‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 5 Cast Revealed: A Review of the Castaways

“Cheers to me scoring yet another easy paycheck!”

Good news, fellow Bachelor franchise junkies! We are about to be given the gift that is Bachelor in Paradise!

Back for a fifth season, ‘BIP’ brings together male and female rejects from past seasons of ‘The Bachelorette’ and ‘The Bachelor,’ puts them on a beach, and pumps them full of alcohol, sunlight and the false hope that they aren’t destined to be Forever Alone. The previous seasons of the show have produced plenty of drama and dysfunctional couples (and even a few marriages)!

For Season 5, the producers have gathered an assortment of the most-dramatic, most-ridiculous and most-fame-hungry former cast members. The cast list was released on Tuesday by People magazine.

Once again, Chris Harrison will be back to host this tropical trainwreck, and, thankfully Jorge the Bartender will be appearing this year after taking last year’s season off!

Speaking of last year’s season, things will surely be run differently due to the major scandal that took place while filming ‘BIP’ in 2017. As you may remember, Corinne Olympios accused fellow Paradiser DeMario Jackson of taking advantage of her while she was passed out from drinking too much. The scandal got the production of the show shut down and caused chaos throughout Bachelor Nation, but eventually, the Paradisers came back to finish the season (while following strict rules having to do with alcohol, drugs and sex.)

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Let’s take a look at who will be hitting the beach in ‘Paradise’ this summer…

The Girls:

Angela Amezcua (Nick Viall’s Season):

Best remembered for: Nothing. Are we sure this chick was ever on the show? Maybe she has cousin who’s a producer or something who got her in? (Apparently Nick cut her on the first night.)

Annaliese Puccini (Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Season):

Best remembered for: Being afraid of dogs, car crashes, kissing, and basically everything. Arie cut her during his third week

Astrid Loch (Nick’s Season):

Best remembered for: Telling Nick her boobs are real first thing out of the limo on Night #1 and then speaking to him in German

Bibiana Juliana (Arie’s Season; ‘The Bachelor Winter Games’ Season 1):

Best remembered for: Trying to get into Kevin’s pants on ‘Winter Games,’ but having him choose Ashley Iaconetta instead of her; causing major drama on ‘The Bachelor’

Chelsea Roy (Arie’s Season):

Best remembered for: Receiving Arie’s First Impression Rose on Night #1; acting all dramatic when she had to tell Arie she had a son

Kendall Long (Arie’s Season):

Best remembered for: Being quirky and being really, really into taxidermy; coming in third place on Arie’s season, subsequently avoiding the whole “switch fiance” thing that happened with winner Becca and runner-up Lauren B.

Krystal Nielson (Arie’s Season):

Best remembered for: Always speaking like she’s doing a really bad Marilyn Monroe impression; throwing a fit during a bowling alley date during Arie’s season. (We all knew she would be a perfect fit for ‘Paradise!’)

Nysha Norris (Arie’s Season):

Best remembered for: Nothing. The Ashley has no idea who this chick is.

Tia Booth (Arie’s Season):

Best remembered for: Being a clone of fellow ‘Bachelor’ star Raven Gates; living in Weiner, Arkansas; giving ‘Bachelorette’ Becca her sloppy seconds when it came to her former hookup pal (and Becca’s current suitor) Colton Underwood

The Guys:

Nick Spetsas (Becca’s Season):

Best remembered for: Wearing a tracksuit to a rose ceremony

Kevin Wendt (The Bachelor Winter Games, The Bachelorette Canada):

Best remembered for: Winning ‘Winter Games’ alongside then-boo Ashley Ianconetti; possibly taking Ashley’s virginity; being Canadian

Kenny King (Rachel Lindsay’s Season):

Best remembered for: Being a professional wrestler; leaving Rachel’s season early because he missed his daughter

Jordan Kimball (Becca’s Season):

Best remembered for: Being a male model…and making sure everyone knew it

John Graham (Becca’s Season):

Best remembered for: Being a software engineer who says he created the app for Venmo

Joe Amabile (Becca’s Season):

Best remembered for: Being the adorable grocery store owner that Becca cut on Night #1. (This angered plenty of ‘Bachelorette’ fans on Twitter.)

Eric Bigger (Rachel’s Season):

Best remembered for: Finishing in third place; giving Rachel a tour of his neighborhood and pointing out where the drug dealers hang out during his Hometown date

David Ravitz (Becca’s Season):

Best remembered for: Wearing a chicken suit on Night #1 and then mocking other contestants for not dressing appropriately; feuding with Jordan; having to go to the hospital after falling out of his bunk bed

This is, of course, just the cast members who will be starting the season off. Each week, new rejects will be filtered into ‘Paradise’ as others are eliminated.

Bartending in ‘Paradise’ this year will be Jorge, Wells Adams and Yuki Kimura (who memorably appeared on ‘The Bachelor Winter Games’). Jorge will also be back, according to the cast photos.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 5 premieres August 7 on ABC.

Click here to see the cast’s official ‘BIP’ photos!

Watch the video below to listen to Chris Harrison talk about the upcoming ‘Paradise’ season!

(Photos: ABC, Instagram)

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  1. How is the fact that Eric pointed out where the drug dealers were considered one of his most memorable moments? It barely registered for me, because he was simply illustrating that he grew up in a tough neighborhood. That was just an anecdote. Weird thing to have registered. I remember him for being positive joyful and saying “it’s miracle season!”

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