EXCLUSIVE! Farrah Abraham & ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Respond To Jenelle Evans’ Complaints About Not Being Allowed To Bring Husband David Eason To MTV Movie Awards

“I can’t believe MTV wouldn’t let David in! He even offered to leave his rake at home! DUDE!”

Jenelle Evans wasn’t allowed to bring her husband, fired Teen Mom 2 dad David Eason, to the recent MTV Movie & TV Awards this year, and she was not happy about it. She demonstrated her anger by posting a few nasty tweets, lashing out at former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham, who attended the show and was allowed to bring her daughter Sophia with her.

Farrah called Jenelle’s mean tweets a “low blow” in a statement issued to The Ashley.

“P0rn star going to the MTV Awards with a plus one but I was invited but could [not] bring David?! [Farrah] was fired not me…lmao wowwww. @MTV,” Jenelle wrote, in addition to posting an article about Farrah attending the awards. (She has since deleted the tweet, but you know The Ashley got the screenshot!)


In her statement to The Ashley, Farrah weighed in on Jenelle’s comments about her.

“I don’t associate with any of the Teen Moms,” Farrah told The Ashley. “I’ve moved beyond that and if I’m a p0rn star then so is Kim K and every other celebrity with a sex tape. Such a low blow. I’m about hard working women who support other women. The Teen Moms clearly don’t.”

Jenelle and Farrah used to be friends. In fact, Jenelle even attended Farrah’s birthday party back in 2015. (Jenelle was allowed to bring David to the party. It is not known whether or not David busted out his trusty pocketknife to hack up Farrah’s birthday party balloons, though.)

While Jenelle was, indeed, invited to attend the awards show and walk the red carpet, David was not invited to either event. Jenelle did not end up going to the event, which took place in Los Angeles on Saturday. She told fans on Twitter that she was “very confused” as to why Farrah got to bring Sophia when “none” of the ‘Teen Mom’ stars got to bring a “plus one.”

Chelsea Houska chimed in to report that wasn’t exactly the case…

“Cole got invited….is it just husbands?” Chelsea tweeted. “‘Cause he didn’t get one when we were dating. Either way, we never really cared lol” (Somewhere on “The Land,” Jenelle’s head probably exploded as she read that Cole was not only invited to the red carpet, but also the show.)

Chelsea has never attended any of the MTV Awards shows. (She later tweeted that, “the thought of doing the carpet and everything gives me anxiety.”)

“Oh hi, Juh-nelle!” (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for MTV)

Kail Lowry, who has attended MTV events in the past but skipped this year’s show, also threw her two cents in, basically saying that invites come by a case-by-case basis.

“Everyone is freaking out about how the TM2 cast didn’t get plus 1 for movie awards… but Farrah brought Sophia,” she wrote. “First of all, they always tell us someone can walk the carpet with us but not allowed inside after.

“And second, Farrah has gotten in and/or invited to way more other shows than us so that’s just the way it goes,” Kail added.

It’s likely that David wasn’t invited to participate in any of the recent activities (and won’t ever be again) because he was actually fired from the show back in February after going on a homophobic Twitter rant. He was fired by MTV, not the franchise’s production company.

MTV’s official statement on not working with David anymore…

(Farrah may have scored an invite because, technically, she wasn’t fired; she chose to continue doing adult entertainment ventures instead of continuing with ‘Teen Mom.’)

Jenelle has walked the red carpet with David in the past, and even admitted on social media to having to sneak David into the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, since he was not technically invited inside. However, Jenelle did not attend last year’s MTV Movie & TV Awards because she was not allowed to bring a date inside.

“Where’s my invitation, MTV? Ya know I’m ready ta paaaahrty! And I won’t pop all ya balloons!”

Before 2015, MTV did not invite its ‘Teen Mom’ stars to attend awards show and events. From what The Ashley heard, this was because the network did not want it to look like it was glamorizing teen pregnancy. After the “fourth wall” was broken, though, the network seemed to ease up on its rules and started inviting the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars to events.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram Live, Getty Images, Twitter)


  1. FARRAH, NOBODY THINKS IT IS A SEX TAPE. IT IS A PORN, A SCRIPED, PLANNED PORN. You aren’t kim k and she isn’t a porn star…she didn’t make moulds of her vag either.. you are 100 percent a porn star.

  2. why is farrah opening her big fish lips about anything? YOU AREN’T ON TEEN MOM OR RELEVANT ANYMORE SO BYEEEE! Go take up the ass and beg for money like the prostitute that you are and shut it.

  3. Jenelles pissed because she wanted to go, probably to gain publicity…but knew if she went without David or didn’t make a big deal about it there would be hell to pay on the land. You can tell that man is very very controlling, and she has this fear of being alone so she’s the perfect target to manipulate.

    Shes morphed into every soulmate she’s had…a drug addict with kieffer and courtland, a braindead twit that couldn’t tell the difference between dramatic and dramastic when she was with Nathan…and now a whiny little bitch like David.

  4. Janelle is very controlled by David and I don’t believe anybody buys the fact that she’s not going to stand by her man. She would be more of an example two young girls if she showed that she can be independent and not have to ask permission to do things. As far as Farrah goes then I guess she accidentally made a sex tape more than once whatever nobody believes that line either. She needs to put her daughter in school and show her what the real world is like because once this money change stops that little girl is going to be so completely out of control it’s going to be very sad. All I know is I can’t wait till we can finally stop seeing David on this show he is an abusive husband father and stepfather. You can tell when they ask her questions she looks at David before answering even though at times we saw it right on film that they sent the film crew away and they were fighting but then the next day he acts like everything is okay and Janella supposed to go along with it it makes them both look completely crazy.

  5. Ok, So David and Jenelle pull the cameras when they don’t want people seeing them act like assholes, refuse to film reunions when they don’t want to, verbally abusive to everyone they have contact with. But they want the perks that go along with being on MTV. The money, award shows, staying in their own house during reunions. Give me a break!!! David must of been bullied when he was younger that’s why he’s so verbally abusive to everyone. It’s a defense mechanism. Must of been his patchy skin.

  6. Honestly, this is getting out of hand. Can’t she do ANYTHING alone?! Why does she need a man by her side all the time?! I’m sure David is possessive but she can’t be independent if her life depended on it either.

  7. As stated before, Farrah wasn’t necessarily fired. She was given an ultimatum and chose to continue her ventures in the adult industry. On the other hand, David was fired. So, of course, he wouldn’t be invited and MTV knew if they gave you a plus one, you’d take David. So, just stop throwing the pity party.

    Also, Farrah, you had sex with a hired p0rn star (a famous one too) on film and got paid for doing it. That’s not a sex tape; it’s a p0rno. You weren’t dating. Nothing was leaked. It was all obviously calculated. You were a a single mom whose gravy train had ended and you were in need of some cash. Isn’t that the classic scenario? Only difference is you just happen to have some prior fame.

  8. David your NOT someone special your a looser pretty sad how you think your so famous that you belong there your own daughter is petrified of you and farrah I hope you invest getting that brat plastic surgery she is the ugliest kid that was ever on teen mom inside and OUT she needs a smack on the crack back into reality along with you for raising a little mini me sorry but not sorry that kid is HOMELY looking I’m just saying what everybody else wants too her mother’s a nut case thinking she’s this fabulous singer well I’ll just say you SUCK you should NEVER open your mouth again someone should of slapped you back into reality take the leather outfits peel them off the wrinkles and STOP singing for God’s sake

  9. I actually laughed at the “talking words” comment. Hey, Lurch, that’s how PEOPLE handle things.

  10. No one wants her anywhere. Not even on their televisions. Please fire this hag already MTV. You might get a few viewers back.

  11. Jenelle when your fired you don’t get an invite from the business your fired from. DUH DUDE!!

  12. 1. Farrah, a sex tape and a porn are not the same thing. Also, stop comparing yourself to Kim K. because it gives me second-hand embarrassment for you.

    2. I LOOOOOOOVE that Cole got invited and only wish I could have seen Jenelle’s face when she read Chelsea’s tweet.

    3. How sad that Jenelle acts like she won’t go to the show on principle b/c David wasn’t invited, but we all KNOW that David doesn’t LET her go to anything without him.

    1. It’s especially shady bc Chelsea forgot the Jenelle and David are married. “Maybe it’s only husbands?” doesn’t make sense anyways since Sophia isn’t Farrah’s husband, but it must’ve rocked jenelles world to read that Chelsea forgot David was Jenelles husband. It means Chelsea isn’t nearly as obsessed with keeping up with the Easons as Jennelle is with keeping up with Chelsea’s life.

    2. Farrah truly believes she’s on the same level as Kim K. That’s why she made that tape, she thought it would catapult her to Kardashian status.

  13. Ugh, damnit Jenelle, now I have to side with Farrah. It’s ridiculous to freak out that it’s unfair Farrah brought her child to the red carpet because your abusive, violent ahole of a husband wasn’t invited. Apples and oranges.

    And considering all the ratchet shit Jenelle has done, she has no room to talk about Farrah. Of course, I’m not defending Farrah who is a delusional narcissistic nightmare who is causing irreparable harm to her child. I guess Jenelle and Farrah have that in common.

  14. First off WTF is wrong with Sophie’s face? What is Farrah doing to her? Sad. Second Farrah, there is a HUGE difference between you and other celebrities with sex tapes. I’m not going to dispute that Kim K is a whore. When you have to use your body to make money, that’s whoring yourself. No matter how you slice and dice it. Oh and whoring yourself is not considered being a savvy business woman no matter who you are. But back to what makes your sex tape different is you just picked some random porn star to do your dirty with and other celebrity sex tapes were at least made with the celebrities soul mate of the moment. And from what I’ve read, yours went a bit above the trashiest of norms. It was more than just a “sex tape”. You’re not good enough to be in that league. Only in your warped mind.

    1. Getting Braces can completely change the shape of your face. Sophias teeth were pretty awful before. She got them from Daddy Derek.

  15. Nobody got plus ones. Kail talked about it on her podcast. I’m wondering if the reason why nobody from Teen Mom got plus ones is because of David and other plus ones behaviors?

  16. Lol! Chelsea threw a whole shade tree at Jenelle ????? She knows that they’re married, but pretends not to. I love it! Haha! I’m sure out of all the responses, that one has Jenelle about to rip her own head off. Way to go Chels ??‍♀️

  17. What was this little troll more upset about;
    A. Lurch not being able to go with her


    B. The fact that she and Lurch had to stay home with those damn kids that don’t know how to “act right”??

    And I’ll throw in a third option which is completely valid.. she and Lurch missed out on visiting their LA drug dealer??

  18. Guess it’s true, Jenelle. Nobody wants child abusing, knife-wielding, homophobic ranting, goofball David at their awards ceremony, or anywhere else.

    Which means he doesn’t control MTV’s —or anyone else’s decisions.

    Just yours.

  19. I cannot get over the fact how much Jenelle’s sinking house represents her entire life… Instead of draining the land and installing a proper drainage system against flooding (you know, taking precautions) they just covered up the mess, built the home of their dreams on top and now, it’s sinking.

    1. And I had to crack up at David claiming he had built houses to the owner of the company and screaming that he wanted his house on stilts. Even if you raise your house, you still need drainage or it compromises the stilts! Go figure, building a house on a SWAMP wasn’t a good idea.

      1. Him claiming that the too small housepad was what caused this whole thing…smh…with a bigger housepad, the house would still be sinking, because the ground beneath the pad is simply too wet to support the entire structure.

      2. The way David threatened the inspector says a lot about his character. You don’t speak to people that way. Not that I’m surprised after seeing the way he bullies children and his homophobic rants. Jenelle can keep claiming he’s a “good guy,” but none of us are that stupid.

        1. I live for the edit they’ve given him thus far. Yes, you can paint a certain picture of someone by editing, but come on! He’s giving them more than enough material to work with.

  20. Clearly that lunatic that Jenelle is married to is just in it for all the perks that go along with getting involved with an irresponsible, dysfunctional, social pariah that got pregnant at 16 by a human sloth, but had the incredible fortune of being noticed by mtv, because there is no way that anyone with pure intentions can look at all the past footage of her and think “Now that’s a wagon I’d like to hitch my horse to.” On this weeks episode when he mentioned to the person from the modular home company that his wife had like “12 million followers” I was just thinking he’s probably used this line a thousand times to try to get his way with things. He is such a disgusting albatross, Jenelle has a dumptruck full of problems on her own without this giant letch clinging on to her. Their split is going to be napalm-level epic. The tweets that the post about each other then delete ten minutes later are going to be classics and then when soulmate number 4,076 gets involved a few weeks later Lurch is going to really lose his s**t, he’s going to quit using “Talking words” and start with the “fighing words.” I’ve already started stocking up on the popcorn.

    1. Just a quick add up, she’s got maybe 5.2 million between Twitter, Insta, FB, and YouTube. Still not quite 12 David.

    2. CoryandTrevor- please start a blog or something. I could read your commentary all day long. You’re basically taking the words right out of my mouth, but stating them so much more eloquently than I ever could.

      1. EB – Thank you for saying that, that’s really nice. I actually work for a publishing company, sitting at a computer all day editing copy, so this website and all the comments are what keep me from losing my mind with boredom. 95% of what I post on here is snark, but I really wish no harm on any of the characters from the TM franchise, it just amuses me to poke fun at the delusions of the likes of: Jenelle and Lurch (and everyone in their orbit), Farrah, Amber, Cait and Ty, Rhine and Big Mac, plus a few more space cadets I’m not going to bother to mention. With all the craziness going on right now it’s nice to come on this site, read the recaps and comments and find contentment in the knowledge that I’m not the only grown adult that enjoys a dose of escapism by watching a little garbage can television every now and then. 🙂

        1. Totally agree on all points! I work for the federal government, and this too is my guilty pleasure. Sometimes it really bugs me that I have to work so hard just to get by, while these jokers sit around, living the good life, having almost never put in an honest days’ work in their lives. (Way to go Mtv!) They’re so undeserving of the wealth they’ve accumulated. Oh well. I guess if you’re willing to trade your dignity for a paycheck, then good for you…

    3. Plus, all of those 12 million followers are trash teenyboppers who will never have a good enough job to buy a home anyway, so I doubt the company has to worry too much LMAO

  21. I liked how matter-of-fact Kail was about how F gets invited to lots of events that the others don’t. It’s true.

    1. I’ve seen her videos and she is definitely grooming that child for the pervy men she takes her to see on her ‘round the world trips. When Enty reveals a Blind Item about a mother selling her very young daughter to some rich Indian men… Let’s just say, I won’t be surprised at all.

    2. Those are just disturbing. I can’t even imagine the damage being done to that child.

  22. Yes, Jenelle, you fucking idiot, MTV publicly ended their relationship with the piece of shit bigot you call a husband so they could invite him to their awards show. She is at LEAST 3/4ths brain dead.

    I’m sure Chelsea would never own this because she doesn’t get involved in the drama, but I hope she was throwing some subtle shade at Jenelle with the “is it just husbands” comment…since we all had to sit through that disgusting wedding and I know she knows they are married. Yes, it’s just husbands who aren’t psychopathic bigots, Chelsea.

  23. You know she’s all bent out of shape when she throws in the “lmao”.
    When you support and show unwavering dedication to a bigoted, disgusting, ugly man-child you have to realize it reflects on you personally. I don’t understand either of them – Jenelle or David. I’m 99% sure they share one single brain cell. One. I can see David walking around the land having a tantrum about this. They think they’re so tough (especially David) and it amuses me that they don’t realize how much their behavior looks like that of a little kid who doesn’t get their way.
    For real Jenelle, you make me want to barf.
    HOWEVER, I’m legit so happy that Chelsea said that. Everyone knows Jenelle has been jealous of Chelsea since the start. Chelsea changes her hair color, Jenelle changes her hair color. Chelsea joins in on a trend, Jenelle joins the trend. So lol at her being put in her place by her ‘boring AF’ cast mate.

    U mad Jenelle?

  24. This reminds me of a few years ago when they were in la for the mtv awards and David was posting on Instagram all day “getting ready for the show.” Got a facial, whitened his teeth, only to be turned away at the door. And jenelle was like “they didn’t deny him entry we decided we didn’t want to stay.”? Pieces of work??

    1. Jenelle no doubt wasn’t ‘allowed’ to go to LA without UBT. Or she didnt want to leave her soulmate with the ‘supplies’ for a few days. Allegedly. ?

  25. Farrah is active in the porn industry, so yeah you’re a porn star. Isn’t she inked in a contract for fetish streaming videos in adult entertainment? Whatever. She also appears to be in the call/escort services.

    Dubai and Cannes are famous for this almost as much for film festival. Blind Gossip sunk low enough to have a blind on her cocaine use.

  26. Oh she’s still saying that was a sex tape. Ummmmmm ok then. How about when he went solo on Cam Soda?

  27. Janelle seriously can’t be that damn dense…
    If David has been FIRED from a MTV program…he’s not allowed to attend any other MTV affiliated events ??‍♀️

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