EXCLUSIVE! Crew Sources Weigh In On This Week’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Episode & Explain How Crew Handles Suspected Abuse

The ‘Teen Mom’ franchise film crews follow the girls through the good, bad and the ugly (and the occasional wedding….)

This week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 certainly struck a nerve with the show’s viewers, many of whom took to Twitter after the episode aired to express their disgust—and worry—over several scenes showing Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason on vacation with their assorted children.

The scenes, which show David getting angry and yelling at the kids (after trying to turn the car cameras off), as well as refusing to allow Jenelle’s young son Kaiser to use the bathroom. Some fans even wrote that they suspected David got physical with Kaiser off-camera during the episode. (In one scene, David is shown yanking the boy’s arm and pulling him into another room. Kaiser can be heard yelling, “No David No!” off-camera, which concerned some fans, although there was no abuse shown on-camera.)

After the episode aired, many fans tweeted their outrage that the ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers and film crew did not do anything to stop Jenelle and David.

“I don’t understand how @MTV producers watch the abuse and do NOTHING to help the kid when David does this crap!” one person tweeted.

#TeenMom2 why aren’t your producers doing anything to stop the verbal/mental abuse and look further into physical. THIS IS SICKENING!” another person wrote.

The Ashley reached out to several crew sources to get more insight on the role the MTV crew can take in situations where abuse is seen or suspected, and what they are and are not allowed to do.

“It’s not illegal to yell or scream at your kids, so, even if we don’t agree with how [a cast member] is parenting, we can not call the cops for something like that,” one crew source tells The Ashley. “We can’t step in if that’s how someone parents.

“I think fans sometimes have unrealistic expectations for [the film crew and producers],” the source added. “Just because we are present for whatever is happening, we have no legal authority to do anything in terms of taking the kids away or having the parent arrested. We have no more authority to do anything legally than someone passing by the scene on the street and witnessing it.”

That being said, a second crew source told The Ashley that the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise producers and crew do have procedures in place to follow if something happens in front of them that is illegal, dangerous or abusive.

“There’s nothing that the crew themselves can do. There is an assigned security guard on-set at all times while filming,” the source said. “Producers and crew can’t step in, because it is a liability and it could jeopardize the crew members’ safety. If we tried to jump into something, we could get hurt, punched or even killed, depending on the situation. The security team is trained to handle this.”

The crew is not helpless, though, the first source tells The Ashley.

“We are required to report anything we see to the higher-ups [producers] who will tells us what to do and handle it from there,” the source said. “This would include anything we see that is illegal happening—drug use, for instance, or assault, child abuse, etc.”

The second source confirmed to The Ashley that there have been times where the producers have been forced to take action against the cast members, even though the cast member(s) may not be aware that it was the producers who reported them.

“We’ve called the police on cast members over the years, and let the cops handle the situation,” the source said. “We have also called CPS on cast members plenty of times when we see things in regard to the children that don’t seem right. Viewers don’t see everything. They would probably never know that’s happening behind the scenes. The cast member may not even know it was us, to be honest.”

Sweet girly! ??

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“Once CPS is involved, though, it’s out of our hands,” the source added. “We’ve done our job to report it, and they have to take it from there to investigate.”

“We are a docu-reality series,” the first source said. “We document things as they happen no matter how bad. Even still, most of the producers would probably have security step in if a parent began physically abusing a child in front of them. The producer wouldn’t physically do it, but they would have the trained security team take action.”

If whatever is occurring is life-threatening (i.e. someone is in need of medical attention or doing something that could cause harm to themselves or someone else), the producers will take action.

“We, of course, aren’t just going to let someone die,” the source said.

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The Teen Mom OG crew and producers got a lot of flak last year when a scene showing Ryan Edwards driving while high aired. The first source explained that, “if his producers saw that he was high before he got into the car, 100 percent they wouldn’t have let him drive, no matter what.”

This confirms what a behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley last year in regard to why Ryan was allowed to drive in that condition.

“The reason the producers didn’t stop Ryan from driving after he was seen nodding off is because the producers would not have been able to see him nodding off,” the crew member said. “That footage (and almost all car footage) is captured on Go-Pro cameras installed on the dashboard. We do not have a live feed to watch the cast in their car, despite what some viewers think. We do not have live eyes on them the whole time we’re filming them.”

Watch some of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise producers talk about their experiences working with the show’s cast.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. That bathroom business is a recognized form of abuse,especially in a potty training toddler. That alone should be enough for CPS to open an investigation.

  2. “If we tried to jump into something, we could get hurt, punched or even killed, depending on the situation.” GOD F*CKING FORBID! God forbid a GROUP OF ADULTS risk getting punched to stop a CHILD FROM GETTING SLAPPED AROUND! MTV is full of sh*t! They filmed Janelle doing drugs, Leah high, Ryan high, Kaiser being abused on MULTIPLE TIMES and countless other things, then reviewed, edited, and aired these things. It’s DISGUSTING that they think they can pacify us into allowing child abuse by lying to us.

  3. Please takenTeen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 off the air. You guys can do a yearly special or udate on all the mom’s once a year and let these young women get back to their lives and start learning how to be responsible adults and better parents.

  4. Did any of y’all read the in touch weekly article where a couple of fans on Twitter thought that Kaiser has bulimia? They claim that’s probably why David wouldn’t let him use the bathroom. And apparently, Jenelle’s going along with their claim, which is absolutely ridiculous.

    1. Jenelle retweeted someone who said their 11 year old always says she has to go to the bathroom at meal times, so she says she can’t. Obviously Jenelle was trying to insinuate she had good reason to forbid Kaiser from going to the bathroom. But, the kid just won a “Hot Lunch Annihilator” award at daycare. No way in hell he has an eating disorder at the age of 3.

      1. I know. The whole idea of a kid that age having an eating disorder is absolutely ludicrous.

  5. These money hungry producers are just as bad as the cast. Zero respect for them. They wouldn’t let someone die?!! How about a potentially serious or permanent injury?! Remember when Sophia was a baby and stupid ass Farrah left her on the bed while she argued with the bank manager on the phone and she fell off and hit her head??? That was ok right though MTV?! And then when idiot Farrah again put baby Sophia into the sink for a bath and WALKED AWAY and she turned on the water by accident with her little hands and the water was really hot?!!? That’s ok though so you get the shot! That made me crazy when I saw those incidents!

  6. As much as I would like to never see Janelle or David and their horrible/abusive parenting ever again in my life, I fear what will happen to these children if MTV is not there and they live in total isolation with their abusers. If he does this while being filmed imagine what he does while not being filmed. They have too many children, period. It’s very clear they are overwhelmed and not able to care for these kids. They cannot keep pets much less 5 children under 10.

  7. Boycotting the sponcers
    I like Taco Bell but I can easily drive right by
    MTV needs to know people are done with these 2 loosers
    I am done watching Teen mom

  8. So what are they going to say when David kills Kaiser? Are they just going to make excuses for that too? This monster would not let the little boy use the bathroom, yet if he pooped in his pants, he was going to get a spanking. That’s bullying, and it’s totally abusive behavior!

    1. i kept thinking maybe the poor kid is constipated due to a really crappy diet? plain and s8mple they treat that ke like a bad puppy, he’s not a dog. i have zero respect for nathan right now too.

  9. Discipline shall never be associated with food, rest or toileting.

    This is very obvious abusive behavior because David is trying to control a basic need with Kaiser .

    MTV will have blood on their hands…

  10. Talking about spanking…when I was raised I was spanked when I REALLY misbehaved. I even got spanked with a paddle at school. Anyway, I think there can be an ok approach to spanking. First off never spank when your the most mad, frustrated or in front of other people. Wait till you cool off. Before the spanking explain the reason you are spanking and tell the child it’s out of love not anger. Afterward, let the child know you love them so much and give lots of hugs and kisses. This is how my parents did it and it was effective. But there are many other discipline methods that work.

    1. I’m just curious: how do you feel about domestic violence? Isn’t that what an abuser says, they mistreat you and then say it’s “out of love”…? What is physically harming a child going to seriously do? Scare them? Hurt them? Punish them? Teach them the way to make people listen is to put your hands on them? I’ve just never understood how people can hit their kids “out of love”. I wouldn’t hit another human being, not even an animal, why would I hit the people I love most?

      1. It also seems incredibly hypocritical to hit your kid because they hit someone else then you expect them not to hit kids that are smaller than them or to hit you.
        I do think the kids were being worse than just being rowdy kids. Kieser hit the cameraman in the balls.
        David seemed ok in that scene but but Jenelle seemed off. She was high on something. Pain pills or Xanax.
        And I have to add that I was dying when David brought up her love of Kesha!

    2. Not sure how you hit someone “out of love”. And honestly “I hit you out of love and now I’m going to hug and kiss you” sounds like some twisted domestic violence logic.

    3. I can’t grasp the fact that adults think it’s ok to hit young children. If you’d hit an adult like that, you’d have a criminal record. Yet, it’s somehow totally fine to do it to an innocent child that you’re supposed to care for and love?

      And please, don’t give me the “it’s to teach him a lesson” crap. That’s exactly what domestic violence abusers would say. Not saying you are one, just that this argument is crap.

  11. then fired this couple already. what do you mean you are not required to stop the verbal abuse? wtf is wrong with you. none of these tmog deserve to be on reality and getting paid for the crap and over dramatized scripted story lines. the only ones that should remain are chelsea, and on a good day leah, after she gets her crap together.

  12. Also
    Why does David feel the need to tell people what they can & cant do ??‍♀️
    Kaiser can’t poop in the toilet but also can’t poop in his pants
    Leah can’t let her child wear make up
    Gays can’t be gays
    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
    Everyone listen up cause David knows best for everyone ???

    1. Your comment reminds me. I distinctly remember seeing multiple pictures on Jenelle/David’s Instagrams of Maryssa wearing makeup. And there is one from Halloween where she has a shit ton of it as well as fake eyelashes. I suppose that’s fine though if it’s your own kid? Seriously let people make THEIR OWN decisions when it comes to parenting. As long as it’s not hurting anyone who cares? What a hypocritical bunch of losers.

  13. David is a psycho and scary. It’s obvious he hates Kaiser the most because he resembles his dad so much. Why oh why did Doris have to stop legal action, it’s really sad she had to choose between trying to get custody of her grandson or her husband’s health. If she lived here, no such choice would have to be made.

  14. Yeah yeah All I hear is a bunch of BS they know they will do anything for footage even if it involves a man nodding off from heroin behind the wheel of a vehicle driving fast down the freeway & a busy downtown full of people

    1. Yup. They act like they didn’t see the footage until the show aired. Like it was some surprise. They saw Ryan before he got into the car. And, more importantly, once they did see the footage, they took no action. He was committing a crime and they kept the footage under wraps until it was time to air it.

  15. MTV is so scared of pissing off Jenelle & David that they act so fake.

    They said they have called CPS, i wonder how many times they made anonymous calls about Jenelle, she admitted they have showed up MANY times & 1 episode even showed CPS at the door & telling them that she is tired of them coming.

    Yes CPS comes to your house for no reason, i wonder how many times they went to Chelseas house? NONE

  16. “The Crew” is considered mandatory reporters.
    “The Crew” is cya.
    “The Crew” knows when David finally snaps and commits the crimes we all foresee him
    committing, they will be held accountable.
    The end.

  17. MTV’s explanation of how they “handle” things is sheer, unadulterated horsesh*t. Plain and simple. Period. Full stop.

    When the world witnessed Jenelle nodding off with Kieffer on an obvious heroin high in an episode a few years back, what was MTV doing?

    Were they frantically dialing 911 fearing that both Jenelle and Keiffer could have possibly overdosed after shooting up?

    Or, were they too busy FILMING two effed up druggies zoning out for boffo TV ratings?



    1. Exactly, and they can’t even use the “we don’t always have live eyes on the cast while filming” BS eccuse for that one, because that happened inside Jenelle’s house at the time and was being filmed by a cameraman with a whole crew present.

    1. The kids were doing absolutely nothing on that trip. It got me so annoyed. Jennelle and david literally got mad over their presence.

    2. Thats because they cant handle it.
      They are overwhelmed dealing with 3 kids & a baby.
      This was their 1st vacation with all of the kids & that could be difficult for anyone that refuses to get of their phone & social media long enough to actually interact with them & disciple them properly
      Maybe they should have more kids, that will help

  18. Haven’t watched the episode but could it be that Kaiser is saying “No David No” because he’s being spanked? If that’s the case then that isn’t abuse. And save your whining speeches about how you shouldn’t spank your kids.

    1. Yeah but David is not his father so unless both of his actual parents are ok with him punishing in that way then he has no business handling that? I’m not for spanking personally so if I found out that my kid got spanked by the step parent I would be livid. I expect the other actual parent to take over disciplining bad behavior but Jenelle literally just points it out and has David take over.

      1. David is this step-FATHER….Let’s say that again…step-FATHER. He primarily lives with David and Jenelle. David has every right to spank Kaiser.

        1. My parents….Grandparents have a right to discipline my kids because my husband & i say it is ok because we trust them & know they would not abuse them.

          David has no right because the FATHER of the child said so just like Nathans mom (grandparent) doesnt have the right unless both parents agree.

          But then again it is also a respect thing so that ends that

        2. NOBODY has a right to beat him to the extent of putting marks on him, this has been alleged by Doris and Jenelle blaming each other.. that should have been investigated big time!!!! This isn’t 1945!!! In today’s day and age we have so many resources to help us with our children – including professionals that are against physical discipline.
          This STEPFATHER sure knows how to scare this little boy but, I NEVER see him show Kaiser love, you have to be a pretty cold person not to see it..uh um

    2. David is NOT his father and shouldn’t be touching him, period! But let’s be real: parents who spank do so out of THEIR frustration. The hope is that if your child won’t listen, you can beat them into submission. It’s funny because when an adult hits another adult it’s assault, when an adult hits their own child it’s “discipline”. Nah. Talk about contradictory parenting: don’t hit people kid, because if you do I’ll hit YOU. Can you say bully? But you go ahead, I hope hitting your smaller, weaker child made it alllll better.

  19. The worst part of this is when they say how they have called cps so Many times yet I see them acting like best friends with the cast! If I saw a person that I felt deserved to be reported to cps I most certainly wouldn’t consider them the type of person I wanted to joke around with. I would feel sick just knowing their horrible behavior and treatment of their children was getting them a giant mtv paycheck.

    1. True: spanking your child isn’t against the law , BUT making a child hold their bowl movement is!!!kaiser is scared to death of David and his piece of shit mother does NOTHING!!! I blam Nathan just as much, if he cared about his son like he does his muscle mass we wouldn’t be watching this gut wrenching abuse.
      Unfortunately David is now a stepfather… that puts cps in a pickle because they can’t give Jenelle the ultimatum of having her boyfriend leave the home.
      It’s really sad , until David yanks that little boys shoulder out; nothing will happen. I’ve never had to deal with cps on a personal note, I have on a professional level, they suck! Most ate undereducated young woman that can’t wait to end the day and meet up at the bar, they’re protected by the county and wait till something horrible occurs to take action . Don’t get me wrong , they have no problem opening a case( this gives them work and keeps them in a job) “ work a case plan “ someone with life long anger like David doesn’t get help from their 6 anger management classes! The kids lose

  20. There is the thing which is legally right and the thing which is morally right.
    I believe only a heartless person could film these scenes and not try to help these children. I stopped watching because of that, and I’m really not too sensitive.

  21. WRONG WRONG WRONG. You DO have a legal duty. In North Carolina EVERYONE is a mandated reporter.

    (emphasis mine)

    North Carolina General Statute § 7B-301. Duty to report abuse, neglect, dependency, or death due to maltreatment.

    (a) Any person or institution who has cause to suspect that any juvenile is abused, neglected, or dependent, as defined by G.S. 7B-101, or has died as the result of maltreatment, shall report the case of that juvenile to the director of the department of social services in the county where the juvenile resides or is found. The report may be made orally, by telephone, or in writing. The report shall include information as is known to the person making it including the name and address of the juvenile; the name and address of the juvenile’s parent, guardian, or caretaker; the age of the juvenile; the names and ages of other juveniles in the home; the present whereabouts of the juvenile if not at the home address; the nature and extent of any injury or condition resulting from abuse, neglect, or dependency; and any other information which the person making the report believes might be helpful in establishing the need for protective services or court intervention. If the report is made orally or by telephone, the person making the report shall give the person’s name, address, and telephone number. Refusal of the person making the report to give a name shall not preclude the department’s assessment of the alleged abuse, neglect, dependency, or death as a result of maltreatment.

    (b) Any person or institution who knowingly or wantonly fails to report the case of a juvenile as required by subsection (a) of this section, or who knowingly or wantonly prevents another person from making a report as required by subsection (a) of this section, is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

    (c) Repealed by Session Laws 2015-123, s. 3, effective January 1, 2016. (1979, c. 815, s. 1; 1991 (Reg. Sess., 1992), c. 923, s. 2; 1993, c. 516, s. 4; 1997-506, s. 32; 1998-202, s. 6; 1999-456, s. 60; 2005-55, s. 3; 2013-52, s. 7; 2015-123, s. 3.)

  22. Interesting … so MTV thinks it’s okay to continue to film young women who have had CPS called on them on a show called Teen Mom? This is ultra confusing…?

  23. That’s a BS response from MTV. We have seen such awful things on this show and I think MTV happily film this sh*t and rub their hands in glee, thinking of ratings and $$$.

    MTV’s response (now!) after Jenelle’s obvious drug use (shootin up wiv Keiffa), child abuse (yelling at Kaiser, dragging him across the yard) and neglect (Leah sleeping through her kids’ mealtimes) is just bullcrap. Too little, too late and I don’t believe employees are encouraged to report worrying behaviour.

  24. I just watched this episode….The change in David’s tone when he thought all the cameras went off was CHILLING. These CPS goons get no respect from me until they take action and get these kids away from these dysfunctional lunatics. Do they have to actually kill someone in order for something to be done? How can they (CPS) watch this and do nothing? Can you even imagine what goes on when the cameras actually ARE off?

    As far as MTV, they need to do more. That’s all that can be said. DO MORE. HELP the kids. It’s so obvious to anyone that poor Kaiser is David’s target and he takes out his rage on him. There’s literally NO ONE to protect him. Which brings me to Nathan, where is that idiot? If seeing what David does to Kaiser doesn’t make him MAN THE FUCK UP and get his life together, then nothing will and he is as useless as Jenelle.

    1. Agree 100%
      Nathan is as slack as Jenelle when it comes to parenting his kids. Why isn’t he moving heaven and earth to get his son out of that environment? He’s leaving it to his mum to fight this battle for him.

      1. Honestly I don’t even know Kaiser, and seeing how David treats him makes ME seethe with rage. As his actual parent, Nathan should be in rehab/therapy/whatever it is he needs to get his life together, then on the straight and narrow for the rest of his life just in the hopes that he can get custody of that poor boy away from that raving lunatic Jenelle and her psychopath husband.

        1. I would seriously be on the Underground Railroad taking my child and going into hiding if it had to be up to that for me to get him there is no way in hell after watching that crap I would leave my child there I would get him on visitation and I would run and run and run and never look back

    2. I totally agree I just watch this and watching him peak his stupid head around the corner of the seat with that look on his face like oh crap that one still on. I’m pretty sure he’s abusive to Janelle too. He totally reminds me of my ex-husband and she always agrees with what he says you can see the look on her face almost like she’s asking someone to save her. I don’t feel sorry for her because she knew what she was getting into before she married him and did it I think just to spite her mother. What made me leave was when I had a child and he saw it happen for the first time I’d left the following day knowing that I was not going to allow him to see it be okay to treat a woman that way. I hope they step in and all these kids get taken from them. Just the way he talks thinking the cameras were off telling the kids the pat ourselves on the back they were just acting like any child would act being cooped up in the house that wasn’t there’s basically like a hotel room while the parents slept. It must suck in their house to not be able to be a child.

  25. Everyone who watches should call the police and/or cps on Jenelle, just like viewers did when amber beat Gary up. Maybe something would happen then

  26. If they’ve had to call cps on cast members before, why are they still filming these people? Abused kids tend to grow up to abuse other people if no intervention takes place. Smh

  27. So how does this explain the producers standing outside of court telling Barbara they think Jenelle deserves to have Jace back?? After everything she has done to that poor boy and his brother, they had the gall to act like Jenelle was some victim. Because if they give a sh!t about those kids, the producers wouldn’t be undermining Barb and sucking up to Jenelle.

    The fact that the producers have had to anonymously call CPS several times should be a huge clue that this needs to be shut down.

      1. Downvotes for letting someone know that their comments have all appeared in the thread? After they stated that they’re having problems posting? Ya… Ok!! ?

  28. 4 th time TRYING to post this comment!!!! How do these “explanations” apply to Jenelle’s “road rage” incident? She had Jace in the car, was driving like a maniac. Hit the persons vehicle/s and mail boxes, AND had a firearm. That is dangerous in my world!! Thanks for the article, though!

    1. Maybe she wasn’t filming when she had the road rage incident. MTV isn’t responsible for everything these ladies do. If anyone has standing to bring some claim to CPS or a court it’s Barbara in this situation.

  29. How do these “explanations” fit into the scenario of Jenelle’s “road rage” incident? She had Jace in the vehicle, driving like a maniac, had a firearm, hit the persons vehicle/s and mailboxes. That wasn’t a dangerous situation? Thanks for the article, though!

    1. Also who else remembers when Lurch called Kaiser a screaming little bitch like his daddy? He hasn’t liked that kid since day 1!

  30. How do these “explanations” fit into the scenario of Jenelle’s “road rage” incident, with Jace in the vehicle, and a weapon involved. She hit the persons vehicle/s and mowed down mailboxes, as well. That wasn’t considered “dangerous”? Thanks for the article, though!

  31. A pathetic response if anything!

    When there’s a murder-suicide on the laaand or when Kaiser is beaten black and blue, where will MTVs pathetic excuses be then?

    Clearly no one has Kaiser’s best interest at heart. Not his POS “mother” (and I use that term loosely..) not his biological father, not CPS, no one.

    Here in Australia, the Department of Child Services would be all over this situation like a rash! If someone reports that a child MAY be being beaten, they investigate ASAP. Can’t understand why the US CPS aren’t taking this stuff seriously!

    1. That is what i always say. There is gonna be a murder suicide on the land as soon as this show is over. Jenelle is just meal ticket. All he saw was $$$ and a stupid girl he can control. Trust me when this show is over something terrible is gonna happen. He is the worst of the worst.

  32. A pathetic response of anything!

    When there’s a murder-suicide on the laaand or when Kaiser is beaten black and blue, where will MTVs pathetic excuses be then?

    Clearly no one has Kaiser’s best interest at heart. Not his POS “mother” (and I use that term loosely..) not his biological father, not CPS, no one.

    Here in Australia, the Department of Child Services would be all over this situation like a rash! If someone reports that a child MAY be being beaten, they investigate ASAP. Can’t understand why the US CPS aren’t taking this stuff seriously!

  33. “No legal authority to do anything.” What a load of BS. You don’t need to be given any sort of authority to call 911. And taking action when a child is abused isn’t about “legal authority,” it’s about having morals. And then just reporting to higher ups who may or may not care…

    1. They said that if physical assault/abuse were occurring right in front of them, security would step in immediately and they would report it to CPS as well as to their bosses. Not sure what more they could do after that.

      1. Uhm… Fire the people involved maybe? They say they have called CPS before, so why are these people still on the show? They’re being paid to abuse their children, nice..

          1. Oh no, I didn’t mean the crew, I meant the higher ups. To me it’s just ridiculous that they admit CPS has been called, but that the show is still on with these people :/

    2. If I was walking past a random parent and saw them treating their child the way Jenelle and David treat Kaiser, I sure as shit would say something to them – “legal authority” or not! But of course people that have filmed with Jenelle for years are too cowardly to say anything and risk upsetting their ratings cow.

  34. I could not even watch that scene. The reason they were so pissed at the kids is because they were strung out from the night before. Absolutely disgusting. Worthless, drug addicted pieces of actual shit. Im sorry i fucking hate the both of them if they both died tomorrow this world would be better off and so would those kids. I dont even feel bad saying that. David is an absolute monster.

    1. Those two think they are fooling everyone with there fake tears and there fake happy family pictures on instagram right after david abuses someone. They live in a house of lies. When will they fucking get these two losers off my tv.

  35. David told Kaiser he didn’t have to poop and to sit down and eat. Then he told kaiser if he pooped his pants he would be in trouble. So what is it? Would it kill you to let the boy go to the bath room. In the car that was abuse as well as the breakfast scene. The kids were acting like kids. If they don’t want kids why do they lay down and make them? Marica and Jace act like they have ptsd from all the screaming and abuse. Smdh.

  36. Above quote says most of the producers would probably have security step in if a parent began physically abusing a child in front of them. PROBABLY??!!!!

    1. Right. Like anyone believes that. Would love to see the uncut version of Jenelle’s scenes.

      1. You know she yells & demands what scenes will be in, just like she demanded that MTV take out Kaiser yelling Feed me during the save a date photoshoot.

        Plus the producers know that Jenelle & David are so volatile that they kiss their butt out of fear of being kicked out (like they have been numerous times)

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