoned & never even know what they look like. Yet, Cate drags them to the spa resort and make him and April say good things about her and do homework. I’m just sorry, but if both of them who apparently caused her all this trauma, she still associates with them. She leaves Nova with th April every chance she gets. I believe Catelynn knows deep down Tyler does not love her and only married her out of guilt. Surely she saw the past episode of her moving in with him & Kim & and he told Kim how he felt obligated to Catelynn & felt sorry for her. She also got used to using the adoption to manipulate people feel sorry for her. I wonder if she got back on birth control. I bet she didn’t and will get pregnant again right away. She thinks having babies will keep Tyler. If she gets pregnant again immediately, she will be almost as selfish as Mack.

    1. I’ve been saying this for years! I don’t understand how she can have all of this trauma and how she didn’t like her younger brother, Nick living with her Mom because of the abuse( which I have no doubt happened) why was she sending Nova over there 3-4 sometimes 5 nights a week or at all?! Was she ever worried about Nova? Why did Tyler allow it??

  15. Why is she bitching at the public? Tyler let it be well known that even he was pissed at her selfishness .. so, people are understanding and taking his side . This brings me to a recent post where she talks of being clean from dope.. and you replaced it with what??? Cate is extremely lazy and does run when the going gets tuff, like the pig- when the pig was a pain in the ass and Tyler was pissed that she got that pig behind his back ; she ran!
    I’m sure I’m probably reaching with this one but, it always looks like when the house gets so messy and in shambles; they buy new house.
    Cate needs to stop this shit with her past already, if she’s going to continue with this crutch at least stop trying to bring another baby into the mix.. how much more of a load can Tyler take before he busts?

    1. Can you remember when she bought the pig and she was trying to justify it by saying something like “it gives me something little to feed and take care of”…Errrrr, what about your daughter, ya know Nova!? Doesn’t she need taking care of? SMH!

  16. She is such a disappointment!!!
    All she does is wallow in her “sadness” while inflicting and exposing to the same trauma, she grew up in, to her daughter. I am so sick and tired of people defending her, Just bc she gave up her daugther for adoption.
    It’s time to put your big girl pants on, and be a mom. If it’s too much then just admit it and move on. Some people are just not cut out to be parents.
    But for the love of God, do something with your life, time and money. Maybe go to school, or go to the gym, take some yoga classes. Or maybe even a mommy and me class. Anything besides laying on your couch all day. Or better yet take a damn shower!
    Ok rant over!

  17. You could see it in her eyes that she was so overwhelmed when she came home. She needed more 24/7 inpatient care because she’s too weak to cope with real life. She wasn’t ready to be back home, she has the luxury of going back to rehab, so she did. I don’t know why y’all are mad. Yes it’s frustrating that she can’t take care of herself, but it’s also much easier to be an armchair quarterback. It’s her life. Tyler chose to marry her so he has to support her decisions and take care of Nova when Cate’s gone. Seriously ryan has yet to pass a drug test to see Bentley and I think y’all give him less shit than Catelynn.

    1. God y’all need to reevaluate your morals. Catelynn is weak because she’s been torn down her whole life. Remember how April used to talk to her? Calling her a bitch in public, in front of her friends. Catelynn said that she said suicidal on tv, which is not easy to face, and y’all still take the time to tear her down. She’s weak and everybody is mad about it. She needs support, trolls.

      1. And yet she lets April take care of Nova alllllll the time. My sympathy ends right there. If April inflicted so much trauma, how could Cate leave her baby with her for days at a time?

        And stop with acting like anyone let Ryan off easy and the whataboutism. I have not seen anyone here come to his defense.

        1. Thank you. People defending her, completely ignore the fact Cate willingly lets Nova spend DAYS with April whenever she “needs help”. Didn’t she messed her up? Why put her daughter through the same? Why risk her own daughter to also be traumatized? Cate either needs to admit she isn’t ready to take the responsibility that comes with raising a child, or get over her “trauma” and start parenting.

      2. This is how people generally feel about her now. Shes selfish immature and complains about EVERYTHING. She doesnt undrrstand how hood she actually has it. I honestly just dont understand how u can throw this word trauma around and yet. U throw ur kid into that very same situation. Im pretty sure april is sober now but why even chance it. My mother was emotionally ebusive mentally abusive, verbally abusive and at times physically abusive. She is not in my life. Thats part of solving the problem caitlin. Get rod of april. Or stop complaining

        1. And to add to that i would never send my kid over there. Under any condition EVER thats a mother protecting her child something it appears caitlin is failing to do. So fucking over her and this bs she keeps spewing. How about get a new story line. Or better yet cancel this show because these people cannot even do life.

    2. Coming from someone with a mother very much like Caitlyn- it’s incredibly frustrating having a mom who values their own well being over their children’s. Because mom’s problems are ALWAYS worse than anyone else’s, and people like her are rarely sympathetic to what their own spouse/children/parents are dealing with in life. It’s actually a VERY selfish state of mind. Life is hard and everyone is dealing with hardship of some sort. But people like Caitlyn are surprisingly void of empathy for others. It’s all about them. Caitlyn is damaging her relationships more than you realize, and it will probably be too late by the time she recognizes it.

  18. Here we ago again Runaway Cate. I go to therapy for childhood issues as well and I had a miscarriage at home, alone at 13 weeks. I had to wrap my dead baby in a towel and hold her on the way to the hospital. She is just lazy at this point and Tyler is enabling at this point using mental illness as an excuse. I had to go through med adjustments too, but I didn’t keep running away from my husband and children. They absolutely do not need any more kids at this time. She will runaway within 2 weeks leaving Tyler with another load on his shoulders. She’s pretty predictable at this point. She could stay home and do therapy, but she might have to actually do something mom or wife like and she ain’t about that life. She’ll say I don’t understand mental illness blah blah blah, but been there, still there and I take care of my family and work full time around my therapy.

    1. Who the fuck would down vote this? Im sorry that happened to you. And i applaud you for how much you do!!! Caitlin should take a page out of your book!

  19. Again with saying mental illness still is a stigma, just like Amber. Honey, no, it is not, (ok maybe if you live in a highly religious background which is not the case for you tho) mental illness is getting treated and recognized now. No one is trying to stigmatize you. People are just annoyed that you have MTV (who you even allow to film it) to pay for it all. That’s it. There are people who are suffering prob even harder than you but they don’t have the same luxury as you. Btw, talking about it on Dr. Oz and other TV “doctors” won’t help you. Neither will an MTV special about it. You are (both) doing it wrong.

    I think I read somewhere they are trying to have another child. Perfect timing, why not! (Hopefully you all got my sarcasm)

    1. And making money on all of these talk shows and trying to get a show. I wonder where Nova is while they are doing the media circuit? Wait for I….wait for it…. I could bet money she with her traumatizer April or with Kim. She abandons Nova whenever she gets a chance.

  20. I understand she has mental issues, but don’t they have rehab facilities in Michigan? There might not be infinity pools, horses and yoga, but at least she will be able to see her child on a regular basis. I want to be on her side, but she absolutely is being selfish. Six weeks is a huge block of time to a child as young as Nova and she will always remember it and it will always be in the back of her mind that her mom could be gone again at any time.

    1. This!!!! ??? At least closer to home your daughter could visit more and maybe you could get some day passes home to help ease back into your normal routine.

    1. The best thing I decided in my life was that I won’t have children until I am completely healed from my past. If that means I will never have children, then so be it.

    2. I cannot agree with this comment more.

      I am 44 and my youngest left home a month ago. I was happy being a mom with kids at home BUT it can be a soul sucking job. I am a bazillion times happier now that my kids are independent adults.

      I really believe that Cate would have been happier as a childfree person. I hate that parenthood is the default life path.

  21. I think she’s becoming an attention seeker. She has to grow up some and cope with her life in the real world. I think people who run back and forth and in and out of treatment are trying to escape their reality and avoiding walking through the situation. She leaves her overwhelmed husband to deal with everything without a second thought. I am boring quickly of her constant keeping her story going by running to treatment.

  22. To add to my comment, I feel I can have this view, because I placed a child up for adoption, currently have one of my own with my hubby, whom we placed our first for adoption (which is an open adoption and we’re so happy and have no regrets) and I’ve had one miscarriage since having our child, along with way worse childhood trauma than she had, and I’ve never had a break to deal with my issues. I moved forward feel blessed to having my one happy healthy child and have a relationship with my birth child, and realized the universe just didn’t think we should grow our family at this given time. Life happens people deal with things differently and are affected differently, but how she chooses to deal with life currently when she has been blessed to be in the positio. She’s in is sad. She has so many opportunities and such an amazing platform and she chooses to make adoption seem depressing and unfair. While she literally won’t give her child the mom she needs. I’m not saying she doesn’t love nova or she’s a bad mom, I just feel like she isn’t in a place to be a parent.

  23. She’s so selfish, all these issues she is dealing with, she is going to bring on her child. She hasn’t put nova first, it’s always about her childhood, then Carly
    , now this miscarriage. Like what about the healthy child you have in your home! She needs her mom, instead she’s going to feel she’s the reason her mom is always off at rehab. She’s just as bad as amber.

  24. I think it’s interesting that we are blasting Catelynn for repeatedly going to treatment and blasting Ryan for not. If it was Farrah seeking super intensive therapy, we would be celebrating in the streets. I get it’s entirely different battles they are each fighting. Just pointing out an interesting bit of irony.

    I personally have no issue with Catelynn seeking as much help for mental health as she needs. I wish everyone was afforded those same opportunities to receive extensive treatment for whatever issue with which they struggle. I really do. Maybe we would have a better, kinder society. Less domestic violence, fewer school shootings, basically all the terrible stuff just might be better.

    I believe Cate (and most of us) would be wise to stay off social media for a while. But Catelynn seems to think she knows more than her doctors on this matter. I think it was wrong to leave Nova without saying goodbye. It came across cowardly. I have no issue with Tyler venting to his sister. I think he made some valid points. I think Catelynn and Tyler really do love each other. They just haven’t seen a successful and healthy relationship in their family so I think they approach their marriage in an odd manner but it seems to (mostly) work for them. I think Cate would be well-served to get a real job, or volunteer work, exercise, quit smoking, eat healthier, and work to a good mom. I think it’s super odd to blame your parent for screwing you up, but then ask that parent to watch your child extensively. I’m all for forgiveness and second chances but this April math just doesn’t add up in my head.

    This says the peanut gallery ??

    1. I agree with all of this, but I have a devil’s advocate point for the last bit. Well, two points. 1) Family is complicated. There’s a lot of grey matter here. 2) It would be more black and white, but I believe April is sober or at least WAY better than she was when she was raising Caitlyn. So Cait isn’t leaving Nova with the exact same parent she had growing up. But yes to the points about all of the various members needing treatment and what we say about them! And yeah, mental health is misunderstood and people have overly simplistic reactions to really compounded issues and the world by default would get a lot kinder if mental health was better understood. Thanks for putting such a compassionate response out there into the world!

      1. I think that’s probably right: April was on drugs and drinking when she was raising Caitlyn. Now she is sober. I also wonder if a lot of the trauma came from April’s different boyfriends and having them brought around Caitlyn soon and often. I don’t think April is doing the same thing now.

          1. You know, I completely agree with you. Current April does seem 180 from past April. Maybe helping with Nova is a way April is making amends for prior behavior. Thank you for making that point in a respectful and thoughtful manner. I appreciate sincerely hearing (reading?) the perspectives of others. It helps me see outside my little sphere of life. ??

  25. Seriously, most of these comments are almost cruel. And it’s usualky from the same posters. You call her out for not being a good mother, call her lazy, call her a bad mom, make fun of her for her nervous habit of picking her cuticles, comment on her clothes, her weight, say her husband is either tormented or gay, and on and on. Y’all are no better than Farrah.

      1. But she is a mother, and she will always be one, so I’m not sure how the constant calling her a bad mother, or saying she should never have had nova is helpful. She does have nova, she is a mother. That’s not going to change.

  26. Surely watching Tyler during this episode would set her back “oh, hunny, I’ll never leave” In the next scene to his sister “I feel like leaving!” What a super husband he is!!!!!! I know how tricky it is for the partner of someone with MH issues, but he knows he’s being filmed. If they met now, they wouldn’t be together. They are different people than the kids who gave Carly up. Up until a few years ago, they were still sort of talking about “careers”. Didn’t Cate want to be a teacher? Tyler a counsellor? Not sure I’d want him- he’d start talking about himself within 5 mins. I think Tyler needs to go to rehab to sort his head out!! It did make my smile when he was asked how he’d coped… you know being a normal parent!?! Give the man a medal- he cared for his daughter, whilst telling builders what he wanted, and wrapped up some crappy clothes! I was a single mum, working full time, no car, 3 buses to work, 2 mile walk from the bus stop home, plus no child support payments. Oh, and I was also having chemo once a week!! Still managed it tho!! X

  27. I am proud of you keep on doing want is best for you and your family you best daughter best mom and best wife ok don’t listen to those people ok fight to get better for yourself and your loves ones ok

  28. I believe Catelynn knows everyone has caught onto her escapes or she wouldn’t be so upset. The fact is she did NOT have to go to Arizona to fix her problems and just try outpatient. And if I hear her say “it all stems from the trauma” I am gone no to scream. Apparently April caused her all of this “trauma”, yet she leaves Nova wth April every chance she gets.

  29. How is she going to call people out for questioning her reasons for going back to rehab when her own husband had a problem with it?

  30. I’m sympathetic to anyone suffering from mental health issues, but it seems like she’s just wallowing in her problems and indulging her negative feelings waaay too much. Girl needs a hobby. (Besides being mentally ill.)

    1. She treats her “mental illness” as if it’s yet another pet, but mostly an excuse, her latest rehab, where her family it seems was basically told “Now if Cate wants to lay in bed all day and not even shower for a week or two, do not pick on her, be supportive!” Yes, I exaggerate, but not by much. I think what she needs is less coddling and enabling, ore boot camp . I suspect you can find rehab facilities that focus more on REHAB, and less on RESORT.

  31. Sorry, since basically forever she’s been using her ‘mental illness” as an excuse for everything, including what seriously looks like a profound laziness and enough sense of self-entitlement that she elected to ignore her own doctor telling her her BMI of THIRY, as well as her smoking, were contraindications for her becoming pregnant at that time, Someone who cared about the wellbeing of a child to come would FIRST stop smoking AND lose weight, for the future child’s sake, not just keep on pigging out and puffing down with a “plan” to stop after becoming pregnant. I realize their codependent roles or “I’m so sick and helpless” . “I shall love you anyway” but..these two are NOT any voices for anything..have they not pretended over the years they’d be voices for those giving up children, or…whatever? Anything but an actual J-O-B you know. But again, I’m over these incredibly over-indulged and over-pampered and over-rated “stars” and their upscale resort rehabs and their perpetually bad decisions. I honestly say MAKE THEM ALL GO AWAY and deal with real life problems as real life losers, no “stars.’

  32. Dr. Drew mentioned she shouldn’t be self medicating with marijuana while taking the meds she was on. Maybe part of Cate’s problem is she doesn’t listen to people who are trying to help her. She needs structure and a job where she is busy and accountable. Sitting around at home is not helping to get her motivated.

    1. She never does what doctors tell her. I will never forget her getting Gestational Diabetes while pregnant with Carley. She basically said f*** it and pigged pit on fried chicken at her baby shower.

  33. I’m sympathetic to anyone suffering from mental health issues, but it seems like she’s just wallowing in her problems and indulging her negative feelings waaay too much. Girl needs a hobby. (Besides being mentally ill.)

  34. Seems like she’s overly relying on other people and medicine to fix her problems. She needs the skills to cope on her own. After 2-3 stints in rehab, outpatient care should be viable for her. No one can hold her hand throughout life. Maybe she’s just not capable of being a full time parent, and she should be honest with herself and her family.

    1. Agreed.I’m sympathetic to anyone suffering from mental health issues, but it seems like she’s just wallowing in her problems and indulging her negative feelings waaay too much. Girl needs a hobby. (Besides being mentally ill.)

    2. I wonder if it would actually benefit everyone is Caitlyn and Tyler divorced. Can’t wouldn’t have to worry about being a wife, and she wouldn’t have th constant guilt that she’s ruining Tyler’s life. If they split custody, she would also not have to be s full time parent. Neither would Tyler. They would both get breaks. And Tyler wouldn’t feel guilty about being a bad husband to Caitlyn. This seems to be one of the rare cases where an amicable divorce with split custody would be the very best thing for everyone involved.

  35. Catelyn is the ignorant one here. Most of the people who are commenting are ones who suffer with mental health issues and don’t have the luxury of dumping their children off on the very people who are the reason for her mental health issues so she can go relax in sunny Arizona on a spa vacation. You mean to tell me intensive outpatient wouldn’t work for her? There are many of us who have past trauma in our lives and don’t have the luxuries she has been offered and takes advantage of. Does she not realize the trauma she is inflicting on Nova? Fuck off Cate. You don’t know! The only MH you want to keep talking is your own. Keep the attention in you. You certainly love slinging that word “Trauma” around. It’s not going to get better until you cut the ties with those who caused your trauma, get off your lazy, nail biting ass and do something productive with your time. (I know the word “job” upsets you). You really act superior as if you’re an authority on everything. Trap babies, replacement children, trauma, mental health, adoption. Jeez and you didn’t even need that college degree. She’s a sofa surfin, nail biting scholar. ???????

  36. Why not seek outpatient care, and be there for Nova? It hurts me to see that little girl crying for her mommy.

  37. Weren’t viewers just echoing her husband saying that she didn’t give outpatient a shot? He’s the one who said it.

  38. Heck if MTV is footing the bill for a posh facility why not keep going back? I’m sure there’s no place local for her to go to…She needs to get up off the couch and get a job. You’ve got one life to live…start living!

  39. I’ve been going back and forth on this so much. If she didn’t go and get help people would attack her, she went and got help and people still attack her. I don’t get it. She knew what she needed to make herself better. Would anyone not agree that she clearly needed to work on herself to be a better mother and wife? Yeah Yeah I know there are plenty of people who do it without “vacations” to Arizona.

    1. I think it the choice of facilities…who wouldn’t want to spend six weeks there. I think if she had gone to someplace that does not look like a 5 star spa & retreat people would be more understanding.

      1. Add to that cate seems caught in the same cycle go get help figure out what your issues are but never work on them then she proceeds to do every interview known to man about them. I still cannot figure out how she was on the same medication for five years without it being regulated or checked every few months

        1. The only medication I have ever heard her mention is Ativan. Why was she given just Ativan for depression? Oh & she smokes her weed.

      2. not only that but she left early to come back for the reunion show but not for her daughter. Also she forgets she is not the only one to have a abusive childhood. Many had alcoholic parents, parent that beat with belts, parents that sexually abused them and guess what we had to grow up and be an adult. We don’t get to go therapy in an exclusive club med vacation type therapy not once twice but three times. People could have more sympathy if she thought of anyone else but herself. She didn’t even give outpatient therapy a chance and give Tyler a break. Her comment she wasn’t ready for outpatient sorry that isn’t how it works they would never recommend it if she wasn’t ready. She loves to play the victim all in the name of her horrible traumatic childhood. As an abuse survivor you couldn’t pay me to put myself in any position to be around them let alone send my child to them because being a mom was tough and she needed a break to lay on the couch and smoke pot. If her parents were so horrible then why send your daughter there for days at at time? She has had more chances and opportunities then any other person. Most abuse victims cannot afford therapy or the medications necessary. Also the bull about genetic testing get real. You go in treatment to switch medications you don’t get genetic testing. Her medications not being changed is on her if she was going regularly to the doctor having her blood drawn and levels checked then at a certain point your body becomes immune and the medications do not work and you need to switch them. She needs to grow up shut up and think of some one else besides herself. Stop with the victim like the miscarriage she bled all over the place no that is a hemorrhage and if it happened that way you cannot just go to bed wake up and go to the drs. She had no problem being the victim i had a miscarriage (she got pregnant after being told not until she stop smoking pot&cigarettes and did neither putting the baby at risk) Yet her friend maci flies out to see her shares she had a miscarriage cait can hardly be bothered to say im sorry then changes the subject because its not all about poor cait. She is getting a lot of flack because people are sick of her and the camera doesn’t lie. She wants people to leave her alone get off the couch, off mtv, get a job stop being a victim. these two have done nothing for years accept lay on couches getting high. No other kids for years, no jobs at least the others either have businesses or had more kids while these two did nothing. I cannot wait for this show to end a a few of the moms to get a huge wake up call. Hopefully while cait and tyler were getting high, doing nothing, buying animals, houses etc have something to fall back on. the need a reality check and their clothing line that consists of 6 different outfits one of them being a copy of the trainwreck cait wore to the award show are not going to cut it. Yep every mom wants their kids to wear an outfit a chain smoking pot head wore with tacky ruffles on the bottom. Is this harsh maybe but many victims have to live with, have to function and do not get the opportunities or health care she has.

        1. I wish I can give this more than one thumbs up!… You summed it up perfectly I was disgusted when she said she didn’t even know if she should say goodbye to Nova She has an uncanny ability to act like she doesn’t have responsibilities

          1. I blame it on MTV. These nitwits have such a sense of entitlement. I can’t wait till these shitshows run their course. I can’t wait for the awakening when they realize they have to become productive in society.

    2. I think another issue is the frequency. Catelynn was almost right back into the facility after the second visit. It makes people wonder if she was indeed getting the help if she had to go back so quickly. Especially since they just now pinpointed one of the issues. If, say, her second visit was extended, or it was longer than six weeks, I think people might be more understanding. Leaving then going back makes it seems as if she couldn’t handle in the “real world.”

      And, yeah, it also stems from frustration. There are plenty of people who deal with the same issues but, they don’t have the luxury of these rehabs. It makes you wonder how she will cope when MTV isn’t footing the bill.

    3. For me, it feels like she wanted to just go. She says she tried outpatient but Tyler mentioned going for a daily check in while changing meds. Then going inpatient if she’s doing poorly. But she already made up her mind that she wanted to go again.

      It’s also the mememe focus and the fact that all she said about leaving Nova again was “she’ll manage.” Doesn’t sound like a woman reluctant to leave.

  40. I struggle with the same thing as her except I put my children first and fight my feelings off instead of trying to run to treatment I deal and cope. Strength comes from inside yourself. Don’t be weak catelynn. The past is the past. You are going to end up giving Nova abandonment issues. Think of her before yourself.Be a mother first and think of her first

  41. I wish Catelynn better days to come. But it is just heartbreaking watching her leaving her three year old around Christmas and then again soon after getting back. When you are a mother, your children should come before your own issues. She had years to take care of her issues before Nova. Nova needs her, I hope she hugs and kisses that little girl everyday before it’s too late!!

  42. I feel like if she has shouldn’t be on social media if her problems are this severe. She needs to stay away from the negativity.

    1. Her doctors/therapists literally told her this and she still posts every little detail of her life on Twitter

    2. Yes! Didn’t she say they got her a phone with no social media? See, again she didn’t do what the doctors tell her to do. And now we see her capitalization on her problems by going on Dr. Oz. Where was Nova? Umm, let me guess…..with April. You know the same April that caused her so much trauma. I still can’t bekieve she chose rehab instead of being home with Nova on Christmas morning.

  43. Why didn’t she get counselling, therapy, etc. BEFORE Nova? When you have a child, you can’t just run away to “keep digging into your childhood”…

  44. She always has an excuse. Honestly I love the show but its time for it to come to an end. They aren’t even real teen moms they didn’t really even go through the true stuff we teen moms go through! Must be nice to go to the hab every time you can handle your cushy life.

    1. I think getting away from social media would benefit her greatly! I understand she’s in the spotlight but it would be good for her mental health.

  45. Figures they’d go on that quack Dr Oz’s shit show.

    I wonder if Cate needs alkaline water and green coffee bean enemas for her trauma.

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