Kail Lowry’s Sons & Jo Rivera Will No Longer Appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’ (Exclusive Details!)

“I refuse to buy you a helmet and bulletproof vest so that you can attend the next Reunion. Sorry, buddy…”

The cast of Teen Mom 2 is getting smaller (despite the fact that the show’s stars keep reproducing!)

A new report by The Hollywood Gossip stated that Kail Lowry and her ex, Jo Rivera, have decided to remove their son, Isaac, from the show.

“They came to this decision after the direction of the show and the situations that have gone down in the last two reunions,” the site states.

The Ashley can confirm that this is, indeed, true– and her sources tell her that Isaac won’t be the only regular cast member missing if (and when) the show returns for its ninth season. 

“Jo is leaving the show as well,” a source said. “He doesn’t like how far the show has strayed from its original purpose, and thinks that it is just trashy at this point. The kids are an afterthought and he doesn’t want himself or his kids associated with that anymore.”

As The Ashley told you, Jo fled the set during last month’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8B Reunion taping after just one day, due to the physical fight that broke out on stage and the backstage drama. He refused to return for the second day of filming and went home instead.

? This woman right here tho ?????

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“He is getting married soon, and he and [his fiance] Vee [Torres] have no interest in being a part of what the show has become,” the source added.

(Vee even confirmed that Season 8B would be her last in a tweet-and-delete spree last month!)

Kail’s youngest son, Lux (whom she shares with Chris Lopez) will likely no longer appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’ either. Chris has been outspoken about not wanting to be part of the show, and has never appeared on-camera (without his faced blurred).

Love my family

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The Ashley’s sources tell her that no appearance contract has been signed for Lux, due to Chris not wanting his son on-camera anymore. (These days, both parents do not have to sign for their children to appear on the show, although the producers and network prefer to have both parents’ permission.)

As The Ashley previously told you, Season 9 contracts have not been signed yet. While they were supposed to be taken care of during last month’s Reunion taping, all of the shenanigans of that weekend prevented the contracts from being signed.

(The Ashley has more details on the Season 9 contracts–including what the cast is demanding– and will post it soon!)

Should Season 9 happen, Kail’s kids aren’t the only ones who will be absent from filming. Shortly after her husband David Eason was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’, Jenelle Evans tweeted that most of her kids–daughter Ensley, son Kaiser and stepdaughter Maryssa–would not be appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2’ after Season 8. It remains to be seen if she will keep her word on that.

Season 8B, which features all of the kids and Jo, is currently airing on MTV.

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  1. I think they should all keep their kids off the show. The message sent is not a good one for the kids to see. It promotes having multiple babies by multiple fathers and that would be something I wouldn’t want my daughter to be a part of. However, I think the money aspect has clouded most of their minds. I’m seeing that what started as a good message show has turned into a circus. Not good for kids

  2. So why is she still going to be on nobody is interested in just Kail herself. If your not going to follow through with what you originally signed up for than why do it at all! Think these teen mom’s heads are growing too large!!!!

  3. I just love how Kail is so delusional and thinks she wasn’t at the center of all the drama at the reunion. She got on her high-horse at the reunion and couldn’t even act civil when Brianna was in the hair room. She started all that crap with Brianna then tried to act like she didn’t do anything. Doesn’t excuse the fact that Brianna’s thirsty family jumped in the fight (can Brianna handle anything on her own??) and made everything that much trashier. Kail is so fricking annoying and I doubt anyone would want to watch her without her kids. I love Issac, he’s such a cutie and I even like seeing Jo and Vee cuz they are reasonable and no-drama.
    What is Kail’s story line without her kids? A bi-sexual running around banging everything and trying to play coy.

  4. While to some degree I understand this choice, on the other hand I cannot fathom leaving that much money on the table. The show is going to get canceled eventually but if it were me I would make my boundaries clear and utilize the opportunity to make money and invest.

  5. Good! Hope they stop making this show and these people have to eat REAL jobs! I’ll tune in for a check in down the road

  6. I don’t blame Jo and Vee and anyone else who bales at this point. The show is morphing into a real shot-show

  7. Has Jo ever took Kail to court for sole custody of Isaac, he really should, with all the concerning things Kail has said over the years, she went from mature to immature over the years while Jo did viseversa, I believe some where that Chris’ Mom is highly considering fighting Kail for custody for her newest son. We all know that Kail is not going to care for any of her children once they become teens, she is honestly just becoming her mother cares more about dick then her kids.

  8. Every MTV show seems to do this. It starts out good and with likeable or at least relatable people and then all of a sudden it’s full of trash and drama. Take the Real World for example, they stopped casting normal people and starting casting trashy people who just wanna party, have sex, and punch each other. Same with Teen Mom, they knew bringing Brianna’s nasty family on the show would cause drama and it did. It’s all about shock value and I only watch 3 out of the 5 segments on the show now.

  9. A show called Teen MOM has no point on staying on without showing the kids, THE REASON why they got it in the first place!

  10. NOT JO!!!! NOOOOOOOO, he was the show. What a dynamic personality. What a juggernaut of on screen presences. A truly bigger then life on screen performer. The show is doomed now. No longer watching without this main cog in the wheels of motion.

  11. That really sucks but I can understand. Things did get rediculous. And I agree it was kind of trashy. I’m so glad jenelles hubby got fired…he is a dick and controlling.

  12. I agree – I have been saying for years that the show should just follow up once a year or so – actually show the pitfalls of teen parenting! Instead you’re creating a culture of people that think everything is going to be peachy! I really love that Jo is backing up his actions since the reunion! He has matured since 16 and pregnant.

  13. So wait… what exactly will Kailyn’s segments be about? B**ching about Brianna and Lincoln’s drop off/pick ups? Sounds riveting…

  14. Im just concerned if Isaac will have any issues if Lincoln is still being allowed to film. I think it may be best if none of Kail’s children are allowed to film, better yet maybe even her.

  15. I’m glad the cast members are finally taking a stance. Maybe this will cause MTV to get rid of Briana and get Jenelle and David under control. It sucks it’s come to this because I really enjoy the show, but I get why the cast is dropping like flies…I wouldn’t want my name associated with the show either. It has pretty much turned into the Jenelle and Briana Disaster of Unnecessary Drama featuring Javi trying to be Everybody’s Kids Daddy. I’m gonna miss watching Issac grow up though. He seems so sweet.

  16. For all of you that will miss seeing Isaac just go over to Kail’s Snapchat, she’s always posting cute videos of him.

  17. Teen Mom shows are turning into how the Real Housewives shows are now (which have also changed from what they originally were). Everything is about drama drama drama. Often it’s producer induced drama. I don’t blame Jo for removing himself and convincing Kail to remove Isaac from the show.

  18. MTV has no interest in cancelling and the women have no interest quitting. The only way these women will stop filing is if they get fired, sorry you don’t walk away from $200k+ a season and all the product hawking because they can’t handle a weekend of fake drama.

    The idiots really do think everyone is stupid.

  19. No worries Kail has enough children to go around. Shit,she might pop another one just to stay relevant.

  20. I remember Jo working as a photocopy machine technician on 16 And Pregnant, and also working for a while with his mother Janet in a family business when he was living in PA. So hopefully he has a game plan for where life will take him in the future.

    And I certainly can’t say I won’t miss Isaac, who along with Maci’s son Bentley stole my heart — from birth.

    Wishing them the best as they move on, and away from the MTV camera lenses.

    1. I agree with this completely! Briana needs to GO….as soon as she came the show went to total shit, and Jenelle needs to be kicked off because her sense of entitlement is completely out of control at this point. Teen Mom OG can be kinda dull at times, and I think Chelsea’s gonna be done with this pretty soon, and Kail’s about to get difficult too…so it makes sense to merge the 2 shows.

  21. Jenelle, Amber, and Leah are the ones I’m most concerned about not being able to support themselves after TM is over. Actually, Ryan would probably be worst off, but he has his parents to support him.

  22. The Teen Mom franchise has turned into a bunch of spoiled young adults with huge egos! Leah, Macy and Chelsea seem to have evolved into mature adults, but the majority of the teen moms are no better off mentally now than they were at 16…and when you add David Eason, Nathan Griffith, Ryan Edwards and any twit Amber brings home, and you have chaos at its finest! The show is popular and I’m sure that’s why MTV hasn’t sent all these brats home with a pink slip! I’m baffled why they just don’t stop the reunion shows! Obviously, there isn’t a venue big enough to hold all the “stars” of this shit show! If they can just keep them apart, the show could go on! Where there’s a will there’s a way to have a reunion show without physically throwing all these fools in a room and waiting for the survivors to emerge at the end! Come on, MTV…there must be SOMEONE there that can save the day!

  23. All the kids deserve private lives. They did NOT sign up for this! And who wants to watch the show without the kids?? End the madness, MTV!

    1. Agreed. The “original” kids are too old now to have their lives and their parents’ drama documented for all to see.

  24. I think it’s a good idea to take all of the kids off the show at this point, because they are at the age where they will probably be getting flak from other kids at school for being a part of this s*** show. However; if Joe’s rap career doesn’t take off, I am curious how he and Vee will support themselves, as I don’t recall either one of them ever having a job. It’s unfortunate that everyone involved in the Teen Mom and TM2 franchises began filming while so young, because practically none of them have any skills that make them employable. I foresee at least half of the people in the franchise struggling (addictions, bankruptcies, porn careers etc.) in the future because of having grown up in this bubble that mtv has created and having no ability to survive in the real world once the spotlight is gone.

    1. I agree. However I wouldn’t blame MTV for the “bubble around them”. They all cult have gone to school, even part time. Same thing with getting real jobs too. It’s called being responsible parenting. I did it, as well as so many others while having a family.

    2. I believe Vee and now Jo have real estate licenses so that’s what they’re doing now.

  25. Are these people for real. There will be no show if they don’t show. I like Joe but does he really plan on getting a job. And Jenelle…what the hell are they going to film without her wreck of a family. These people are beyond privileged and need to be cancelled.

    1. Jo is a real estate agent now… buying & flipping properties I’m pretty sure. So I do believe that constitutes a job… and Vee is a MUA. JobS.

      1. Joe is not a real estate agent. Joe bought into a “house flipping franchise”.. read scam.. the crappy signs you see up that say “‘we buy houses”.. Yeah that’s Joe…

  26. Time to cancel the show. When people aren’t willing to appear or have their kids appear then you have no show.

    Please cancel TM2 and do a yearly ‘Where Are they Now?’ show just so I can see Jenelle with her soul mate if the month working at Walmart and still singing ‘When I get Jace back…’ just for shits and giggles ?

  27. GOOD FOR JO for protecting Isaac. That child has always been too good for all of this. I hope this will spur MTV to admit that Teen Mom – in both iterations – has run its course.

  28. I love Jo and Vee. They are grounded and bring positive parenting skills to the show. I hope they reconsider. Their story line has a good message and many dead-beat dads can learn from Jo.Vee is also an excellent step-mom. They co-parent perfectly.

  29. What’s jo & kail gonna do for a paycheck? Kail is all about drama,especially when she says she’s not but tries to do her dirty behind the scene. Like saying javie could film Isaac’ s b-day party in front of camera’s but she could. Don’t pull the I’m trying to protect my kid when it’s just your jealous! Janelle knows where her $ comes from & will pit all her kids in it for $! This started because your having a kid don’t act like now your to good! Be thankful cause you can always be replaced by someone else. Think about it!

    1. Kail has a podcast and a degree in mass communications. Isaac isn’t even Javi’s kid, you must be talking about Lincoln.

  30. Of course thirsty Javi has no problem with Lincoln remaining on the show. He is probably attempting to negotiate a contract for his unborn baby as we speak!

  31. Aw dang! I love Issac. How about we give back Brianna, her kids and family and retain sweet Issac?

  32. There is no way Kailyn is done fame whoring. Jenelle either. Glad for Joe and Isaac. Joe and Vee seem so happy together let them live their life ♡

  33. I actually really like Jo and Vee. he seems a good support for kail too. I suspect Isaac has some degree of autism, and as he gets older, by he may struggle with the filming schedule. Kail seem to by have some career goals, and a beautiful house.xx

  34. Pull the plug & lets watch Kail, Jennell, Leah, & Amber, circle the drain. I cant wait for the where are they now special or teen mom, the 2nd generation.

  35. I would think this show would be coming to an end soon if the kids will no longer be filming.

  36. This is the best thing for Isaac, so I’m happy for him and Jo. Jo has really grown up and it’s nice to see him and Vee get careers outside of TM2 and prioritizing their kids.

    I’ll be shocked if Kail pulls Lux from the show

    As for Kaiser not filming…we’ll see, but it’s scary to wonder what will become of him once he’s out of the public eye. I feel so bad for that sweet little boy.

  37. Well that’s crazy to me. When Kailyn started all of the drama. Everyone knows how Kailyn is prone to violent out bursts. Like the comment or not it’s the truth. Kailyn hit Javi. She started drama with Vee and now Briana. On Kailyn instagram you could tell she was gearing up for a fight. When she was in the room crying she sent her friend in there to finish it. That’s why she had so many friends with her. More than usual.

  38. Fame hog Janelle WILLLLLLL be showing her kids on camera! Are you kidding me? Without them, there is no Janelle!

  39. Isaac is one of the very few sane people on the show (and that’s including all the adults) so I’m going to miss him but I know it’s for his own good.

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