Upcoming Fourth Season of ‘Escaping Polygamy’ Will Delve Into the Religion of the ‘Sister Wives’ Cast

“Look out, Polygs! We’re coming for ya!”

A new season of Escaping Polygamy is coming our way this summer!

Broadway World reports that the show’s fourth season will premiere in June, with the show moving from A&E to Lifetime. The same group of sisters– ShanellAndrea and Jessica Christensen–will once again be attempting to help people escape from polygamous situations. 

While past seasons have featured escapees from the Kingston Clan and the Fundamentalist Mormon (FLDS) groups, Season 4 will also feature people who want to escape the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB), which is the church that the cast of Sister Wives belongs to!

According to the new report, the new season will feature “an AUB father looking to save his children from the painful world of polygamy.”

Other notable escapees who will be featured on Season 4 include the daughter of an elite member of the Kingston Clan who doesn’t want to marry her older cousin; and the son of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, who is looking for his mother.

Some of the ‘Escaping Polygamy’ girls were seen during the last season of ‘Sister Wives,’ participating in the same rally that Kody Brown and his family were at. While the Browns were at the rally to fight in favor of polygamy, the girls of ‘Escaping Polygamy’ (as well as some of the escapees the sisters have helped) were protesting against polygamy.

"Polygamy BROKE up my FAMILY" Was my favorite poster at the rally today!! We get so much backlash saying we should move on and live our lives and leave the polygamist alone, but the sad part is they don't realize how much of a great life we actually have that we do get to live AND enjoy!! But I would feel guilty if I didn't use my voice to speak up for the other victims of polygamy!! We should be rallying together on this!! There should be no opposing sides when it comes to the true victims of polygamy! I'm embarrassed for those so called innocent polygamist or happy polygamist that try to say they are victims!! I want to show them what a victim actually looks like ….. Hearing them yell "families not felons" I wanted to ask "so what am I? Do you even consider me family anymore?" I wanted to run up and hug so many of them, but then I remember they live in a life where they don't like me and probably wish I didn't exist anymore…. BUT oh well I still exist and will be an advocate for the children, women, and the abused!! #standwiththetruth #speakupforvictims #onevoicecanmakeadifference #escapingpolygamy

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According to Broadway World, the girls of ‘Escaping Polygamy’ have had a harder time helping people lately, due to the notoriety of the show.

“As more polygamous sects become aware of the girls’ mission, the more they are despised by those faithful to the religion making escapes increasingly dangerous,” the story reads.

The new season of ‘Escaping Polygamy’ premieres on Lifetime.

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  1. Odd. I wonder why Cody and the Browns have been lying all these years and why it’s never been exposed before now? I mean Everyone and their brother wants to bring them down so I don’t understand how it’s even possible that this “Church affiliatio” stay buried so long.

    I have watch from the beginning and they have always said on the show since day one, episode one that they separated from the church before filming started.
    Why would they lie about this? I wonder why no one wrote about it before now since them leaving ALL affiliations with organized religion has repeated hundreds of times on the show.

  2. Around 10 years ago, a book was published (I believe it was titled Escaping Polygamy but I’m not positive) that was written by a woman who escaped the FLDS church. Granted, it was a different church but a polygamist church like the UAB. The treatment of the women and children outlined in this book was horrific and sickening. Warren Jeffs is an absolute monster. “Women” (honestly, 14 year old girls) are forced to marry men as old or older than their fathers. If you refuse, you are kicked out of the community. Your family must disown you and face terrible consequences—consequence like no employment for men, no food for kids, and no money for basic necessities like toothpaste and shampoo. These girls are raped by old men and forced to have babies young. If you can’t or don’t get pregnant, you are shamed and punished. Older teenage boys are frequently taken from their homes at night, driven to Salt Lake City and dropped off on the streets with nothing but the clothes on their backs— all so the older men get to keep the girls for theselves. If you dare try to escape, you will be hunted by teams of men, who if they catch you, will drag you home and punish you severely. Think mafia style punishments. Girls aren’t allowed to attend school past the sixth grade, and boys have to leave school around eighth grade.

    The author of the book had multiple children with her “husband” before she made her escape. Once she left, she was allowed no contact with her children. Their father had the only legal rights to the kids (I can’t remember how these men get away with it but they do) and immediately began to brainwash the kids against their mother. She tried to go back for her kids once she was settled in Salt Lake. She went back for them in the middle of the night and it didn’t end well. Eventually she did get some of her kids to join her away from the polygamist community but others disowned her.

    Last year, there was a huge criminal case against several members of the FLDS for welfare fraud. Members would receive food stamps and be forced to turn their benefits over to “the church” in the name of the Law of Consecration (everyone share everything they have with the community and, in theory, everyone is equal) only to have these church leaders use that money to feed themselves extravagantly and pay for expensive trucks. People were living far below the poverty level while their leaders bought diesel pickup trucks and steakhouse meals.

    These, among countless other reasons, is why these women are doing good work, to help rescue the oppressed and give not-so-willing participants escape horrible lives. It’s not a manner of live and let live in some of these polygamist communities.

  3. I’m not nor have I ever been associated with this lifestyle. I love the show escaping polygamy and I so admire the girls. I used to watch Sister Wives and the show and it just did not connect for some reason that the two were so different until I saw the girls on the show where they went where k o d y and his family went back up to Utah to the anti polygamy protest. I had all of those shows recorded. I deleted it every one of them. I did however keep my escaping polygamy program and watch it all the time I’m so proud of you ladies courage and dedication can’t wait till your shows back on

  4. They’re a joke. Just because their families were in a particular situation where they were victims doesn’t mean every polygamist family is. They need to worry about their own situation and leave the others alone. If the adults are all willing participants, how is it anyone else’s business? The Sister Wives show for example – they are all free to leave but CHOOSE to stay. The wives are all well over 18. And their teenagers are all well-adjusted awesome kids who are free to choose their own religions and way of life. Just because they are a polygamist family doesn’t mean they’re automatically like some backwards abusive Warren Jeffs type family. Way to generalize.

    1. Think you should read The Ashley’s article about this show from Aug 2017.
      I just read it and a lot of people don’t have a choice. Warren Jeffs has ordered the cult to kill sinners that leave the cult.
      Only ‘seed bearers’ are allowed to have sex, with other men’s wives, while they watch.
      This does need a platform, this does need to be addressed. This is abuse and crime on mass scale.

    2. Yes. Those girls are a joke for speaking out about the abuses they suffered.

      Screw you and all other rape apologists. You disgust me.

  5. They saved people from the AUB in season 1. Women were out on “house arrest” by the church for breaking the moral code by texting men. IIRC, the young woman being saved didn’t actually go through with it, but she did have a lot of trash to talk on that wacky church

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