‘Sister Wives’ Couple Kody & Meri Brown Are Attempting To Save Their Rocky Marriage

“I did good…for once!”

When we last saw Kody and Meri Brown, it looked like their marriage was not long for the road, with Kody even admitting during the season finale “Tell All” episode that he and his first wife now have a platonic relationship and that he has no desire to be intimate with her anymore.

However, it appears that the Sister Wives couple may be trying to improve their relationship. On Sunday, Meri posted to social media, informing her followers of a sweet gesture Kody made to celebrate their anniversary.

In a photo posted to Instagram, Kody and Meri are shown smiling for the camera. In the photo caption, Meri, who’s out of town on business, wrote, “Kody flew out to Chicago on my last day of #LuLaRoe  leadership so we could spend our anniversary together yesterday. How sweet was that?!”

In an effort to combat Internet rumors that she and Kody had split up, she added, “28 years and still here!”

Kody married Meri in 1990 and together they have one daughter, Mariah. Meri was Kody’s first (and only legal) wife until 2015, when Meri legally divorced Kody so that he could marry his fourth wife, Robyn, in order to adopt her children from a previous marriage. However, Meri and Kody remain spiritually married, although their relationship has been strained for the past few years.

The sight of Meri and Kody getting along and celebrating their marriage gave plenty of ‘Sister Wives’ fans a happy feeling.

“I’m so glad he came out to be with you!” one of Meri’s followers wrote in the comment section of the photo. “I’m pulling for you two!”

“Happy to see some progress in your relationship and goals of working at it together! I LOVE IT,” another person wrote. “Congrats!”

Of course, there were some nay-sayers who wondered if Kody only came to see Meri to look good for the TLC cameras.

“This had nothing to do with the show,” Meri told one person in a comment. “This is us and our relationship.”

“You don’t know us then,” she told another person who encouraged her to leave Kody. “We don’t give up easily.”

Although it doesn’t appear Kody’s surprise visit to see Meri was filmed for the show,  ‘Sister Wives’ fans will get to see the couple work on their relationship, as the show has been renewed for another season.

(Photos: TLC, Instagram)

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  1. That LulaNo shit is butt-ugly. The dumb ass people that wear it are going to be appalled in the future that they ever bought and wore it.

    The only reason Meri gets sales is because her fawning fans are sucking up to a grade Z “star.” She’s rude and treats people like dog shit.

    Kody looks like hell in that picture. He looks like a billy goat with head lice.

    1. Overpriced butt sacks. I cannot comprehend why they thought making a garment that is supposed to be somewhat snug-fitting in one size (0-12).

  2. This is for a story line for next season, after the show was almost being cancelled due to low ratings. It’s obvious that Cody has zero interest in Meri. He can barely fake an ability to tolerate her presence.

  3. I just threw up in my mouth a bit imagining how they celebrated their anniversary and also apparently getting back together. Meri did say they didn’t sleep together for ages.

  4. People who keep encouraging Meri to leave the family and to leave Kody in particular seem to be forgetting something very crucial: this is all she has known for practically her whole life. Down vote all you want, but think about how hard it would be to suddenly be completely alone, when you’re used to having family and what you consider somewhat “your” children around all of the time. And let’s face it- it aint easy starting over as a middle-aged woman who also happens to be a reality star. Yeah, I think Kody is a douche with control issues, but Meri doesn’t seem to be the easiest person to get along with either…

    1. All the kids she help raise are grown. Mary wants to buy a home 3 hours away from her family. I don’t think it would be that hard to leave Cody when he’s not showing her any affection. Mary has aged a lot since her and Cody had issues. I think it would be better for her to leave him. She’s hard to get along with because she’s angry and hurt.sewms to me she’s being pushed out since the new wife came in.

      1. Maybe her life would be better if she left…but maybe not. No one is guaranteed a “happily ever after” regardless of what we are taught by movies and pop culture. Ultimately, we aren’t IN her situation (and don’t actually know her on a personal level), so we don’t know for sure why she acts the way she does. And let’s not forget that their religion (the whole reason for this lifestyle) really discourages leaving when the going gets tough. Would I stick around if I were her? Hell no! But I’d never be living that lifestyle in the first place.

        1. Iam not saying she would be happier or not. She just looks very sad. Life is too short to be so unhappy. I know her name is Mari. Auto correct. ?

      2. In other words…she would lose more than a husband. She would lose her whole family. Except for her selfish mother and Mariah. (Need I say more?)

    2. Apps a freakin lutely I definitely think it’s a 2 way street and they deserve each other. He always said any of his wise are free to leave and he should have the same option because she is brutal

  5. All about the man. While Mary was at home crying in her pillow,Cody was getting it on with his 3 other wives. Mary should leave him. Cody is a narcissistic azzhole.

  6. Eh…if it was his own idea that’s nice. If someone else (producer/other wife/whatever) told him to then it’s just kinda sad.

    I’m sure she’s hurt by being pushed away and left out all the time.

    Anyway…does their state require you to be married to adopt? Brad Pitt adopted Angelina’s kids way before they were married…

    1. I think there is a difference between trying to adopt your girlfriend’s children while in a monogamous relationship with her vs. trying to adopt your girlfriend’s children while married to someone else. I’m not judging their situation but the law might.

    1. I guarantee you she makes a shit ton of money. She’s one of the top sellers thanks to her fame. The sellers that are at the level that they go to Leadership are making bank. I made $72k last year selling LuLaRoe and I’m nowhere close to being at Leadership. She’s easily making 6 figures and that’s not including her income from doing Sister Wives.

      1. I’m sincerely curious how anyone can even make $70+k a year by selling tights without it being some kind of pyramid scheme

        1. It is a pyramid scheme. She has a freaking down line that she profits from.

          There’s a reason why your local Goodwill or online at Poshmark will have a lot of those leggings (new, with tags)…. and it isn’t because those things sell like hot cakes.

          1. Just what I thought… like Avon, Mary K, Stomach wraps, Doterra, etc. I’m solicited for this kind of crap on Instagram (I deleted FB) constantly, I always respond back, “I’m really curious how you sell mascara, leggings, Tummy wraps, and non FDA approved pills, etc and *take home* enough profit that you make double what my family makes in a year with no education or real skill…” Generally I don’t get a response ?

            Kind of refreshing to see others are on the same page

          2. @PainInTheAsh

            I live for those screenshots on reddit. I pity most of them, except for the hucksters of essential oils with dubious claims of health benefits.

      2. Cool story. MLMs ruin a lot of lives. I prefer women be empowered with actual employment, not buying into a pyramid scheme.

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