EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Renewed For Second Season: See Who’s Already Shooting Season 2!

“We’re baaaaaack!”

The Teen Mom monster can not be stopped!

Last week, The Ashley broke the news that both Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have been renewed for new seasons, and now she can exclusively reveal that the franchise’s “little sister,” Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, has been picked up for Season 2 as well!

The Ashley’s sources tell her that film crews are already in the field, filming footage for ‘Young & Pregnant’ Season 2. (As you may have noticed, The Ashley refused to write about the show for its first season, due to the fact that she heard it was going to be cancelled due to low ratings. However, ratings improved and, now that the show is getting a second season, The Ashley has to write about it.)

Anyway, The Ashley’s sources tell her that all five of the girls are on-board for Season 2, even Ashley Jones. Last week, Ashley went on a social media rampage, bashing MTV, as well as the editors, social media managers and producers of ‘Young & Pregnant’ for portraying her as “a monster” on the show. She also called signing up for the show “by the worst decision of my life.”

Yet…she signed up to do Season 2…as you do….

“A crew is up there with Ashley and will be filming throughout this week,” a source tells The Ashley. “All the girls will be either starting to film or continuing to film over the next few weeks.”

Another behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley that the ‘Young & Pregnant’ girls got raises to do Season 2. (The Ashley is not sure exactly how much more they are getting this season, however.)

“Generally, for the other ‘Teen Mom’ shows, the pay jump from Season 1 to Season 2 has been the most significant jump,” that source told The Ashley.

MTV has yet to confirm or deny The Ashley’s report that ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ are getting another season, and they have yet to respond to a comment request regarding ‘Young & Pregnant’ Season 2.

Stay tuned– The Ashley will have more info on this soon!

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. So tired of hearing Brianna say she has no money. You work for MTV! You got paid to have a kid. Girl!

  2. Im sicka people acting broke…be honest on show….so shows truth…otherwise seen as total bs..and I know your stuff shown has 2 be some truth?…or is this just some sellout stuff…come on guys?..Ive watched both from jump day one…please tell truth…and if true about Amber fightin for fair money for all…good. MTV is makeing a fortune and your pay is a small nothing…no matter what tell any of you…I have an insider…just sayin.

  3. I’m hoping they do with this what they did with Teen Mom: NJ. Film it and then scrap it without airing it. This show is absolutely disgusting. I’ve been watching the TM series since 16&P, but these girls grew up with the show, and the “fame” has already gone to their heads. These girls really think they’re somebodies. We don’t need more making money MTV money because they were irresponsible. On top of that, they’re all completely insufferable. Ashley is a manipulative, controlling, asshole. Jade is an entitled, self righteous, fame-whore. Brianna can’t go 5 seconds without a boyfriend, and was stupid enough not only subject her baby to someone as volatile as Danae, but also give him part of Danae’s name. Kayla is a doormat of a human being who cares more about being with Stephan than all of the damage he causes to both her, her mother, and her son. And Lexi, though I do love her, is the Chelsea that came to the party 9 years too late that I just don’t particularly enjoy watching. And all of the guys are verbally/ emotionally/ and physically abusive. This is ridiculous. Will not be watching.

  4. But why? As previously stated, this show is called young and pregnant. Why not get new girls who are, in fact, young and pregnant? I thought this would be more like a rebranded 16 and pregnant, not just another tmog tm2.

    1. I wonder if MTV worries that if they start casting all new girls for each new season of young and pregnant, that they would be encouraging teenagers to get pregnant in order to get on the show. They did 16 and pregnant with new girls every year for years and by the end, girls were actively trying to get pregnant so they could get on MTV and have a chance at a teen Mom show. (This is when there was teen Mom 1, 2, and 3, and it seemed like it would just keep going forever, with new 16 and pregnant and new Teen Mom series every year). Maybe they don’t want to be seen as enticing girls to get pregnant with the hopes of becoming an MTV reality star. But since MTV seems to have no conscience about literally anything else that their “stars” do on and off of their shows, I kind of doubt it.

  5. I don’t understand why MTV doesn’t find new girls for Young and PREGNANT (since now none of them are) instead of creating yet another crop of monster moms.

    1. Exactly. The first season is about the real-world struggles of young mothers. Subsequent seasons are about the lives of celebrities.

  6. This is beyond stupid! What is the point of this show? It’s been a decade since the OG girls from TM and TM2 started 16 and pregnant. You mean to tell me that these girls still didn’t know what unprotected sex could lead to? So much so, that they decided to sign up for reality TV? It’s like they risked getting knocked up on purpose just for a shot at the show ??‍♀️ Seriously, what gives? It’s annoying because we all know they are all going to come back next season with new homes, SUVs and other things that most people can’t just afford on a whim. And for what? Because they got pregnant in high school?

    Where is my huge pay check for having my kid at the right time under the right circumstances? Instead, I’m stuck with tons of student loans and a median income. Maybe I should’ve gotten knocked up and made poor choices. Lol! And yes, I sound annoyed because I am

  7. I feel like that Ashley girl is about to be the Kail, Jenelle, Farrah and Amber all wrapped in one on this show…Lord help us.

  8. So this means next season they’ll come back with full selves of tattoos, driving BMW SUV, taking vacations constantly, and living on twitter.

  9. Ya know…as I stare at my degree on the wall, marvel at my student loan debt, converse with my roommates that I have no choice but to live with…I can’t help but ask myself why I didn’t just get pregnant at 18 and apply for MTV *cries in adult*

    1. I’m more upset for the fact this show took this long to have come- I could have qualified for this when I had my twins. -as I’m procrastinating on studying because I don’t have that mtv paycheck and I need a real job to survive in the world

    2. Exactly! The media in general seems to glorify and reward bad decisions. The damn “cash me outside” child is a multi-millionaire for being a disrespectful brat and running away from home. Like what the hell??? Let me rewind time to 11 years ago and be nasty, disrespectful, unruly and possibly knocked up. Clearly it all pays smh….

  10. These girls on TMOG, TM2, and now Y&P will never ever quit. They love the money and they love the attention.

  11. I guess the MTV pay checks are more important then her editing being racially motivated. Bitch Please !!! You’re not fooling anyone.

  12. Sooooooo I thought doing this show was the worst decision Ashely ever made? Ok lady you keep cashing those checks.

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