‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Says She Wants To Change Her Son Isaac’s Name & May Ask Ex Chris Lopez To Father Her Fourth Child

“Got sperm?”

Kail Lowry made several surprising statements while chatting with her Teen Mom 2 co-star Chelsea Houska during the most-recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcastrevealing that she wants to change her oldest son’s last name, and that she’s currently on a sperm-hunt so she can have a fourth child.

During the podcast, Kail and Chelsea talked about the process Chelsea went through to change her daughter, Aubree’s last name so that it included Chelsea’s married name, DeBoer.

Kail said she could relate to Chelsea’s situation because she just changed her youngest son Lux’s last name to Lowry. She added that changing her youngest son’s last name gave her an idea regarding her oldest son, Isaac’s, name.

“After I changed Lux’s last name to Lowry I called Jo [Rivera] and asked him if we could add Lowry to Isaac’s last name and he was not about it. He doesn’t want to do it and I just don’t understand. I guess I understand but I want [Isaac] to be included, too.”

In addition to Isaac, Kail also has son Lincoln with her ex-husband Javi MarroquinShe shares Lux with her (sort of?) ex, Chris Lopez. Because all of her kids have different dads, they all have different last names.

“I want all my kids to have the same last name. Lincoln calls himself ‘Lincoln Marshall Marroquin Lowry.’ He’s all for it!” Kail said. “But Isaac’s the oldest and he doesn’t care, which is weird.”

Chelsea sympathized with Kail, and revealed why she made the decision to hyphenate her daughter’s last name. As The Ashley previously reported, Chelsea petitioned the court to have Aubree’s last name officially changed from “Lind” to “Lind-DeBoer.” Although Aubree’s biological father, Adam Lind, wasn’t too happy about it, Aubree was reportedly thrilled, according to Chelsea.

“Some people are against it, obviously.”  Chelsea said. “We left Lind on her last name; she hyphenated [her name]. She was so happy when we finally got it. It’s a nice way to include her, and that’s what our goal was.”

Chelsea said she wanted Aubree to have the same last name as her and her husband Cole DeBoer and their son, Watson.

“It’s just hard when you’re the mom and you want them to have the same last name as you. It’s, like, Cole DeBoer, Chelsea DeBoer, Watson DeBoer, and then Aubree. Now it’s nice to have her be included.”

Name-changing wasn’t the only topic discussed on the podcast. Kail also talked about wanting a fourth child and told Chelsea she (hopefully) won’t have to deal with the last name issue with Baby #4.

“I already started looking at the sperm banks,” Kail said. “[The donors] have to have a Bachelor’s degrees. They do extensive genetic testing. [I’m looking for a guy who is] tall, dark, and handsome, and maybe has a PhD.”

“I’ve got sperm…just sayin’!”

Kail even said she wants Chelsea to help her pick the donor.

“I think we should do a ‘Teen Mom 2’ crossover for the next season where Chelsea comes with me to help me pick out a sperm bank donor profile,” she said.

While using an anonymous donor to have more children will prevent Kail from having to deal with more baby-daddy drama, she did say she may dip back into her baby daddy pool instead, opting to ask her third baby-daddy Chris Lopez for some of his baby-making juices.

“I really want to write Chris a letter and request [his sperm] so that I have two full siblings.”

It’s no surprise Kail said she would choose Chris over Jo and Javi as the baby daddy she’d most like to reproduce again with. At the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion taping last weekend, she tearfully confessed on stage that she is still in love with Lux’s father.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


    1. My comment:
      Kail saying this was totally for attention, and to have people tune into the podcast. That’s all. Although I wouldn’t put it past her being this stupid.
      I’ve never listened to her podcast; and I would rather pull my eyelashes out, one by one, than to listen to her podcast.

  1. I have a theory that Kail continues to keep having children and is desperate to have another because she wants at least one kid who has zero reason to resent her as they grow up. Like she wants to be able to say she did everything perfectly with at least one kid. No baby daddy drama, no custody problems, no fights with boyfriend of the week that the child had to witness, no witnessing Mom having a screaming meltdown on the phone or in person with someone, etc. She feels like she has probably already given the first three kids reasons enough to dislike her and be resentful when they grow up, so she needs to have another and make sure everything is perfect for that one. I think that’s actually how Lux came about in the first place, but then by the time he was even just born, he had already been exposed to too much of her dramatic bullshit so now she wants to start it over and try again, maybe with a sperm donor because then there is guaranteed to be no baby daddy drama. She doesn’t seem to realize that she is at the center of all the drama. Her mental state, her choices, her personality, is what is causing the problems each time. She keeps thinking it’s all these outside forces so she’s trying to to eliminate some of those things and try again.

  2. So basically she wants to change his last name because she doesn’t like them all having a different name? Maybe she should have thought of that before having three kids by three different guys. And if Isaac doesn’t want it, it’s be stupid to do it. Aubree WANTED to be a DeBoer because Cole is more of a father to her than Adam has ever been, so changing hers made complete sense.

    I hope she writes him a letter along for sperm. I’d love to read that. I love how her whole reason for leaving Javi was because he wanted more kids and she didn’t, and now she’s already planning Number Four.

  3. IMHO, for the last few years, Jo has consistently put up with Kailyn’s foolishness for the sake of maintaining a civil co-parenting relationship, but real talk, this might be the last straw. You can tell Vee is almost at her limit for dealing with Kailyn and her intense self-centeredness (I don’t know if that’s a word). If Kail doesn’t watch out, Jo might try to get primary custody of Isaac, and in comparing his family situation to Kailyn’s, a court might be sympathetic to Jo, especially with Kailyn starting fist fights with her ex’s new girlfriends. She and Jenelle have a lot in common in that respect.

  4. How many decades can they keep showing “Teen Mom”? The show has been on ? for almost a decade.
    Teen Divorce, Teen Baby Daddies, Teen Porn, Teen Crazy, Teen Child Neglect, Teen Court, Teen Drug Addiction… Ad Nauseam..

  5. That’s is no way she is serious. No way.
    Kids are a beautiful thing, but her life choices have been pretty questionable,,, and that’s putting it nicely. Why can’t the 3 she has already be good enough??

  6. She is mentally unstable to think about having a 4th kid with a guy she claims beat her and is an absent father to the kid she already has with him. Does she WANT her kids to have a fucked up life or is she just so stupid she can’t tell that giving them a deadbeat dad is going to mess their life up? She needs to be in therapy FULL TIME with someone that can help her figure out why she keeps making shitty decisions like this that affect innocent human beings. Normally these teen moms don’t surprise me, but this decision shows such spectacular lack of judgment that it actually does. Who cares about whether they are “full blood” if the dad is not around?

    Kail needs to just give it up on the last name thing. Even if the other 2 hyphenate their name, they will never all have the same last name. That’s the perk of not having kids with 3 different men. She just wants to be like Chelsea, except she can’t manage the stable relationship part where it would make sense to actually change the kids’ last name.

  7. First off, am I the only one who would be going back to Javi… Even Jo… To have a second kid with? A) they actually want to be involved (which is probably the problem) and B) just look at Lincoln and Isaac – they are the cutest kids! (not knocking Lux but Chris is nothing to look at…
    Secondly, if she was worried about her kids sharing a last name, she should have given them her last name at birth*! There is no rule that says the kid has to have dad’s last name. I’m surprised how many 16&p babies come out with dad’s last name.
    *The only one that would be an issue now would be Lincoln but it’s not like you plan to get divorced.

  8. Jo Rivera has been a superb father (except that he doesn’t work and lives off of MTV). He has rolled over for Kail a million times, even taking poor Vee away from her family so that he can be near Isaac. He needs to stand up on this one – Isaac’s name should remain Rivera. Kail is so concerned with having uniform names for all the boys but wasn’t concerned at all about having three different fathers for her children. She is a bully and really feels she should always get her way. Jo – let this be the ONE thing you stand up for – your son should have your name.

    1. This is actually Jo’s last season, and he just got his real estate license, so he’s working outside of MTv now, thank God.

      1. That is REALLY good news! Jo will feel so much better about himself. I wish Jo and Vee a happy and loving marriage.

  9. Is that baby already shaving, looks like a mustache. Kail you are wack, thinking ahead and looking at the big picture, will you be able to send all these kids to college the way you are currently spending it doesn’t seem so.

  10. Kail is so dramatic and extra with the last name and wanting her ex’s sperm like girl it’s not that big of a deal

    1. So dramatic!!! Seriously you have nine months to pick a baby name and the kid was still a month old and had no name!!!!

  11. Three Baby Daddies. Three Children. One Divorce.
    Drama, Drama and more Drama..
    Just raise the three Children that you have..

  12. 3 kids is really easy with MTV money. She should wait and see how hard life will be as a single mom with a normal income and having to pay for daycare.

  13. Stop having kids, Kail. The three little boys you have need ALL your attention. Especially Lux, because the father you picked for him is not very attentive. That baby is going to need even more of you. Try raising three kids without MTV money and see how that goes for you!

  14. Why do you keep havi,g children from 3 4 men maybe just have 1 or 2 different fathers you want them not to feel not fitting in with different last names but they all have different fathers, maybe quit stewing around and getting pregnant

  15. I saw something on another site about Kail house shopping in LA. There’s no way Jo or Javi will be OK with her moving cross-Country, unless she were to leave the boys with them (the fathers) and she’ll never let that happen. There might not be much in the way of broadcasting work in Delaware, but she can’t tear those kids away from their families because it’s what SHE wants. Doubt she’ll have a lot of broadcasting opportunities presented to her in LA anyway. She’s becoming delusional and if she’s serious about the last name changes and moving to LA then she’s trying to
    create unnecessary problems. Dumbass, and a nasty lumpy stuffed one at that.

    I get that she didn’t have great role models growing up, but come on… I liked her story line when she was in the modest apartment with Isaac – it showed what being a teen mom was really like. She would have likely turned out far better without the show. She would have a practical career as a dental asssitant which she did do briefly- maybe she’d be a hygienist by now and that’s a solid job. And she probably would have settled down permanently with someone (maybe Javi, maybe not) instead of dick-hopping the way she has the past few years.

    1. If she does make the decision to move away from her boys’ dads based on her own selfish wants, she’s more like her mother than she realizes. That would be a damn shame.

  16. Just sayin – I’ve been married for almost 8 years and I still havent changed my last name ? we know we’re a family and that’s all that matters to us, idk… hyphenated last names just seem complicated… so what happens when they get married and they want to keep their names? They have three hyphens?? (And I’m speaking in general, not about the -Lowry boys)

  17. ? I could see lowry as a middle name or lowry-whatever. Now I just think it’s too late. That’s what happens when you have multiple babys with multiple daddies.

  18. Wasn’t she patting herself on the back for becoming the 1st TM to graduate college, now she wants to be in the running to have multiple children and unmarried.

  19. A lot of women no longer take their partner’s last name so having different names is not a big deal these days.

    I think Kail just wants to punish her baby daddies and exert control.

    And if she were adding Lowry as a middle name, it wouldn’t be a big deal but she is changing their last name. It is like removing the father symbolically. I can understand chelsea doing it because Adam has no role in Aubree’s life but Kail’s exes are very engaged in the lives of the sons.

  20. I think it’s probably just the angle of the camera in the picture (maybe? hopefully?) but that baby looks like he’s got 5 o’clock shadow under his nose there. If that actually is 5 o’clock shadow, he definitely won’t be one of those guys that has trouble growing facial hair – he’ll be like Magnum PI in no time.

    I know that babies are supposed to be cute and all – but I think that Isaac is still the cutest little cutie in the crew.

  21. Why does she mention Jo but didn’t mention asking Javi? I imagine he wouldn’t let it happen either. Does she just think Jo is more of a pushover and is angry he said no?

    I don’t even have anything else to say because everyone nailed it. How TF are you getting all of your kids for Christmas with 3 baby daddies now Kail?

    I’m so ashamed to admit that I used to really like her.

    1. Well… as a divorced kid from the 80s, it was fabulous going to twice as many house getting everything I ever asked for because of (*guilt*) so many people loving me … anyway, kind of how I sold it to my own kid later. But, 4 dads? The logistics must be insane.

  22. Bottom line, She’s so trashy. These poor kids from all different fathers. She needs to stop having kids. She’s ridiculous. Period.

  23. If you want all your kids to have the same last name stop screwing all those different men with different last names. Idiot.

  24. I’m divorced but feel like I can’t revert to my maiden name because my son has my married name. I think you shouldn’t need the father’s permission to add your own surname. She’s not suggesting removing the father’s name.

    1. Meh, I was married, our son has his father’s last name, so it doesn’t bother me. BUT when I got divorced and requested my maiden name, my X, and the judge asked me if I *really* sure to go back to my maiden name bc my kid had his dad’s name… My response? (To the judge, in front of my X) “Yeah, our son has his father’s name, but I am no longer ****’s property and I want MY name back.”

      It took 3xs as much effort and money to change my name back, but, for me, worth it. But your journey is yours, but if you really want to go back to your maiden name, it can be done. My child still has his father’s last name, and, yes, the school or Dr’s offices still call/ask, “Are you Mrs *NotYourLastName*?” I answer and just politely correct them if necessary.

  25. The part that bothers me most about these girls is they claim high risk pregnancies and infertility when that’s obviously not the case. She said lux was an oopsie to see if she could conceive then it was because her uterus was a ticking time bomb then she was high risk yet still taking vacations abroad. So now she’s moved on to talking baby 4 and all those issues are or no longer a worry?!

    It’s getting old. Does she realize a donor baby won’t have any father figure at all? No child support no weekend away for visitation so she can vacation alone no click bait stories about custody battles etc

    She wants to change her kids names for her own ego. Whereas Chelsea got married and started having children all with the same last name doing things the right way and included Aubree into the family unit. What if she does get married some day will she want to tack on a third last name?

  26. Ummmm she wants all of her kids to have the same last name?? She probably should have thought about that before having three babies by three men. She’s obviously tried to convince Isaac (since she mentioned that he doesn’t care) which is beyond inappropriate since Jo said no. And why would Jo even say yes?? Comparing her situation to Chelsea’s absurd. Jo has ALWAYS been there for Isaac and is an involved dad. I’m sure Chelsea would have loved for Adam to be that great of a dad to Aubree. It is just insulting to ask Jo to change Isaac’s name because she got knocked up again. Kail’s need to make herself into a martyr is so embarrassing.

    And there’s a part of me that thinks she’s doing this for podcast attention because no one in their right mind would ask Baby Daddy #3 to donate sperm after accusing him of being an abusive deadbeat. She literally just took him to court to change the baby’s last name because he was such a deadbeat and now she wants to write him a letter? That sounds pathetic and O don’t think she realizes it.

  27. The situation isn’t the same at all. Chelsea has a fully functioning family unit, where Aubree felt apart because she had the last name of a man who doesn’t raise her and who she barely knows, instead of the name of the family she lives with full time and is a full part of.

    Kail’s kids will NEVER be full parts of one another’s families regardless of what their names are, because they have three separate families. The move to change isaac’s name is petty, with the selfish intent to punish her boys who have involved fathers for the sake of the boy who doesn’t. Her desire to bring a 4th child into this mess is just twisted. In all likelihood, all of her children will become resentful toward her, and possibly towards each other, in adolescence and adulthood due to her choices.

  28. This girl is so out of control,if she wanted her children to have the same name maybe she shouldn’t have so many different baby daddies. She’s such a great role model for young girls ? She’s a joke and should be off the show, it’s becoming a circus

  29. Sorry to point out the obvious Kail, but having all your children with one father = full siblings with the same last name. I would say this ship has most definitely sailed when you already have 3 by 3.

  30. I think the most consistent praise Kail has ever received in her life is that she’s a “good mom” because her kids were so healthy and clean compared to the other children on the franchise. Even Chelsea struggled with keeping her house clean and not treating Aubree like a peer until Aubs was like 4 or 5. But the early seasons sort of obscured how much help she had from Jo and Javi, how much help she had from their families, and the fact that small children have simple needs and overwhelming love. They’re more like extensions of you than their own people. Issac isn’t even 10 yet and he’s too old for her interests. That being said, I’m kind of surprised the kids didn’t already have Lowery at least as a middle name. It’s pretty common in both Puerto Rican and Guatemalan families for a kid to take both parents’ last names. I bet that if this wasn’t part of a bigger pattern of off the rails behavior, Jo and Javi would have been okay with it.

  31. Sounds like she needs to keep her legs closed until she finds a guy that will stick around shes nasty Going guy to guy.

  32. seriously she make me cringe sooo hard. I understand her and jo relationship didnt worked out bc both were so young. She could work in her marriage with javi (yes you can work in relationships) despite being a fame whore i dont think javi is a bad person, at least he is a caring father for both isaac and linc. If she wanted so bad to have two full siblings then chose the rigth guy and try to make it work. Plus this whole situation where she wants to be seen as a tough single mom that can handle all and dont need help from anyone, yet im pretty sure once mtv cuts the plug she will not hesitate asking chris dor child support. Seriously this girl is the worst in the whole franchise, and to say that is a lot.

    1. Seems like she says things so people can talk about it. I tried to listen to her podcast. I fell asleep. Her funniest is not funny,her trying to act sexy is not sexy, her cussing sounds dumb. Than she worried about some stupidest shit like changing kids name. Kail get over yourself.

  33. …..does she think this makes her more likable? Her kids are still pretty young and there’s no way between three kids (one an infant), three different fathers, teen mom and her podcast that she’s giving these kids the time and energy they deserve. Super selfish and dumb to even think about adding another one to the mix. It’s not cute and she perpetuates the stereotype of white trash, degree and all. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Honestly she’s just a dumb hick who caught a lucky break, can’t wait to see where she ends up in fifteen years.

  34. What I’m trying to understand is why she only wants to change Isaacs last name and not Lincoln’s? And why it’s so important to have 2 full siblings? She should’ve thought about that before she opened her legs to multiple men just sayin.

    1. She could have had two full siblings with Lincoln and the other child Javi wanted with her. I don’t blame Jo for a second for not agreeing to change Isaac’s last name. Adam is a deadbeat who doesn’t even see Aubree, Jo is a constant presence in Isaac’s life. I can’t believe she even had the nerve to ask Jo. Didn’t she claim a doctor told her she wouldn’t be able to have more kids?? I knew she made that up.

  35. She picked the ugliest of the three men to want more kids with. He’s not attractive on the outside and if even a hint of Brianna’s shade was true he’s ugly inside too. Issac is actually the cutest of her boys. Javi the best looking baby daddy (not that I’d want any of them). And its a little crazy she’s jumping into another pregnancy instead of maturing a few years and seeing if the right man comes along. At this rate by the time she meets Mr Right her uterus will have revolted and she won’t be able to give him a biological child should she want to

  36. So now Kail’s setting up a date with a cast member to go sperm donor shopping— as if they were going shoe shopping at the mall??

    And why can’t this girl get it through her own thick “college graduated” head that a child from a sperm donor literally has NO ONE EVER to tangibly visit or refer to as “Dad,” while she has 3 other kids so far who can? Would that be fair to the child?

    I agree now with other commenters that MTV should just pull the plug on this show. Along with the outrageous sums of money they pay these girls to act like first class fools. Especially Kail, who now seems to be acquiring babies as if they were designer damn handbags.

  37. Um, your situation and Chelsea’s are totally different though. Isaac has an INVOLVED father who of course wants his kid to have the same family name, are you serious?! Javi wouldn’t like it either, even if Lincoln likes to call himself Lowry. They both aren’t POS like Adam and when you found someone who could POSSIBLY be an uninvolved father, you went for it and now want a second baby like what?! Gurl, if you put that much thought in who your baby daddy is as you now in you wanting them to share your last name, maybe you wouldn’t be in this mess. I guess sperm bank is prob the best choice even though I don’t think you should have another child like…ever.

  38. She’s looking for a sperm donor that has a PhD? Now I understand finding one that’s intelligent because those genes can get passed down but what’s the point of going after one that has a degree? The degree is irrelevant. Many intelligent people don’t go to college. Also this girl must not be looking to ever get married. What sane guy is gonna wanna deal with 3 (maybe 4) kids who all have different dads.

  39. Well…if you had these babies in a stable relationship, Kail, you wouldn’t be in this (self-made) situation now.

    You’re meant to be stable or married to have babies then you’ll share the same surname.

    It’s not ideal to have a kid with the flavour of the month. Who do you think you are? Jenelle?

  40. I’ll probably get Flack for saying this, but why is this show even still on the air? They’re no longer Teen Moms and just keep having more kids. Kail only one that got her college degree, and instead she’s all about branding.

  41. Okay so let me just say…I understand the sentiment. Kail has no full blood siblings. My siblings and I were never really close, and when I was 16 I found out that I was the only one from both my married parents. It’s a weird thing to go through life without someone who is your “flesh and blood”, and I can understand fully why she wants that. BUT, I knew this early on. Therefore I had kids with one man and that was it. Done. She’s had three, all different fathers, and NOW wants to emphasize having the same last name or same dad? Uh, what?? She’s being really selfish with her children’s futures and acting nonchalant about having more kids. She needs to chillllll ??‍♀️

  42. So by her own logic, she should of left Lux’s name as Lowry Lopez. It’s ok to change her babies last name to only hers and leave out his father, but it’s not ok when it’s done to her?

  43. Someone should inform Kail that babies grow into children that grow into real, human, adults, they are not simply there to fulfill the voids in her life. I recall during her last pregnancy how she would go on about how hard the situation was with baby-daddy #3 not showing up for appointments and not being there for her in general and now she wants another baby with him!?! It just seems so twisted that she is willing to subject four children to a lifetime of visitations with different fathers, holidays away from their siblings, less time spent devoted to each child just so she can have two kids that are full siblings!?! Oh the thot-ness of it all. I think that she’s acknowledged she has anger issues (and possibly some kind of emotional disorder), but she really needs to be in therapy.

  44. She cannot compare the two situations – Adam is a dead beat who is a father on paper only, Joe moved to a different state to make sure he could continue to be an active father.

  45. Um so u effed up ur life… And now wana make ur life ok with 2 full siblings. Now this man is on the hook for 2( knowing kail she will make him be a dad again) just to for her ideals and needs. Never mind his wants. Needs. Or life. Possible future wife that will have to deal with this crazy. Lol never seem to think long term. What the future mr or Mrs will have to put up with
    Not fair to them at all

    1. Well, I can’t say that I really care about the potential future wife of the dipshit dumb enough to impregnate this nut TWICE but it’s definitey a bummer for the kids.

    1. My first thought, “Oh, she IS off her meds…”
      Second, “No way she’s serious, we’re being puked for promotion on her podcast”

  46. what the f··· is bad with you girls!!! why a mother can have her last name on her own child!! nobody needs a reason! in my country a child have both last names it´s not a big deal at all…

    1. I don’t understand why you get so much downvote. I live in a country where women keep their last name and kids can have both last name, or just the Dad’s or the Mom’s and it’s no big deal. Also, most kids are born *gasp* out of wedlock and nobody cares. Not every country is like the United States.

      1. Well he can, I don’t live in the States and have no intention of moving. I mean, it seems like a nice country for the most part, but I like my own.

        Also, big lol at all the downvotes just because I expressed that some countries are not like the USA. Seriously guys? I don’t see what the problem is. We have legal protection for de facto couples and children born out of wedlock because our laws adapted to our own social reality. A child born to unmarried parents has the same rights whatsoever than a child born to married parents.

    2. No one would have batted an eyelash had she given him both last names. It’s the fact that she wants to change it now that he’s nine. For her own selfish purposes. It isn’t a big deal in the US when a child has both last names, or just the mother’s for that matter. The reason this is so ridiculous is that she wants to do this for selfish reasons nine years later.

    3. I live in a country where everyone has 2 last names and I totally agree with you. It’s so weird that many people in the US think that the father’s last name is more important than the mother’s last name.It makes no sense to me at all. I also don’t understand why a woman takes her husband name when she marries. It makes it seem like she’s her husband’s property or like her life before marriage doesn’t matter.

    4. No one seems to be bothered by her kids generally having her last name. But that’s not what’s happening here. She’s talking about changing a 9 year old’s name – not because the child wants it, but because she has suddenly decided that it’s important to her. She is acting like Jo is a jerk for not agreeing almost a decade later.

      The father’s name taking precedence isn’t just a US thing. It’s the norm in a majority of places. But, I agree that moms should absolutely have the right to pass their last name down. But, that ship sailed with Isaac, especially since he’s now old enough to have a say and old enough to be affected.

  47. The fact that she is even entertaining the idea of having ANOTHER child is beyond me. This bitch is even dumber than we thought. She has three children already and is in and out of relationships, she has no real job outside of Teen Mom and she wants to add another innocent baby to the situation?! Concentrate on the children you have!!!!

  48. Kail, that isn’t Jo’s problem if you want to have a bunch of kids with different dudes. If you want all your kids to have the same last name, then stop jumping from penis to penis. Get married and stay monogamous. It’s that simple.

  49. I absolutely understand why Aubrey had the last name changed, but what the hell is kail thinking?! Joe is a good father and there is absolutely no reason to change isaac’s name. I can’t understand how joe gets along with her so well. He must be unbelievably patient. Kail is not the worst mom, but her head is really up her own ass. I just want to add, Javi is a drama loving douche.

  50. She is so stupid. Why would Jo be ok with changing Issac’s name? She should have thought about that before having 3 baby daddies.

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