Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows How Farrah Abraham Shamelessly Planned Her Cannes Crotch Flash: Watch the Hilarious Footage!

“Um…when it comes to showing my vagina, this ain’t my first rodeo, guys!”

Just when you thought Farrah Abraham couldn’t get any more shameless….here we are.

The cringe-inducing former Teen Mom OG star made headlines earlier this week when she flashed her assorted lady parts to the world while walking a red carpet at a Cannes Film Festival fashion show. Although it was labelled a “wardrobe malfunction” a new video shows that the crotch-flash was pre-planned and orchestrated by Farrah and a photographer!

A new video posted by The Blast on Friday shows Farrah sitting at the fashion show, eagerly awaiting the moment when those pesky models would finish up and she could show her sausage-gobbler to the world (again). Her first attempt at showing off her parts was unsuccessful, so she hilariously tried it again and got the literal money shot.

Allow The Ashley to narrate for you:

We see the “Backdoor Teen Mom” sitting front and center at the fashion show. She’s looking classy (for once) and has conveniently taken the seat at the end of the front row to ensure that the cameras will have a good shot of her…all of her.

As the models walk down the red carpet, Farrah poses for some “unposed” shots, showing her gleefully laughing with the lady and man next to her (who never actually even talk to Farrah), modeling with a champagne glass and pretending to care about the fashion.

She gets a distressed look on her face, as it appears that the photographer informed her that the young girls who have dared to stand next to her are blocking the camera’s view of her and her crotch. (Oh, the horror!)

Farrah shoos the girls away like the peasants that they are, and is once again back to smiling for the carefully placed cameras.

Farrah watches a model walk down in a dress and gives her a once over (surely thinking of how much better she would look in that outfit). The photographer zooms in on Farrah’s leg area, hoping to discreetly catch some of her nether regions in the shot but has no luck.

She sets down her prop champagne glass and prepares to show the world her “front door.” (Why should her “back door” get all the fame!?)

Once the models have moved out of her way, Farrah gets the signal from the photographer and randomly stands up in front of the carpet to make it look like she was actually walking it herself. (It’s really out of place, and some of the people around Farrah give her a “WTF?” look.)

She sticks her leg out and tries to tug her dress to the other side to show off “the goods” but, unfortunately, her dress gets caught and is still covering her snatch goblin. (Don’t you hate when that happens when you’re trying to flash your nether regions to the world?!)

Then, those pesky models come back, so Farrah has to sit down to let them pass. She’s not happy, but she’s determined to get the job done, so she stands up a second time.

This time, Farrah is a woman on a mission. As soon as she stands up, she grabs her dress and yanks it to the side, giving the photographers a great crotch shot. The people behind her can’t see that she’s lifted her dress, but are still staring at her because it’s weird that she turned a fashion show into her own personal photo shoot.

The two girls she shooed away, though, realize what Farrah’s doing and are seen snickering at the ‘Teen Mom’ cast-off’s shamelessness.

With her vagina successfully photographed, Farrah sits down, satisified with a job well done!

Watch the hilarious footage by clicking here! 

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

50 Responses

  1. Well she is officially a hooker now. I saw some photos of her taken with Lady Victoria Hervey who is a notorious procurer of girls for the rich businessmen over there so there if there was any doubt there isnt anymore. Classy touch that she has dragged her little girl with her while she is working.

  2. Shameless. Trash. Her poor child didn’t even have a chance. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if some plot came about where she had her daughters dad killed in a car wreck. She’s that much of a terrible person.

  3. I mean what else is there to say about Farrah at this point? She’s a cheap whore with literally no morals, ethics, class or integrity. At this point I think it’s safe to say it’s too late for her daughter who will end up just like her and most likely neither one of them will live a very long life.

  4. How low can this disgusting creature go? Just when I think she’s hit the lowest, she sinks a little deeper. Where in the world is the bottom, and why does she insist on finding it?

  5. Not sure how this is supposed to entice sausage owners and the ladies but this is an sex ad made on the expenses of someone else.

  6. Why are you still giving this attention seeking narcissistic moron attention?
    She should be ted flagged and banned from Europe.

  7. Why are you still giving this attention seeking narcissistic moron attention?

  8. I, I, um, yeah. I’m at a loss of words to describe my feelings about that video.

    Wait, oh, um: desperate, pathetic, sad, delusional, pathetic, conniving, pathetic, pathetic. Guess I found some words after all.

    What was her thought process behind this decision? Did she really think she could get away with this pathetic attempt for attention?! Please tell me Sophia was nowhere near any discussion of this plan.

    It’s unbelievably sad someone can be that desperate for attention to concoct a plan this pathetic in an attempt to grab 2 minutes of notoriety.

    Buy some underpants, find some self-respect, and think about the long term effects of your decisions on your child.


  9. She is seriously mentally ill. As for ppl saying how abusive debz was, I truly don’t believe it. Farrah is a vile nasty bitch. I would slap her in the face too if my daughter acted anything like her.(grammar)… She’s looking a little like sh has a meth problem. I wish she would get help, and stop worrying about trying to maintain her 3 minutes of “reality fame”. Her kid is in danger with this POS narcissistic nut job.

  10. Farrah is a broken person. Sophia will be exactly like her. I just feel bad for her. Obviously she has mental issues.

  11. Sophia was actually in Cannes with her. I can just hear the paparazzi asking Farrah with Sophia in tow about the flash seen around the world and Sophia asking what they mean.

    Keepin’ it classy!

  12. Sophia was actually in Cannes with her. I can just hear the paparazzi asking Farrah with Sophia in tow about the flash seen around the world and Sophia asking what they mean.

  13. Obviously,”Pretty is as pretty does.” Is a foreign concept to the Abraham family. So trashy!

  14. Classy. So this is her being a champion for..what did she call it? women’s rights and the LGBTQ community.

    …..I think a new spokesperson is in order.

  15. And to think she was the one on her 16 and preg episode to tell the nurses “I’m sorry you guys have to look at my vagina” or something along those lines?‍♀️

  16. On Farrah… There are no words. I will say tho – she looks so much better with brunette hair.

  17. Only thing missing is the “1/2 Price As Is” sign.

    Honestly, would anyone REALLY want to buy a cup of Froco yogurt from this so-called “businesswoman”?

    Personally speaking: No stank you.


  18. I think Farrah is teetering on the edge. I can’t even laugh. She is extremely thin and looks so out of it. Why aren’t her parents doing anything to actually help her? She needs to go somewhere good and be inpatient for a while to work through her very real issues. Her narc mother is a nutcase. Imagine living your childhood with abusive DebzOG your mother.

    I know she is horrible to people and a terrible role model to Sophia, but she seems so broken to me.

    1. Pretty sure Michael contributed to her current state too. You can’t blame everything on DebzOG when Michael just kowtows to everything Farrah says no matter how horrible her behaviour is. That is not helping her.

  19. Apparently this whore doesn’t care that one day her daughter will see all the fucked up shit she’s done. She’s totally grooming Sophia to be just like her.

  20. From what I’ve heard through blinds and other sources, Farrah is pretty much a full blown prostitute now. She has been “yachting” in Cannes, aka being a hooker for rich and powerful men. I also heard that her future plans involve the title of “madam”… Oh, and let’s not forget that Sophia is with her in France. Only time will tell if what I’ve read is the truth, but I wouldn’t put it past her for a second.

  21. But….but….but…. she said she was a powerful, successful businesswoman that stands for the empowerment of women……..surely this can’t be true!
    HAHAHHAHAHAAAAAA Oh Farrah, you are so effing stupid. I love that this got exposed on tape.

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