A Cast Revolt, Reuniting Exes & A Proposal: New ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8B Trailer Reveals All!

“Can you at least pass out protective bulletproof vests for us to wear while we’re on set?”

The upcoming Season 8B episodes of Teen Mom 2 are chalk-full of trainwreck fun!

MTV released the new season’s extended trailer on Monday night, giving viewers their first peek at some of the crazy things that went down with the cast over the past few months.

One of the biggest surprises shown in the new trailer is three of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls– Kail LowryLeah Messer and Chelsea Houska— confronting the show’s executive producer Morgan J. Freeman at the Season 8A reunion, and asking him to do something about the tension they say that Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus are creating on-set.

As The Ashley told you back in October, a number of verbal fights happened between the cast members during the Reunion taping, and MTV is choosing to air the majority of what went down during that insane weekend of filming.

“So what do we do about Jenelle and Briana, so we don’t feel like we have to walk away from the show?” Kail is shown asking Morgan in the trailer.

Here’s a look at the other major story lines each of the girls is facing this season. (The Ashley knows that some of her readers live outside the United States and may not be able to view the trailer, so she’ll describe it for you!):

Briana DeJesus: The trailer reveals for the first time that Javi had plans to propose to Briana, whom he dated for a few months earlier this year. (Stay tuned– The Ashley will have more on this!) It also shows Briana warning Kail that she will “smack the s**t out of” her if she continues to be “disrespectful” to Briana.

Leah Messer: Leah admits that she and her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, “hooked up” and that they are considering getting back together. (Again, stay tuned– The Ashley has more on this as well!)

“Does it make me feel like Addie could have her family back together? Yes,” Leah tells her friend in the trailer.

Jenelle Evans: As per usual, Jenelle is battling with her mom Barbara and her second baby-daddy Nathan Griffith. She is also upset because her enemies keep calling Child Protective Services on her. Jenelle insists that everything in her home is fine (even though it’s appears that someone has punched a hole in a wall in one of the clips shown in the trailer, at a height that’s clearly too high for it to have been one of the kids who did it).

“We have been harassed by you guys, by my ex; we don’t need it anymore!” Jenelle yells at the CPS officer who comes to check on her children.

Chelsea Houska: In one scene, Chelsea cries after a confrontation with Adam Lind‘s mother, who she says “was really mean” to her. Chelsea is upset that Adam is going against the legal rules set up for him when he visits their daughter Aubree. Even Chelsea’s husband, the happy-go-lucky Cole DeBoer is angered by the situation. (We see what may be the first time Cole cusses on camera!)

Kail Lowry: Kail’s makeup room battle with Briana will be shown, as will her dealings with Javi over his relationship with Briana.

“I don’t give a s**t if he moves on!” Kail yells at Briana in the makeup room.

Watch the explosive ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8B trailer below!

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the face more than watching Jenelle in the behind the scenes footage of the reunion. Disgusting.

  2. When is someone going to step in and remove the kids from the dangerous and toxic environment that is “the land”?!?! David is extremely dangerous and abusive to the kids and Jenelle is even worse for allowing her children to be treated so badly. Nathan and Marissa’s mom are no better though. How can they not step in and demand a stop to this. I get Nathan’s a mess but this is the safety of his son!

    1. Because lurch’s ex is a huge druggie, that’s why the moron judge granted that prick custody.

      She has no chance,but then again she’s David’s kid so he will be kind to her.

      It’s kaiser he hates, as for Jace he’s mostly with barb thank god.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I fear for Kai on the land with 2 deranged adults and guns on the swampLand.

      I pray we don’t wake up to the news that he’s seriously injured or killed that poor boy, we should set up a go fund me to help Doris with attorney fees.

  3. Looks like fun. Glad they are Morgan out on his bullshit. Also, wasn’t Kail talking mad shit about throwing her husky, tattoo-laden fists with Chinelle?? Guess she is “a little bitch” like she called Javi…
    I really hope Chels and Cole can stay clear of the drama. They are my only hope sometimes.
    Jeremy, please take Leah back out of the dating pool. Maybe you can enter a can of black eye peas into the dinner rotation as a side instead of entree.
    Just. wow. overall. Looks like a fun show a comin’ 🙂

  4. I hated the scene from monday night where she was crying because she was having noght terrors. Girl, i highly doubt you are having nightmarea about your mom taking your kids. You made that up. Youve been saying that for years. She is not the type of person to care that much where it interferes with her dreams.

  5. Guys, fill me in. What’s all this talk of David ‘pretending’ or ‘joking’ about punching Kaiser? Is this Jenelle’s latest excuse or something?

    1. I am not sure. Even if it is a joke between them like haha want me to punch you, thats not a good example to set for little kaiser. I mean look how jace turned out. He is messed up and used to punch other kids, like at his birthday party one season. There are certain kids you shouldnt screw around with like that using the word punch and or hitting, it just doesnt work out well until they are old enough to understand when its for fun or not.

    2. That was the b.s. story Jenelle is spinning now because Kaiser went to Nathan and told him Lurch punches him in the face and Nathan’s mom confirmed that he said the same thing to her. Since Jenelle knows that Nathan’s mom is the only credible person in her universe and she couldn’t just say she’s lying, so she came up with this story that Kaiser says that because they play a game where Lurch “play-punches” him in the face (yeah, I’ve never heard of that game either) and that’s what Kaiser is talking about.

    3. During the episode that was her explanation of kaiser claiming David punched him… “they play punch each other”

  6. I don’t believe any of the drama on these shows are even real anymore, it’s all edited and fake for people to follow drama. At the endf of teen mom OG Leah ( amber she daughter) is being given a bag and told “ this is from Sophia , it’s from her store , she wants you to have it” amber is supposedly Farrah’s arch enemy yet Sophia’s is sending gifts and Deb is inviting amber to her wedding:/ Gary made it clear that he has had no contact with Farrah in years, do what’s up??? Show is fake people.

    1. Because why would farrah hate the kids. She might dislike some of the mkms but come on. Also some might be fake but i think that is just topics brought up that are not naturally them speaking. They are asked by the crew. The drama i am sure is 100% real though, also the poor decisions in their life.

      1. The person that we see in Farrah hates just about everyone! The huge drama on here is all bootlegged.. Farrah wasn’t tired she was given a choice, these girls don’t teally dislike each other as we are led to believe.. they’re being paid big money to stir up drama , it’s a real as jerry springer, all about what sells and ratings.. and why was amber invited to the wedding!?????

  7. Can someone PLEASE tell me why Jenelle thinks anyone might give a flying thimble full of crap – because she was crying?

    Each and every damn time someone asks her about ANYTHING, she seems to feel the need to begin her response with, “I’ve been crying all morning, because…” or, “I’ve been up crying all night, blab, blab, blab.”

    Just wondering if we’ll all get to see the tears she shed before PULLING A GUN on someone’s private property last week because he cut her off in traffic.


  8. I don’t think I’ve ever been annoyed by anyone in my life as much as I am annoyed by Briana DeJesus. Seriously. That girl is so immature and trashy it’s unreal. Like, who the f*ck are you? Your show flopped because NOBODY wanted to watch TM3, and that includes YOU. Coming out here acting all hard ass big boss. She runs her mouth like a 13 year old girl and then has mommy and Brittany step in to finish what she started every time. I don’t even like Roxanne or Brit, but hell, at least they can walk the f*cking walk. Briana is in the exact same position she was in at 16, and has even effectively taken steps BACKWARDS by not only getting knocked up by a random dude in within 30 days, but she STILL refuses to even work with Devoin for the sake of her daughter, not that he’sa prize or anything but this dude wants her to take him for child support so that he can have rights to his child. She is just so unnecessary, and brings literally nothing to the table. Get her diaper full of oatmeal looking ass off my screen, and please don’t ruin TMOG by adding another one of these TM3 air heads.

  9. I actually feel sorry for Briana. I just don’t think she’s smart. She seems completely devoid of critical thinking, deductive reasoning, or emotional intelligence.

    She’s probably capable of being a really sweet person, but she relies innocent sex appeal and agression as a cover for insecurity and vulnerability. And so we see is a thirsty, angry, mega-bitch.

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the hole punched in the wall !! Oh and David is just “PRETEND” punching Kaiser in the face – AS YOU DO!

  11. It’s pretty damn apparent to everyone except egghead Briana that Javi used her as a pawn to get back at Kail for running around behind his back! Kail knows this, and should be the bigger person and walk away, but we know she’s to dumb to do that! I honestly hope Jenelle does get kicked off the how, but I also think the show needs to end. Chelsea has no reason other than the money, make these girls go out in the real world and handle their self created problems!

  12. Jenelle staying on the show may actually be a good thing for the kids sake. At least, part of the time, the MTV crew around and being on TV, the abuse can’t be hidden. They could easily hide the abuse if they were off the show and nobody around.

    1. Ok so now the abuse is out in the open & still nothing is being done.
      This is not the first abusive relationship David has he knows how to hide it & get away with it.
      Nothing will change & he will abuse the kids & Jenelle until Jenelle says this is enough.

    2. While I do agree with your comment about the kids being safe, Jenelle knew what she was getting into with that POS David, and she still chose her fake reality tv image over her kids. This girl needs a serious wake up call, and to get a dose of reality in her make believe world!

    3. There are a few problems with that theory. The abuse has been going on, openly, in front of the filming crew and no one has intervened. Public outcry over the footage has been waved away, and is inactionable. They don’t, and won’t,bother to hide the kid’s mistreatment because they think they are immune to consequences. And they’re mostly correct.

      Further, David isn’t allowed to film anymore, they aren’t allowing Ensley or Kaiser to film anymore, and no filming is taking place on The Land (at least not currently. It will be the future setting of a “true crime” special, looking for Jenelle and/or Kaiser’s body). So keeping her on the show won’t expose any abuse anymore anyway, and will only serve to pad both her ego and her bank account.

      The only valid reason to keep her on, is to support Barbara and Jace.

    4. Well..she said she won’t let the kids be filmed..the crew won’t go to the laaannndddd so that MTV crew protecting the kids myth is out the window.

  13. LOL Javi was thinking of proposing to Brianna, we all know how that went.

    As we know Leah and Jeremy are not back together, thank God!

    Jenelle every season: It’s Babs’ fault, it’s Nathan’s fault, it’s the hater’s fault, it’s NEVER my fault! (Here, *the smallest violin in the world for you*)

    Chelsea obv has only Adam for drama.

    Kail is pathetic.

    That is all!

  14. Btw can someone tell me what that latest article that Jenelle doesn’t want Lurch to find out is about, please? The tabloid pages won’t load for me.

    1. It was an article published by In Touch (Or a similar type of publication) where Babs goes on record saying that she completely agrees with everything that Nathan’s mom says, and that both Kaiser and Jace have told her the same horror stories about what goes on on The Land.

  15. Wow, Jenelle has such an evil grin when Barb confronts her. She is LOVING it that it is on camera thinking it will make people think it will make Barb look like the villian. She is delusional. I will be screaming at my tv saying “Go Barb!”.

    1. Yes, that look on her face is infuriating! Her day will come and she will be begging for anyone to help or listen and I hope no one does.

  16. jenelle is truly the devil and brianna needs to grow tf up (wtf is going on with jenelles hair at the reunion?? ?)

  17. I know I’ve said this before, but if playing the victim was an Olympic sport, Jenelle would win Gold, Silver AND Bromze in the same medal ceremony. She’s a master at playing the victim.

    How dare you cry hysterically over Nathan’s mom filing for emergency custody of the child you don’t want and allow your husband to abuse?!?!?! You are so far from mother of the year, it’s honestly embarrassing. Your son (for whom you are “desperate” to gain custody) asked you not to marry Creeper McGee and you ignored him. And don’t even get me started on her pathetic claims that Kaiser isn’t abused by David. We have seen repeatedly Kaiser be neglected and manhandled on camera!! And what kind of sick “game” is it to “joke”about David punching Kaiser in the face?!?! That’s not a game!!!!! That’s, at the very least, emotional abuse.

    Oh, and I agree with y’all about that producer. Not a fan of anyone who seems to allow herself to be manipulated by Jenelle, while manipulating Janelle and Barbara. She’s ridiculous.

    1. I don’t know why she keeps playing this charade, when 90% f the viewers know her schtick by now! Time for this girl to reap what she has sown!

  18. Briana and her faux tough-girl routine need to take several seats, and hopefully they are in a classroom because this girl is so freaking stupid I just can’t. That scene where she just seems so elated at the idea that Javi might propose is so pathetic, it’s the perfect example of Jenelle syndrome (when the thought that someone might actually ask you to marry your ratchet ass it gets you all giddy). She is so insufferable I have no clue why they brought her back. Also, I believe every word that was said about Kaiser in last night’s episode. Nathan is not smart enough to come up with the story about how he would cover his bum when he pulled his diaper down and his mother is the real deal so I don’t think she’d make it up. Jenelle legit looked like a battered woman when she was talking about how she was afraid of what Lurch would say when he sees the latest article. THIS WILL NOT END WELL.

    1. Right?! That was so fucked watching Jenelle freak out and trying to shelter David from what’s being said online, while clearly worrying what will happen when he does. UHH.

  19. Why isn’t Jenelle wearing makeup on the show anymore? She has all meth marks on it, you think she’d try to cover it up so her big bad enemies won’t sell more stories about her.

  20. I’m not the biggest Nathan fan but, I’d rather him have his son over Jenelle and lurch.

    1. NO. DORIS. The answer is Doris. Sadly she had to choose between caring for her sick husband or fight for Kaiser’s custody. Why can’t it be both?!

      1. Money. She has said she can’t afford the attorney fees for the legal battle for Kaiser, with her family’s medical bills.

        1. Can’t we set up a go fund me, for Doris ( for attorney fees) so that little kaiser can be saved from the land, I’m scared of what will happen to this little cherub.
          I seriously don’t see things ending well.


  21. I wish the producer would say “go ahead and walk” Who does Kailyn thing she is Angelina Jolie? No one gives a sh** if she walks!

    1. I do – I’ll take Kail, Leah, and Chelsea any day and would love to see Jenelle and Briana get the boot.

    2. no that is the problem i’m not a kail fan but how much and how many more times is Janelle going to get away with her behavior? If mtv allows it and keeps going good for them for walking.

  22. Thank you to The Ashley for doing awesome recaps. We got rid of cable and no longer have access to mtv, so it helps keep me in the loop of drama.

  23. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Did anyone else notice yet another hole in the door the size of a fist in David and Janelles new house?? Same as the one we saw a few seasons ago when she locked herself in the bathroom… punched holes in the doors seem to be a reoccurring theme in their house ? perhaps these violence allegations aren’t far off

  24. Can I just say, I absolutely DESPISE Kristen, Jenelle’s producer. She is such a hypocritical piece of shit. She acts one way with Barbara, acting like she is there to listen to her extremely valid concerns, and then turns right around to Jenelle and kisses her ass and gives her the “poor you” treatment. This bitch actually told Jenelle, “I don’t know how you can deal with this stuff all the time…your mother is writing articles about you…” Fuck you, Kristen. For all of you wondering why Jenelle’s shit is never ever shown on the show, I guarantee you she is the reason why. She is determined, for whatever reason, to victimize Jenelle and antagonize Barbara, despite the fact that her piece of shit husband practically dragged Kaiser across the yard right before her eyes. Birds of a feather, are pieces of shit together.

    1. Yes!!! Preach, because she is the most vile producer I’ve ever seen on this show. Poor Barb should stop feeding in to her completely because all she does is use it to manipulate them both ?

    2. I decided I completely despised her during the filming the engagement episode. How could she watch such treatment of a tiny child and ignore it? And it’s clear she’s witnessed worse. But she doesn’t care.

    3. That woman is beyond vile. She saw David yell at and drag Kaiser across the yard for no reason. She’s seen them yell at and neglect that poor baby. And she has the gall to pretend like she doesn’t know why everyone is so concerned??? How someone can stand by and watch that kind of abuse and neglect for a paycheck is mind boggling.

    4. Sadly the money doesn’t stink. And if she said something about the “STAR” of the show, she would have been fired immediately. Morgan J. Freeman lets that happen so I think the first problem is him and how he tells his producers to act in order to not piss cast members off.

      She is still vile for allowing all that to happen tho. What needs to happen, Lurch hurting the kid so that he needs to go to the hospital?! I don’t even have kids yet, am single but would love to adopt this little fella, I’m sure he would have lived happier with me than with them.

    5. Anytime she coddles Jenelle I just stare at the screen, gobsmacked. Like WTF? She seems WAY too involved, and seeing her tell Jenelle that there’s CPS at the door in that trailer… why? Aren’t you supposed to just film and let Jenelle answer her own door? Also the last episode her reading the article to Jenelle out loud… UUGH. Such a weird, strange relationship. She’s definitely part of the problem with Jenelle, and it creeps me out.

    6. Even though I am in no way a fan of Farrah, I do give her props for telling a major shit stirrer like Kristen to go F herself just shortly before she was fired.

      Classic Farrah. And that time — I loved every second of it.

      1. Jenelle’s Kristen and Farrah’s Kristen are two different people. While I would have been on board with Farrah talking shit to Jenelle’s Kristen, Farrah’s Kristen actually seemed like a good person and just got caught in the crosshairs of the She-Devil. Sadly, Jenelle’s Kristen doesn’t seem to be going anywhere since Jenelle relies on her to make her look like the poor mom who has the whole world against her trying to take her children and ruin her shithole marriage. Fucking idiots, all of them.

    7. There has to be a special place in hell for her, and jenell-ee (yuk) & lurch anyone that can abuse a baby. Who can not defend himself.

  25. Does anyone else’s close captionings change Addie’s name to Eddie? Because I laugh out loud every time I see it.

  26. Hahahhahah……… threatening to walk away from the show. Yea Right!! This is a cash cow for these 20 somethings that could never get a job that pays the bills and keeps them in the lifestyle in which they have become accustomed to. Once this show is over they will all be bankrupt except for Chelsea.

  27. During the scene of Nathan taking Kaiser away I was like “keep him. Don’t let them take him back” even though I know that was months ago (and would be illegal).
    Okay, Nathan is not a role model but I still trust him with Kaiser more than David and Jenelle. And his mother would be there for Kaiser too.

    I just have this weird huge need for someone to hug Kaiser and give him a loving fun childhood without it being for an instagram picture.

    Jenelle is an ungrateful jerk to Barbara. The way she looks at her all superior while Barbara is clearly angry and frustrated makes me want to slap her and I’m not a violent person but Jenelle brings out the worst in me.

    I just can’t understand how MTV keeps protecting her. Her Karma never catches up with her ugh.

    I feel kinda bad for Leah now. Luckily she’s gotten better and nowadays seems to be doing fine with or without a boyfriend. Chelsea has made a good life for herself so far and I believe Leah is on track too. I want to cheer on her to keep turning her life for the better.

    I don’t have much to say about Kail. I don’t dislike her but I do believe she likes to stir drama and pick up fights way too much.

  28. Bahahahaha……….. Kail ‘threatening’ to walk away from the show !!!!

    Yeah right … I’m sure a regular job would let her laze around the house and go on multiple vacations and pay for all of your surgeries…

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds ya , Kail!!!

  29. I used to really like javi. Wtf happened to him he comes off so desperate for camera time and is a fame whore now. Wtf in there right mind would propose to brianna??? Jenelle and that yeti she found in the woods are still the worst of the worst. Im getting tired of these peoples lives. Time to move on.

    1. And adam and his pos family should be ashamed of themselves. If i were chelsea i wouldnt send aubree over there at all since it looks like the grandmother is allowing adam to sneak visits. As if he even cares about his kid. All he cares about is himself and snapping a selfie with her and posting it on social media pretending he gives a fuck just like jenelle. They are fooling nobody.

      1. The sad thing is, they are fooling some people. Jenelle’s got thousands of moronic fans that are always Tweeting her about how Barb should give Jace back. Even back when she was on heroin. If I had a tween daughter who was a fan of Jenelle I’d be fixing that right quick. Her Twitter feed makes me cry for the next generation.

  30. Kailyn started all the in fighting per usual. You can’t accet Javi moved on and of course he’s going to be with someone that you don’t want him to be with.

    Javi did all this to get Kailyn back for having Chris in he’s house. Not surprising since Kailyn did him so dirty.

    Leah can’t blame you for hooking up with Jeremy. He’s a hot country boy. Love it.

    Jenelle still crazy as hell. Forever stuck on 16.
    David per usual abuse. Be glad when Nathan grows some balls and beats the hell out of him.

    Chelsea sorry you’re upset but better days are coming for you.

  31. Who proposes to someone after a few months of long-distance dating? Javi is an idiot. Chill out dude, you’re like a girl wanting an instant happy family with a white picket fence and a dog.

    1. Javi seems very needs and somewhat unstable. I started noticing it when he was still married to Kail. I don’t like him.

      1. I never liked him either. He’s got a different personality depending on who he’s with and what scene is being filmed. He has a lot of people fooled but he’s no angel. Plus he’s desperate and pathetic being ready to marry the first girl that flirts back on Twitter. You could tell Briana didn’t even like him and he’s ready to propose? GTFO

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Most of the people on 90 day fiancé ?

    1. I hate saying it, but she’s gone way too far with her surgery. She’s too young to have messed with her face that badly

  32. Yeah Jenelle, it’s always a brilliant move to yell at a CPS worker.
    Moms of happy families do that all the time. They won’t worry that you’re out of control or defensive or anything. Good move.

  33. WTF is wrong with Adam’s mom?! She has no legal rights to that kid and Chelsea does not have to let her see Aubree. Did you all catch the scene in last nights episode where Adam agrees to the name change of all of his child support past and future is forgiven? Why doesn’t he just give up his rights then! Jenelle is her usual hot mess express, and I think Barb is finally at her wits end. Bri and Javi are so full of crap, like “oh how could this info possibly get out?” Maybe from when you were talking about it in front of an entire MTV film crew, make up team, and another cast mate. Just a thought.

    1. Adam’s idiot mother should be on her knees thanking god that Aubree has Chelsea and keeping her mouth shut after what her POS son Adam has put both Chelsea AND Aubree through. What a wench. I’d be too embarrassed to even admit in public I was Adam’s mom. Let alone have the audacity to defend him in any way or dare to criticize Chelsea.
      I’m also so sick of Adam getting off the hook for child support. I don’t care how much money Chelsea has, if I was her I’d be in court making sure he paid it instead of buying his stupid cars and weight benches and drugs and steroids. Same with Paislee’s mom.

    2. I had a son at 19 and when I finally went to court with his deadbeat father and started taking control of the situation he called his mother who was in the parking lot to come inside and LIE for him!! Someone who had absolutely no rights to my son and had never been that way before. I was just as upset as Chelsea and I’m anxiously awaiting to hear how Adumbs mom was mean in the court room. I totally get that pain.

    3. Adam Lind makes Nathan look like a half way decent guy and that’s not easy. He’s always blaming Chelsea for everything or Randy. I’m pretty sure Adam is the lowlife who spent thousands on dogs and dog toys over paying child support…oh and he was supporting that meth habit he has.

  34. why do you guys in US have houses made of paper? if you try to punch a wall in other country you end up in a hospital:)
    btw Leah and Jeremy? not surprised , leah didnt really want a divorce, did she? but he left her once he will leave her again. only poor addie…

    1. Yeah I guess, that’s why we have the glorious “The Situation tries to break a wall with his head” fail. He didn’t know the walls in Italy (and most of Europe) are made of bricks!

      1. He admitted in the latest season that he didn’t know it was made of bricks! Yup, walls are much harder here than in the USA so watch out if you visit!

    2. Pretty sure Leah is way past that and has been for a very long time. Jeremy is extremely needy and, when he comes off almost obsessive in the way he falls into relationships. He replaced Leah with Brooke (whom he started dating whilst Leah was still married to Jeremy.) All we ever saw was obsessive posts about how perfect Brooke was, how different she was from Leah, and how they were going to spend the rest of their lives together. Jump forward two years and all he has to show is dozens of extremely public, extremely immature and extremely volatile PUBLIC fights. So he replaces Brook with this Desi girl (who is legit dumb as rocks and got two dwi’s in the same night- and then tried to play victim in an interview with The Ashley.) He’s been dating Desi for all of two minutes but that crazy bag o’ Nuts was telling the world via twitter hashtags that it’s time to start planning a wedding, family AND babies. What the actual f*ck. Then she claimed they were dating longer than people knew and “kept it quiet.” Girl, that is some major BS you’re slinging. Jeremy was dating Brooke until at least November of 2017 that we know about, and cried over her by way of insta posts for at least two more after that. He was doing insta live videos well into February and it was VERY clear by the way he spoke that he wasn’t with anybody. So how long could you really possibly have dated before it was “time to start planning”? ? I highly, HIGHLY doubt that Leah wanted to get back with Jeremy, because, if she did, it clearly wouldn’t have been too difficult to do.

    3. People in the US can build their house out of whatever material they want. Jenelle and david live in a prefabricated house (trailer). Prefab houses use the cheapest materials known to man. That’s why whenever there’s a huge storm those trailers blow away first.

  35. I thought Jenelle told fans to keep calling CPS and that CPS loved to visit the land.
    Her fans obliged, still not right, make up your mind lady.

  36. Awe I’m a little disappointed that Leah and Jermy Lynn didn’t make that happen. Probably for the best ultimately…

    1. She’ll still hook up with him whenever he comes around, even when he’s married someday. She has no respect for other women.

      1. Very true! And he doesn’t seem to be particularly faithful either. As long as Addie stays in the dark and isn’t being misled or getting her hopes up… ?

      2. Oh PUH-LEASE, that is such a load of bullshit. Why the hell do we live in a society where other females feel not only comfortable, but actually INTELLIGENT when they suggest it’s the single woman who is the problem when a married man cheats with her?!?! Let me ask you a question, do you think that maybe, just maybe it’s JEREMY who has no respect for other woman when he cheats with them and ON his S/O?! I’m actually laughing at the ridiculousness of your comment but even more so that people actually liked it! Wtf ?

        1. Umm simmer down sweetheart. Who said Jeremy wouldn’t be at fault? I wasn’t speaking about Jeremy, I was speaking about Leah because the comment above mine was about LEAH.
          I’m the first one who blames ANYONE who cheats and Jeremy would be included in that. Even if he wasn’t married – even if he only had a girlfriend. He’d be a POS to cheat and I have no idea what would make you think I thought otherwise.
          But I wasn’t speaking about Jeremy.
          Leah would ALSO be at fault – not the ONLY one at fault – if she knowingly cheated with someone in a relationship. Just because she is single doesn’t make it ok. They would both be wrong.
          If you want to cheat, leave the relationship, be single, then get with the new person. It takes one conversation to break up with someone to not be a cheater. And if you want to cheat with someone that is in a relationship, tell them to break it off first before you eff them. There’s no excuse on either side.
          It’s childish, selfish, and pathetic.

          1. I stopped reading your reply literally halfway through the second sentence. Idc what your thoughts are on ANY of this. There is something so inherently wrong with your Leah comment that, if you can’t see what that is, any attempt to clarify it would be doing us both a disservice.

            Plus, your use of the word sweetheart as a derogatory makes me question your present mental state. I suspect nothing more than a case of deeply stupid, but better safe than sorry…I wouldn’t want to catch that from you.

        2. I completely agree with you. For some reason it seems like people blame the female more than the man in every given situation.

  37. I’ve never wanted to smack Jenelle more after seeing that smug look she gave Barb. With those shitty braids ?

    1. Jenelle has needed her ass kicked for so long. I really surprised she hasn’t been jumped by now and whupped on. That mouth of hers, man…ooooo

    2. I felt the same way she was antagonizing barb. when they showed the clip from the reunion. With her giant 6head with those braids. Girl has an alien dome

    1. Hole above producers head as she walks past it and we know Jenelle will probably be less tall as said producer.
      Person in the house that is taller, Uncle Bad Punch.

      1. That seems to be a reoccurring thing in their houses!! Not the first time we’ve seen that… I don’t think the violence allegations are far off at this point

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