SURPRISE! ‘Married At First Sight’ Season 6 Star Shawniece Jackson Is Pregnant

“You said you liked kids, right?”

The Married At First Sight Season 6 cast is about to get even bigger!

Shawniece Jacksonannounced via People magazine that she is pregnant with her first child. She did not, however, reveal if the baby’s father is Jephte Pierre, whom she married on the show just minutes after meeting him at the altar.

(Fans will find out if Shawniece and Jephte chose to stay married when the Decision Day episode airs tonight. This is likely why she did not reveal if the baby is Jephte’s or not.)

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was absolutely shocked,” Shawniece told People. “I was in the emergency room because I felt awful and had no idea what was wrong. They came back and told me all my symptoms were from pregnancy and that I was pregnant. I was totally shocked.”

Shawniece has not revealed how far along she is in her pregnancy.

Viewers have watched Shawniece and Jephte discuss having children on the show, with them even arguing about what they would name their future kids.

“I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I’ve always felt like that’s my purpose in life — to recreate some little Shawnieces in life,” Shawniece, who is the oldest of 10 siblings, added.

Jephte–who is the oldest of 14 siblings– has also expressed an interest in becoming a dad.

“I can’t wait to have my own children,” he told People earlier this season. “I can’t wait to be a father. I think we’ll both be loving parents, so I just can’t wait to bring a child into the world and raise him and watch him grow and send him off.”

The Decision Day finale airs tonight on Lifetime.

UPDATE! On the season finale, Shawniece and Jephte revealed that they are choosing to stay together, and that Jephte is the father of the baby!

Watch Shawniece and Jephte discuss marriage and family during this season of ‘Married at First Sight!’

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16 Responses

  1. I am so happy for them Congratulations and stay true to yourselves, Put God first and everything will work out. Advice: Do not go to bed vex with each other settle arguments before bedtime and all will be well the marriage will last forever.

  2. I love when the so called experts celebrate when one of the couples decide to stay together. And then you find out within a year or so they then decide to get divorce. Check the track record. Before this season there were 15 couples. Only 3 have stayed married. I can bet the fireman and his wife will be getting a divorce. And I hate to say this but this couple will end in divorce as well.

  3. Seems a bit too soon to me, but I wish them well. They were definitely the most likeable couple.

    I felt bad for Jon. He never stood a chance with the ice pick w/ eyelashes.

    I wonder what happened to my fav couple from last season – the nice teeth guy and the girl that worked at her family’s bar. Anyone know who I’m talking about? I forget their names but they seemed like a true match.

  4. I didnt watch this season but why was she in the emergency room for certain symptoms that almost everyone should know which symptoms are the start of pregnancy. Did she really not think she could be pregnant.

  5. Awe! I love them together and hope they find a lifetime of happiness.
    I wish John and Jackie would have gotten paired up together instead of the narcissitic douches they both got stuck with. Better luck next time I guess.

    1. I agree with you about Jon and Jackie because they both have good personalities. However, I don’t think Jon would have found Jackie attractive. Maybe that attraction would’ve come over time, but he seems into typically “pretty” girls like he thought Molly was.

      1. I am with you RACHYRACH, I don’t think Jon would have found Jackie attractive. It would have started them off on a bad note. Maybe it would have worked out in the long run, but the two are not well matched on a physical level and I think he would have an issue with that. Jackie and her guy were pretty even on a physical attraction level, neither are very good looking, but he ended up thinking he was more of a catch than he is. Jon was expecting a typical pretty girl and he got that, but she did not find him attractive. I think he is hot and she is crazy, but that is just the way it happened.

        1. I honestly don’t think she wasn’t attracted to him per say.. I think she is a game player and needs the chase. If he had acted aloof towards her from day 1 and slept on the floor Jephte style I think she would have been all over him!
          And probably true about Jackie (stop with the teeth licking aleady) though I’d like to think he still would have made an effort.

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