‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You’ve Missed So Far This Week

When you realize you’re super-behind on your ‘Teen Mom’ news…

From new books to new boos, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise were quite busy this weekend!

In an effort to bring you up-to-date on all of the ‘Teen Mom’ happenings from the past few days, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile!

Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2-related things that happened so far this week…

Amber Portwood Says She Gets A Second Chance to Be A Good Mom, Thanks to Son James

“At least his middle name isn’t ‘Do-Over Kid!'”

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Amber has long-proclaimed to be a good mom to her nine-year-old daughter Leah, but many of her choices have sometimes reflected quite the opposite.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Amber, who gave birth to son James last month, stated that she feels like she finally gets another chance to show everyone that she can be a good mother.

“I’m more driven and have the means to take care of a baby better. This is a chance for me to really show what kind of mother I am,” Amber told the magazine, adding that being older and in a stable relationship with her child’s father has helped a lot.

“Before [when I had Leah], I wasn’t mature nor was the relationship right,” Amber said. “I want to make sure I don’t fall into old patterns and get into a depressed state. I have to take care of myself. Healthy mommy, healthy baby.”

Amber also stated that her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, has stepped up to take on his share of the parenting duties.

“He is such an amazing man and loves taking care of James,” she said. “He was afraid of postpartum depression, so he’s always checking up on me. He just wants to make sure I’m loved. It’s almost perfect.”

Click here to read the full article and see new family photos of Amber, Andrew and James.

Jenelle Evans Seemingly Shades Chelsea Houska’s Hair Extensions

“Good one, Jenelle!”

File this one under: “I can’t believe we care about this crap…but we do.”

On Wednesday, Jenelle randomly tweeted about how awful leave-in hair extensions were.

“Only get leave in extensions if you want your hair super thin and falling out after 3-4 months,” Jenelle wrote.

While it seemed like a completely random topic to tweet about, ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans suspected that Jenelle posted the tweet to shade her co-star Chelsea, who had just posted on social media that she was excited to have leave-in hair extensions.

“SOOOOO PUMPED about my new extensions no more clip ins (woo!)…I’m obsessed,” Chelsea posted to social media on Sunday, along with photos of her new ‘do.

‘Teen Mom 2’ fans were quite vocal about Jenelle’s (potential) attempt at shading Chelsea.

“She really tried to come for Chelsea’s extensions?” one person wrote on Twitter. “Come on.”

“Like her opinion even matters about Chelsea. She could NEVER be half as good as Chelsea even if she tried. Chelsea is living the life,” another person wrote. “No haters, no abuse, no mug shots. Her husband is wonderful and has a real life JOB! What life goals look like.”

Chelsea’s father, Randy, jokingly threw some shade back at Jenelle’s comment.

“Dammit @ChelseaHouska !! You should have told me not to get extensions last year!” he wrote in the caption of a photo he posted of his balding head. “Look how super thin my hair is now!”

Kail Lowry Gave An Update On Her Long-Lost Letter of Love Book

“Yeah, yeah…it’s coming…”

Back in February, Kail announced to fans that her fourth book, A Letter of Love, was on its way. At the time, she stated that she would soon be embarking on a book tour to promote the book, which she stated would be sort of an apology to her sons Isaac, Lincoln and Lux for the relationship mistakes she’s made over the years.

While she promised that she would be promoting the book in April at the Los Angeles Book Festival, the festival  came and went without an appearance by Kail or any new details about the book being released.

In a recent Instagram post, Kail finally revealed what was going on with her latest book.

“Hey Guys! I know that you have been patiently waiting on my book “A Letter of Love”. My publisher @13thandjoan and I have been hard at work, putting the finishing touches on it, just for you,” Kail captioned a photo of herself and the book cover.

Hey Guys! I know that you have been patiently waiting on my book "A Letter of Love". My publisher @13thandjoan and I have been hard at work, putting the finishing touches on it, just for you. I hope you understand that writing is truly a labor of love for me and I wanted this book to be a reflection of what's really in my heart! The truth is, I've experienced so many emotions over the last few months and it has taken me a moment to reconcile my thoughts. That said, the book is coming out on August 14th and trust me, you’re going to want to read it. I also have another big surprise coming but I’ll tell you about that later. In the meantime, pre order your copy at www.13thandjoan.com/kailynlowry, “A Letter of Love” will be worth the wait! Official release date is August 14th! Thank you so much for supporting me. Xo

A post shared by Kailyn Lowry (@kaillowry) on

Kail also explained why the book’s release has been delayed.

“I hope you understand that writing is truly a labor of love for me and I wanted this book to be a reflection of what’s really in my heart!” she wrote. “The truth is, I’ve experienced so many emotions over the last few months and it has taken me a moment to reconcile my thoughts.”

The book’s new release date is August 14. It can be pre-ordered here.

Butch Baltierra Introduced His New Babe

“What can I say? Chicks dig me!”

Butch is sober…and a babe magnet, apparently!

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ grandpa, who is back to being drug-free after a relapse and a long stay in a Texas rehab, posted on Monday that he was driving down to Texas to see his new squeeze.

“Gotta get back to Texas!” he told his social media followers. “My baby’s in Texas!”

He later posted a photo of him and his new lady friend to social media. It is not yet known if Butch and his new lady will appear on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

54 Responses

  1. Amber saying she gets another chance to be a good mom shows that everything she does is only for the viewers. As a parent I wake up every single day and try to be the best parent I Can. Every single day is full of happy and not so great moments. You don’t just have another kid and start over. Her daughter is still so young! She acts like Leah is a friend that is ditching her to hang out with other people. Leah has developed a life without this drop by sometimes “mom”. She’s a poor excuse for a parent.

    1. I don’t think Leah has ever, since she was a toddler, seen Amber as anything but an aunt maybe, who drop sin and out of her . life when she feels like it, and drags her along on HER choice of outings, ie massages, pedicures, and such, not age-appropriate things her daughter would enjoy.

      We’ll see if Andrew sticks around, if the pay is good enough to keep him there, being the house-husband and nanny, wile Amber sleeps til noon before shifting from bed to couch, yelling “YOU’RE STARTING TO PISS E OFF!” along the way. If she has to be a full time single mother to a baby then toddler…well I hope there si someone who will step in for this child, as Gary and then Kristina did for Leah.

  2. I’d rather see a show with Butch, Barbara and Randy then any of the “Teen Moms” they are far more interesting.

  3. Butch’s new lady has a barbed wire arm tattoo. Just when I thought his storyline couldn’t get any better.

  4. Randy houska is a savage.

    Get ready all both of you that care! Kail wrote a book about shit no one cares about! I’m on the edge of….. a cliff.

    1. Randy is a stooge and should grow the f-up. For the life of me I don’t understand his professional success, but to continually involve yourself in social media posting with the TM losers is beyond me.

      1. I agree, why does her father thinks he should be involved with whats going on in his daughters social media. He should take a page from his son-in-law, let Chelsea be the star of her show. Quit being a media whore, he reminds me of Deb.

  5. I’d rather my hair be thinning from extensions than stress via an abusive husband and having 3 (or FIVE) unwanted pregnancies and the ability to function as a decent human being in normal society. Can’t wait til janelle fucks up so hard. It’s coming. I can feel it in the white trash scented air

  6. Jenelle’s a wacko but so entertaining on tv. People get creepy protective/obsessed over Chelsea. It’s no big deal, let’s just enjoy them all on tv.

  7. For the record, there is video of Amber and her bf hooking up ON THE SET of MBCRS the day her ex left. They knew each other about a minute, not a month before she got knocked up…this is a 1 nite stand that turned into an oops.

    1. Maybe so, but if they are still together all of this time later and if they are happy…who cares?

      It’s not like she was in this successful, loving relationship and cheated to be with Andrew. She was dating an age-inappropriate, pathological, addict deadbeat loser. They were on the outs for months of not years.

      1. “After all this time”? Uhhhh, mean now Teen Mom terms where Rita BFD if the father is still around when the kid is born? They are Fa from being teens plus he’s just another freeloader with a trap baby.

        1. I hate autocorrect. “You mean in Teen Mom terms where it’s a BFD if the father is still around when the kid is born? These two are far from being teenagers, plus he’s just another looser leech with a trap baby and I guess living the freeloader life with Amber looks better than being as old as he is and still living with your Mommy.

  8. and on another note, please get the real scoop on the Javi/Brianna proposal! Did he officially propose, or didn’t he? Did she really say no? Sounds like some usual sketch editing my MTV!

  9. The extension tweet was so obviously a dig at Chelsea. This isn’t the first time Jenelle has tweeted a seemingly random comment that is really a response to something Chelsea said. When Chelsea asked what milk to transition Watson to, Jenelle just happened to tweet that she gives Ensley almond milk. She always tries to play it off as if it’s pure coincidence, but she clearly can’t stand the fact that everyone loves Chelsea and hates her. What she will never realize is that people like Chelsea because she puts her kids first and isn’t a giant dumpster fire of a person.

    While Amber gushes about her second chance and her brand new baby, where does that leave Leah? I really hope Amber is serious about getting her shit together, but I don’t think she realizes what she’s done to Leah. And I’d be pissed if my mom was barely around and barely sober for the first 9 years of my life and then has a new baby and can’t stop gushing about her second chance. Amber never wants to admit that she hasn’t done right by her daughter, but she still hasn’t stepped up the way Leah needs her to.

    1. Good thing Leah has Kristina, but the sting of rejection from a mother can lead to issues in the future. Exhibit A – Kail.

  10. Anyone else rubbed the wrong way due to Amber using the word “show” instead of “be”? She doesn’t say she wants to be a better mom, she wants to “show” the world she can be a better mom. I think she spoke the truth there. The wording may not seem like that big of a deal, but I personally think it speaks volumes.

  11. All jokes aside, looks like Butch is about to be taken for a ride to the bank by this woman. Also, does Jenelle not know Chelsea is in the esthetics field and has knowledge of things related to hair and makeup? Way to keep yourself relevant by randomly attacking someone’s hair.

  12. Jenelle, stop. Please stop.
    Trying to constantly prove you aren’t jealous of Chelsea – but stalking her shit and trying to make her look bad doesn’t help. I think Jenelle is realizing MTV will cave and allow her to not come to reunions, so she is feeling tough seeing that she may not have to actually face them. I think aside from Lurch, a big reason she didn’t do the reunion is because after talking so much shit she doesn’t want to face the other girls alone. Because we all know even though she acts like a hardass, she gets all bent outta shape when she feels left out. And she wouldn’t have her husband’s giant gourd-shaped head and potato face to bail her out.

    I think it’s great to have hope that Amber will change, but I’m doubting it. Didn’t she say she was heavily drinking on MBC and that she realized she shouldn’t drink due to her addiction? In the “date night” picture she uploaded to social media a week or two ago there were glasses of wine. Which for an addict is NEVER going to be a positive thing (I’m an addict myself). Not to mention every relationship she has souring because she self-sabotages them, whether purposefully or without self awareness. That anger will come out on Andrew, and then it seems to spiral from there. I hate to think of the screaming that baby is likely already around. Mental illness IS a serious, serious thing. However, Amber will continue to blame all of her unflattering behavior on it alone, while doing absolutely nothing to change it. GET.OFF.THE.COUCH.AMBER.

    1. Totally agree about Jenelle. I can’t help but feel sorry for her in a way. She’s SO self sabotaging, co-dependant, and clearly has a host of psychological issues that she DESPERATELY needs to address, but won’t. Actually, it’s more the children I feel sorry for, but none the less mental illness isn’t a choice. David is the worst thing to ever happen to her!

      Question: Did Amber have a problem with alcohol? I thought pills were the issue? I know the general consensus was if you have a problem with one substance you should stay away from all substances, but I know quite a few people who had problems with opiates, were able to get treatment and stop, but will have a glass of wine while out to dinner, etc. and have no issues with relapse. I know that research into treatment methods is ever changing with new breakthoughs, and was just curious as you said you were an addict yourself if it’s still recommended to not drink even if alcohol was never a problem? I’m sure you’re much more educated on the topic than I am. Congrats on your sobriety by the way- that is such an amazing accomplishment! <3

      1. Amber indicated that she also had a problem with alcohol when she said much of her behavior last summer was due to excessive drinking.

      2. For some people, getting any kind of buzz just leads to the downward spiral. I guess there are different levels of addiction, and control…maybe? Hopefully @ButWhyTho will respond back.

      3. Thank you so very much ❤️ So, my drug of choice was always pain medication as well. However, what is always repeated in rehabs or meetings is that ANY mood altering substance is avoided. They wouldn’t consider a glass of wine “sobriety”. Because in the end, addiction runs very deep in the brain – and actually changes and hinders the brains ‘normal’ functioning and impulse control. Alcohol, just like pills or any other drug, is a way to alter your state – which is the escape that most of us are addicted to. For me, it was not wanting to feel all the feelings/be myself. Of course, there’s a big genetic component (frequently, but not always) and my parents actually met in AA – so it’s not shocking that I ended up an addict :p I’ve fallen into the same thing and convinced myself one glass of wine or a couple of beers is fine. But as an addict, one is NEVER enough. Even if you stop at one to be socially appropriate, there’s a craving for more – which leads the brain back into that addiction-run behavior. And I don’t have much faith in Amber if she does drink at all. She already came out and said drinking was not good for her, and that she was going to cut it out. I think her behavior is so unpredictable and volatile even on a regular basis (which I remember in 16&preg and early Teen Mom days, before she claimed her addiction started due to anti-anxiety meds). It’s like Jenelle. Her drug of choice was heroin, but now she substitutes weed and anxiety meds to not have to feel all the pain that comes with sobriety – really being aware and feeling those BIG feelings. Hope that makes sense? Thanks for being so sweet ?

  13. Jenelle’s obvious and hugely “unnecessary” jealousy toward Chelsea just goes to show the depth of this girl’s insane insecurities.

    Hair extensions? Really, Jenelle?

    So it isn’t any wonder at all that someone with such a weakness in character would “stand by” a raving lunatic control freak who abuses her children — until the day she dies.

    In fact, it makes perfect sense.

  14. posted on Monday that he was driving down to Texas

    Did he bring The Duke, and John Cassavetes, and Lee Marvin, and Sam Peckinpah, and a case of whiskey?

    1. In a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado convertible? Hot pink, with whale skin hubcaps? And all leather cow interior? Going 115 mph getting 1 mile to the gallon?

  15. Why is this little monkey on my shoulder telling me, that Amber thinks she is a better mom is because Andrew is doing the night shift and the nursing of the baby, but she is cuddling her son as soon as Andrew brings him to the couch?

    1. She isn’t mentioning she wants to be a better mother to Leah too. Like, is she forgetting her daughter?! NOW she wants to be a better mom but her first child doesn’t matter anymore? Thank God Leah has Kristina. A good mom is a good mom to all of her children regardless of who is the father.

  16. Jenelle always wants to play the victim card, yet she goes out of her way to stir the pot too. If her life was half as happy as she wants to portray, she wouldn’t feel the need to randomly come at people for no reason for attention

  17. P.S. Tyler still needs help! He is co-dependent; he helps everyone else but denies himself help. He still needs it. Is Catelynn still pregnant with their fourth child (Carly, Nova, miscarriage)? I’m asking because I don’t know.

  18. Butch. Looks great. Girlfriend looks a little hard. Butch your the man. The world is your oyster!

  19. Amber was always in such denial about her being a bad parent to Leah. She claimed that she went to jail for her daughter and has done nothing but badmouth Gary and Kristina. Any levelheaded observations by Gary and Kristina were always seen as vicious attacks. Amber has serious mental illness (SMI), a baby is not going to save her. I feel so sorry for that child; she was not in a stable relationship as she had only known Andrew maybe a month before he knocked her up. I’m curious to know WTF he was thinking and what is wrong psychologically with him, anyone that’s seen “MBCRS” can attest to her angry and aggressive behavior.

  20. I sincerely want the best for Butch and I hope he does well. I know it’s a lifetime of habits to break, but people do it. Maybe Texas will be good for him. I just hope his new lady has pure intentions.

  21. It’s disappointing that Butch is already in a relationship. He got the best care possible (fire free!) and he’s not following the aftercare. They ALWAYS recommend you do not date for at least one year after you leave rehab.

  22. Why does Jenelle try to come for Chelsea all the time? Chelsea doesn’t do anything to anybody. She doesn’t even get involved in anything, not even the Kail & Bri drama. Like her and Cole say: Drama is for nerds!

    Hopefully Amber continues to do well. I’m really rooting for her Leah and baby James are precious. Not quite sure about Andrew yet, but he seems alright so far. Still kind of worried about his past though.

    1. Agreed re: Amber. It would be nice to see her turn it around. I’m still skeptical, but there’s hope.

    2. She is super jealous of her in every way: her looks, her family (dad), her awesome husband, the lack of drama in her life, etc.

  23. WTF does Butch’s likely much younger woman see in him? Obviously not for his money or intelligence. Hope he doesn’t procreate with her – then Nova will wind up with and Aunt or Uncle Baby ?

    1. Looks like a pretty heavy beauty filter was used on that picture, so she may not be as young as she appears! Look how good even Butch looks!

    1. Hahahahahaha!!! Love this comment♡ Randy usually gets too caught up in the drama but that comment he made on Twitter to Chelsea shading Jenelle was hilarious. Ummm Butch’s new gf is pretty…??? How is that possible?

      1. It’s funny to me that people even say that, not trying to be rude but we all follow and know all about their lives and comment but then when someone who is actually directly involved comments people say he gets too involved.. it’s his daughter! Of course he is going to stand up for her..

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