Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Slams Leah Messer & Corey Simms Over Daughter Aleeah’s Cheer Makeup

“I can’t help it. I have a lot of free time.”

Jenelle Evans‘ husband is causing trouble in Teen Mom 2 Land once again!

David Eason left a series of comments on his former co-star, Leah Messer‘s Instagram post that slammed Leah and Corey Simms over the amount of stage makeup their daughter Aleeah was wearing during a cheer competition.“I can’t believe Cory would allow her to wear that much makeup on her face,” David wrote in the comment section of Leah’s photo.

When one of Leah’s followers called David out for criticizing another dad, David implied that Leah disregarded what Corey would want.

“No, she just probably didn’t ask him if it was OK first,” David wrote. “I doubt he would allow that.”

One of David’s comments before he deleted his account…

Leah’s followers took David to task over the comments he made about Leah and Corey’s parenting choice.

“Maybe Corey isn’t a control freak like you,” one person replied.

“This comment just proves how controlling you are,” another wrote. “Leah is her parent too. She doesn’t need his permission, especially for makeup.”

Many followers pointed out that heavy makeup is a requirement for the kind of competitive cheer that Aleeah does.

“She’s a cheerleader on a STAGE with a lot of LIGHTS,” the follower explained. “The judges have to have able to see them smile and their facial expressions for points. How hard is that to understand?”

Leah eventually responded to what David wrote.

“Why are you even commenting on my post?” she replied to him.

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, David’s unfiltered social media musings got him axed from the show back in February, when he went on a homophobic rant on Twitter and refused to apologize for what he posted.

UPDATE! Jenelle has responded to the backlash that her husband received from Leah and various media outlets over this incident. She posted a series of videos to Instagram Live to air her thoughts on the matter.

She brought up the fact that Leah  talked about David’s Reunion balloon-slashing incident during a recent appearance on Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast, hinting that’s why David doesn’t have much use for Leah.

Leah later defended herself on Twitter, tweeting, “We only mentioned wtf happened at the last reunion. This video looks scary and I feel like this is all for attention. Wtffff.”

To hear Jenelle’s full rant, watch the video (courtesy of Twitter follower Teri).

Be forewarned–the video contains a lot of foul language.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

104 Responses

  1. David, Leah did nothing wrong putting makeup on her daughter for cheerleading. When you dance in recitals like I did and my daughter, they want the makeup on to show up on stage. So get a f’n grip on reality you idiot. You know nothing about raising any kids. Stick to your yard work!!

  2. “He’s going to grow up to be a man he’s not going to grow up to be a woman who starts drama with everyone”-David Eason The Drama Queen xoxoxo

    1. Too me he needs to mind his own shit and not try to clean nobody’s back yard up before he does his own back yard.. DAVID NEEDS TO GROW THE FUCK UP.. AND STOP BEING A VAGINA SERIOUSLY… JUST GRIW THE HELL UP !!!!!!@!

  3. I REALLY want to know why MTV hasn’t canned her yet or why the police haven’t been called to do a wellness check. They’re quickly unravelling and their math is showing big time. Those are NOT sober eyes.

  4. Using that snap chat filter made her look even more of a Fucking idiot, Ans what’s up with her face??? Is she on meth???

    I pray she and that child abusing Cunt she married get what’s coming and not in a good way.

    Karma has a way of coming when you least expect it, chinelle and you and your racist homophobic psychopath of a husband will end up broke, homeless and the kids will be taken off you.

  5. Wow Jenelle is more whit trash every time she opens her mouth. And is second only to Farrah in her delusion. P.S. Your smoking is evident and you aren’t even 30!

  6. She sounds more white trash every time she opens her mouth. I can’t believe she got through that without saying “Dude” at least once. And her smoking is starting to take it’s toll. You can hear it when she talks. Farrah is delusional but Jenelle is not far behind.

  7. Leah may have hit a rough patch in her life but I’d say she’s definitely pulled herself out of it and looks to be doing much better which isn’t what I would say about Jenelle. That video just proves how immature she still is. Both her and David are INSANE hypocrites

  8. David alway up every morning and thinks “how can I look like a worthless brain dead red neck Today?”

  9. Hey everybody, I just wanted to let you all know that Jenelle has a video out there defending David’s comments. She states that he didn’t really mean anything by it blah blah blah, and he’s getting death threats. I don’t believe her for a second. The best way that you can tell she is lying is that her lips are moving. Oh yeah, she also said it’s basically Leah’s fault for not blocking David from her Instagram.

  10. If he had a brain he’d know every girl on the team is required to wear all
    that makeup for competitions! Why is he always acting like a little girl who wants attention? He’s so pathetic and always involved in drama that doesn’t have a thing to do with him.
    Did I mention that is not even his daughter so he needs to shut his ugly rejected mouth that got his own dumb self kicked off the show which I’m so thankful for. Thought he was a decent man at first but he totally showed his true colors shortly after his introduction. He has to be in control of EVERYTHING or he is violent! Now I fear for Jenelle as I believe she’s in danger as he has a violent past and what he’s shown the world is him being a total control freak!!! I would pack my babies up and sneak out when he fell asleep and never look back if I were her!!! He’s pathetic and has put a wedge between everyone she was close to in her life so that he can control her like a puppet!!!! Pathetic.

    1. Because he would rather bully people and be an asshole. Aleeah’s parents are the only ones who have a say in the matter. David, shut up! Leah and Corey don’t need your help. Try actually being a GOOD parent to your own kids.

  11. I could see right through him when Jenelle started dating him. She always picks men like him. She must love being controlled by a damn man. I think she should also be fired from the show. Her kids all need takin away. Her mom knew it from the start as well.

  12. My daughter goes to the Beckley chapter of the gymnastics Leah attends in Charleston. All competitive cheerleaders dress like this and use that amount of makeup. It’s literaly required to be in compitition. Why? I have no idea. But it’s Ridiculous how he thinks Leah needs permission from Corey for this. Her girls have been doing this a while I’m sure Corey is well aware with it.

  13. I’m definitely not a fan of the heavy makeup, but David has no room to talk about anybody else’s parenting. Like, at all.

  14. What an asshole, I don’t particularly like kids wearing lots of make up but when kids do dance, cheerleading or drama they usually have to wear it that way. Jenelle put more make up on Maryssa when she was cheerleading. Also to assume that Corey had a problem with it or that she needed his permission is dumb. Gracie has done cheer for years and Corey and Miranda often watch her compete, I doubt he cares about it because he knows it’s just for competitions.

  15. Here’s what makes me so mad: David and lots of people assume that girls and women wear makeup or certain clothing specifically and only to be sexy to men. If you’re thinking that about a child—that she’s wearing makeup so that men will find her sexy—then your brain is so screwed up. There are many different reason for girls to wear makeup, and looking sexy is not one of them. If anyone is even finding a little girl wearing makeup sexy, that’s hugely problematic. If anyone thinks that a little girl is wearing makeup to signal to grown men that she’s sexually available, that’s disgusting. Maybe for some grown up women, ONE of the reasons they wear makeup is to look more attractive to men, but no LITTLE GIRL is wearing it for that purpose, and no mother is putting their little girl in makeup for that reason. How sick and twisted and misogynistic and patriarchal do you have to be to assume that everything a girl child does must be about men?

  16. I’d much rather see Leah’s daughter in too much makeup at a cheer competition than see poor Kaiser thrown in his crib to scream and cry, ALONE, for hours at his own home!! Wonder which child will have issues later in life?!… Leah’s daughter, who probably enjoys getting dolled up and doing a cheerleading competition with her supportive parents WITH her (and maybe a little excessive makeup on); or Kaiser who was dumped in a dark room, stuck in a crib, wondering when mommy and her a$$hole boyfriend/husband would ever be back in to let him out?! David Eason is a joke.

  17. I always wondered why some have issues over girls wearing makeup. My daughter LOVED it as a girl and I allowed it at home and in modest and age appropriate amounts outside. It isn’t a tattoo or vaginal rejuvenation.

    She is in the beauty industry as an adult (hair stylist and makeup artist for T&G… she isn’t MLMing lipstick ?), so there’s that.

    1. My 5 year-old loves makeup. Specifically, she likes making me look like a colorblind hooker with severe hand tremors.

      1. Aw, that’s cute. I bet you get lots of mother daughter bonding time. Don’t worry, she’ll get better at it the older she gets, because she will have you to teach her.

  18. While I personally hate that much heavy make up on a little girl and think they are far cuter “as is,” the issues for e are one, “None of his business,” and two, so telling he thinks somehow COREY should have what, stormed up on stage and scrubbed her face clean while screaming at his ex that she’s making his daughter look like a little whore?

  19. Would I personally let my daughter do something that required that much makeup… No… But I don’t understand the need for it in that context. Thought it is not my thing at least their kids are out experiencing life and not stuck on the land forever!

  20. FFS it’s not like she put her makeup on like that and left her on a street corner. She was wearing it only in the specific context of a cheer competition. This guy needs a job or some sort of productive hobby so he doesn’t spend time critiquing little girls faces on social media. What a weirdo.

  21. he needs to shut his racist drug filled mouth. cheer makeup has always been like that there is nothing wrong with it. No different then if they were in drama and had to wear stage makeup.

  22. doesn’t marissa wear makeup for her cheerleading? ? besides who tf cares about david’s opinion at this point

    1. Thank you!!! She does!!! Jenelle decks her out too so he needs to be quiet. Jenelle even bragged about how great a job she does.

  23. We should all write Dr Drew about his strange behave and how he needs help and when they don’t get them any they will be in trouble
    Anyone know how to write him and his people.He definitely needs a physc counsel

  24. We should all rent one of those site seeing buses and go down to the land and tell them were big fans of there and wonder if we can stay out in the driveway or across the street.
    imagine all. the crap we might see

  25. So here it goes… I am a mom of 2 all-star competitive cheerleaders. My girls had cheer pictures tonight, so, lots of make-up and a giant touch heaven poof. IT IS FOR CHEER. Do they go to school with make-up? Heavens no. This is part of their uniform. My oldest daughter played football for 2 years and wore anti reflective black eye stuff under her eyes and no one batted an eye but EVERYONE has something to say about cheer make-up. My girls love it. They are in sparkly blinged out uniforms with gorgeous make-up and hair. I keep the wipe removers in my purse to take it off after we leave the convention. I am sorry, but how about praising this mama for getting her girls to cheer practice several nights a week & paying thousands of dollars for her girls to enjoy a sport they love? Not everyone will agree & that is perfectly fine. For me and mine? It works & my girls love every second of it. I am sorry but Leah is a good momma. That doofus needs to shut his mouth and worry about his own psychotic crap on the land.

  26. Sooo, basically if it isn’t Lurch’s way – it’s the wrong way. Classic narcissist, closed-minded, crystal-meth tweaker nonsense…. can’t wait for the new season of TM2 recaps!! Caught a nice new little Lurch/Jenelle trailer tonight during catfish… those two are the most transparent bullshit spewers ever, and the scariest thing about that is that they believe their own bullshit spew.

  27. I’m thinking this is the old “do as I say not as I do” thought process. Something my Daddy looooooved saying to me about 25+ years ago (at least then it wasn’t due to something totally asinine smdh

  28. Isn’t it enough that David controls Jenelle,kids, and the land? Now he wants to control everyone else. David shut up and sit down. Such a dumb f::k.

  29. I’m not a fan of little girls wearing makeup period BUT it’s Leah’s parenting choice to allow it…not my business. It’s is a cultural thing for the cheer and dance girls. David shouldn’t be talking…he abuses his kids so no idea why he’s slamming her over makeup.

  30. If I remember right didn/t Maryssa have make-up on in her cheer competition? Also when they went to some concert didn’t Jenelle and Maryssa have a makeup session before hand? Who the hell is he to talk!!

  31. Well of course he did because he is crazy.
    They really should think about handing over their social media accounts to their publicist.

    1. But then Jenelle might have to actually spend time with her slew of kids instead of Tweeting in her bed all day

  32. LOL Irony in criticizing someone for being a bad parent.

    David, the guy who brought a knife around children and went on a homophobic rants. Someone who abuses Kaiser and doesn’t even TRY to visit one of his kids.

  33. So, Jenelle just put a bunch of pics on Twitter for attention,showing off her body, but Leah is a bad mom cuz her kid wears stage makeup. Check your ego at the door David. Your wife is a skank and terrible mother and you are a money grubbing idiot. I’m all for supporting women who aren’t afraid to share pics on the beach with confidence, but Jenelle is constantly looking for attention.

  34. Can I just say, I had to wear stage make up for dance at her age, and don’t even own make up now. So, she’s fine. It’s make up, not a giant bruise *ahem*.

  35. Jenelle hired someone to do Davids daughter’s makeup for the Ariana Grande concert and she was in competitive cheer. They need to get over themselves, They act soooooo superior to other people and I have no idea why. Seriously…total ignorant a-holes.
    Pretty much everyone needs to tell these two to go F**k themselves and ignore them. Such a waste of space.

  36. My daughter dances, and has to wear make up. Her dad understands that end doesn’t have a problem with it. It’s not like they wear make up like that any other time

  37. Hmm what’s worse, a lot of makeup or being an nasty abusive rude controlling homophobic racist psychopath? Let me get back to you on that Davey…

  38. I think makeup like that is overboard. I know it is for cheer competition, but there are too many pedophiles in the world that prey on these children and their pics

    1. Pedophiles and pedophiles regardless of whether or not a child wears make up. Your statement is the same as someone saying a girl wearing a short dress shouldn’t wear it because there are rapists out there.

      1. Yes! So much this! A pedophile is attracted to a child whether there is makeup there or not! It’s a requirement of cheer competitions that they where heavier makeup. It’s not like she lets her walk out of the house on any given day looking like the Crayola gun went off in her face!

      2. This girl is in the public eye. Pedophiles and rapists are out there and will do what they do, but making your 8 year old look like a prostitute doesn’t help matters. Just sets them up for a kidnapping.

  39. She does have on a lot of make up for an eight year old. It’s just when you consider the source you feel like what’s it to ya

  40. There’s a pic on chinelles Instagram of lurch’s daughter in full make up, so she and he need to shut the fuck up.
    A pair of hypocrites.

  41. I hardly think I’d accept parenting or any other advice from someone who thought a crazed gang of killer party balloons was attacking him at a reunion show, so he pulled out a knife to defend himself.

    Here’s a thought: Stick to keeping your fists off poor little Kaiser and locking him and Jace outside in the boiling hot sun, and leave Leah and Corey’s kids — to Leah and Corey.

    Might work.

    Try it.

  42. Him and Jenelle are still pissed because Leah stated the truth about his “knife popping balloon” incident. That’s why he’s saying this.

  43. This just shows how controlling and abusive he is to the women in his life. His own daughter cheers for Christ sake! Any sane person knows that healthy co-parenting is about coming to an agreement about things for your child, whose to say Corey and Leah didn’t agree that the stage makeup was appropriate for this specific activity? In the past we’ve seen Leah in some pretty questionable situations in which Corey has taken action for the safety of their girls so I’d bet money that this is a decision he was on board with. Leah seems much better these days and I highly, and I mean very highly, doubt that he is unaware of what she does with the children they share. David, do your wife a favor and shut up before you cost your cash cow the income and fame you so desperately thrive on.

  44. He is the epitome of a misogynistic asshole, and it’s scary because he’s got 2 biological daughters that he has custody of. This fool clearly doesn’t understand the concept of costume make up, and is always the first one to judge someone, when he is (was) the crappiest guy in the Teen Mom franchise….and that’s saying a lot because Adumb and Rhine are tough acts to follow…After all the crap they pulled, they couldn’t even themselves kicked off the show…Adumbs only gone because he quit…

  45. That’s actually not the worst thing he has said. He lashed out on people when they were nicely telling him to go check Ensley’s head shape and put her seat belt properly. This man is losing it. I fear for the kids out there on The Land.

    I’m also glad Leah is not allowing her daughters on reunions if he is around.

  46. That abusive, disgusting POS David needs to shut the eff up. He and his loser wife, janelle shd not even have custody of ANY kids. They need to take parenting classes, and not talk about other parents. Yuck, they are such white trash. Period.

  47. I recall being super excited to finally get to wear lipstick and blush in 4th grade because I had a choir concert that was under pretty bright lights, so our choir instructor suggested it. My dad was ok with it for that *one time* and understood the purpose for it. I just tend to think it’s pretty normal for girls (I was a theater kid, boys wear makeup too) to dress up for performances – whether it’s choir, gym, cheerleading, theater, etc. *Most* sane patents know this isn’t an everyday wear.
    Also, WHY TF is David judging anything about someone else’s family? First off, don’t project your weird ass convictions about girls with makeup on Corey, also, I don’t recall any evidence that Lurch personally knows Corey, or Leah, for that matter outside of TM and by most (if not all) accounts, David is the problem – no issues with Corey and his wife, or Leah since she got clean. The Easons are just trying to stay relevant by trying to drag those around them down. Just eff off, you’re already fired – the producers and fans have spoken – we don’t need or want your level of crazy and hatred in our lives.

  48. Here’s a thought worry about your own children For somebody who couldn’t even figure out Twitter he sure seems to have mastered Instagram

  49. It’s funny that he can criticize other parents for something so harmless as their daughter wearing stage makeup for a cheer competition, but has nothing to say about his own wife who smoked weed while she was pregnant with his child. What a POS.

  50. Honestly, I think he’s just trying to stay relevant hoping that they can sell a quote or story. He’s a complete and total idiot, and a shit of a man, I know, but I think he said it to stir us up and garner attention.

  51. If David Eason disapproves….you know you’re doing the right thing! Especially when it comes to parenting!

  52. His own daughter Maryssa does/did competitive cheerleading so he’s a hypocrite.
    He’s also a bone head.

  53. David if you were the poster child for good parenting then I would listen to you but obviously you and Jenelle have proved time and time again that parenting isn’t exactly your forte. So do us all a favor and stfu.

  54. Can he just shut up NOBODY gives 2 fucks what he thinks about anything. Hes trying to show people that he is a caring concerned parent. Meanwhile anyone with ears and eyes and a semi functioning brain knows hes an abusive,chipmunk cheeked,brainless, piece of shit. If he fell off the face of the earth. 1 less pos. Honestly hate this guy

    1. And corey isnt a controlling pos. So maybe thats where there parenting styles differ. What a joke. Love how this guy thinks anyone cares about his opinions. ?????? what a loser. Stick to what u know lurch. Abusing your loved ones and being an angry giant

    2. I would say that either eyes, ears OR à semi-fuctioning brain is enough to figure it out, I dont even think you need all three x’)

  55. Guess he got bored on the Land. The kids and Jenelle must be gone so he has no one to bully at home.

  56. Is David bored with just bullying Jenelle & the kids that he has to move onto Leah & her kids? What a joke, he thinks he knows what Corey would or wouldn’t allow, they don’t even know each other. David truly is an abusive control freak & a lily livered chicken,bashes women & kids then runs & hides.

    1. Not to nitpick, but it’s Instagram.

      I do agree though; he should mind his own biscuits and take his irrelevant tree rot looking ass back to The Swamp.

    2. He doesn’t even follow her. That’s what’s creepy. Who creeps on their (former) costars without actually following them.
      He’s a complete nutjob, and I have no doubt Junkelle and those kids will end up in a shallow grave somewhere on the Laaaaand one day soon.

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