‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Welcomes Baby Boy With Boyfriend Andrew Glennon

“Fine but I’m not sharing my giant stuffed sloth with him!”

It’s a boy for Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood!

The reality TV star and her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, welcomed their son, James Andrew Glennon, at 1:39 a.m. on Tuesday. Baby James weighed in at 7 lb.

On Monday night, The Ashley told you that Amber’s family members had announced (via their personal Facebook pages) that Amber was in labor and on the way to the hospital. Baby James was born shortly after Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood proclaimed on social media that he was about to be an uncle again. (He first became an uncle nine years ago when Amber gave birth to her daughter Leah.)

Us Weekly obtained the first photo of Amber and James. (Click here to see it.)

Leah was not present at the birth, as it happened so late at night.

Amber’s ‘Teen Mom’ franchise co-stars congratulated the couple via social media.

“Amber and Andrew look sooo happy,” Maci Bookout tweeted. “Congrats to them!”

“Congrats Amber! I’m so happy for you,” Catelynn Lowell tweeted.

“Congrats on your new addition,” Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans tweeted to Amber. “Boys are so much fun!”

“Congrats are in order for my friend, Amber!” Kail Lowry posted on Instagram.

Amber’s ex-fiance, Matt Baier, has yet to sell his statement to whatever random tabloid site will buy it, but The Ashley predicts we’ll be seeing it soon.

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(Photo: Instagram)

48 Responses

  1. The only reason Jenelle congratulated her is because she figures it will take some of the heat off the negative publicity she is getting recently. Nope didn’t work you still suck.

    Best wishes for baby James and please don’t start calling something stupid like BooBoo 🙁

  2. Am I wrong to immediately think she will need to remove those claw finger nails so baby poop doesn’t get under them when she changes him…..wait who the hell am I kidding she most likely won’t be the one changing him that odd man she procreated with will most likely be doing all the work.u hope he keeps his scarf with the flag on it put it the way while doing so. Two odd balls.

    1. “….that odd man she procreated with”

      I’ve seen a lot of people comment about Andrew, but this just sums everything up so perfectly. “That…odd man…”. Hah!

  3. I read on another gossip site that this baby may not be andrews. The timeline from matt to andrew is cutting it really close.

    1. Hmm. I just looked things up and did some major (pathetic) social media digging. Based on her original due date, she would have conceived around August 12-16. Matt was already living in Vegas during that time, and was bragging about a new “bae”. The last week of July was the first time Amber and Andrew got “papparazzied” kissing in Indianapolis, and by early August those “5 Facts You Need to Know About Amber Portwood’s New Man” websites had popped up. So while it’s cutting it close (hell, just a couple months prior she did an interview saying her doctor said she “would never be able to get pregnant again”, as the medication she took for her bipolar and other mental health issues would harm a fetus, and she could never go off her medication), she definitely *was* with Andrew during the time (though I’m sure Matt would LOVE there to be speculation he’s the real dad à la Tyla, so he could sell some tabloid stories! ).

  4. Ugh, she had to give birth on 8th May. Someone really special to me would have celebrated (but she’s deceased now)but good luck James!!! You sure are gonna need it. Andrew can prepare for inevitable post partum tantrums now too.

    PS. Why is Jenelle always commenting something about boys?! “Boys are so much fun!” (Tell that to Kaiser who you continue to neglect or Jace who you abandoned for drugs) So yeah, ofc are boys fun for you, you barely even parent them!

    1. Seriously. In ALL the years Jenelle has been on Teen Mom, I cannot recall a single moment where she actually looked like she was enjoying any type of interaction with her children. Hell, even Amber will occasionally do little things with Leah and laugh with her. The extent of interaction with her “fun boys” is screaming “KAISER! NO!”, or complaining about how f’ing pissed off she is, dude.

  5. by or before this time next year, Amber and Andrew will be embroiled in a nasty split, and fighting over money, seeing the baby etc. Amber is a loser and she always will be one!

  6. Let her be happy during this time. She is a great mom and baby James is beautiful!! She will do good!

    1. Holy Moly! An appearance from Kousin Krystal™ in the flesh! In all honesty I HOPE she is happy. I HOPE she does well. I know she has gone through a lot since she was a child, and it’s not that people dislike Amber, it’s more concern for her. As you know, she really rushes into relationships and puts those before her child. She said herself the reason she didn’t see Leah for so long was because she was upset about Matt. I think a lot of people see she is deeply damaged and just wish she would take some time to truly work on herself and her happiness. She’s been very vocal about her mental illness, and just a couple months before conceiving this child stated all her doctors told her she would not be able to have another child, as her medication was harmful to the fetus and it was crucial for her health that she remain on her meds, so it’s just…confusing? But I hope she finds happiness, and hope that Andrew is a good person. The first few days in the hospital with a baby are generally a happy time…it’s when you get home and back to reality that “this is real life” can set in. I hope her mental health is stable and she’s able to work closely with her doctors, as she has said she has a history with postpartum depression.

    2. Well, she hasn’t been a great mom so far, but I sure hope she turns it around for her children’s sake. They deserve better.

  7. All negativity aside seeing how if I was the one who just had a baby I wouldn’t want to hear or read such ugly things. Remember Amber may struggle with post partum depression so that being said. CONGRATULATIONS AMBER AND ANDREW!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD BABY. IT IS YOURS!! I HOPE YOU GUYS FIND HAPPINESS AND ALL YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS AND INTENTIONS FOR YOUR CHILDREN COME TO BE!!!

  8. I forgot that her ex matt is married now. Does anyone know a link to a picture with them as a couple or pictures of what she looks like? Havnt heard much from him lately

  9. Any bets on who will buy Matt’s first reaction?
    I’m betting on Radark.
    They will probably want an update on his life too and that is were it might get tricky and he may back out.
    Is his wife still with him, wasn’t she arrested or even doing time?

    1. I agree. It’s not a good situation for her to be in the middle of. On the other hand. I’m glad he was born healthy.

  10. Eyeroll at Jenelle proclaiming ‘boys are so much fun.’ She doesn’t know jack all about being a mother ?

    1. She gave one up and neglects the other.
      And only wants her girl to post instagram pics of her.
      Seriously Jenelle, when you can’t say anything withou people thinking badly of you then it’s time to stop trying to maintain the illusion that everything is others’ fault.

    2. If Jenelle thinks boys are so much fun, then it shouldn’t matter that Kaiser looks like Nathan. That little boy is a little cutie pie. He doesn’t deserve to be treated so badly.

  11. I find it very sad and disturbing that Farrah is the only one from this franchise smart enough to keep her legs closed and get knocked up a second or third time. Just because a female body can produce babies, doesn’t mean that female should.

    1. Ya well it’s probably more because nobody wants to make kids with her more than her being reponsible….

    2. It’s because no man wants to be tied to her for 18 years, not because she’s being sensible, if she had her way she too would have spat out another few kids.

      1. Um she’s gotten plenty of raw and could’ve pooped out a few. No guy has to be tied to anyone to be knocked up.

    3. I find it very sad and disturbing that an incel is sitting around referring to human women as “females”. Get the hell out of here with that twisted thinking. You’re pretty sick.

    4. The only reason Farrah doesn’t have another child is because she can’t keep a boyfriend for more than a day. Back when she was painting with Paola in that episode she was talking about having a sibling for Sophia and that was when she had gone on one date with a guy. It’s not by choice.

  12. The Ashley, you have done it again! From the ‘giant sloth’ caption to Matt’s ‘selling stories’, you are the Queen of Snark!

  13. This will sound mean, but I’m gonna say it anyway..It scares me to think of her raising a child. She’s just not stable enough.

    1. You have every right to feel scared for the baby, Amber has rarely shown any qualities that are promising as a mother. All we can hope for is that Andrew is stable enough to deal with being a single parent of two children (James and Amber)

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