Courtney Stodden Debuts New Alter Ego “Ember” & a New (Weird) Music Video

Courtney’s new alter ego sports red hair…and plenty of overdrawn lip liner…

Ember has released a new music video and it’s…um…interesting.

Ember (or the artist/ reality TV trainwreck formerly known as Courtney Stodden) recently released her new song “For You” and now we are being treated to the song’s music video.

In the video, Courtney (who has dyed her hair and taken on the alter ego, Ember) starts off the song speaking in a breathy, British accent…which is weird because she’s from the United States.

The single will be a part of Ember’s debut album, “Off The Record.”

So why has 23-year-old blonde bombshell Courtney turned herself into the sometimes-British, redheaded vixen Ember? She may be trying to bury her strange (and somewhat sad) past. As fans know, we first met Courtney when she was a 16-year-old child bride marrying then-51-year-old actor, Doug Hutchison. The marriage lasted through six years, several reality TV shows and multiple breakups before it finally fell apart in 2017.

She has also battled with her estranged mother Krista Keller, made a soft-core solo p0rno, shaved her head and begged Doug to come back to her in shameless social media posts…all in the last few years.

Pink Flamingo now available on iTunes!!! LINK IN BIO. Much love #ember

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While this is Courtney’s first musical offering as “Ember,” she has ventured into the music business before. Over the past few years, she has released songs such as “Reality, “Orange Juice and Pink Pills” and “Asphalt.

And, who could forget the musical stylings of her holiday song, “Mistletoe Bikini,” which included a sort-of-NSFW music video showing Santa whipping Courtney with a candy cane…naturally. (You can check out that lil’ slice ‘o’ heaven by clicking here!) 

In April, Courtney tried to explain why she has become reborn as Ember.

“I’ve been in the media now for seven years and there are a lot of misconceptions out there about who I am, justifiably so because I’ve put on an image and you know, kind of hid behind this, like, persona,” she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post. “I am very insecure, I’m a very insecure person I deal with depression and anxiety, severe anxiety. I’ve had losses and a lot of love for people and vice versa.”

Last month, Courtney posted several “Missing” posters to her Instagram that featured her face, along with the caption, “Have you seen Courtney Stodden?” She followed that up with a post introducing herself as Ember, and announced that she had “killed” Courtney and become her new alter ego.

As you do…

Earlier this month, Courtney posted a photo of herself sitting in a coffin (again, as you do), to further promote the “Courtney is dead” idea.

Ember/Courtney’s debut album “drops” (as the kids say) on July 8. Watch her latest music video below:

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20 Responses

  1. We were thiiiiissss ?? close to naming our daughter Ember a few years ago. Thankfully, we went another direction. The Lord works in mysterious ways, indeed.

  2. She plays right into that audience that loves conspiracy theories and believes that the beta-kitten/MK-Ultra program stuff is still going on. She really needs help, it’s so sad.

  3. Who the actual fuck is filming this and not calling a psychiatric crisis line for help? Very sad.

  4. Ooookkkk. I made it to the part where she was laying on the ground and paused it to collect myself. Not long after she shot beams out of her hand and I had to cut it off. I tried, Ashley.

    I am so, so sad for her. I mean what I am about to say with zero humor – I don’t even know if she knows what planet she’s on at this point. She just…needs so much therapy and help and it’s so sad that literally every person who was ever supposed to take care of her has used and abused her and sent her on this spiral. I really pray that she snaps back to reality and finds her way. I am not a psychologist but I would venture to say that publicly “killing” off a version of yourself absolutely, positively has something to do with being in a state of psychosis. This is heartbreaking and I hope she gets the help and positive influence she needs before it’s too late.

    1. I’ve always felt bad for her. It’s like she never had a chance to just be a normal teenage and young woman. Everyone has pushed and exploited her. Wonder if she’ll be like the next Judy Garland?

  5. Hmm. Reminiscent of Blake Lively’s Emily Nelson stunt to promote her movie, and also of Taylor Swift killing the “old Taylor”.
    Glad to see she’s original. (insert eye roll)

  6. Does anyone else think “Ember” looks like Danny Bonaducci’s wife from Breaking Bonaducci? I think her name was Gretchen…?

  7. Take a good hard look, folks. This is like looking into a crystal ball of poor Sophia Abrahams’ future.

  8. Girl, you’ve been chasing Show Business and celebrity status since you were too young to understand what it was, and it hasn’t been working out. The spotlight is not your friend, and it’s been telling you lies. Get out now. Go do something else with your life, literally anything else. You could shovel manure on a farm and it will still be less bulls*** than the life you’re living now.

  9. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are gonna despise having their baby’s name tarnished by this Jezebel!

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