‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Javi Marroquin Reveals His Future With the U.S. Military

“I’m almost done!”

Javi Marroquin is Teen Mom 2‘s resident military man, but on Monday he revealed that his days in the U.S. Air Force may be numbered.

In a series of tweets, Javi told fans that he does not plan to reenlist.

“I am (still in the military) but unfortunately my time is soon coming to an end so I will be transitioning out and look forward to a new career,” he wrote.

Javi added that it was his choice not to reenlist.

“I could re-enlist right now if I wanted to, but my family is more important,” he wrote.

Javi’s family is about to expand, which may have contributed to his decision to leave the military. Last month, Javi and his girlfriend Lauren Comeau announced they are expecting a baby together. Javi is also the father of Lincoln, the son he shares with his ex-wife Kail Lowry.

Javi graduated from Air Force tech training in 2013 and left for a deployment in Qatar in December 2015. He returned home to Delaware in August 2016.

Javi did not say exactly when his military service ends, but he did tweet about his future career plans.

“I would like to continue my analyst position to a good company, but I am open to others,” he wrote.

Javi is currently the only active duty military member in the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise.

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  1. Javi,,, I believe that you’re making a great choice to not reinlist. I also think you’re a wonderful father,,, please don’t forget Isaac…

  2. I hope he takes advantage of his military benefits and goes back to school. And i am sure he will ride the Teen Mom gravy train as long as he can too.

  3. December 2015 to August 2016 is 8 months, not 6. Not sure how that adds up to a 6 month deployment? How much actual time has he spent deployed or working vs. sitting on his ass?

  4. Half you mf’s talking trash in the comments are probably working menial jobs yourself and have the nerve to criticize his choices. Is there a time constraint on whether we respect our military or not? Americans are pitiful today.

  5. This idiot. lol A good career and medical benefits, life insurance to make sure the family is taken care of….and you choose to bail. P u s s y

  6. In other words, he will be looking forward to hopping onto the TM2/MTV money train full time!

  7. Good. He’s not worthy. He doesn’t show the integrity I’d want to see in anyone who serves in the military. I used to think highly of him (although I never understood what he saw in Kail The Pig) but not anymore.

  8. He probably doesn’t want to be away from his family. He said he is an analyst. He could work as a civilian in a government position.

  9. This makes zero sense why give up guaranteed employment and health coverage etc especially when you have a family?! Fame hungry?!

  10. Another TM2 character with no marketable jobs skills. Him and Kail can open an online clothing store like all of the others.

    1. Wow. U don’t say. I don’t even like Javi but I wouldn’t consider his current career to lack certain skills. Our Veterans in this country are treated like shit and looked down upon especially after they retire… Surprised but not surprised that someone has the audacity to think our military lack skills…

      1. Depending on his job he could lack skills that apply to the civilian world. And veteran status doesn’t put you ahead of other more qualified people. In most cases unless he was in IT or something similar his skills are pretty useless in the civilian sector. It’s not trash talking the military it’s reality.

        1. My husband had nothing to do with the IT field yet he got out of the AF after 10 years and makes six figures….many military positions can translate to very well paying job positions. Branch can also play a large part in your skills and development. The AF happens to have many career fields that transfer very well out of the military and into the civilian market. Veteran preference is also very important to consider.

      2. Our veterans are not treated like shit or looked down upon. I would say just the opposite. Sure, people appreciate his service, but getting a good job is another story. He has never said what his job in the Air Force really is so he could be a supply sergeant, bomb loader or some other low level job that has no transferable skills in the civilian market. Just because you were in the military doesn’t make you qualified for whatever job you want. Hopefully he goes to college or tech school for plumber, mechanic, welder or something useful so he can get a decent job other than being a reality star in his own mind. I have a feeling that the TM2 gravy train is coming to an end sooner rather than later and he’ll wish he were still in the military.

        1. “He has never said what his job in the Air Force really is so he could be a supply sergeant, bomb loader or some other low level job that has no transferable skills in the civilian market.”

          Probably this. Just seems to fit.

      3. You have a thumbs UP here, amazing to see the down votes. Anyone who gave you a thumbs down obviously doesn’t give appreciation to laying their head down comfortably at night in this powerful country that is due to ultimate training that’s enforced in our soldiers and sailors.
        For those who thinks is giving up everything.. the V in VA stands for veteran=HE will still get benefits. He will also get free schooling and an Hornorable discharge. Javi has a right to feel he has proudly served and is done for now.

        1. He won’t get a lot of benefits…maybe the GI bill but if he just doesn’t re-enlist, he won’t get health care, retirement, and his family won’t get anything. You have to retire unless you’re discharged for a medical reason.

          1. You do NOT have to retire (20 years) in the military to get health benefits .. absolutely NOT!

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