‘Teen Mom OG’ Grandpa Larry Edwards Talks About Son Ryan’s Current Condition In Rare Interview

“Now I’m gonna tell these media people you’re doing fine…don’t go gettin’ yourself arrested, you hear, Ryan Christopher?!”

Teen Mom OG grandpa Larry Edwards is speaking out!

In a rare interview, the father of Ryan Edwards discussed his son’s current status, as well as the temporary protective order that Ryan’s ex, Maci Bookout, had against Ryan for the last two months.

“Ryan really missed Bentley,” Larry told Radar Online last week. “He hasn’t seen him, not yet.”

As The Ashley recently reported, Ryan was ordered by a Tennessee court to stay at least 100 feet away from Maci, her husband Taylor McKinney, and their kids, Jayde and Maverick. Maci had requested that Bentley be included in the order, though that request was dismissed.

Larry revealed that Ryan and Bentley haven’t seen each other since March, when Maci and Taylor took out the temporary protective orders. Though Bentley hasn’t reunited with his dad since March, he has been able to visit with Larry and his wife Jen, per Maci’s permission.

“It’s been sporadic, but we have been with Bentley on a couple of weekends,” Larry told Radar. “Ryan has to leave the house at the time. She’s given us the opportunity to see him.”

Larry added that Ryan has been supportive of his parents’ visits with their grandson, as Ryan doesn’t want them to “suffer” by not getting to see Bentley.

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While he can now legally see Bentley, Ryan has to stay away from Maci & Co. for two years. According to court paperwork filed by Maci and Taylor, they had good reason to request the protective order against Ryan.

Both claimed that Ryan made violent threats to them as recently as March, and that in the past, Ryan had confronted them at Bentley’s sporting events.

Taylor’s order claimed that, earlier this year, Ryan had threatened to show up to his and Maci’s house and “put a bullet in [his] head.” The couple also cited Ryan’s history of drug abuse as cause for taking legal action to protect their family.

According to Larry’s new interview, though, “Ryan is doing fantastic” and looking forward to welcoming a son in October with his wife, Mackenzie.

“Ryan is very excited that it’s a boy,” Larry said. “We wanted a little girl because we don’t have a little girl.”

Ryan and Mackenzie have been keeping a low profile on social media for the last few months. Mackenzie recently transferred her Instagram account to a photographer, and Ryan has not posted to any of his accounts in months.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. What he isn’t saying is he can’t see Bentley until he passes a drug test. He has been refusing to do this. This tells me it’s because he isn’t clean yet. So yeah, why don’t you tell us the whole truth Larry? He’s still using.

  2. Larry is so clueless that it is sas. He so wants Ryan to be a productive adult and he couldn’t be farther from that. His emotional state was arrested at the age he started doing drugs, so in essence, he is still in his 20’s. He was horrible to Maci after Bentley was born and nothing has changed at all. He is still blaming others for his problems. Larry and Jen need to realize that less than 30 days in “rehab” is not nearly enough to help him with his massive heroin addiction. He even admitted that he isn’t doing anything he was told to do after he left. He is not clean, he married the chick WAY too fast and now there is another baby on the way that he isn’t equipped for. Maci is a saint for dealing with all of this and Jen and Larry should realize it.

  3. I have mentioned this before in discussing Ryan and his family, but coming from a family in which my brother died of an overdose, I can tell you honestly that it is VERY easy to call someone an enabler until you have lived in a family with an addict. My brother was the baby and the only son, and my parents would have (and did) given the world to him on a silver platter. Did they enable him? Oh my God, yes. And I went on many tirades against them for it, even stopped speaking to them and my brother for a long time because I couldn’t support it. But they did what they did because this is their CHILD. There is a huge degree of denial, but what do you expect when it is someone’s baby? You just want to fix it, but cant stand to see your child in pain. I look at my babies and I can’t imagine what I would honestly do in that situation. It is complex and confusing and painful. And now he is gone. And being gone, none of that matters, finger pointing at enablers and what should have been done. Is he in the ground now because of enabling? No, he is in the ground because he was an adult who made his own terrible decisions. Like I said, I don’t deny that my parents – or Jen and Larry – were enablers, but until you find yourself in that situation with someone you love more than life, it isnt fair to judge their actions. (Except Mack, who is a poop person but that is another issue entirely).

    1. Words of wisdom! So much this! Its so easy for people to point figers and tell everyone what they “would/should” do, entirerly different story when you are actually in the situation. Very sorry to hear about your brother & the pain your family has surely felt. I know the feelings all too well 🙁

  4. Well of course Larry is saying this, let’s hear from Jen. Larry pushed for Ryan to have more children and to marry Mackenzie, Jen on the other hand has never given me the impression that she was happy with her new daughter in law or the fast pregnancy. I don’t think Larry is always the good guy he portrays , I think Ryan has lived his life never being good enough for his father.

  5. I feel sorry for Ryan’s parents. They’re in a horrible situation. It’s s shame Ryan has caused them so much misery. I doubt it will end anytime soon. Ryan never seemed even the slightest bit interested in getting clean. They should probably just distance themselves from him.

  6. All I remember was Jen and Larry trying to guilt Maci into working things out with Ryan and they thought the sun shined out of her ass till she had enough and moved on. Now they think Mack is the ideal perfect woman for Ryan. I wonder when they’ll turn on her too, cause they will. Anything to avoid the fact their kid is a drug addict.

  7. Would love for Ryan to face a camera and/or be interviewed right now to tell us in his own words how fantastic he’s doing.

    So far, Mack and Larry constantly telling us this, while Ryan is still possibly facing his demons (and nodding off somewhere) —is just not quite as convincing.

    Sorry. Just saying.

  8. Sometimes I lie awake at night, worrying about the vast possibilities of danger or damage that my daughter could get into when she grows up. While they’re children, like Bentley’s age, you have about as much control over them and what they do as you ever will. It feels like when they’re out on their own in the big wide world, that’s where the worry really kicks in.

    There is part of me that feels terribly for Larry and Jen, as I have known people close to me whose own adult children have ruined their lives through drug addiction and subsequent debt to dealers, loan sharks etc. It is a terrifying prospect. But Rhine is now too far gone under Jen and Larry’s lenience, and will most likely end up dead soon. It’s no good them taking any action now – his formative years were the time for that.

  9. LOL, all of this happened just few months ago and now SUDDENLY Ryan is a completely changed man?! BULLSHIT!!

  10. The link included about someone taking over Mackenzie’s Instagram account was an unexpected laugh. Apparently, Mack “gave away” the account – and her 250k followers – to her “friend” and wedding photographer. A gems posted when she took it over:

    “My name is Christan and I am a celebrity photographer based out of Chattanooga Tennessee!

    I have had the honor of working with four celebrities…While I already have a successful business with over 4200 followers @photochristanlcooper this was an opportunity for me to reach more people with my art and an absolute blessing from Jesus.”

    And my other favorite, posted with a photo of Mack in a bikini on an inflatable pool swan:

    “Mackenzie is one of the most selfless/loyal humans I know. As our friendship has grown so has my understanding of the illusion of “reality TV.” Her friendship has been beyond a blessing ♥ I’ll shout it from the rooftops. SideNote: if you need some insurance, hit this girl up.”

  11. This family needs to stop acting like everything is unicorns, rainbows and gumdrops, and hold Rhine accountable for his piss poor behavior. The boy is an addict, and until he gets some REAL help, he’s going to continue to be an addict and I’m hoping that he doesn’t OD to the point of no return before its too late.

  12. I would consider a rare interview one in which honesty is used. That all went out the window the minute the words “fantastic” and “excited” were used to describe Ryan.

  13. I don’t understand Larry. On the show he seems to be on Maci side then when he’s around Ryan he seems to be on his side. Larry confuses me.

  14. The only time rhine has ever been halfway excited was when he loaded up in his truck with his backpack before his “wedding” to go get a “haircut” ???

  15. I think addiction is a horrible disease and not everyone knows how to deal with it. What we see as enabling others might see as just doing what you have to because they don’t know any better right now. I genuinely think Bentley is the most important person in their life and I hope that they get to keep seeing him.

  16. Larry, I have to disagree with ya. Ryan is not fantastic he is can addict and u and Jen need counseling you guys need to stop enabling him and same goes for his wife… 15 minutes of fame should be over

  17. I used to think Larry was the kind of guy that took no shit from anybody especially Ryan but he has been really disappointing. Just as much an enabler as Jen.

    1. Agree. This change in Larry’s attitude toward Ryan is so strange. I wonder if he just cant handle all the issues Ryan has and now he just has the blinders on. Did we ever figure out why Larry was so angry a few seasons back and was saying he wouldn’t “piss on Ryan if he was on fire” ??

  18. Your son is obviously not doing fantastic if he was just arrested and people are filing protective orders due to him threatening to “put a bullet” in their head. Jen and Larry just don’t get it. Their denial is only enabling their son.

  19. I hate Larry’s creepy enabling ass. Remember when Maci was preggers with Jayde and Larry put his hand on her barely baby belly and wouldn’t put it down? Ew creepy dude…

    1. While I agree Larry enables Ryan along with Jen I really don’t think he’s creepy. He seems like an amazing provider, loving father and grandpa. He’s always been there and wanted the best. I don’t think he or Jen know how to deal with Ryans addiction. But I do think they care about Ryan and Bentley tremendously. They babysat Maci and Taylor’s babies also so I do think they want what’s best for everyone. It’s sad but at the same time Ryan Maci Taylor should be grateful for Larry and Jen.Dealing with an addict is NOT easy and they are doing the best they can in their situation. I have 2 boys and I don’t care what happens I’d be there too trying everything I could if they were in a situation like Ryan. I know enabling a person Isn’t good but that’s his parents and he’s an only child. I’ve been hooked on heroin in the past and I never wanted to hurt anyone and thankfully I had support but they didn’t enable me because they had experienced heroin addiction themselves so they knew what they were dealing with. I have almost 4 years sober with a lot of meds and help. I feel for all of them

      1. Congratulations on your 4 years of sobriety!!! That is something to celebrate and a massive accomplishment. I hope your family and kids are proud of you.

    2. People keep calling Jen and Larry enablers…but we only see part of the story. Of COURSE they’re going to take his side to the media…they’re his parents! What do you people want them to do? Shit talk him on teen mom? Lol, yeah that would be soo helpful. I know I’ll get downvoted for this, but it’s just not their fault their son is a drug addict. And they probably do fight with him constantly when cameras aren’t around. (I seriously doubt they never talk about it with him.) But you would be a pretty crappy parent to shit talk your own kid to the media…

      1. Being honest about your kid and acknowledging they have a problem is not “shit talking.” There is something in between shit talking and lying about how fantastic Ryan is.

        1. They don’t seem to be in denial about it to me. Jen is constantly crying and Larry seems very disappointed. I ask this with complete honesty and curiosity- what exactly would you do differently? (On tv, that is…not in real life because we have no idea what goes on when cameras aren’t around.)

          1. I didn’t say he was in denial. I said he was not being honest. What would I do differently? I would start with not blaming Maci, which Larry has publicly done. He went on that angry rant about Maci when Ryan got out of rehab. He implied she was a liar who had something serious to hide and claimed that he had the authority to make decisions for Bentley, which is false. He chose to blame Maci to make Ryan look like a victim. I also would refrain from saying things like “he’s fantastic” when we can all see that’s not true. No one asked him to talk to Radar. He chose to do it and he chose to lie about how Ryan is doing.

            I’m honeslty curious why you think being honest about Ryan’s addiction and admitting he’s struggling and addiction is hard is “shit talking.”

  20. “Ryan’s doing fantastic”…like, at what exactly? Not going into jail?
    “Ryan’s very excited that it’s a boy”…as we’ve all seen on the show. Ryan’s probably just hoping that by throwing this kid at his parents, they’ll get off of his back for not being able to see Bentley.
    “We wanted a little girl because we don’t have a little girl”…IT’S NOT YOUR F!”§ING CHILD, LARRY! It’s your GRANDchild. You should just be grateful that you’ve still got access to the one your LITTLE BOY fathered. If you want a little girl, go adopt or foster one yourself and stop acting like your grandchildren are your own children, because we’ve seen how your parenting turns out!

  21. When are they going to stop defending him? He’s not excited to have another baby, he’s on Tinder cheating on Mac. He’s not doing ok, he’s still using. These parents are the biggest enablers. I liked Larry a lot more when he kicked out Rhiiine…

  22. Ryan misses Bentley but isn’t seeing him even though a judge said he could? Does Ryan’s family not realize how stupid they sound?

  23. I don’t believe that Ryan is “very excited” about anything, ever. I certainly don’t believe he’s happy about becoming a father again, or about being married to Mack. I’m sad if Larry (or Jen) actually believes that he is.

    This has lifetime-of-heartache written all over it.

    1. I agree with you. Ryan has such a negative attitude,it’s unreal. Nothing is ever his fault though, so life is very hard as the perpetual victim (scoff) They all act like he just became this person due to heroine abuse. I’m pretty sure Ryan has always been an asshole. It’s not just the drugs.

  24. “Ryan is doing fantastic”
    Really? For some reason I find that hard to believe. Especially coming from the enabler extrordenare.

  25. I don’t believe him either. The Edwards family will say anything to make it sound like Ryan is doing well. We all know better than that.

  26. I don’t believe a word that comes out of this man’s mouth or Jen’s. They’ll play the same ole’ tune that Ryan is doing amazing and everything is perfect Then explain why Ryan doesn’t see his son after Maci leaves from dropping him off at Larry and Jen’s.

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