Farrah Abraham Criticizes Parents Who Bring Kids to Coachella, Days After Making Her Own Questionable Parenting Choices

“You can’t go to Coachella until you’re at least 10.”

Farrah Abraham is no stranger to exposing her 9-year-old daughter Sophia to an array of seemingly age-inappropriate things. (She brought her daughter to her recent butt injection appointment, after all!) However, the former Teen Mom OG star wants people to know she draws the line at bringing her kid to Coachella.

During a Coachella party this week, Farrah told US Weekly that, although her daughter did tag along with her to the Coachella Valley, Sophia was chillin’ in a hotel room and not attending the festival.

Farrah explained (in her signature “Farrah Speak”) why it was not appropriate to bring kids to Coachella.

“I’m sorry, the inner-mom and the critical parent in me is like, I’m at the Coachella festival and I have to say, when I see a newborn, I honestly don’t think it’s a safe place for children,” Farrah told the magazine. “That’s why my daughter’s at a resort, enjoying the pools and the country club with a nanny.”

Farrah added that the “drugs and psychedelic s**t” at Coachella weren’t safe for kids to be around.

“I was reading that some parents are saying, ‘Yeah, bring your kids! It’s fun for the kids.’ I honestly don’t think it’s safe for kids, so I have to disagree,” she added.

Farrah’s foray into moral parenting ironically came just days after she brought Sophia along to film while Farrah got butt injections. The video struck a nerve with Farrah’s followers and the criticism flooded the comment section.

Farrah defended the mother-daughter bonding time, likening the non-invasive procedure to Sophia watching her mom having blood drawn or getting a shot.

While Farrah says it’s not appropriate to allow kids to witness the adult party atmosphere of Coachella, she had no problem with her daughter watching a very adult procedure Farrah had done earlier this week while live on social media.

As Farrah was getting labiaplasty (which, for those who don’t know, is basically a surgery in which extra pieces of Farrah’s lady parts were cut off to create a better looking vagina), Sophia was watching…and commenting on the Instagram Live feed.

As her mom’s vagina was getting hacked up, Sophia repeatedly left comments, including “Hi Mom! Hi Mom!” from her own verified Instagram account.

Nope…nothing creepy about that!

Sophia later posted a video to her Instagram in which she lip-synced to a rap song that talked about big booties and implants. She wrote that she posted it to cheer her mom up while she was recovering from her surgery.

Earlier this week, Farrah’s estranged mother Debra Danielsen slammed Farrah for allowing Sophia to witness the very adult cosmetic procedures she was having done.

“I believe this kind of procedure is for adults and children need to know they are beautiful the way they are,” Debra told The Ashley. “Children should be nurtured with a positive body image and have confidence to go achieve great things.”

(Photos: Instagram)


  1. I am tired of all these Teen Moms that have turned into garbage and then there is Ryan, lets create a ” we wont watch any Teen Mom shows or use any products advertised by any of the teen moms” I want the old MTV back were there were real celebrities on the shows dam it !!!

  2. Farrah, please, shut all the holes on your body. Forever. Starting with your mouth.

    And if you’re gonna judge parenting (and to be fair, I think Coachella is an over priced hipster weekend that’s at least a decade past it’s death) maybe it’s fair for me to suggest while your monchichi is “at the spa” with her “nannies” that she have a full body micro blading sesh?

  3. Wow, Sophia’s hair is actually done? It looks good! I wonder how difficult it is for Sophia to keep a nanny.. ?

  4. I will never again buy any of the products that nasty white trash bitch is holding in her talons… Are these companies actually using her as a sponsor?? No more Glamglow for me. Lol

  5. ? Sophia appears to have braces on her teeth. Isn’t 9 years old a little too young for braces? Poor Sophia is always going to feel like she isn’t good enough with the way she looks.

    1. Normally braces are around 10 -11+ years old after the wisdom teeth come.

      Unless it’s some kids of crap she purchased on line??? To get more attention and people talking about it ???

    2. @Fur Baby Mom, just saying, I had what can only be described as shark teeth as a kid. My baby teeth didn’t want to come out (honestly the last one has to be pulled when I was 15) but I started my first round of orthodontia at age 9. I went for the hardcore round at age 11 after I’d lost a few more baby teeth and I didn’t get the full set removed until just after my 17th birthday.

      As you can tell from all this, I was SUPER cool by schoolyard standards! ??‍♀️

  6. Can we have a contest, pleeeeze?

    “Taking advice from Farrah on proper child raising is like….”.

    My first effort, “Taking advice from Hannibal Lecter on how to have a dinner party.”

    Or we could limit it to TM “stars” with ones like “Taking advice from Farah on parenting is like taking advice from Amber on preparing for your first 5K run,” or “Taking parenting advice from Farah is like asking Jenelle for tips to make this Mother’s Day super special and show your Mom how much you love her!”

    I’m not caffeinated enough to come up with any more right now so I’ll just leave it to the snarkmesiters. More fun than just gagging voer Farrah’s antics.

    1. Taking advice from Farrah on proper child raising is like…

      – asking Ryan about advice for recovering from an addiction
      – letting David organize a Gay Pride
      – hiring Amber’s mom as a speech coach (she slurs when she’s HIGH!HIGH!)
      – hiding the coke from Jace in the fridge
      – hiring Matt as a relationship therapist
      – asking Amber for fashion advice
      – trying to wash Keiffer’s green hoodie back to its original colour

  7. Hahaha seriously though! I commented on Farrah’s tweet about her “designer vagina” and Deb made a point to tell me that it “actually looks remarkably lovely now” and suggested I try it. Like, I feel like when you need to defend your daughter’s genitals to strangers on the internet, something has gone terribly wrong.

    1. Why does her mother know what her vagina looks like? My mother hasn’t seen mine since I was fully potty trained 38 years ago.

      But I guess we should count our blessings that it wasn’t Mykull that talked about the beauty of her turbo charged hoohah.

      1. Well, unfortunately, Dear Ol’ Daddy Mike and I had a little catfight after I called Farrah out for her admittedly false rape accusations against an Uber driver awhile back. He told me it was fake news and when I pointed out that Sophia should saddle up Starburst and get the hell outta Dodge before she’s irreparably damaged, he called me a stupid bitch and blocked me lol. All I’m saying is if either of my parents were to see or talk about my downstairs as an adult, I would walk into oncoming traffic.

  8. Did anyone notice that Sophia’s eyebrows are professionally groomed in these pictures? Maybe it’s because I only have sons and was also raised in a very conservative household (I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until HS), but this seems over the top for a child Sophia’s age.

    1. Be prepared to get a lot of down votes because although I share your opinion, everyone down voted me on the same viewpoint on another Leah post

      1. Thanks for the heads up. I guess kids should just be allowed to be kids instead of having to worry if their eyebrows are “on fleek” because of their mother’s own insecurities.

      2. There is a huge difference between makeup for a cheer competition and everyday which is the difference between Leah and Farrah’s kids.

    2. I hate to defend Farrah, I really do, but my kid asked to have her eyebrows waxed around Sophia’s age. She’d been picked on about her unibrow-there’s a relatively easy way to eliminate that, so why wouldn’t I let her? Not sure that makes us not “conservative”.

  9. Pot, meet kettle. She is the LAST person on Earth to judge people on their parenting. (Btw, wasn’t this a dig at Kail? Didn’t she bring Lux to some festival? With her ex Becca?)

  10. Yet you take your child to sign contracts for your sex tape and also to get butt fillers, you think uneducated incoherent, sociopathic Coke head.

    I really really fucking hate this woman, I wish all media outlets would stop reporting on this attention seeking SLUT

    1. I’m with ya! I can also do without her money hungry, mental case, hypocrite, lying ass, fame whore of a mother!

  11. I just thought of something scary. Since Farrah has been determined to make this baby think being naked in public is cool, I wonder how long it’ll be before pedo’s have her sending them videos ?? If it hasn’t happened already. We all know she’s not being supervised. Even in everyday life all someone would have to do is throw Farrah ten seconds of attention and she’d probably let him babysit.

    Doesn’t Deb seem smarter the longer she’s away from Farrah? Maybe she actually did start out as a decent person and living with Farrah all those years fried her brain cells…being estranged has let her recover a bit…? ?

  12. i feel like farrah would take sophia to get a butt and boob job when she’s 14/ 15 years old

    1. I agree. I can just see Farrah getting her a boob job for her 16th birthday. In 10 years there is no telling how much plastic surgery she will have had done.

    1. I mean I’ll talk about labial folds to a 3rd grader, but I wouldn’t talk about why women feel the need to cut theirs off because they feel bad about the way they might look to dudes on the internet… That little girl is going to have SO many issues when she gets older.

  13. Bat shot crazy. Farrah is showing Sophia what shes going to have to get done. Farrah is grooming Sophia to be like her. Debra is speaking out against Farrah now because there is no money from mtv coming in. DUH

    1. Yes, I believe it is too young. I worked for an oral surgeon and the orthodontist usually wanted to have their wisdom teeth removed before putting the braces on. Wisdom do not even start developing until age 10.

      1. Does everyone remember how long Farrah let Sophia use a pacifier?? Everyone kept warning her it would have long-term impact on her teeth..and here we are.

    2. Depending on their jaw and teeth, yes, braces are often put on kids as young as 7 or 8. My daughter, who never used a pacifier or sucked her thumb, had braces twice-once around 8 and then again at 13. That was over 20 years ago, so this isn’t “new”.

    1. Katie, I couldn’t agree more! Farrah really is mentally ill. Plz tell me why CPS hasn’t taken that kid away from her?! It’s terrible for me to say, but her daughter’s personality is a lot like farrah’s now. The kid has zero friends, and is left with strangers; also known to farrah as nannies. She’s a vile, narcissistic biotch.

      1. I agree CPS should watch every episode this bitch was on, the mental abuse this kid is suffering at the hands of her bat shit crazy mother, the cussing and demeaning of people she does infront of Sophia.

  14. Ya know, I really hoped that once she got dumped from the show that she would fade into oblivion and stop subjecting the world to her unsolicited opinions on things she knows nothing about, like morals or the qualities of a real parent.
    Also, how busted does her junk have to be to get it fixed so many times in her 20’s? She better lock down a man before she surgically enhances that thing beyond repair like the Picasso that is her face. Gotta stay relevant somehow, I guess embarrassing yourself is one way to do it.

      1. Hahaha seriously though! I commented on Farrah’s tweet about her “designer vagina” and Deb made a point to tell me that it “actually looks remarkably lovely now” and suggested I try it. Like, I feel like when you need to defend your daughter’s genitals to strangers on the internet, something has gone terribly wrong.

        1. Ewww! So Deb must have actually looked at her adult daughters vagina or how else would she knowit is “beautiful”. I don’t even change clothes in front of my mother. That whole family is warped.

          1. Exactly! Like, I’m pretty sure my mom hasn’t seen mine since I was in diapers and it’s cringe-worthy to think of her seeing me even partially nude as an adult. Even if I for some reason opted for this kind of surgery, I personally would never speak of it to anyone, let alone show it off to my mom and millions of strangers. But, homegirl has to make a paycheck somehow I guess, Lord knows she doesn’t have intelligence to fall back on.

          2. I do change clothes in front of my mum and we go to saunas together, but I wouldn’t ask her if my vagina looks beautiful or not xD
            As long as everything is healthy, be happy with the flaps you were given 😉

      2. Sorry but that made me laugh out loud, now I’m getting weird stairs off people as I’m sat in the waiting room of the dentist ???

  15. I truly feel sorry for Sophia, he this poor child ever played with another child much less ever had a friend?

  16. Sophia would be safer at Coachella alone than anywhere else with Farrah.

    Didn’t Farrah once say that she let Sophia watch her porn or read her pornographic novels?

    1. I believe she said she would allow it, but that it hadn’t happened yet. Sophia was around 3-4 years I believe when she said that. At least, this is how my brain decided to memorize it (you need to save yourself from all the crazy you can)

  17. Her kid is being hit up by pedophiles on social media all the time. Farrah is doing nothing to protect her kid.

  18. The fact that both David and Farrah are both giving parenting advice has got to mean there’s some sort of full moon retrograde crazyness coming tonight

  19. …..But didn’t she just film her daughter in the corner of a procedure room watching her get her bu–….Never mind.

    I really wonder what her daily thought process is….seriously….what goes on in her head? The delusion she suffers from is astronomical, and she really needs to be evaluated.

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