‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Celebrates Her Baby Shower: See Photos!

“I’m about to expel the seed ‘o’ Andrew!”

Amber Portwood seemed to have put all of her family drama aside over the weekend, as she celebrated her baby shower with the women in her life, including her mother/ Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition co-star Tonya Portwood.

The Teen Mom OG star’s shower was attended by Amber’s nine-year-old daughter Leah and Kristina Shirley (the wife of Amber’s ex, Gary) and cousin Krystal Zion. The shower, held on Sunday, was thrown to celebrate the upcoming birth of the baby boy that Amber is expecting with her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

The baby, who will be named James Andrew, is due on May 13.

The ladies played a variety of games at the shower, including one in which Amber tried to get a baby doll diapered and dressed in under a minute. Tonya posted a video of the game to her Facebook page.

Even though Gary and Amber have had some drama between them over the past few months, they appear to be on better terms now. Gary even sent his own gifts to the shower.

It does appear that the shower was filmed for ‘Teen Mom OG.’

To enlarge the photos in the baby shower gallery, click the thumbnail.


  1. Are you serious?? Man, I wish he’d stop doing that. As for Mackenzie, I don’t know what was said, because I haven’t been able to watch yet, but I will keep my ears open.

  2. They should have thrown the shower for Andrew because he’s the one who’s going to be raising the kid.

  3. Am I missing something on my work screen here or is that the tiniest 8 month stomach ever?? wow! Just an observation, not insinuating she’s faking it or anything crazy, but anyone who watched 16 and Pregnant can probably recall her pregnant tummy was very big. (mine was too no shade!)

    1. Yep, I remember that! Amber was huge with Leah, but I think her diet at that point had something to do with it (homegirl was eating steak n’ shake, defending cheese fries to Gary who was telling her it was a bad idea). She lost a ton of weight since then and my guess is that eating what I’m assuming is vegan/organic diet if Andrew is anything to go on, and her previous weight loss, she is MUCH smaller. It is a small bump in general though, so yeah, I agree there too.

    2. Amber is also very tell though, and there have been times where I couldn’t tell a taller woman was like 7 months pregnant because the weight gets distributed a little more evenly around their torso.

    3. My niece just give birth 3 weeks ago and was over due, even though the baby was 7lb, she was tiny in her pregnancy.

      1. My kids weighed the exact same weight and with one I gained around 12 pounds and the other more like 40. With one I was sick the entire pregnancy and barely kept food down most days. With the other I ate like amber during her first lol

    4. I noticed that Amber was very small too and I was wondering if the shower was earlier on in her pregnancy. With Andrew so big you would think the baby would be big too !

    5. It kinda is… but at the same time, I get it. My little boy who’s almost a year was over 9 lbs and overdue and I only gained 19. Looked pretty similar to her. Good for her though on apparently staying healthier than with Leah.

    1. Let her enjoy it. She had a shower to celebrate the little boy she is bringing into the world. Regardless if it is your family customs it.may be ours! How can a baby shower be ghetto? It was a wonderful time with friends and family and drama free. Even something so innocent can be turned into something so ridiculous but the amount of judgement asses in this world. To each their own. It was great 🙂

  4. Hope she doesn’t handle the poor baby the way she dd that doll, Leah looked sad and miserable poor girl, and wtf was amber wearing Jesus god.

    She wore that to her baby shower fuck, sorry also her moms voice grated through me like chalk down a board.

  5. I wonder if Leah was switched at birth with another baby. She is way too cute, kind and smart to be Amber’s.

  6. Question in tonight’s preview for part 2 of the reunion, what does “Dr” Drew ask Mack where she responds, “excuse me”? I cannot figure it out. Thanks for your help!

    1. I wish I could I rewind that part twice specifically because I couldn’t hear what he had said to begin with so if anyone else has any other ideas I would love to hear it as well… But McKenzie is so dramatic with everything she does the question could’ve been is the sky blue and It could’ve been something like excuse me Ryan says it’s a lovely shade of green and I will back that up no matter how delusional I sound

  7. GOD but “Dr” Drew is such a world-class enabler, congratulating Amber on abandoning Leah for months because she’s off on a drunk. WTG.

    Noe PLEASE tell me I didn’t catch a mention that Gary cheated on Kristina? That would be sad, she’s been a rock for him and more to the point, to Leah.

    1. This is only my thought on the whole thing is that they were referring to when Gary and Christina first met she was cheating on her then husband with Gary

    1. I hear lots of people are waiting with baited breath to see what the baby looks like. If I recall correctly there was a blind item about the paternity of a baby of an MTV star, and most people assumed Amber was the topic of that blind.

  8. She’s been thru a lot. This industry can make or break you. She has obviously been broken and has risen. A set back after the Matt breakup but.She could be so far gone and off her rocker w/ mental illness and substance abuse she has sustained. Who am I to judge her

    1. She hasn’t changed at all she is still on something, she still has anger issues, and she is still a dead beat mom.

      There are people out there who have been through a lot worse, and don’t have that huge mtv check or the help that comes with being on this show.

      Her child should be a priority not an option.

      Poor Leah.

  9. I hate showers so much. They are unbearable no matter when. People will buy you gifts and visit after the baby is born. Don’t ask me to sniff a chocolate bar in a diaper and call it a good time.

    1. I was tricked into one for my first kid, told we were going to lunch. I was not a happy camper. I had to eat baby food, everyone tied string around my belly….. Cringey to say the least

  10. Is it just me, or does Leah look pretty miserable holding the baby brother doll??? That poor girl…thank God for Gary and Kristina!

  11. I literally created an account to post about her leggings. I have those- they are $12 on Amazon, and something I bought to wear around the house. Imagining wearing those to my baby shower is giving me second hand embarrassment!

  12. Whoooooaaaaa!!!!!
    I know Amber isn’t exactly the “favorite” Mom here… But still! I didn’t realize she is hated that much!!
    So many mean and hateful comments!! This woman is carrying a baby, chhhillllllllllllllllll.

      1. IKR !! She is what I call an egg donor . A Mom is there and knows teaches names, and who is her best friend. Amber can you name just 1 ? I bet her parents can, her parents are Gary & Christine

    1. Yes from a men she barely knew and while drinking if not also drugging with her daughter abandoned yet again then of course the latest love of her life feels free to criticize Gary.

    2. Calm down ambien.

      Lazy ass douche.

      She puts herself out there she should expect opinions wether good or bad, positive or negative.

      If you don’t like it stay off this site

    3. Well…
      Idk her personally, but c’mon, she’s carrying a baby. You guys are attacking a pregnant woman, that’s pretty low. But, if that makes you feel like keyboard warriors and superior, have at it!

        1. Ha! I didn’t say anything about being a good person and deserves compliments… Just saying this is a pregnant woman and people shouldn’t be so hateful. I would never attack a pregnant woman, whether she was a good person or not… Have some decency.

  13. Was this a surprise party and that’s why she looks like she just got out of bed? Or has she gotten rid of all her real clothes since she lives in her bed?

  14. She literally looks like she rolled out of bed and I’m going to be super judge mental because I’m 29 weeks pregnant and had severe morning sickness. I never puked in a bag on my bed and I still shower and do my hair most days (especially if it were my baby shower). This girl is so lazy.

    1. With a couple of my babies I hurled like all the time so I might’ve puked in a bag or two…but that was because I couldn’t make it anywhere else. I didn’t just sit in my bed waiting for the hubby to hand me a store bag lol. I thought that was a bit odd to say the least 🙂

    1. Right! Why didn’t she wear the fancy footie pajamas that match her trusty couch, I really don’t understand why she needs a baby shower. It’s not her 1st kid. My friend had a shower with her 3rd, but that was after a stillborn, miscarriage and her baby has spins bifida. So, she needed that party, but why are people having parties for 2nd kids and on?

  15. Could someone explain these multiple showers to me. It’s totally outrageous. You have a shower for baby #1. NOT every baby thereafter. Amber makes quadruple what all these others attending make. How sad THEY have to shower HER with gifts. You make baby you buy what it needs.

    1. Agreed, 2 or more showers are so tacky. A shower is supposed to welcome you into motherhood.

      You want a 2nd party do a small sprinkle with JUST family or a Sip & See when baby is born.

      1. These women will never have a wedding or a decent marriage so they used to baby showers as a substitute

      2. @Clever, ITA!! I had 4 and it wasn’t my choice. The “real one”, church, work, and best friends group. It was embarrassing when people asked how many I had because I felt like an asshole even though I didn’t ask for them AT ALL.

      1. I agree I think it’s kind of a “to each their own” call after baby number one. Personally, I threw my best friend a shower for her second, but it was a surprise. Also, since it was baby girl #2, the few close friends I planned it with all just kinda made it a “fun girly event” no ridiculous over the top stuff.

        I can, however, see being annoyed if the MTB *expects* the whole kit and kaboodle each time.

      2. We threw a friend a shower for her 6th baby because it was the first girl after all boys – we had to get her some dresses!

    2. If a significant amount of time has passed since the first and second child, I don’t see the issue in another baby shower because more than likely they don’t have all the baby stuff they had from the first. Given Leah is now nine, it is almost like starting over.

    3. Most of the people at Ambees shower guarantee make less than $28,000 yr and Amber literally make half a million a year and drives an $80,000 range rover. Greed and ignorance are a bad combination

    4. I agree & disagree! I think any good thing in life is worth celebrating, so bring on the multiple baby showers if you want – however, I would be upset if the mom to be EXPECTED a fancy gift. Personally I’d love to host a party for second or third pregnancies, but would make it very clear that gifts were not expected and it probably wouldn’t be in the form of a shower (the literal showering of gifts), and more like a BBQ gathering.

      1. Same. As I said, unless a decent amount of time has passed between pregnancies, mothers shouldn’t expect big, fancy gifts. If anything, request diapers and wipes.

      2. Thank you for saying this as somebody who has had multiple friends have multiple showers I appreciate it

  16. I hope Andrew is ready to be a very attentive dad because I can bet Amber’s going to play the “I just had a kid, cry me a river” role and use it as an excuse to not be able to get out of bed or off the couch

  17. Does her headband match her leggings? Put your hair done and new glasses and stop wearing those headbands….please.

  18. She doesnt look very round in the belly for being a pregnant woman.

    I also see she didnt put her hair down…still

    I hope she learns better parenting skills this time around. Her daughter has gary and his wife so she sees a stable family at least.

    1. I thought that too. Conspiracy theory would be that she already had the baby thus making us wonder whose baby it was. Second theory would be that shes actually due later than May. Third theory is that baby is small and will do a lot of growing and pushing out in the last month—sometimes people don’t seem to pop until they’re very close to their due date, but you usually see that in taller women. Hmmm.

    2. I just commented something similar. I am shocked by the size of her 8 months along belly?! Another commenter pointed out that maybe she already had the baby? I never thought of that.

  19. Wtf is with those newborn girl headbands she insists on wearing?!?! I’m sure they had a blanket covered couch for her to sit on while opening her gifts.

    1. I think she’s going bald/thinning hair… while I would not recommend continuing to pull said hair back, her headband would hide front area spots/and thinning hair.

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