‘Teen Mom 2’ Cast Feud Continues! Jenelle Evans Lashes Out at Kail Lowry, Leah Messer Responds

The real question is: Who will be the first to throw a shoe at the upcoming Reunion?

The Jerry Springer Show has nothing on Teen Mom 2 when it comes to drama!

After a week filled will back-and-forth social media jabs (that began when Jenelle Evans‘ husband David Eason parent-shamed Leah Messer and Corey Simms over the amount of makeup they allowed their daughter Aleeah to wear during cheer competitions), Jenelle decided to add more fuel on the fire to keep the feud going.

On Sunday, Jenelle lashed out at her cast mate, Kail Lowry, in a series of Instagram Live posts, telling Kail to stay out of the beef between her and Leah.

“People are too sensitive, aka Kail. I’m just gonna say it. I think it’s really funny that you always have to butt in on people’s drama,” Jenelle said. “How many times do you have to comment on something if it has to do with me? It’s crazy!

“I’m pretty sure my whole rant was about Leah,” she added. “It was about cheerleading makeup and it didn’t have Kail’s name all over it. Rant ova!”

(The posts have since been deleted, but one Twitter user captured the Kodak moment and posted a video of Jenelle’s rant.)

“Is she on drugs?” Kail tweeted in response to the video of Jenelle’s rant.

Earlier this week, Jenelle took to her trusty Instagram Live account to inform Leah that if she doesn’t want David making inane comments on her Instagram posts, then she should block him. Leah responded on Twitter to Jenelle’s rant, writing that she was unhappy that David was making critical comments about her daughter.

“I’ve always wanted the best for Jenelle,” Leah tweeted on Friday. “It’s sad she feels the need to attack not just me but my family, top gain fulfillment within herself. I’ll continue to pray for her health and well-being. However, I won’t tolerate her behavior towards my family and me!”

Raise your hand if you think these girls have way too much time on their hands for drama…

So far, the other ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls– Chelsea Houska and Briana DeJesus— have kept themselves out of the drama (well…this round, at least).

The group is set to come face-to-face with each other when they tape the Season 8B Reunion next month. MTV may want to beef up the number of security guards on-set, as well as the number of cameras there to capture the action!

(Photos: MTV)


  1. I kinda have to give Jenelle credit. She has a remarkable ability to make herself a victim. I’ve been re-watching last season. She was the victim who had to care for her child, even though she was pregnant (bitch, that’s your child. It’s what a parent does. Pregnancy does not nullify those responsibilities). She’s the victim who’s mother refuses to hand over custody to Jace (because she never made mistakes that led to this custody arrangement). Ugh, there are countless examples in every episode where Jenelle is trying to make herself a victim. It’s honestly impressive, in an exceptionally twisted way

  2. This trashbag needs to shut her mouth. Has she forgotten Kail bailed her out of jail and Jenelle never paid her back even though she promised she would? Ugghh. Jenelle is the worst. Get a job Jenelle. You have too much free time on your hands.

  3. Ok I can’t stand Kail but I lost it when she commented with “is she on drugs?” ? YES the answer is yes

  4. Kail getting Involved In issues that don’t concern her? Jenelle just doesn’t know what having a real friend is like. I’m not a Kail fan but at least she’s there for Leah.

  5. Considering Jenelle cleaned the toilet with her own stepdaughter’s toothbrush and has no problems with her Neanderthal husband man handling her child, she would have no qualms going after the child of a fellow cast member. Jenelle is the lowest form of humanity, along with her mate.

  6. I think kail commented because Leah was on kails podcast when she was asked to comment on the reunion. Kail probably feels she had a hand in making Leah the target here.

    Jenelles pupils are huge is that the filter? Where’s doc drew with his iPhone flashlight when you need him

    All these girls with the exception of Chelsea need to grow up. They’re almost 30. Time for the $$ train to derail and get lives!!!

  7. Yeah, I saw it. On the Grace Report. I can’t wait to hear Grace talk about it. I don’t think she likes Jenelle either. I really like watching The Grace Report. She usually says exactly what we’re all thinking.

  8. How dare you comment on the thing I commented on that my husband commented on that had nothing to do with any of us?!

    1. Right. And it’s social media. It’s not like any of this was a private conversation between two people and then someone else walked up, pushed her way between the two people talking, and started stating her opinion. If you comment on someone’s public social media page, then it’s there IN PUBLIC, for everyone to read, comment on, form an opinion on, report on, whatever. These girls make no sense when they attempt to say that some sort of issue they’re having with each other on social media, in front of millions of followers, is somehow private or not to be commented on by others.

    1. Sometimes I think people are just lousy human beings. Nothing to do with drugs or being mentally ill. They just suck at being decent. That’s Jenelle.

  9. So in order to keep somebody out of your drama you’re going to bring them further into it may I always live in a world where Jenelle’s crazy logic does not make sense

  10. I don’t usually agree with Jenelle but she’s 100% right. Kail needs to stfu and sit her troll looking azz down. Kail is getting into everybody’s business to get people to watch her podcast. Kail acts like shes better than Jenelle when in reality she’s just like Jenelle. Kail has to be doing a little smoking too. Why else would she have them big azz tattoos on her big azz arms. Kail is only using people and making her baby daddys tow the line. Except Chris of course and shes punishing him by taking away Lopez from Lo’s name.

    1. Fun facts about the whole ‘Kail & Jenelle are the same’ comment:
      Kail has custody of all of her children. Jenlle was told by a court this year that she will never regain custody of Jace.
      Kail takes her children on vacation. Jenelle dumps her kids off with whoever will take them so that she can go on vacation.
      Kail attends all of her children’s sporting events and activities. Jenelle couldn’t be bothered so show up to Jace’s cub scout event.
      Kail has never had a CSP investigation. Jenelle has had multiple CPS investigations for each child.
      Kail has no mug shots. Jenelle has 16.
      Kail’s children have never tested positive for any kind of drug at birth. All of Jenelle’s children have tested positive at birth, and she herself has admitted to using drugs while pregnant.

      I’m not Kail’s biggest fan by any means. But Kail is 100x the mother Jenelle is. The only thing they really have in common is that they are both 3×3’s who can’t handle relationships.

      1. I agree. Kail has some issues when it comes to men, but she seems to be nice and loving towards her kids. She’s nothing like Jenelle. I don’t think Kail would let a man like David around her kids either.

      2. Hoe are kail and Jenelle alike

        1. 3 for 3 baby daddy’s
        2. A degree that they don’t use
        3. Attention seeking
        4. Domestic violence toward others
        5. Anger issues
        6. Gay at one time
        7. Biological mother not in their life
        8 biological fathers not in their life
        9. Immature
        10. Comments on issues that they shouldn’t
        11. Narcissistic
        I can go on

        1. Jenelle’s biological mother was in her life, and a fantastic mom granted everything. Jenelle pushed her away and let her abusive husband ruin their relationship. Jenelle sits around and lets her “man” abuse her kids. I honestly believe Kail would kill anyone who dare hurt her kids. Kail may not be great, I do not like her, but she is a thousand times a better mom than Jenelle. All of Jenelle’s kids should be removed from her custody. The same cannot be said for Kail.

        2. Kail’s degree is in communications. She has a podcast. She’s using the degree. Jenelle doesn’t have a degree, she has a certification, which she legally cannot use bc of her criminal record.

          Also whether or not either of them were “gay at one time,” is not a negative.

          Bio mother not in life: Kail was abandoned by hers. Jenelle has abandoned her mother.

          Bio fathers not in life: that’s not either of their faults. Not doesnit reflect poorly on them as their dads left when they were kids.

          1. I said what they have in common. I didn’t say it was a negative you did. Don’t put that on me. Either way their dads and moms aren’t in their lives. Both of em graduated college. I said what they have in common.

          2. No, they did not both graduate from college. Jenelle does not have a college degree.

    2. Kail has to be doing a little smoking too

      I wouldn’t know either way, but I can tell you I’ve never seen Kail break down in tears at the prospect of having to lay off the weed.

        1. I suppose it’s possible she might shed her skin when not filming, revealing her true alien form, but for now I’m going to have to call things as I see them, rather than just make them up.

        2. I don’t think she was hanging around Chris because of his charming personality. All he talks about is smoking weed. They were friends before it got friends with benefits.

          1. The thing is, it’s not the pot smoking people have an issue with. It’s the fact that Jenelle smoked while pregnant, not caring how it may effect the babies (whether it be good or bad, do you really think she cared or looked into it at all before deciding to?), and that she prioritizes drug/partying/men over her children. Kail may have made some questionable choices, and I’m definitely not defending her physically attacking Javi, but as a mother, she seems pretty damn legit. Jenelle has yet to even go a single year without CPS, an arrest, or more than 6 months between a break up and a new boyfriend.

          2. Seems to me everyone’s gotten off the topic. Iam talking about how kail comments on all the teen mom drama. Kail shouldn’t comment on stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with her. The end.

    3. @kail from hell

      1) Kail is sticking up for friend
      2) not everyone who gets tattoos, are on drugs..
      3) A court will not take away a name out of spite. She obviously had some kind of evidence against Chris for this to happen.

      Lastly, this is the big one
      4) you say that Kail needs to ‘stfu,’ well so does Jenelle. She inserted herself into something her husband said, NOT HER. This had nothing to do with Jenelle either ??‍♀️

      I don’t even like Kail, but come on.

      1. Iam agreeing with Jenelle about how kail gets in everyone’s business. That is Jenelle’s husband. Kail is just doing it to get publicity. Jenelle has more right to take up for her husband than kail does to take up for a friend. Kail went public first. No David had no right to say anything but kail sure didn’t either.

        1. People would agree with your comment more, if you didn’t add in other comments that have nothing to do with talking to Jenelle. Example- she’s on drugs because ‘of them big azz tattoos on them big azz arms’. Or anything to do with Chris and her punishing him. That’s probably what people are responding to

        2. It’s social media! It’s all public. That is it’s sole purpose. For people to make public comments on anyone else’s posts or comments! If David wanted to have some private feud with Leah, then social media, in front of tens of thousands of followers, is not the place to do it.

        3. We are literally all commenting publicly on a situation that has nothing to do with us…

  11. My daughter did these same type of dance/cheer events when she was little and make up was a requirement so that the audience could see their features! It’s not like the poor girl was out shopping, trying to pick up dudes! Come on!!!!!

  12. Did anyone else see the video? She looked so high it wasn’t even funny. Like, absolutely crazed. She’s gotta go.

  13. Yet another teen mom “star” who sees herself in a completely false reality. Jenelle is a POS mother. She’s mean to kaiser and only wants jace to rub it in babs face. Anyone who can throw a small child in a crib,alone and scared of the dark shouldn’t have kid. Oh and remember how sick she was a few years ago and couldn’t take jace, but went on vacations. Jenelle is a constant victim and only cares for herself and lurch feeds that in her. Do the world a favor and STFU Jenelle.

  14. Leah did just fine defending herself on this matter. My thought when I seen the make up was “ wow, they’re going to be chasing boys away when she’s older , really brought out her features and beauty that is to come.”
    Now, as far as kails part… this asshole has a four year degree. We all have to take many classes in college that don’t pertain to our major, these courses are for a reason, they further educate and make you a more rounded person.. kail needs to wipe her ass with her degree! She involves herself in ignorance ( that’s none of her business) she portrays herself to the world as a stupid drama queen that knows no better.

  15. So much delusional narcissism… coupled with meth-fueled rage… this relationship (D+J) is destined to end up one of those shows on the ID Channel…

      1. They will give ID several years of programming for sure. I’m not being funny about that either. It’s a scary thought.

  16. Leah can allow her daughter makeup for cheer competitions if she chooses. She is her mother.

    David is an abusive fuckk.

    Jenelle is stupid for staying with said fuckk.

    Kail should stfu. She has set a gross example of parenthood and is NO ONE TO TALK about anyone else—not even idiotic jenelle.

    1. Completely agree. Kail seems to forget that motherhood is a complete picture. Yes she is “educated” and seems to take good care of her children and love them, but she’s been a really bad role model for relationships and decision making. There’s no way those boys aren’t affected by what she does in her personal life, because she’s made the same choices as Janelle when it comes to being impulsive with relationships ?

  17. I can’t wait to see how tough Jenelle is at the reunion sans David. I predict a walk out in the first five minutes.

    1. I bet David will be there still. Jenelle will throw a huge tantrum and refuse to film unless he is there. MTV will give in because they are so far up Jenelle’s ass.

  18. Her Instagram posts are so funny! IF she’s not reading a scrip trying to get you to buy something she’s posting pictures of herself trying not to look like she’s modeling for the camera. She really thinks she’s really pretty, it’s embarrassing to watch.
    Then last week she goes on talking about David getting ‘death threats’….they all try to sound like grownups but they act like children.
    Each of these girls have 3 children, where do they find the time to do this stuff? I have 1 and can barely make time to read THE ASHLEY!!!

  19. Guys, it’s not David’s fault, he doesn’t understand how Twitter works, remember. Everybody just needs to mind their own business about David and Jenelle getting up in everybody else’s business. ?

  20. This is not a Chelsea post, but thank goodness for her and Cole. They always mind their own damn business as adults should! If I was getting paid 6-7 figures just to continue to appear on a show that I’ve grown out of, I would simply sit back, collect my checks, and STFU. Chelsea is the only one who doesn’t indulge in all this social media drama BS. That’s probably why she’s been so prosperous.

    1. I’m with you. I love Chelsea’s story. She was such a sad sack in the beginning, but she pulled it together and found happiness. She’s a great mom too.

  21. David trolled Leah’s Instagram to find something to go at her about, insulted Aleeah’s cheer makeup, accused her of still being on drugs and losing custody of her kids (pot meet kettle). Jenelle made a drug-induced video defending him and doubled down basically admitting that David did it to get back at Leah for discussing his crazy behavior at the reunion. But, Kail who is defending Leah should stay out of it? Jenelle is just pissed that no one is taking their side.

    Side note, Jenelle and David have been acting more erratic than usual. David’s family was on their boat for his sisters’ birthdays and Jenelle/David drove by them on their own boat super fast (spraying them) and blew horns really loud. They posted the video and were super proud of themselves for getting back at their “haters.” Jenelle also went on David’s sisters Instagram post that same day just to troll her.

    I worry about those poor kids stuck on the land. Thankfully, Jace spent the weekend with Barb who posted the cutest video of her dancing with Jace and Gabriel. Jace looked to carefree and happy.

  22. She gave cease&desist to her cast mates and yet, she is the one who is constantly talking about them…….and Leah needs to block him?! Uhm, what if you, I don’t know, rather tell your husband to MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS!! Like it’s really dumb how they want to make everything about them. If you are asking her to block him because he made comments about her daughters’ makeup (who is a competitive cheerleader, it’s not like she put it on her and took her to school with it), the problem is him, not her.

    1. No I no longer believe he is. He doesn’t believe in hell and just believes a bad soul will simply cease to exist. This is new to me who was raised Catholic and terrified if I wasn’t good I’d burn in hell for eternity (Obvi I am no longer Catholic). So in answer to your question, no, the Pope is not Catholic!

  23. This video you posted of Jenelle actually missed some of the beginning of her craziness. JE says “SOOO, NOW YOU HAVE THE HULK OVER HERE TRYING TO PUT HER 2 CENTS IN, A.K.A. KAIL. I’M JUST GOING TO SAY THIS, I THINK IT’S REALLY FUNNY YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BUTT IN ON PEOPLES DRAMA. LIKE HOW MANY TIMES DO YA HAVE TA COMMENT ON SOMETHING IF IT HAS TO DO WITH ME”. etc… Thanks for posting this Ashley!!

  24. She’s such a f*cking clown!
    I’d love to see her try and pull this crap at whatever reunion is next! I’m sure Kail would have Leah’s back on stage also.

    1. I doubt Jenelle will show up, I think I read that David is no longer invited/allowed to attend even as a guest.
      There is no way Jenelle can go alone especially without David.

  25. I love to come to this page to read the snarky comments and leave some of my own, but I wonder how these idiots have so much time on their hands to sit around and wait to clap back at folks on their social media. Jenelle is a narcissist lunatic isolated on “The Land” with Lurch and a gaggle of children, but in between going to court and switching out kids in gas station parking lots, doesn’t she have some dishes to do, or some weeds to pull or something. Then there’s Kail; she makes terrible life-choices, but she has a bachelor’s and a stupid podcast, plus her children are well cared for so how do these people have the time. The only person I kind of understand might have the time for this nonsense is Leah. She seems to be a genuinely nice young lady; dumb as a box of uncooked pasta, but a sweet person. She literally does nothing but take her kids to the bus station and leave out cans of ravioli and tubs of icing for them to sustain themselves. She was so proud of herself for going back to school then a half-hour later she dropped out. I don’t understand her life down in the holler at all. I would say it must be nice, but as a grown adult, I don’t know how these ladies lead these kinds of lives and have any real self-worth at all.

  26. Jenelle, you find it funny that Kail is involving herself in other people’s drama. Well, I find it funny that you are always involving YOURSELF in drama, period. You live for drama. That’s why you are always fighting with people. It’s getting old. Grow up.

  27. Kids should not be subjected to ridicule. Period. But being the uneducated trash they are., leah should educate them. David and jenelle aren’t worth the time of day. Just looking for attention. Move their fabricated home into a trailer park. It’s where they will end up anyway. Once the MTV ride is over.

    1. I want MTV to cancel this shit show and then do a ‘Where Are They Now’ show in 2 years time.

      Sure we’d find Jenelle on her 4th husband and 7th kid (4 in custody of Barb) working the porn tape road. Totally shocking that happened after the gravy train ran out, said no-one ever.

  28. Who wants to bet that jenelle pulls a Farrah and demands that she not be on stage with the other girls. We already know last time she made MTV get her an air b&b.

    1. I think the other girls should refuse to be on stage with Jenelle. They should ostracize her and stand their ground.

  29. Pot meet Kettle, Jenelle. Fucking hypocrite.

    The beef was between David and Leah, Kail jumping is as justified as you stepping in. No matter if you are married, friends defend each other as much as husbands/wives are expected too.

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