Comedian & Reality Star Tammy Pescatelli Reaches Out to ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Over Concerns About Husband David Eason’s “Explosive Anger”

“Yeah, no thanks. Things are stellar on The Land!”

Teen Mom 2 fans have watched as Jenelle Evans‘ husband, David Eason, has exhibited anger over the past few episodes toward Jenelle, her kids, a representative of the company that built their house, and other people. Many fans have voiced their concerns on social media about David’s temper, but on Wednesday, a fellow reality TV star reached out to Jenelle to encourage her to recognize what she feels are signs of abuse and leave David.

Tammy Pescatelli, a well-known comedian who has appeared on Last Comic Standing, as well as her own WEtv reality TV show, A Standup Mother, contacted Jenelle via Twitter to express her fears about David and tell the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star about her own experiences with domestic violence.

“Dear @PBandJenelley_1, I don’t know you. I do know #Violence,” Tammy tweeted. “When I was your age I had an extremely violent & controlling BF, who crushed me physically & emotionally. I was blessed to escape w/my life. I was dead inside. I see that same look in your eyes. RUN! Leave!

“If not for you, for your kids,” she continued. “Not only do they not need to fear the monster that lives in their house, but 1 rage could be the accident that ends it all. No judgement. Only <3. Reach out. PPL will help. #YouAreNotAlone”

Jenelle has often stated that she feels she and David are edited to look bad on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Tammy, who executive-produced and starred in ‘A Standup Mother,’ acknowledged this idea, and discussed her own experience with reality TV editing.

“I know about reality shows,” Tammy wrote to Jenelle. “I also know his explosive anger is dangerous…I understand about reality TV & moments out of context. And I understand you are w/him now & he is your husband. Again, not attacking u- just know, when you are ready, there will be help. For him too.”

Jenelle did not take Tammy’s advice well. In a series of tweets, she denied that David is abusive or controlling. (She also managed to get a jab in at her second baby-daddy Nathan Griffith in the process.)

“I mean, who HASN’T punched a hole through the wall every once in a while, am I right!?”

“Dear Whoever You Are, I’ve been through many many controlling, emotionally and psychically abusive relationships,” Jenelle tweeted to Tammy. “My husband does not ‘crush me’, hurt me, or abuse me in any way. I did run away from many diff men and choose to start over and fresh every single time.

“If you only knew what type of ‘monster’ David was…. you’d be surprised,” Jenelle continued. “When your son refuses to make a Fathers Day gift for his real dad and says his stepdad means more to him… THAT speak volumes. You only know what you see for 5 mins on a show each week, months ago lol”

Tammy then pointed out that Jenelle can’t blame editing for all of David’s actions.

“I do understand,” Tammy wrote. “I’ve been hurt by bad editing on reality shows & I have been an EP on my own. @MTV & #TeenMom2 can edit situations. The cannot create his explosive bursts of rage. It’s not worth arguing bc ultimately, anyone who has been there knows what the outcome will be.”

After Monday’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ aired, fans took to Twitter express their fears for Jenelle and her children as well. (The episode contained a message stating that David was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ not long after this episode was filmed.)

“The hole that was punched eye level in Jenelle’s bedroom door, and David losing his temper in front of CPS like that demonstrates a serious lack of control,” one person wrote.

“OMG! DAVID IS SCARY I don’t know how their kids feel safe cuz he is always acting this way!” another person tweeted. “Her kids see this do they understand it’s not ok to act like that! Talking like he was going to knock that cops head in?!”

In a series of recent tweets, Jenelle defended David’s actions, as well as the statements that got him booted from MTV.

“I will stand by my husband and his opinions until the day we die,” Jenelle tweeted on Saturday. “I’m sorry he offended anyone in the past, but he doesn’t HATE anyone. Never said that word. We all have opinions and sometimes they can be a**holes, everyone has one. Hanging on every word ever spoke. #Crazy”

The Ashley broke the news last week that ‘Teen Mom 2’ will continue with Season 9. However, Jenelle had been refusing to sign her Season 9 contract, due to the fact that MTV and the show’s producers were not agreeing to accommodate David in some way. (As The Ashley told you, Jenelle was demanding that David be allowed to be around during filming–even if he wasn’t shown on camera or paid– and that MTV pay for David to travel with Jenelle to work-related events, among other things.)

Anyway, Tammy later tweeted that, although Jenelle didn’t seem to take her message to heart, Tammy felt she had still done the right thing by reaching out.

“It’s worth the hate, if I can help,” Tammy tweeted. “It kept me awake most of the night. When you have been bit by an animal, you recognize the look of the attack.I knew I’d take a lot of crap but I felt so alone when it happened 2 me, & I am strong enough now 2 take it! I didn’t want that 4her or anyone.”

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  1. As sad as domestic violence is in any situation, I’m a lot more concerned with what we are seeing happen to those precious children. The difference between Jenelle and the children is that Jenelle has the choice to stop lying and leave. The kids are prisoners to these two sick lunatics.

    I’m glad to see someone is taking action and getting the police involved on their behalf. Obviously it didn’t make a difference, but maybe if people keep pressing her, she will just give up and go off into a drug induced haze with him and leave the kids to someone capable.

    I wish she would just remove the mask and let the kids go to someone else. I don’t know why she insists on holding onto them when she KNOWS it is a terrible situation for them.

  2. Jenelle had kids to trap the guy in her life at that time. She only cares about herself because she can’t be alone. She will never give David up even if it comes down to him beating on the kids. She doesn’t have a motherly bone in her body.

  3. Janelle is BLIND. Her poor children will be traumatized forever due to HER. She only got married because she’s on her 3rd (5th) child and she felt she had to. She’s a nasty, vile, terrible example of the words WOMAN, WIFE, but especially “MOTHER”. She is none of those things, only on paper. Tammy is 100% correct, and victims don’t like being called out, so they make excuses and they save face. Well, when your psychotic and unhinged husband beats you or your children, don’t come crying to us. We fucking warned you and MTV should take notice, because THIS LITTLE GIRL IS BEING A FUCKING GODAWFUL EXAMPLE OF WHAT A WOMAN SHOULD BE AND SHES INFLUENCING….. at least 5 people who care.

  4. How many times did Jenelle repeat “we’re fine, everything is fine” in the talk with her producer, she sounded so desperate to believe it. He’s so obviously an violent, amgry abusive person. We all see the signs, Jenelle is in denial. Get those gets out of that toxic environment. Nathan grow up and rescue your son. Babs quit sending Jace over there. Marissa you mom needs to do the same, and Davids other ex and her son.

    1. Unfortunately Barb and Olivia (Kaden’s mom) have no choice. Olivia already tried to stop visitations, but they are court-ordered, so she was forced to comply despite her misgivings. Of course, her mistake was giving David another chance in the first place. He had no rights before she foolishly gave him a shot and now she’s stuck.

      If Barb and Olivia refuse to send their boys, they’ll be in violation of the visitation orders. That just gives Jenelle and David leverage.

      Nathan won’t step up even though he knows Kaiser is being neglected and abused because the reality is that Nathan is a huge train wreck too. Same with Maryssa’s mom.

  5. The sad part is that Jenelle wouldn’t even be able to recognize a healthy relationship. She actually thinks that fighting and volatility is a natural part of relationships. She’s actually said that if you don’t fight, you don’t really love each other. She has a dysfunctional view of marriage and I truly feel sorry for those 5 little kids. I can’t imagine how tense that swamp trailer is all the time. The anger and violent language they’ve displayed in front of those kids is chilling.

    But, Jenelle will never care about that. She is only concerned with herself and her own happiness and it’s obvious in the way she talks – “they’re trying to take everything from me”, “no one cares about Jenelle” (why does she always talk in 3rd person?), “he makes me happy”, “Jace needs to suck it up because David isn’t going anywhere.” You never hear her express any concern for her kids’ happiness unless she’s trying to pretend like she wants custody or something. So, while I’m pretty confident UBT is an abusive POS, I feel no sympathy for Jenelle. The only ones who deserve any sympathy are those poor neglected kids, especially Kaiser and Maryssa.

    1. It’s precisely that she thinks fighting and violence (she can get violent as well) is a normal part of relationships why I do feel sorry for her. That she believes this is normal is sad. That being said, she obviously canaries more about herself than her kids so that takes away most of that sympathy. As an abuse survivor I too feel David is abusive and I hope the children are rescued from that situation. It does reinforce for me though that CPS will take children from parents who just need a little help but will allow abusive parents to keep their kids. JMO

  6. I hope that girls at home who are watching this realize that this is abuse & should never be in a relationship like this. When some random reality star (I really don’t know who she is at all) reaches out, Janelle should really open her eyes and see what’s really happening. She was so desperate to be loved she never cared who it was from.

  7. Someone please tell Jenelle the difference between having an opinion and straight up hating a marginalized group…
    The sooner she grasps that concept, the better.

    The fact she sat there and co-signed his hate fueled tirade, truly says a lot about herself. No dick is that good to have you cutting your mom from you life or letting your husband continuously talk trash about YOUR kid’s father or even to just isolate yourself from the outside world. I’ve been in an emotionally abusive relationship and it practically mirrors what Janelle is dealing with right now. Sure, she’s playing a facade to her fans on IG, but other people know better. She needs to get her head outta David’s ass and repriortize her life…something she should’ve done from jump.

  8. No, i bet she will end up taking her gun out on him, watch.
    I dont think he would shoot her…beat her definitely but she will be the 1 to pull out the gun. Hopefully those kids will be in day care

  9. David is an abusive, nasty, ugly animal. I feel most bad for Kaiser. Jenelle is an idiot. Let her stay on The Land, but plz someone get Kaiser away from both of them. Wake up Janelle!

    1. She is claiming those are legit prescriptions for herself, David, and Jace as well as old antibiotics from previous illnesses. But, I highly doubt Jace has an entire prescription bottle at Jenelle’s house since he doesn’t even live there and wasn’t even visiting at the time. Barb should know better than to trust Jenelle with Jace’s meds.

  10. The funny thing is that when they (inevitably) split a few years (months?) down the line she’ll be badmouthing him constantly saying what a horrible abusive monster he was just like she does with Nathan now (and all her other ex-‘soulmates’). But for now she expects us to believe her tripe on how he’s so ‘loving’ and ‘caring’.

    What’s so sad to me is that this is literally how the rest of Jenelle’s life is going to be, one abusive soulmate and shitty decision after another. She will never change or better herself or make better choices because she doesn’t believe she needs to.

  11. I just wish “tough guy” David would go and scream at Nathan himself about wanting to bash his effing head open. That would be instead of yowling and throwing shit fits on THE LAND in front of Jenelle, Kaiser, and the rest of those frightened little children — for the sake of the MTV cameras.

    Because so far, all I can see of his alleged “toughness” is a fist hole in a bedroom door, and poor little four-year-old Kaiser looking terrified out of his mind when he’s told by David he can’t even go to the bathroom.

    The solution is simple. Just go and tell ex-Marine and bodybuilder Nathan Griffith face to face how you really feel.


    1. I said the same thing! I’m not a huge Nathan fan, but I can’t imagine what would happen if David actually got in Nathan’s face. I actually somehow like Nathan more after seeing David. At least we know that Nathan didn’t cause all of his problems. He did suffer a TBI. At least Nathan wouldn’t abuse kaiser either.

      1. Exactly. He was a real piece of crap with Jenelle when they fought but he never was violent or cruel towards the kids.

    2. I’m not a fan of Nathan, he has obvious steroid and alcohol issues. He was shown screaming at Jenelle in many episodes; however, he is not as bad as David. I find Nathan to have a heart, but have some obvious problems in the way. Trying to choke his ex-girlfriends and start drama is one of them. I do see Nathan as someone who needs some help though, this may be why his mom filed for custody; Nathan has obvious issues but he’s plausible as being a guardian granted he’s sober.

  12. Jenelle said she will stand with her husband until they die. Unfortunately if this trend of behavior keeps progressing that may be sooner than she anticipates. And to say he doesn’t HATE anyone because he didn’t use the word is BS. You don’t say things like I’m going to bash his bleepin head in (referring to Nathan) as a term of endearment. That usually stems from feelings of hatred or extreme dislike. This is definitely a scary situation.

  13. what’s scary is how there’s women on twitter defending her and even just blaming mtv editing like jenelle pulled out a gun on a guy because of road rage in front of her kids and she’s supposedly worried about getting them traumatized but found nothing wrong in that situation like wth

  14. Jenelle will try to prove everyone wrong with her kids until 1. David hurts a child badly. 2. David hurts Jenelle badly. 3. David tries to kill Jenelle. 4. David tries to kill one of Jenelle’s kids or the MTV crew. 5. CPS does something if one of the prior four situations happens.

  15. Anyone who punches holes in walls has major anger management problems that they need professional help for. My dad used to do that, along with beating my mom up, and both of them needed, and still need, to get help. The fact that the Easons may have firearms is also scary because, in my parents dysfunction, they used to point them at each other on occasion or threaten to kill themselves. Thankfully I knew NONE of that was normal as a child, no matter how much they tried to convince me, and knew I needed therapy as soon as I left home for college (wanted it before, but my parents would never let me talk to a therapist bc they were afraid of what I would say about them –so I had to wait until I could get myself out, which, for me, was by being a great student). I have never been in any abusive relationship or made dysfunctional life choices (like doing drugs like my parents) because I was always very self-aware about how my childhood could potentially affect my decisions and thought/behavior-patterns. Then therapy gave me good tools for how to deal with my parents once I left their home and the grief/anger I had from growing up in a dysfunctional household. This apple fell far from her family tree! Hopefully, with enough resilience and self-awareness, the same can be said for Jenelle’s children if they are forced to stay in a dysfunctional environment…but I wouldn’t wish what I went through on anyone and hope they all can get, and realize they need, help sooner than later.

  16. When she says she’ll stand by her husband ’til the day we die’ I think everyone’s thinking that day is coming sooner rather than later. Scary stuff.

  17. I’m a little worried about her statement where she says she’ll stand by David “until the day we die,” as if she plans to die on the same day as David. Do they have a murder/suicide kind of pact going on? Are they planning something horrific and tragic? He seems exactly like the type of guy to go on a shooting spree, killing his wife and children first, before going out to shoot random people in a mall or theater. That “until the way we die,” gave me the shivers.

  18. I wish the girls would refuse to sign if David was around. He made Leah friend scared and I’m sure others.

  19. Jenelle. You expect us all to just sit back & believe you when you say David isn’t abusive? But we have watched you for SEASONS defending yourself against the men in your life. Now we see you look @ David before you even answer a question.

    You got criticized for being civil to a police officer.
    Screaming and lashing out @ every little thing is not safe.

    1. Yessss! She always had volatile relationships, but it was BOTH the guy and her – a lot her. With David, he gives her one look and she shuts her mouth immediately. Since when does JENELLE shut her mouth? That one episode where he was telling the crew/producers they hadn’t been fighting over the weekend and she just kept looking at the ground – chilling. And she’s ALWAYS saying “David’s my husband, I’m going to stand by him….” – like 6 times now in different situations. Girl, if you have to keep telling that to people, he’s a problem.

      Not to mention, there’s zero chemistry between them. They don’t even seem like they like each other. No attraction, nothing. No fun.

  20. Ugh. She is just a waste of space and as dumb as a box of rocks. (That whole asshole comment got me ????) she picked this animal over her kids and constantly lies and covers for him. Why on earth would she ever listen to this woman. She wont leave. I hope there house sinks into the ground with the 2 of them in it. He is an animal.

    1. She didn’t even get it right. It’s “opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.” She’s constantly coming off as severely undereducated and ignorant, especially when she tries to sound smart by using a quote or metaphor, and instead butchers it.

    2. I have a theory that Jenelle was looking for someone to constantly defend her and be on her side. That’s why she clings to David over everything. She believes his anger and violence are out of love. Really sick relationship.

  21. While yes, David is a monster, an abusive, disgusting, vile monster…Jenelle is very much the same, herself. She is just as violent, just as abusive, just as disgusting and vile. This is why it is so easy for her to “stand by her man”, regardless of what he says or does, because she is just as bad as he is. She knows exposing things he has said and done, also exposes things she has said and done.

    I do not condone anything anyone has ever done to physically or verbally assault her, regardless of how I might feel about her. That said, she is not a “victim” here. I put that word in quotes because I don’t believe it actually applies to her, and using such a word when it doesn’t apply diminishes the experiences of others that truly are victims. She is doing the exact same things to not only whatever life partner she has at the moment, but also her children. I can’t wrap my head around having sympathy for her plight, when she’s causing just as much damage and terror to the children in her care. I just can’t, and I also can’t fathom why anyone would, or feel pity for her. Not condoning the actions of others does not mean people should feel sorry for her.

    She is not merely a woman that is having a difficult time seeing the relationship, and David, for who and what they are. True victims very well may, most often do, even when they can’t find the courage or capability to escape it, they do actually see the situation for what it is-again, though they will often deny it when asked, even if it is only to prevent further incidents. Despite the shitty relationships she’s had in the past…Jenelle is not a victim here, she’s a perpetrator of the very same violence. I have a very deep respect for those that have experienced violence at the hands, or mouth, of another, I really do. I have far more than just sympathy for them, I also have empathy. Jenelle just isn’t one of those cases, and never has been.

    1. The sad thing about all this and you mentioned Jenelle doesn’t recognise the red flags in her husband, I think all the crap and bs from David is really Jenelle’s “normal” so when we flinch at a hole punched in a wall, that’s just Jenelle’s normal.

      Their relationship is so screwed up and so unsafe and such a bad example of a relationship for those kids to follow; is Marisa gonna get a boyf at 14 who hits her cause that’s her ‘normal’? Will Kaiser scream at his first girlfriend cause that’s his ‘normal’?

      Jenelle should look at the big picture and how her & David’s relationship is affecting those kids. It’s definitely not a positive house to be in.

  22. Why the hell would MTV pay for David when he isn’t employed by them?! What a fucking freeloader, piece of shit. Fuck then both. And fuck MTV for continuining to film and accommodate Jenelle and their child abuse.

    1. Right. And it’s not that he’s just not an employee—he was fired! I could see them paying for each of the girls to bring a +1 to reunions or other stuff, maybe, but to specifically pay for the guy that is so awful and hateful that you had to fire him? That’s ridiculous.

  23. I don’t understand her comment of standing by her husband’s opinions until the day they die. You can support your spouse and disagree with them. In a healthy relationship you can talk about disagreements and help each other grow. Clearly she does not know what a healthy relationship looks like and that’s very sad for her and her kids.

  24. She doesn’t know what a normal, loving relationship is to know the difference. It’s the story of her life. She doesn’t know any better and she’d rather stay and suffer than let others be right. I wish she would love herself more than that (and her kids). He brain washes her into believing otherwise. He take NO responsibility for the things he does and everyone else is to blame. I wish he’d do something really stupid ( not to her or the kids) but something to get sent to jail and away from her.

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