‘Jersey Shore’ Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Baby Mama Jen Harley Suspected Of Battery After Allegedly Spitting On & Punching Ronnie

Ronnie and Jen, during the (few) days they were getting along…

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is certainly bringing the drama to the next season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation…with the help of his baby mama, Jen Harley, of course!

Just two days after Ronnie had security called on him at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas because he was trying to fight a random dude while filming at a pool party, Us Weekly broke the news that Ronnie was involved in yet another physical fight, this time with Jen, who is the mother of his two-month-old daughter Ariana.

However it appears that Jen was the allegedly the aggressor in this showdown.

Us Weekly reports that Jen showed up unannounced to Planet Hollywood, the hotel where Ronnie and the ‘Shore’ crew were filming ‘Family Vacation’ Season 2, and got into an argument with Ronnie. (Jen and Ronnie are residents of Las Vegas, by the way, so it’s not like she had to hop a plane to confront her baby daddy.)

Anyway, both Us Weekly and TMZ confirm that Ronnie and Jen were fighting, in part, over their daughter, as well as their dead dog.

“Their pitbull died. That’s part of why they were fighting,” a source told Us. “Jen was supposed to be taking care of the dogs when he was away filming, and Ronnie came home to their house and found the dog dead in the pool.”

The fight allegedly turned physical. (Unlike the couple’s physical fight in April, this brawl wasn’t broadcast on Instagram Live, though.)

“Jen lunged, spit and shoved Ronnie. Hotel security got involved, who then called the Las Vegas police department,” Us Weekly reported. ““When police got to the hotel, they couldn’t find Jen. She left the hotel at that point. They are still trying to find her for questioning.”

Spitting on someone in Las Vegas is considered a misdemeanor, but TMZ is reporting that Jen did more to Ronnie than just hawk a loogy on him.

“Jen punched him in the head, and spit on him … then took off,” the site reported. “We’re told she is now the suspect of a battery.”

“Sounds like you both could use some Pauly D Positivity right about now!”

Officer Jay Rivera of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed to Us Weekly that they had enough evidence that a domestic violence incident had taken place to seek a warrant against Jen.

“Officers determined a battery did take place,” Officer Rivera told Us Weekly. “Officers will submit a warrant for Domestic Violence to the District Attorney’s office, the DA will then determine if they will make it an active warrant.”

He gave more details to Radar Online.

“We can confirm that a battery did take place last night at Planet Hollywood at approximately 9:30 pm,” he told the site. “Police arrived on the scene and did determine that there was unlawful contact against the will of another, in this case, against Mr. Ortiz-Magro.”

He added that Jen “fled the scene” after the alleged incident and that Las Vegas PD “issue a warrant for her arrest.”

This is not the first time Jen has allegedly gotten aggressive with her suitors. Radar Online reported that the mom-of-two was handcuffed in Vegas in 2013 after allegedly punching her ex-husband. In 2016, Jen was arrested for allegedly “scratching” her ex-boyfriend.

The charges in both cases were eventually dropped.

Both Jen and Ronnie have remained silent on social media in regard to this incident. After the April blowups, both parties continued to post nasty things about the other on Instagram Live. That has not happened…yet, anyway…

UPDATE! Jen has responded to the story, and in an interview with People, denied that she assaulted Ronnie.

“I did not hit him, I did not punch him,” she told the magazine. “It was all recorded.

Jen also confirmed that the argument was sparked over the death of the dog. She told the magazine that when she went to the home she shares with Ronnie, she found her dog missing, as well as Ronnie’s dog.

“[Ronnie] informed her that her dog had drowned in the pool and he had taken to get it cremated,” People reported, adding that Jen “says she is baffled as to how this could have occurred since her dog could swim perfectly.”

A source told People, “[Ronnie] grabbed his dog and put him in a safe spot. Jen thinks he drowned her dog and went crazy trying to find him. She went on a rampage.”

The Ashley will continue to update this story as more info becomes available…

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

25 Responses

  1. Blah effing blah physical assault is never okay. If someone murdered my dog there would be serious problems.

  2. 1)I still don’t understand how the police were not involved after the Instagram Live fight. 2) Sammie is somewhere breathing a sigh of relief.

  3. Two peas in a pod……I feel bad for Ariana.

    And THAT’S why, folks, you shouldn’t have a baby with someone you barely know.

  4. Could someone please file for emergency custody for that child and a no contact order between these two people?

    1. I am not sure who is down voting all of the comments expressing remorse for the poor baby involved in this train wreck, but whomever it is, you are sadistic!

  5. They’re both muff cabbage. But as others have already pointed out, it’s sad a child is involved.

  6. Leave it to MTV to keep the money train going for yet another abusive Neanderthal (still looking at you, Lurch)! I guess somebody has to die before anything is done?

  7. It’s so upsetting children and animals are allowed to be in the middle of violent relationships like this one. The ones who end up paying the ultimate price 🙁

  8. MTV should probably stop paying this dude and ultimately enabling him to live a destructive lifestyle. Unfortunately there’s a tiny human that’s gonna be affected by their BS

  9. Ronnie, move on! Do it now!!! You made a mistake having a kid with a stranger. That toothpaste ain’t going back in the tube. Sometimes one bad decision has huge consequences. Nothing you can do about it now. Man up and accept responsibility. But get away from this girl before you end up in jail, lose your JS gig, or worse! Once you cut your losses with this relationship, you will have a lot of work to do on the emotional baggage you’re carrying about Sam and whatever else you’re struggling with. Get help with that stuff. Stay away from alcohol. It’s not gonna do you any favors at this stage of the game. Live clean for a while, if not permanently, until you get your shit sorted out. Realize you still have a lot in your favor and you can pull together the rest. But you will eventually lose the ability to pull it together and you seem dangerously close to that point. So wise up and take action before it’s too late. Good luck!

    1. I agree. Also, take some college courses after that; a spelling and grammar course the very least.

    1. I saw a comment she posted on Instagram…
      It’s apparently her dog that’s dead. She was at her new house, and after Ron had been at his home, the dog was supposedly found in the pool. She said she doesn’t understand that because the dog can swim, and the pool had stairs the dog could easily use.
      Then she said Ron laughed in her face when he told her that her dog was dead. I’m guessing that’s when she went to the hotel and tried to kick his ass. ?‍♀️ Ron’s not above being crazy and destroying shit. I hope he wouldn’t kill her dog, but I wouldn’t be too shocked to hear he did.

      She is a mess and a half too though. If they weren’t so violent and there wasn’t two kids involved, I’d say they deserve each other.

    2. Seems there is some confusion as to which dog died. First it says his dog but she says her dog. I can kinda understand her rage if it happened the way she suspects (Ronnie drowning her dog) but physical assault is never okay! Both of them need to stay away from each other and have a neutral party bring the child for visitation.

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