Mackenzie Edwards Clashes With Dr. Drew In ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion Sneak Peek

“Ryan, gimme one of your lollipops! I’m gonna beat him with it!”

Mackenzie Edwards is coming out swinging in defense of her man on the upcoming Teen Mom OG Reunion episode!

Although Mackenzie didn’t physically try to attack someone at the Reunion (a la Amber Portwood), she did get snappy at Dr. Drew Pinksy during a heated discussion over the aftercare (or lack thereof) that Mackenzie’s husband Ryan is doing following his 2017 rehab stay. 

In a sneak peek clip of Part 2 of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 7 Reunion, Mackenzie lashes out at the doctor (who is actually an addiction specialist), when he dared to question Ryan’s ability to follow his doctor’s orders when it comes to taking drugs that help him curb his heroin addiction.

After Drew and Mackenzie talk over each other for a few seconds, Dr. Drew asks Mackenzie “are you ready to listen to me?”

Drew’s words did not set well with the 21-year-old Mrs. Edwards.

“EXCUSE ME? No, I’m not,” she tells the doctor, before looking at Ryan, who looks like he’d rather be jamming red hot forks into his eyes than be on that stage.

Dr. Drew continues trying to tell the Edwards that Ryan needs to follow his doctor’s directions (when it comes to taking Suboxone) “to the letter.”

“Then, I could argue to Maci [Bookout] that he’s under doctor’s prescription, he’s following it to the letter and you can check with that doctor and that doctor will take responsibility for any problems,” Dr. Drew explains. “But if [Ryan’s] taking [the medication] ad-lib, I can’t vouch for that.”

Mackenzie continues to bring the sass.

“I don’t think you can vouch for anything Ryan does, honestly,” Mackenzie tells the doc. “But that’s just my opinion.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan told Dr. Drew that he was unable to do outpatient substance abuse treatment (like counseling or 12-step meetings) because he is on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ In the new clip, Dr. Drew expresses his concern over Ryan’s lack of aftercare.

“If he’s not doing any treatment, he needs to be on medication management,” Dr. Drew says.

Part 2 of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 7 Reunion airs Monday on MTV.

Watch Mackenzie and Dr. Drew face off in the clip below!

(Photos: MTV)

109 Responses

  1. Dr. Drew needs to be careful with what he says. Ryan and wife know from doctors what and how to apply help. Don’t think their dumb to this so give them some credit

  2. I so cannot stand Ryan’s wife, that woman has some real issues. She’s just so rude and angry all the time. Please MTV remove her from the show, shes so irritating!

  3. After watching part 2 of the reunion it’s all starting to make a bit more sense. Ryan stated flat out to Dr.Drew that he only takes suboxone here or there when he’s having a bad day, claiming that he does this because he doesn’t want to be addicted to suboxone. This is sheer and utter horse sh*t…FAR more likely that Ryan only takes suboxone on the days he can’t shoot heroin. That’s how he passes the drug tests for the court and it’s also why he refuses to take a hair follicle test. Ryan is SO evasive of any situation which forces the light to shine on what he’s trying to hide. It’s actually quite sad because I don’t believe ANYONE (Mack, Jen, Larry included) believes that Ryan is clean. How could they possibly believe that without wondering why Ryan refuses to take the follicle test that would prove it? Maci said Ryan deletes her responses and I 100% believe her. He’s going to do whatever he can to protect his addiction and that includes deleting texts and convincing his family that Macinisnto blame. I wouldn’t be surprised if he told them that Maci won’t let him see Bentley if he’s taking suboxone as a complete lie concocted to keep people from asking why he won’t take the test. Get a grip for Christ’s sake, before it’s too late.

  4. Mackenzie needs to take a lesson from Miranda (Corey’s wife) and Christina (Gary’s wife) who came on the show after the fact. They both support their husbands without having to take a front seat in the show. Miranda almost got caught up in it that one year with Leah and she immediately stepped aside. Christina could have a lot to say but she keeps her thought to brief conversations with Gary about Leah. Mackenzie injected herself into this cast of people we have been watching for years and no one gives a hoot about her. I don’t know why MTV gives her so much air time, they are only alienating their fan base. I’ve started to record the show and watch it later so I can fast forward through her scenes.

  5. BTW I’ve not watched the clip yet: did she remember to put her pants on this time? Last reunion I saw with her she obviously forgot them.

    1. Yeah, that romper was just awful. I don’t know what kind of parents Mackenzie has, but I would never disgrace mine that way. She needs to remember that what she does reflect back on them. It doesn’t matter how old she is. Not only that, she’s just plain old rude and disgusting.

  6. She is absolutely the worst thing possible for Ryan at this point: I think his parents are finally “over” making up excuses and believing his lies, and along comes this super-enabler and shit-stirrer. I don’t know how much is greed or evil, and how much is just bottomless stupidity, but I hope she has her funeral outfit picked out.

  7. I’m starting to wonder if Mackenzie is Ryan’s drugs dealer’s sister or something and he made a deal to be with her if he could get free drugs for life or something. Because Ryan has NEVER seemed to ever really like her, or even stand her at all. Even when we first met her, it was more about how Jen and Larry liked her, we never saw Ryan talking about how he loved her or wanted to be with her forever. He always looks so distant and completely checked out, like he’s just ENDURING this relationship and all the crap that comes with it: roadside wedding, second wedding, social media posts, interviews she gives about his sobriety and their life toghether, filming with her on TV, a pregnancy, and sitting next to her while she screams at Dr. Drew about how great their relationship is and how wonderful Ryan is doing.

    I mean, for the past couple of years at least, he’s been neck deep in heroin and his addiction has been his number one priority. Generally, people are not looking for someone to settle down with and marry when they’re in the middle of a massive addiction. Where did she come from? I can’t see him seeking her out, and then going on multiple dates with her, and then deciding he wanted to move her into his house and marry her. Especially if she’s sober. Addicts aren’t spending a lot of time hanging out with sober people, looking for someone that they can get into a relationship with that they would have to hide their using and addiction from. It just doesn’t make any sense. What did they do together during the dating phase if all he ever did was spend his days spending thousand of dollars on drugs? That’s a multiple times a day amount of using. Where did she fit into that? The tinder profiles and the food city hookups make sense for an addict. Not this whole serious relationship starting in the middle of his addiction.

  8. B*tch has NO BUSINESS being in the nursing field if she really does think she wants to pursue that!!! I would not want her to be my Nurse. That is f*cking scary! Plus, i would love to see her try to be that disrespectful and sassy to a doctor in inpatient care!! Our doctors at my hospital would chew her up and spit her back out like gum!!
    What a joke!

  9. If she loved him she would listen to any advice and be willing to try anything to help him. Instead she gets defensive and attacks someone trying to help Ryan. You know it’s bad if Dr Drew is actually calling you out.

  10. Mack has been rode hard and put away wet one too many times…and as much as I don’t want to wish anyone bad…a miscarraige would protect this unborn child from being raised in utter dysfunction and drug abuse.
    When and if Ryan ever “comes to” and gets truly sober he is going to realize that (to take a line from Kenny Chesney) he “went to bed at 2 with a 10, but woke up at 10 with a 2.”
    I know that Jen and Larry are worried about losing their son, either by an overdose or him pulling away completely because he doesn’t want to hear what they have to say, but they better do something before it’s too late. And yes they spoiled Ryan, but they can’t be blamed by his bad choices as an adult. Many parents raise spoiled, entitled children, but they don’t destroy their lives with drugs. Ryan has been making bad decisions over half his life, so “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

  11. I just cannot stand Mack, she is making Ryan worse off then he already was; his parents are also such classic enablers its just all so sad. The only one in his life that actually seems to give a crap about him getting better is Maci and that is for her son’s sake. Maci has been right from the start on this whole thing, it just bothers me so much. I have had people in my life go through this and the only way they get better is long term treatment and aftercare. They are delusional people it just boggles my mind, cause Ryan is on a collision course for an early death if he doesn’t get the help and treatment he needs.

  12. Another immature twat waffle who doesn’t realize that this show will be available forever. She is ruining her reputation (even more than it already was) and making herself look completely ridiculous, rude, and moronic. She could have played the martyr and swooped in and helped Ryan and been deemed a “TM sweetheart”, instead she takes the Farrah route ??? She’s gonna hate her life when it’s just her, Ryan, and two babies with no cameras or money to help her feel better ?

    1. If Mack was even remotely intelligent, she could’ve work all this to her advantage a long time ago. She could’ve become a champion for Ryan and his parents would’ve loved her. She worked this completely wrong.

  13. Honestly, I am SO over Mackenzie and the Edwards’ damage control tactics and denial. What in the world is wrong with them? The idea that someone struggling with an IV heroin drug addiction for years needs more than 20 days in rehab to stay clean is NOT difficult to understand. It’s not as though Ryan killed someone or is beyond forgiveness…he is SICK and needs to hear that from the people whose opinions matter to him. When his parents and his wife sit back and act as though he was caught smoking weed, nbd, type of attitude, it makes my blood boil because they are to blame for his illness as much as he is now! Mackenzie, you half witted child, perhaps it would be smart to listen to the guy with the MD who specializes in addiction, as opposed to taking offense when he gives GOOD advice that any moron with google would agree with.

  14. Is anyone else surprised Hudson’s father hasn’t tried to change their custody agreement as more and more information comes out? Especially after Rhine’s arrest coming out and the lack of a drug test?

    1. It’s probably happening behind the scenes to be honest. I know he was pissed they had Hudson filming.

    2. Can I just say I’m glad we have such an involved father for a change here on OG (besides Gary of course)? How in the WORLD did he hook up with Mack (and got married to her I believe)?! We all make mistakes tho, I’m glad he has his son’s best interests in mind. I believe we will be seeing less and less of Hudson (who I think is adorable, a shame he has such a mother)

      1. Hudson isn’t supposed to film at all, so we almost definitely won’t see him from here on out (You’re right though, he’s cute and his little accent is adorable). But Mack had him as a teenager, so I’m assuming it was a fresh relationship/hook-up and the guy was just trying to do the right thing for his kid.

  15. Ryan’s drug problem is something that he has to deal and face head on however McKenzies denial will only ensure Ryan an early grave he needs people in his life to be honest with him to lay it out NOT cover things up for him Add to that thinking now is the time to bring an innocent child into the world knowing he’s not sober and hasn’t been is purely selfish and unfair to an innocent child

  16. Anyone think she could be on something too and is trying to hide it for the sake of her other child? Why else would she sit there and try to argue he is sober when the world can see that he is not. What is the benefit?

    1. It’s probably a combination of not wanting to lose whatever rights she has to her own child, while trying to make sure they stay on TV so they can get that MTV check, and she can be famous. The easiest solution to all of this, would be to leave the man she clearly don’t love at all, and get a freaking job. But she wants that fame and money, and even her own child comes second to it. Like, could you imagine being so selfish that you put your child’s well being at risk for your own personal gain?

    2. Oh my gosh I have thought that for a while! I’ve held off on saying anything because I know she’s pregnant but I don’t know if that matters anymore to her it’s odd to me that she seems to have no affect unless it’s about Ryan I really believe any sober person would never have followed through with the original shit show of a parking lot wedding

      1. She’s just in it for the money and fame. That’s all. Why else would a (at the time) 19 year old recently divorced mom get involved with someone she has seen treat the women in his life like shit, and never show up for his kid on national television since she was literally 11 years old? She was in the fifth grade when 16&P aired. Literally elementary school aged. Only a year older than Bentley is now. Ryan was 19/20 years old. He poses a threat to himself and others with his addiction, but this idiot was all about getting in a car with him strung out behind the wheel to make sure she locked that cash cow down before he went off to rehab and could have potentially left her after sobering up. She’s all about herself. Ryan, Hudson, the new baby (aside from the child support she can collect) don’t actually matter to her.

  17. I can’t imagine the two of them sitting on the sofa, cuddled up watching a film, or going for a walk, or anything. They don’t seem to have anything us common-at all!! I remember everyone liking her at first, that was before the crazy Mack appeared. Ryan seems to love the dog more than his wife!!
    Can we just address Jen? Mack looks exactly like Jen, same face, mannerisms etc. Jen clearly still wishes maci was in her life. She always sticks up for her too!!
    I can’t believe she’s 21, she look in her 30’s-older than Ryan!

  18. Little girl messin’ in grown folks business. She really is a vapid person. Cancer, really.

  19. I am tired of all these Teen Moms that have turned into garbage and then there is Ryan, lets create a ” we wont watch any Teen Mom shows or use any products advertised by any of the teen moms” I want the old MTV back were there were real celebrities on the shows dam it !!!

  20. Ryan is not even 1/10th as invested in defending himself and reforming/protecting his image as Mackenzie is. Ryan has been checked out and past caring for 9 years. He never felt the need to make sure everyone thought he was doing well or was a good person. So why does Mackenzie care SO MUCH!? She not only has to overcompensate with her praise and defense of him for the past season or two where we found out he’s been using and cheating and driving high and not submitting to drug testing, but she has to overcome the YEARS of Ryan acting like a spoiled entitled brat who has never given two fucks about his child, his child’s mother, his parents, the grief he is causing any of them, his reputation, or how people view him. Why is she so invested in trying to convince us all that A) he’s doing super well, B) he’s a super good guy at heart, C) he’s an awesome dream husband, D) he’s an excited, supportive, loving father-to-be, E) he’s a good dad to Bentley and Hudson, and F) any troubles he’s faced are not at all his fault and have been overblown and exaggerated for the show? He doesn’t care what people think of him. He doesn’t care about his image or reputation. He doesn’t care if people know about him using, or leaving rehab early, or not doing after care. He doesn’t care AT ALL. So to have her out there, all day everyday, singing his praises and getting into fights with anyone who dares to question his behavior, just makes her look like a super crazy and delusional person who is lying to the world because she’s obsessed with everything *looking* good and happy.

  21. Who does she think she is getting snippy on an aftershow of a series that she’s the most hated cast member? I can’t remember if it was a preview or actually on part one but I loved it when she expressed disappointment over how their “wedding” was depicted. She even had the nerve to say everyone else on the show had a fairy tale wedding with touching moments shown and she felt it was unfair that “editing” was used to show the bad parts of her day. First off Mack Truck, this wasn’t even a wedding as we got to see the joyful moment you took your real vows in a parking lot. Second, you’re married to a secondary character who may be a dad but if Maci wasn’t on the show Ryan wouldn’t be either and neither would you. Did this girl really expect to get a full on special episode for that shit show? This girl is so delusional and fake hungry I get second hand embarrassment when she talks.

    1. As if the producers had enough turd polish to make the DUI nuptuals fairytaleish enough for her to look good.

    2. Right!? My first thought was “Jesus, she really thinks she’s somebody, huh?” What’s with all these new bae jumping in and stirring the pot? Ya’ll are tertiary characters, not even secondary. Learn ya place.

    3. I am surprised she hasn’t demanded Wedding #3, and a better edit. Or well since seh was married before, make that Wedding #4.

    1. Her pregnancy reveal was gross and unsanitary. For any race fans on here, Amy Earnhardt’s was cute you should Google the article. Much sweeter and more thoughtful than MacKenzie’s reveal.

  22. She is vile. No one believes Ryan is sober no matter how much she screeches. Also, Jen’s “he is” at the end sounded so pathetic. Larry and Jen KNOW Ryan isn’t sober and that Mack is a snake. Sweeping it under the rug isn’t going to make this go away bid they’re worried about their image, well that’s already shattered. It’s time to hold Ryan accountable.

  23. I can’t even with this girl. I can physically feel the rage coming on just looking as her smug ugly face. She’s so ugly on the inside it wouldn’t matter if she was gorgeous. They should throw her in a cage with Amber on an angry day lol.

    I did enjoy a comment Larry made on part one. When he asks if just Maci and Ryan are going on stage…she said yes and he said “Get him girl” lol. I hope they’re finally trying to be firm and stop babying Ryan’s ass. Poor Jen when she was talking about Maci protecting Bentley. I know she loves her son and even though they’ve definitely hurt more than helped, she’s terrified.

  24. She is 21, she thinks she knows life. Little girl, you are divorced with a 4 year old. You are playing house, you don’t know how to handle Ryan’s addiction and treatment, you need to take a seat, shut up and let the adults handle this.
    Granted I’m only 28 but my husband went through this before I knew him and I don’t try to act like I know everything.
    I’m worried for Ryan seriously, even though suboxone cancels out at a certain dose, it can still be misused (injecting etc) and that comes with a lot of risks too.
    HE NEEDS REAL HELP and mack, Jen and Larry are not it

  25. OMG can we the fans get rid if this Pig. It pisses me off that she may be getting payed for this b.s. that’s all she is in it for
    Her check , Ryan’s check. Why does she think that anyone is interested in her? I for one am not. I hate watching her enable Ryan. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if she were feeding him the dope just so she can manipulate the situation. If this guy comes up dead from a O.D. I would wonder what her role in would be.

    1. Her and that trap baby should get fk all off mtv, no pay checks and no air time.
      I absolutely agree with your comment Paula.

    1. So Jen and Larry should get a slap then!!! After all look how their son turned out.
      Jen and Larry have lied and in the past talked bad about Maci ( around Bentley too)

    1. I can’t believe how old she looks…not to mention she’s had a baby, been married and divorced, now on her second baby and second marriage (soon divorce). It’s like girl you better slow down, your life is a train wreck and yet she thinks she’s mature ? She’s on the JE train, where they think popping out kids makes them wise.

  26. She clearly forgets while yapping like a needle-nosed chihuahua and attempting to go head to head with Dr. Drew (a board certified medical doctor and addiction internist) — to tell us from which medical school she earned HER medical degree.

    I may be wrong. But I’m willing to bet nonetheless that deep down inside even Ryan himself can’t STAND this chick.

    1. Y’all are some savages in these comments ???….Oh you know he can’t stand her….the look on his face when he had to tell her to “chill” when she started transforming into Reagan from the exorcist showed that he was not in the mood for her sass.

    1. Notice how he tried to stop her and told her to calm down? Granted, it wasn’t a full effort, but she seemed pissed he wasn’t like “yeah, Mack! You tell that man!” And instead tried to calm her down.

  27. Stress aint gonna do you any good mack! Might as well get the truth out about everything and accept it before this baby comes into it.

  28. Stress aint gonna do you any good mack! Might as well get the truth out about everything and accept it before this baby comes into it. You have a few months…

  29. Oh, this girl! Roll your eyes all you want to, Mack. Rhine is gonna die. Someday your fatherless child is gonna blame YOU! My heart breaks for Bentley, and the unborn baby.

  30. I hate to do this, but can we please finally acknowledge how god-awful ugly she is? I’ve never trolled a comment section to attack someone on a physical level before, but she’s ugly on the inside too. Initially I was proud of Rhine for dating someone nice (remember when she seemed alright in the beginning) even if she was more homely. But clearly he was just high. But ugh…she gets even uglier the worse her personality gets. #SorryNotSorry

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty bad when your addict ( for several years) husband still looks like he way too good looking for you. Ryan doesn’t look nearly as good as he could., compared to him she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

    2. You’re absolutely right…she wasn’t cute to begin with, but that personality combined with her lack of a bottom jaw and hooked nose, she looks like a full blown disaster. If she were nicer, I’m sure she wouldn’t look as bad. Crazy how personalities can make someone more or less attractive.

  31. I hate her so much. My favorite was when she tried to blame ryans addicition on Maci. The bitch knows he is high 24/7 . His ass needs to be back in rehab or on suboxone.

  32. Good Lord, this woman! I don’t think Ryan stands a chance at sobriety while she is a part of his life.

  33. Ryan is surrounded by classic enablers. He is a man-child that has never been responsible a day in his life. To be honest, I feel sorry for the baby being born into this mess.

    1. Oh it was absolutely pathetic how those 2 women rallied around him and defended his actions and blatantly lied to Dr. Drew. Jen sat there and told that bold faced lie that Rhine was getting help and Larry just sat there silent cuz he knew it wasn’t true. Then you heard Mack in the back mumbling her 2 cents. She needs to be kicked off the show. I seriously cannot stand her. Her drama is a different type of disrespectful….it’s annoying. She thinks she’s one of the originals and can get away with being a bitch like Farrah and Jenelle did. The girl is delusional and is like a leach.

  34. Typical know it all… she’s just as bad as Larry and Jen- enabling him. He will never grow up & get better.

  35. I hope Dr Drew grew some balls this season and calls them out, especially about the “letter”. It seems like he is this time. We can only hope. I also don’t mean to be rude and I hope I don’t come off this way but Maci is now McKinney not Bookout. I know it was a pet peeve of mine when I was married and others still used my maiden name. No disrespect 🙂

  36. The audacity of this girl to roll her neck and eyes when someone tries to call her out on her lies in disgusting. Any time she comes to a reunion she shows her ass n blames everyone else for her smack head husbands problems. She never takes accountability for the damage shes causing because shes delusional and in my opinion wants to be as famous as the Kardashians….Remember in part 1 she was whining about how everyone else got the “fairy tale wedding” but her and Rhine. She didn’t get the fairy tale wedding because her husband was HIGH!…She even got a redo of the first wedding and he was HIGH for that one too! Mack is the devil.

  37. She is so rude! There are many other problems but she has a terrible attitude! Like Farrah before her, nobody can give an opinion or share a feeling if it’s against her’s. She is just rude!

  38. I want this Dr.Drew all the time! I think the thing is, he has no loyalty to Mack and she’s not a main Teen Mom so he doesn’t care. If anything, I want Dr. Drew to give her and Ryan Andrew his parents a bigger piece of his mind.

    1. Several episodes back someone suggested Dr. Phil host a reunion. Ever since then that is all I want from life! He does not take ANY bs from anyone. It would be so awesome to see him lay the smack down on Mack! She’s the worst.

  39. They just hate talking about Ryan and his problem they think they can hide in their bubble and take care of it themselves. Clearly they can’t do it themselves or Ryan wouldn’t have gotten to the point he’s gotten. When you have to constantly defend everything your spouse does then you’re just in denial. Or in jens case if you have to back up your son all the time you’re in denial too. Ryan was and is babied so much no one except Maci will stand up to him and he doesn’t like it. They just keep burying their head in the sand expecting everything to go away . If his parents weren’t such enablers then they all would be able to have a better relationship with Bentley.

  40. It’s sad but I think she wants him to die. He looks like he is not long for this world. Too bad his parents won’t wake up because his wife doesn’t have his best interest at all.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. She straight up told Dr. Drew she doesn’t want to listen to him. She has zero interest in Ryan getting aftercare.

      1. She is with him for money and fame,she never loved him.When Ryan dies she got everything,the house,the money etc,she is scary.

        1. Well the house is actually Jen’s, not his. And what money?? He’s probably spend the better part of it on drugs!

    2. You’re right, everything she is doing, is making him spiral back in addiction. B*tch, you are expecting a baby now, it’s not ONLY ABOUT YOU!! He/she needs a father! (and a sober one that is)

  41. Mackenzie is our NEW Farrah!!!!! Thank you MTV for giving us someone else to HATE every week. I was tired of nasty Farrah!

  42. She’s trying to get on the show. Now that there’s no Farrah we need a new person to hate.

  43. Excuse me??!???!? How dare you try to take away my meal ticket!!

    Because we all know Ryan would’ve never married her if he were sober

  44. The best part is Snakenzie looking at Ryan to defend her when Dr. Drew tells her to listen and Ryan just tell her to “relax” lol.

    1. Defending her is just to much work for him. Maybe they should get him a scooter so he can save his energy

  45. “EXCUUUUUUSE ME???????”

    This woman..I just can’t.

    Yeah, you heard him correctly, Mack. He told you to listen to him. Shut your ignorant, annoying ass up for one second and listen to a licensed health professional that is trying to help your husband.

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