‘The Challenge’ Star Britni Thorton Arrested For DUI


Britni Thornton brought the wild partying ways she learned in The Challenge House to the streets of Georgia…and it got her in big trouble.

The Ashley can reveal that Britni, who starred on the recent “Vendettas” season of ‘The Challenge,’ was arrested on Saturday for DUI. 

According to online records, Britni was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (over .08 grams or more). She was also charged with Failure to Maintain Lane, meaning that she was allegedly caught swerving across the lane lines.

Britni, whose boyfriend is ‘Challenge’ star Brad Fiorenza, is a cast member on the upcoming ‘Challenge’ season “Final Reckoning,” which is currently filming. However, the fact that she was back in her home state of Georgia on Saturday seems to indicate that she’s already been eliminated from the competition.

While she may not have won the Grand Prize on the upcoming ‘Challenge,’ Britni did manage to take an A+ mugshot!

UPDATE! Brad’s ex-wife, Tori Hall, tweeted the link to this story, as well as her thoughts on Britni’s arrest.

“I’m livid,” Tori tweeted. “There is no excuse ever to drink and drive. Ever.”

On Thursday, Britni spoke out about her DUI arrest, and clarified that she was not under the influence of alcohol, but rather pot, when she was arrested.

“Yikes I know,” she tweeted. “Luckily it was a one time stupid mistake. Thankfully for me the ones that care and KNOW me know that I NEVER drink and drive and they’re the only ones I care about disappointing. I’m a stoner not a drinker. Mistakes happen, you live you learn.”

(Photos: MTV, Columbia County)


  1. “They’re the only ones I care about disappointing.” Who the hell cares who you ‘disaapointed’, you self righteous idiot? You swerving across lanes while driving, you could have killed people! She has a lot of nerve trying to throw shade towards the mother of her boyfriend’s children. She has every right to be concerned. With her nonchalant attitude, she probably has done this before.

  2. She sure is proud of herself, isn’t she? She had to pull all her hair to one side, model she is not! I’m glad no one was hurt. She seems so dirty, even all dressed up on the reunion. Ick.

  3. Well…Brad definitely downgraded with this loser. My guess is, Tori’s going to keep her kids as far away from his drunk as possible

  4. I’ve always felt this girl was kind of trashy. But then I see that not only is she a drunk driver, she had the balls fo smile in her mug shot. She’s a pig. ‘Nuff said.

    1. If you had two young children and didn’t express concerns that Tori does, I would 100% side eye you. Britni is just a candy to Brad.

  5. What a jerk to smile and try to look good in her mugshot. She could have killed people. Obviously she doesn’t care.

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