‘Floribama Shore’ Star Aimee Hall Charged With Battery After Allegedly Breaking Another Girl’s Nose: Get Exclusive Details

“At least she didn’t bleed into my Jack ‘n’ Coke!”

It’s safe to say that the cast of MTV’s Floribama Shore is not making friends with the Panama City Beach locals while they film the show’s second season.

On Wednesday, The Ashley got a tip stating that ‘Floribama Shore’ cast member Aimee Hall had allegedly assaulted another woman at a PCB bar. On Thursday, a local news outlet confirmed the story and had more info on what allegedly went down.

According to tip The Ashley received, and a story posted by local news outlet WFLA, a woman claims that Aimee punched the woman in the face after the woman told Aimee she was making the town of Panama City Beach look bad because of her actions on the show.

The alleged incident took place at Ms. Newby’s Brew & Booze House (naturally) and, according to WFLA, was witnessed by several bartenders.

“The victim has confirmed her nose is broken and is pressing charges against Hall,” the site reported on Thursday.

The Ashley can confirm that Aimee was charged with one count of General Battery (a misdemeanor) on Wednesday. She was informed of the charges yesterday and is set to go before a judge on June 15 in Bay County, Florida.

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“Aimee sucker-punched the girl after the girl called Aimee ratchet,” The Ashley’s tipster claims. “The girl is super tiny and never saw it coming.”

Aimee, who actually hails from Alabama, has yet to comment on the alleged incident. MTV has also remained silent so far.

This is not the first time the cast of ‘Floribama Shore’ has been involved in altercations at PCB bars. A Season 1 episode showed a fight that went down between locals and the cast at a bar. Watch the clip below to relive that Kodak moment.

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  1. Chick deserved it after running her mouth nonstop!!! Don’t run your mouth if you can’t back it up!! Simple as that!!!

  2. ashley, what happened to the recaps of teen mom??? its my favorite thing you write about…have a great day!

    sam 🙂

  3. I personally love this show! But Aimee needs to realize that there are consequences for being on TV and that people will actively try to get you riled up to be on TV too

  4. Yes, most of MTV shoes are ratchet. However, if you’re bold enough to come up to a complete stranger and trash them, be prepared for a fight. Some people have no problems with ending a dispute with a punch. If you don’t want to take the chance, you should probably leave your comments to yourself and friends.

  5. So basically, it’s another socially acceptable version of “bum fight” but with marginally more attractive people.

  6. I’ve never watched the show, but agree that it sounds like a copy cat of Jersey Shore. MTV has created a cluster of shows that promotes drunk behavior. As long as people watch it, MTV makes $$$$. That’s what it’s all about $$$$$. Maybe they will stop when someone punches someone too hard and they kill the person in a drunken rage.

    1. I never bothered to watch this show…
      But I’m rolling my eyes here at the fact that these people are getting paid big bucks to act like fools… Meanwhile I struggled my ass through school, graduated and working in Healthcare. But then again, my job is respectable and I still have my dignity ❤️

    2. Ronnie punched a guy at the end of the first season. It knocked him out cold and Ronnie was arrested.

    3. That has been happening for years. Most of the issues on The Real World stemmed from limitless alcohol access.

  7. Trash is trash is trash. I can’t believe this garbage got renewed for a second season.

      1. Probably because they took out decent shows and filled MTV with reality TV garbage. And honestly nothing is worse thank KNOCK-OFF reality TV garbage. What happened to shows like Awkward, Silent Library, My Life as Liz and The Hard Times of RJ Berger? Those were great. Always good for more than a few laughs and nobody was being exploited.

  8. So, trying to copy Jersey Shore already, eh? (in first season someone punched Snooki and Ronnie got into a fight)

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