Farrah Abraham (Finally) Gets Real In New Video: Discusses Her Plastic Surgery, Being Racist, ‘Teen Mom OG’ & Why She Really Made An Adult Film

A Farrah that admits her faults, doesn’t speak in Word Salad and isn’t trying to sell Fit Tea? I don’t believe it!

We’ve seen Farrah Abraham on our television screens for almost 10 years, but on Wednesday, the former Teen Mom OG star actually showed her fans the real her in a new video posted to her YouTube channel.

The video shows a whole different Farrah, void of the screeching voice she uses while promoting stuff on her Instagram, without the “Farrah Speak” word salad she’s become known for, and absent of the overly dramatic clothes and makeup.

Instead, a well-dressed and (surprisingly!) well-spoken Farrah sat down in front of the camera and told us the real story behind some of her biggest moments, failures and questionable decisions.

(Even The Ashley can’t believe how articulate and honest Farrah is in the new video.)

Here, The Ashley breaks down some of the more-memorable parts of the nearly 15 minute video, when Farrah talks about things that ‘Teen Mom’ fans have wondered about for years.

On what really happened the day that Farrah’s mother Debra Danielsen got arrested for attacking Farrah:

During a fight back in 2010, Farrah said that Debra threw some mail and a shirt at Farrah, but the items hit Sophia, who was then a baby.

“And I snapped,” Farrah said. “I put Sophia in the other room and I went back in for my mail. My mother continued to do her thing, throwing the mail and hitting me and I just had to retaliate.

“It was a sad situation I put my family in but I had to break that cycle of abuse, and I had to call the police,” Farrah added, “and I’m happy still to this day that I did that.”

On the real reason she won’t let Sophia’s paternal grandmother be in Sophia’s life:

Farrah made the decision to cut Derek Underwood’s mother, Stormie, out of Sophia’s life when Sophia was just a baby.

“So Derek’s mother stole Sophia from a baby-sitter,” Farrah revealed. “Your child can not talk yet. You can’t ask your child what happened that day. I saw something that I had never seen before in my child. When I drove up to the baby-sitter’s house, Sophia would start crying, like [she was] shoken. For two days she was traumatic.”

On how she felt about her dad, Michael Abraham, growing up:

Farrah says that she didn’t always have a good relationship with her dad.

“If I resembled anything of my father [while growing up], and it was so hateful…my uncle’s side would say, ‘Don’t be a Michael’ or ‘Don’t act like a Michael’ and I literally wanted to become the opposite of my father.”

On why she can be perceived as racist sometimes:

Farrah has made headlines over the years for coming off as racist. (While appearing on ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ she got into a hostile fight over race, for instance.) Farrah explained why she can say things that seem racist sometimes.

“I grew up with a hateful aura in my family, and [they were] a little bit racist,” Farrah said. “I couldn’t be friends with certain people. I don’t know why that bothered me so much.”

On how she really got involved with p0rn:

Farrah stated that her entry into the adult film industry ironically came right after she had decided to embrace religion.

“I felt like I wanted to dedicate my life to God and I wanted to go get baptized,” Farrah said of that time period (which would have been around 2013, by the way.) “I wanted to start living different. So I went and go baptized.”

But Farrah’s turn as a holy roller didn’t last long.

“The oddest thing happened to me like a week later,” she says. “I find myself around a lot of my friends who are in the p0rn industry. All my girlfriends were strippers or adult stars. That was the crowd at 21, with drinking, drugs, other things. That is where I found myself and I don’t know why.”

“A lot of the sex stuff, my friends, they didn’t really have the best of my interest,” she added.

On being in the sex industry:

Farrah has continued to do adult-related ventures, but she stated that she’s not a p0rn star, despite what anyone thinks.

“That’s just not who I am. I see so many mothers dabbling in [the sex industry],” she said. “We find ourselves in a very vulnerable place being single mothers… God knows if you’ve lost your baby’s dad, your parents are a little bit horrible to you, and you’re on TV trying to live out these other expectations from other people who want so much from you. It’s all about money, money, money.”

On why she’s had so much plastic surgery:

Farrah has numerous cosmetic surgeries over the years, including rhinoplasty, multiple boob jobs, fillers, a chin implant (and removal), and more. For the first time, she kind of explained why she continues to alter her body via surgery.

“I really beat myself up about my body,” Farrah said. “I really just went through so many weird times, puberty and changing with pregnancy. You saw me dabble with plastic surgery.”

She also seemed to admit that sometimes she’s gone too far with her cosmetic procedures.

“Doctors will do whatever you want, and sometimes it’s too much,” she said, adding that her first surgeries actually made her feel worse than ever.

“I found myself so insecure,” she said. “I would literally stare at my face so much. That ate me up.

“When you’re a shattered woman and picked apart to the core and people pleasing…it was just so much trying for me,” Farrah added. “I was falling apart.”

On why she actually sued MTV when she got fired from ‘Teen Mom OG’:

Farrah stated that the show’s executive producer, Morgan J. Freeman began to treat her differently.

“I see [him] turn on me and turn the other cast members on me,” she said, adding that she believes the producer purposely provoked her in order to ensure she’d blow up (and help them score big ratings).

“I can’t think of a day that I wasn’t being poked, where I wasn’t being pushed” she said. “I was always like the villain. Sometimes I can’t always be the villain because of how I was villainized in my own family growing up.”

On her estranged mother, Debra Danielsen:

“My mom was like the one person I loved so dearly growing up,” Farrah said. “When people start switching, like your mother and your grandmother and women in your family…”

She also stated that she never really got along with her sister, Ashley Danielsen. However, she did admit that “my mother treated my sister worse and I felt so bad.”

Farrah kind of touched on the whole “Debz OG” thing.

“My mom went through a midlife crisis while we were filming ‘Teen Mom,’” Farrah said. “She got her severance package [from her sales job] and retired early. And that’s when she kind of decided she’s an actress on TV for ‘Teen Mom.’ I don’t agree with that because I’m not acting. I’m showing my real life while I’m being poked on, jerked that way and villianized on a TV show. And my mother just catered to that.

“I think I’m the one person who loves her the most on this earth,” Farrah said of Debz, later adding, “Still, she goes on my show and says I don’t love her and that I don’t know what love is, that I don’t  have that in me. That’s all I can say for my mom.”

On her future:

“I really hope to do a show that is fun and enlightening and engaging to other women, talking about the parenting fails, dating…I want to be an influencer that influences change.”

Watch the entire video below:

(Photos: MTV, WEtv, YouTube)


  1. Oh my god! This made a huge difference to me in how I see Farrah. She was always so unlikable. If she would just BE REAL all the time…we all get that she had issues. It’s better she just talks upfront instead of being fake. Stuff that happens in your childhood affects the rest of your life, we all get that. She has actually worked hard and gone to school and created businesses. That’s respectable. It’s the sex stuff and being a mom of a young daughter that looks bad. And all her fakeness when she talks.
    She should have kept her original nose. I’m white/Caucasian/European/American, but if I had a strong ethnicity like she has from Michael, I would wear it proudly. She looked much more glamorous before IMO. Plus she’s only in her 20s and all the surgery makes her look 40s. I also hate the big lumpy horse butt. Ah well. At least I understand her a little better now, I hope she continues her public persona in this vein.

  2. Never ever ever will I believe anything that comes out of her mouth. The way she treats people that’s on tv- she’s full of crap. I need to know why no one calls her on her bull. No one stands up to her- what does she have on mtv?

  3. I just read that she’s turning her book in to s movie and that she is casting.

    Is this true theAshley???

    1. Holy crap! I read that this morning. I also got a notification about it on the Grace Report. That was early this morning. I hope it isn’t true.

  4. She must have spent all that settlement money by now to be eating humble pie so early in the game. Farrah is fishing for a new project aka income source.

  5. The thing is Paula was as bad or worse. Zero respect for a woman who puts drugs or drinking higher than cleaning up & loving/raising their kids. Then the way she treated him there & everyone else was as bad as Farrah. Until she stepped over the line I was actually laughing someone had the nerve to say it to Paula’s face. I’d have enjoyed if they’d have mutually knocked each other out or in the pool

  6. I wonder if she misses her old face? I wonder the same about everyone who has a lot of work done when they’re young and end up looking drastically different. I’ve wondered the same thing about Heidi Montag for years.

  7. I think hell is freezing over….She was articulate (although she said literally a lot), believable, and dare I say it…she seemed…NICE….I believe most of what she said, except for her explanation about why she did the porn…but where the heck was this version of Farrah on Teen Mom? As vile as she was on Teen Mom, I was not expecting what I saw on that video. I also think those stories about how she found out about Derek’s death, how her mom reacted, how her mom threw the mail at her and Sophia when she was a baby, what went down in Florida, and how her mom wanted to be a full time actress for Teen Mom are too detail oriented for her to make up…I know Farrah has tried her hand at acting, but if that was a show she put on, she has one hell of an acting coach.

    Also…I believe she’s a product of her family, they just mooch off of her because has money….Notice how Ashley doesn’t come around ANY of them anymore.

    1. She has a resume of rotten and vile behavior over 7-10 years. Everything she did was her choice, no one held a gun to her head. As a matter of fact, anyone she came into contact with probably let her know right before they walked away. That wasn’t some indication to her ? Delusional.

      If anyone believes for a second this woman has changed, you need your head examined.

      She is a two headed snake.

  8. Honestly, when Farrah went off on Paula, I was really hoping that someone would go ballistic on HER!!

  9. Articulate and well spoken, without a lot of Farrah speak? I didn’t watch the video, but the quotes were gibberish as usual.

  10. Anyone, for even a second who feels this witch is being genuine needs to view past episodes of TM. She thinks everyone else is an idiot and will eat up her BS stories.

    She is a mental and intellectual weakling. Clinically delusional.

    1. All I read is that he’s refusing meds. Which in my opinion is very dangerous. I’m no Dr but I do know that bipolar puts people in danger of suicide and compulsive behaviors. Not a good thing when Tyler is surrounded by people with their own mental issues.

      1. This is so sad, poor Nova, I wonder if B&T will close down the open adoption??
        It may be for the best, and maybe then cait ant Ty can try and heal and if at 18 Carly wants to get in touch then do be it.

        Sad situation.

  11. the first time I see the young woman who looked at hervmother and father for support, and both left her to handle things on her own. I have heard a lot from Deb, a lot of speculation and certainly a taste for fame for herself. I understand her defensiveness for the first time. Everyone told her how to handle the other adults in her life, but non of them just held her and supported the young mother. Financially or emtionally they were so self absorbed it is no wonder Farrah has had her Sharpe edges. Her hard and fast comments and reactions are learned to protect herself and most importantly her daughter.

    1. Did we watch the same show? Her parents helped her with Sophia ALL the time, and they provided her their guest home for a huge discount. Deb was the one waking Sophia up in the morning while Farrah ignored her. She was going on dates every other night! Her sister even called her ass out!

    2. The only reason Deb and Micheal are in Farrah’s life at all at this point is because she pays them. They sound like they were awful parents, the way Deb treated Ashley the other sister, IIRC was horrific, and we saw her treat Farrah horribly. Farrah is severely damaged and it would be a miracle if she doesn’t kill herself at some point. I am not sure what happened, but she’s a deeply disturbed young woman who needs intense psychiatric treatment.

  12. the first time I see the young woman who looked at hervmother and father for support, and both left her to handle things on her own. I have heard a lot from Deb, a lot of speculation and certainly a taste for fame for herself. I understand her defensiveness for the first time. Everyone told her how to handle the other adults in her life, but non of them just held her and supported the young mother. Financially or emtionally they were so self absorbed it is no wonder Farrah has had her

  13. This was a nicely made video. However, I don’t buy what she’s selling. As usual, she is all talk, no follow through. She wants to break the cycle of women hating on other women? She has shown the extreme opposite in her actions, even in the recent past. She constantly butts in on how her cast mates parent and makes thinly veiled remarks and provides ridiculously hypocritical criticism ON SOCIAL MEDIA for everyone to see. Way to support your fellow females, not to mention cast mates who are the ones who can best relate to your experience of being on MTV for almost 10 years, your pretty much “built in” support system. YOU are the problem, Farrah!

    I feel for you for the things you have gone through with your family. I had a shitty childhood too. You still need to take responsibility for your actions though, and your actions STINK!

  14. Huh… definitely the most articulate she’s ever been by far – even with the editing! I can also definitely see the producers poking her for a reaction too… LITCHRALLY.

  15. Meh she is just playing nice so she can get picked up for a new show. She is desperate for money already?! She should just get a job at Winn Dixie and focus on leaving the rest of the world alone. No one likes her because she is a shitty person. What I will be impressed with is if she makes it three years of this “happy mommy shit” before reverting back to her old self. I really doubt she has learned anything from her actions, despite whatever she paid some PR firm to write and shoot this for her. As we see, the only real way to punish her is to take away her money and her publicity. Ruin either one of those and the downward spiral will continue.

  16. First-she looks much better without all the insane makeup.

    Second-I happen to agree with her about Debz. She clearly has issues, what mother publicly bashes her child and announces she has mental illness. Bring it to your child. I felt when Debz retired she thought she was a star. Midlife crisis yes. What middle aged woman thinks she can be a rap star and feel zero embarrassment. The 2nd hand embarrassment was intense. She posted that even though she wasn’t asked/invited she flew to NY for reunion in Hope’s of being interviewed. Anyone else remember an early episode of tm, without the OG where her and Ashley told Debz at a restaurant what a horrible mother she was?

  17. I don’t 100% believe this one bit. If you think parents were so bad, why do you allow them around you and daughter. If you love your mom so much why aren’t you figuring out how to work things out. This doesn’t excuse her exposing her daughter to innapropriate content in her life. When she’s a teen explain safe sex and a healthy attitude towards it, not that young!! It doesn’t help that her own body issues are having Sophia see she can change things about herself she hates instead of accepting her beauty. She already has shown her the bad point waxing her eyebrows and letting hers wear make up to school. She was shutting out her daughter’s grandmother before she saw her that day in the park so that’s all crap. On top of that she shouldnt feel proud her “celebrity” is from being a pregnant teen that got lucky thru MTV. She’s right now sending a casting call to make her book a movie. These girls really need to normalize their lives. ITs sad how much they enjoy the camera when they should want a easy life without critique or cameras.

  18. Farrah has always struck me as a person who was very hurt by her parents and family and during her 16 & Pregnant episode, she really did seem like a people pleaser. I would bet she acted that way growing up so she could avoid more abuse. I would also bet that her sister wasn’t a people pleaser and that’s why she was treated more poorly than Farrah.
    Farrah may have seen how her sister was treated and tried to act the opposite way.

    Later, when Farrah left Iowa, I saw she stood up to her parents more and was more angry than sad. However, since anger is a secondary emotion, it kind of just showed me how hurt she was and how she was trying to protect herself from more hurt. I can totally see why she became friends with strippers and adult film stars; they were probably more accepting of her than anyone else in her life had been thus far. She has always seemed very alone to me and has always seemed to want her parents to love and accept her more than anything else. Farrah has been extremely hard to watch on Teen Mom throughout the years and she does need to work on her anger issues for sure, but I think she’s better off not being on that show.

    This video showed me how close her hurt is to the surface because she started to cry several times when speaking about her family’s behavior. I can see that she has come to realize that her relationships with her parents needs work and she has taken steps to remedy those relationships. I can see the next step being how she interacts with others when she gets angry and learning to not lash out when she’s afraid of being hurt. She’s still fairly young, so hopefully some of that will come with getting older and developing healthy relationships and building her self-esteem.

    I don’t really know what to think about Farrah and Sophia’s relationship. Some of the stuff seems strange and inappropriate, but it’s hard for me to say what’s even going on with them when most of the information comes from tabloids and social media. I think with Sophia only time will tell since she’s a child right now. I do think Farrah loves her, but Farrah might not know exactly what traditional parenting is like because her life has been so very untraditional and her own parents and grandparents weren’t great role models. I think it’s easy to judge Farrah, but I don’t know how I’d act if I were in her shoes. She’s had a difficult life and I hope she can learn to drop her mask of anger because I like the Farrah I saw in that video.

    1. Agree 100% with you! Farrah’s biggest problem was her anger…she made it impossible for others to sympathize with her because, even when she was right, she was wrong. I think she had several valid points about David and her mother’s relationship with him, but the way she delivered them made them difficult to see at times for many people. The same is true of both Simon and her mother. I do believe producers tried to antagonize her for a reaction, but at the end of the day it’s HER decision to act that way. If she knew what they were trying to do to her then she should have fought harder to react differently. Also, I’m sorry but I think Deb’s choice to speak about her daughters issues publicly like that was a downright awful thing to do. I believe she lives her kid, but there was no need for her to make the statement she did about Farrah. As her mother, who admittedly recognized her daughter was suffering with a mental illness, it was 100% wrong to exploit that publicly.

  19. That story about Derek’s mom makes no sense. The baby-sitter let Stormi take off without Sophia, but she returned her? Or were the cops called? And she’s implying some form of of abuse by the grandmother? Why would Farrah not fire said baby-sitter (especially when she’s fired sitters for offenses such as candy)? Something doesn’t add up there.

    As usual, this is just Farrah explaining why everything is everyone else’s fault. She’s not responsible for her actions or her attitude because someone else made her do it. Not impressed.

    1. She did fire the babysitter. She said Sophia was suddenly freaked out about going there for 2 days in a row, so that’s why she ended up calling her grandmother (Farrah’s grandmother, not Derek’s mom) and asking her to babysit Sophia even though she (Farrah) had the issues with her grandmother from growing up. She said she couldn’t bring Sophia to the babysitter anymore b/c she felt something was off so she stopped bringing her there.

      1. I think it was a handy excuse to get Deb’s entire family to cater to her. Farrah hates her sister and has always wanted all of Deb and her Grandmother’s attention, so the Derek’s mother tried to steal Sophia story works out for her to get more attention. I have a sibling exactly like Farrah…I know this type well.. Nightmares. Hopefully Ashley has nothing to do with Farrah..stay away from the Crazy.

  20. I clicked on this against my better judgement. I swore I would never read another Farrah article, I want nothing more than for her to fade into obscurity. But the title gave me high hopes that she was finally facing some truths.

    Instead I see more of the same – a complete lack of personal accountability or insight. We see “here are some things that I’ve done, and here are the reasons that they’re all someone else’s fault”. Even her “honesty” is utter bullshit. People here are giving her way too much credit. Just because she’s a little less wacky in this video, doesn’t mean she’s not still imbalanced and delusional.

  21. I’m amazed and pleasantly surprised.
    I do have to say I will need to see this Farrah more and longer before I can let my scepticism go but this is a very good start.
    I accept what she says as her point of view, not a lie.
    I so hope she will see someone that can help her to really break the cycle and be the best mom she can be.
    Wish she would also answer questions about Sophia. Why she had those pictures taken, took Sophia to her butt injections, let’s her have a social media account, that sort of stuff.

    1. Miss Positivity checking in: forget what I said, the Bitch is just trying to get a movie out of her life story.

  22. Um…excuse me? Her degrees? Last I heard the only degree Farrah had was a 2-year associate’s degree from a culinary arts college.

    Sorry, but even dressed down, with less makeup, and looking as “demure” as possible — this girl is nothing but a delusional whack job who blames everyone ELSE for it.

    The stripper friends forced her to do “ adult related stuff.” Her parents forced her to call Chad Ochocinco’s mother Paula a black piece of sh*t on Marriage Boot Camp. Producer Morgan J. Freeman on Teen Mom forced her to make his film crew use the bathroom in a Port A Potty on her front lawn.

    I just can’t with this chick. Nice try, Farrah.

    But sorry: NO SALE.

  23. Oh come on! Farrah as usual is taking no responsibility for her nasty personality. It’s everyone else’s fault. The kidnapping story is just a lie. Her doctors doing plastic surgery, her parents, Morgan Freeman, etc.. I for one see the same old nasty bitch. Her kid is following in her footsteps. She’s still doing porn, she’s still a fake vile pos.

  24. Okay, as far as the Farrah Speak, this video is so heavily edited that it’s most likely someone BTS made it coherent, not Farrah herself. You can see how often they spliced it, it’s insane.

  25. Oh please. She most likely had a pr coach. Nothing is her fault. she is a nasty vile human being. She can say whatever she wants doesn’t make it true. Did she file a police report about the grandmother? She doesn’t have a decent bone in her body. She took no responsibility for her own actions. She has also created another horrendous person in her daughter. Hopefully Sophia can get help before it’s too late. Her parents are horrible I will not say they aren’t but she is next level and they left her treat them like she does for the money they make from her career. She is still a pig.

    1. For the record, she DID win in court against the grandmother when it came to visitation. I’m admittedly unsure how that would work legally, but since Farrah is amenable to Sophia being with the rest of Derrick’s family it really makes you wonder

      1. She did win but, I think it was because Stormie didn’t have enough evidence to establish she had a previous relationship with Sophia. I think she has downright denied that Sophia was Derek’s child. So, yeah, that didn’t help Stormie’s case.

        1. Exactly, the only reason why Derek’s father and his wife are allowed to see Sophia is because Farrah says so. They could not win a grandparents ‘rights’ case. Grandparents don’t actually have any rights unless they are proven care-givers or in some way help raise the children. Stormy, denying Derek was the father for years, arguing over social security benefits, was not going to make Farrah want her to see Sophia. I don’t believe the Sophia was stolen from a babysitter story, but something probably happened because the goal was simply to get Deb’s mother to babysit Sophia for free/Sophia being stolen was an excuse to gain more of Deb and her mother’s attention.

    1. Yep. I think she hired a PR firm to help her improve her horrible image. (Sorry Farrah, but there is a limit to the “bad editing” excuse…) To no one’s surprise, turns out Farrah needs teen mom more than she realized. No way she came up with the content of this video on her own.

  26. Knowing she’s able to articulate herself calmly and clearly makes me think that perhaps her “Farrah Speak” persona is just an act.

    A character/brand to achieve notoriety.

    I always thought it was strange that she went from being somewhat intelligent and level headed during early TM/16&P, to a babbling, incoherent idiot during later TM/OG series’s.

    This interview humanised her an awful lot, and it’s left me feeling conflicted because I actually sympathise with this Farrah and respect her honesty.

  27. I didn’t know that Derek’s mother had picked up Sophia from a sitter without contacting Farrah. That’s horrifying, and I can completely see why she’d cut her off. I’d do the same in an instant. She sounds unbalanced, although I hate to judge someone that had just lost their child in an accident like that.

    1. She didn’t she saw Sophia in a park with a sitter, farrah has fabricated it to sound like the child’s grandmother is a bar person, farrah is a fucking liar and a disgrace.

        1. It was in an article years ago that stormie had seen Sophia at the Park and had pics with her.
          Do some research.

      1. Farrah is a liar. Period. The classic victim. Do you see the pattern that everything is everyone else’s fault? And yes, I too read the article about Dereks mom at the park. No kidnapping. Btw, site, not cite.

  28. For the love of God Farrah, WHERE has this real side of you been for the past decade?? You wouldn’t have gotten so much hate if you had just been yourself all along. It seems like you developed the nasty Farrah persona to put a wall around you, but damn girl, it obviously wasn’t working since you were always still upset and hurt. So all you did was drive everyone away. Learn from that. Keep being more real and vulnerable like this video and maybe you’ll find yourself with some true friends and a nice boyfriend. Be nicer to everyone too. I think you have a need to always bite first so you don’t get bitten, but hopefully you can work through that because all it will do is break you down.

  29. Wow, she seems like a completely different person. She actually seems normal in this video. I actually kind of enjoyed watching it. Shocking.

  30. I got tears in my eyes when she was talking about Derek. That is just so heartbreaking. I think his death extremely affected her and I think that’s where a lot of her anger stems from, especially the anger she has towards her mom.

    1. Oh please..she only cared about Derek when she realized it gave her a story line, She is a vile disgusting POS.

      1. How on earth would you know that? I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to lose the father of my unborn child and my first real love. It must have been awful for her. Even if they were broken up at the time she still believed they would get back together and be a family for Sophia. You’re just as bad as Farrah if you can;t see past your hate to have even the slightest compassion for what a tragic situation that was.

        1. Go rewatch her 16 & knocked up episode. From what we saw- she didn’t like him. Then teen mom comes along and she’s all heartbroken. I hate that I know this.

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