Kail Lowry Gives Her Account Of What Happened At Recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion With Briana DeJesus: “I Did Want To Punch Her & I Did Try!”

“Sometimes people just need to be punched, ya know?”

Kail Lowry hasn’t said much about the altercation she was involved in a few weeks back at the Teen Mom 2 Reunion taping, but on the most-recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, she discussed what went down between her and Briana and Brittany DeJesus.

She also revealed new details about what happened before and after the on-stage brawl, and how her co-star Chelsea Houska was affected by the trashilious on-stage scuffle.

Kail was initially reluctant to discuss the altercation, but after some prodding from her co-host Lindsie Chrisley, Kail finally gave her version of what happened.

“I will clarify that I did not get beat up. Briana and I did not hit each other,” Kail said.

Kail also confirmed The Ashley’s account of Kail and Briana’s pre-fight, off-camera meet up.

“I did confront her in a room, no cameras, and yes I did want to punch her and yes, I did try,” Kail said. “The security guards got me before I could.”

Kail said that, because of what happened during the meeting, she wasn’t exactly shocked when Briana came out on stage later, ready to fight.

“When she came out guns blazing I can’t say that I was surprised,” Kail said. “But I certainly didn’t expect for [Briana’s sister] Brittany [DeJesus] to come up behind me and pull my hair. I did not expect that.”

Kail claims that she tried to ask the show’s producers to keep her and the DeJesus “ladies” apart.

“I texted three producers [beforehand] and said I was uncomfortable with her behind me because obviously I couldn’t see what she was doing or what she would have done,” Kail said. “I get up, walk away and here [Brittany] comes, running up behind me, she pulls my hair.”

Last week The Ashley told you that, according to her on-set sources, Briana was “screaming and throwing stuff” while on stage.

“She threw a vase that was on-set!” one crew source told The Ashley. “The vase shattered and Briana was screaming like a crazy person.”

Kail confirmed that Briana was, indeed, wailing onstage while trying to get to Kail.

“I’ve never heard anything like the sounds I heard coming out of Briana’s mouth,” Kail said. “She sounded and looked like an exorcism was occurring! She threw lamps and vases and she was screaming. I’ve honestly never seen anything like that.”

“You girls handled business! I didn’t even have to break out my trusty red pumps this time!”

Kail also addressed how the on-stage brawl affected her pregnant co-star Chelsea Houska, who was so upset by what happened that she left the taping on the day of the fight and refused to come back the next day to film the Reunion because she felt unsafe.

“I feel bad for Chelsea because she was pregnant and I had promised her I was never going to fight in front of her, or do something like that,” Kail said. “Chelsea is a really good friend of mine so that bothered me a lot.”

Kail said that, despite her ongoing feud with Briana, she is unhappy that things escalated to the point that they did.

“I didn’t really want it to go this far,” Kail said. “[Briana] crossed a couple of lines. After we left that room with no cameras, I was over it. I was like, ‘You know what? This is a bunch of bulls**t. The security guards told me they were never going to let me hit her, so at that point it was like, for what? Why am I even going to continue this?

“When we went on stage, I was fine,” she continued. “I didn’t feel comfortable with them sitting behind me but I was fine. I was like, ‘We can move on.’”

“Any chance I can get a personal copy of that fight footage?”

Before Briana was asked to leave the set that weekend, she did tell producers that she was quitting ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Kail offered her thoughts on that as well.

“I don’t know if they quit, I don’t care if they quit,” she said. “I’ll never have to see her again. They’ll never have to see me again.”

(The Ashley’s sources told her that, due to what happened at this Reunion taping, the show’s producers are planning to change the way they do the Reunions going forward.)

“I apologized to Chelsea,” Kail said. “Me, Leah and Chelsea will remain friends and hopefully continue to do things together for Reunions and Unseen Moments. Hopefully at least the three of us will be able to work together.”

Listen to the full Coffee Convos episode below.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

44 Responses

  1. As time goes by they are all starting to act like divas. Kail you are just like Jenelle now, almost. We needed the voice of reason, we need you to be the bigger person, we need you to rise above it. Let the trash embaress themselves, you know there such a thing as karma. You are really a big disappointment, you and your degree.

  2. I’m really confused. Kail is saying all this on her podcast because…?? Is this supposed to make her look better than Brianna? Tougher? Because it’s not working. What a dumbass.

  3. The Dejeues sisters were out of control. There mother should be embarrassed for them. There were kids there including hers.

  4. Kail could have been viewed in a really favorable light after the last reunion, when the banshees ganged up on her and she kept her composure and bemoaned “I didn’t sign up for Jerry Springer!” But again, dumb hillbilly control freak goes and shows her true colors and comes out the next reunion trying to physically assault someone. Guess what? Now you’re a hypocrite! I hate how she thinks she’s above so many people when the reality is she’s just as terrible, she’s just sneaky and is good at hiding it. Failed miserably this time, dummy. Instead of “Kail and the Chaos” it needs to be “Kail is the Chaos”.

    1. Agreed. And I also noticed how Kail was like “well yeah I tried to hit her in the room with no cameras but the security guys stopped me and then told me they would never let me hit her, so I was fine and done with it all,” and she expects Brianna to also just be fine and over it, even though Kail just tried to climb over a table to hit her and had to be restrained by body guards. I can see why even though Kail decided she was done with the feud, Briana wasn’t. I think they’re both trashy and stupid and acted ridiculously but I just think it’s so Kail to start something with someone (physically in this case) and then just expect the other person to be fine with it and not hold any kind of grudge because Kail decided she didn’t care about it anymore. She’s so self centered and she expects everyone else’s life, feelings, and emotions to correspond with her own. Farrah was like that too. Farrah has been a horrible person to all her cast mates for several seasons but then she got fired and decided she wanted to be over it and be BFFs with everyone at her last teen mom reunion, and when everyone was still weary of her and not ready to be super friendly and welcoming towards her, she was pissed off at them for not immediately matching their feelings to hers.

      1. THIS! Kail’s logic makes no sense to me. She gets to attack out of the blue and and when they do, she’s outraged? Delusional.

  5. Kail acting like an idiot for the umpteenth thousandth time…
    She has really developed a nice set of control and anger management issues from this show.

  6. When is hitting and throwing things ever a solution to an issue? I don’t like either one of them, but physically assaulting/abusing a person should never be a solution. GROW UP – you wouldn’t allow your kids to do that, so why should you as an adult be able to?

  7. The saddest part….the most embarrassing part of this all is…

    These girls are fighting because of Javi!
    This all about Javi being a drama queen.
    Their fight & hate basically started over Javi.

    They should all be ashamed of themselves

  8. Either. .
    Get rid of Chelsea & change the name to Trashy Mom with Jenelle Brianna, Kail & Farrah


    Keep Chelsea & TRY to find moms…real moms (not women who had kid(s). Maybe call it Blended; how moms get married & they blend the family or like Chelsea mom with a kid gets married (not to the baby daddy) & has more kids.

  9. Kail and Briana are both ridiculous. How can they possible be taken seriously if they can’t be around someone for a couple hours with out fighting? Are they still teenagers or mom’s to 5 kids? I can’t really tell at this point!

    1. AND at work. They were both at work. And their work isn’t even difficult. They spend hours in a chair getting glammed up and being treated like movie stars and then they sit with the easiest interviewer ever, dr. drew, and watch clips of their life, and then they answer some very easy and stupid questions. That’s it. That’s their job. They don’t even have to really work together in any collaborative way, they just have to be near each other while AT WORK, and they can’t just ignore each other and act professionally.

  10. Kail needs professional help for her controlling behavior, it’s very sick. This coffee convo is giving her control as well.. Brianna is always left to be the defendant because kail gets her first shot on this podcast , all of these woman are dispicable, kail is ahead in the race.
    I know everyone gives jo props for being such a devoted father, I’m not disagreeing but, MAN UP! Go to court and get your entitled rights! Kail is willing to dismiss child support for her son in order to have jo under her thumb, sick woman. Jo is in for a rude awakening when this show ends, his good terms with kail will end too. She’ll need the money, too bad you can’t sell back tattoos!

  11. Classy AF for a mom of 3 impressionable kids. Everyone clap hands for Kail bragging she really wanted to punch someone but didn’t.

    1. I know I never realized how “cool” & tough she was.

      Guess what…I didnt almost/want to punch anyone today because I have class & know how to deal with anger.

      She obviously cares about Brianna, why else would she give her so much power.

  12. Can you imagine if one of Kail’s boys was sent home from school for hitting someone, and Kail telling him he mustn’t hit people. She doesn’t really set much of an example, shooting her mouth off about throwing hands. How old are these women?! Classy.

  13. Funny the trash hulk saying she is better then everyone. Then she brags that she hit some one? Very mature they need to cancel this shit show and make them realize they are nothing your not a star your tralier trash

  14. I love how we are all discussing who’s fault it is. Both of them are trashy, volatile pieces of crap. Neither of them acted mature or like an adult. They both suck.

  15. It is so sad that these grown azz ladies can’t be mature enough to get through a few hours on the same stage! it’s time to cut these spoiled, short-fused women loose to live their lives away from the cameras. Most of them have been glorified and gotten rich for being promiscuous and making really bad choices. If it was only their lives they were screwing up it would be one thing, but they keep having children that have to pay the price for all the stupid things they do! The show needs to be called “Obscene Moms!”

  16. I understand that people don’t become angels just because they have kids. And these girls undoubtedly have stunted growth in the maturity department because they had babies while in high school. But with that being said, there has to come a point where you realize that there are children watching your every move and listening to your every word. These girls act like just because their kids are fed and dressed and have toys and go on trips, that they’re great moms. You are your kids’ first and last example of how to behave in this world. If you think it’s okay to start physical fights and harass people via text and go on rampages on social media, guess what? Those humans that you produced and brought into this world are gonna think the same thing. This goes for more than just Briana and Kailyn, but they are the most recent example of moms who think that just because they’re doing the things that you’re supposed to do for your kids, that means that the bad stuff you’re doing won’t affect them. You’re both at fault for how this blew up. And Javi’s not innocent by any means. All three of them were never thinking about their children when they behaved and reacted the way they did to this situation.

  17. I think Kailyn is a bully. All the people in her life including 2 of her baby daddies follow her rules. The shot that comes out of Kailyn’s mouth is all nonsense. I don’t know how she got Chelsea not to be mad. As I see it Kailyn started the fight.

  18. All this wanton chaos over Javi, who was probably dickie dunking without a condom in both these geniuses PLUS his present girlfriend— to see which one would get knocked up first.

    Looks like his present girlfriend won the “prize.”

    Honestly, after this most recent reunion shit parade, all I can say is continue keeping it “klassy” guys.

    (Cue huge eye roll right about here.)

  19. That’s what I thought too. Can we just stop this? One of the kids could have been hurt.

  20. Y’all, I can’t find my screen shots but BRIANNA STARTED THIS BY TWEETING KAIL AND MAKING THREATS THAT SHE’S GOING TO THROW HANDS AT HER WHEN SHE SEES HER NEXT AT THE REUNION. She was acting all big and tough when she was with Javi & literally kept jabbing her. I swear y’all, Briannas loving that Kails getting the blame.

  21. I can’t believe someone Briana’s age would actually pick up lamps and vases and shatter them. Whether people are around or not. Grow up! Who acts like that?? It’s like an animal. On top of that, there were others around that could’ve gotten hurt AND she destroyed property that didn’t belong to her. What a little baby. It’s scary she has children.

    1. I think Briana is mentally developmentally delayed and that’s why her mother and sister are ALWAYS with her.

      1. I don’t think so. She doesn’t show signs of developmental delay. She’s just a brat/attention whore/drama queen. Her mother and sister are there because she’s too scared to put on her tough girl act without them for backup.

  22. I can’t really snark about Kail, since I wanted so badly for Briana to get punched in the face.

  23. I am sure when her sons are old enough she will tell them it’s acceptable to punch people when you are mad. I mean, she has done it on camera with Javi so Lincoln will have that special memory. Lowery living the thug life, y’all.

  24. I never liked Briana or her trashy family from her very first episode on 16 and pregnant. They’re all a big bunch of psychos that should never have been brought onto teen mom.

  25. Kail didn’t really do herself any favors here. Briana and her family are known to be volatile, so confronting her alone obviously only riled her up. And of course Brittany jumped in. Kail clearly knew this was going to happen and started shit anyways. At least she apologized to Chelsea, but I hope Chelsea sees that Kail was a huge part of the problem.

    Meanwhile, Javi is playing house with someone else ?

  26. What people don’t realize is Brianna threatened kail months ago tweeting her to “wait for the reunion” as Brianna threatened her”she was going to be throwing hands” at Kail. The Dejesus coven is awful. If they rid of Jenelle & Bri I will watch the show again.

  27. Briana crossed a line? Oh Kail honey, I think you crossed that same line a long time ago too…

    Seriously MTV, this show should just be called Ridiculousness. Oh wait, you already have that one too….

  28. Wtf is wrong with her? Of course she’s starting shit off camera and then acting like an angel when they are back on her. Kail is just as trashy as Briana and Brittany.

  29. I don’t think that’s a great defense, Kail. “I did want to hit her”, em, okay? So how does that make you look now?

    Meanwhile Javi is laughing somewhere being glad at least he didn’t knock this two chicks (again).

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