‘Mob Wives’ Star Drita D’Avanzo Threatens to Beat Up ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham After Strip Club Squabble

“Unlike Amber Portwood, if I swing at ya, I won’t miss, Farrah!”

After jointly hosting an event with Farrah Abraham Thursday night, Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo says she wants to “slap the s**t” out of the former Teen Mom OG star.

Hey Drita, take a number!

The reality star rift started last night when Farrah and Drita were in Atlantic City for the grand opening of a new Scores strip club.

According to Page Six, Farrah was reportedly speaking poorly about Drita during the event and even criticized her appearance etiquette in a video she posted from Scores that night. After Drita found out that Farrah was reportedly being nice to her face but saying mean things about her behind her back, Drita decided to throw some insults back at Farrah, along with the threat of an ass-whoopin’.

“I’m going to slap the s**t out of that Mr. Ed-looking f**ker,” she told Page Six of Farrah. ““What she needs a good old-fashioned smacking.”

On Friday, Drita elaborated on the situation with Farrah a little more in a video posted to her social media accounts.

“Look, there’s a lot of drama going on today with Farrah. If you don’t know who Farrah is, Farrah was on ‘Teen Mom’ and then she became a hooker or some s**t…” Drita told her followers. “Listen, I don’t care. It’s irrelevant. I don’t care that she’s a dick-less unemployed blow job, as long as you’re not my kid, it doesn’t bother me.”

(Rumors of Farrah’s alleged career as an escort have been swirling around for some time now, which may have contributed to Drita’s “hookuh” accusation. Farrah has never addressed the rumors publicly, however.)

Drita continued to discuss how badly she wants to beat Farrah up.

“However, what does bother me is when I’m hanging out with you and you’re nice and you’re cool and I wake up in the morning and hear that you’re ripping me to shreds on your IG,” Drita said in the video. “I don’t know who you dealt with in the past, but you got the wrong mother f**ker. I no longer assault anybody, OK? Because the last time someone tried to test me, they ended up putting me in jail.”

(In case you’re not up on your ‘Mob Wives’ fight history, Drita was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault in 2016 after getting into a physical fight with her neighbor. She was later cleared of the charges.)

Drita said that, while she has generally put her beatdown days behind her, she may come out of retirement to beat the BeJesus out of Farrah.

“You’re not worth it, however, I might have to make an exception,” Drita said to Farrah in the video. “But I will tell you one thing, I’m not gonna close-fist punch your face in, I’m gonna open-hand slap the f**k out of you, straight up on sight, just so you know.”

After getting wind of Drita’s fighting words, Farrah naturally took to social media to issue a response, which she accompanied with a photo from the event featuring a clown-emoji covering Drita’s face.

(Farrah’s response was, of course, in full-on “Farrah Speak.”)

“Dinner & Atlantic City was fabulous I hope the clown fixes her drug problem & her abusive relationship Girl I’m rootin for ya but have self control & don’t threaten my safety such a bad look on top of not working no wonder you don’t get paid,” she tweeted.

And it wouldn’t be a true Farrah fiasco without at least one “I’m calling my lawyer” threat, so naturally, Farrah’s rant continued.

“F**king low class trash dusted up nobody show up and work you have no work ethic and act like a criminal say what you want about me so you feel better about how pathetic you are! Use me for press haha your a loser go get a real job my lawyer will be contacting you psycho,” she wrote.

Don’t you hate it when your appearance at a strip club opening turns sour?!

Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, quickly jumped into the conversation on social media.

“Someone saying she is going to assault my daughter is wrong here!” Michael tweeted. “Assaulting anyone is a crime…”

He also told one Twitter follower that Drita is the problem, not his daughter.

“Yes hundreds of millions of people get along with Farrah and that woman threaten to assault Farrah … get your facts correct,” Michael tweeted, later adding, “Hopefully that woman will climb back under her rock…don’t play games with me…words are one thing but [threatening] assault towards my daughter is a whole different thing… assaulting anyone is wrong.”

Annnnd scene!

Since calling it quits with MTV, Farrah has managed to stay in the press pretty regularly… whether she’s getting arrested at a hotel, pushing controversial weight loss lollipops on social media or flashing her front door on the red carpet in Cannes.

Never change, Farrah!

Watch Drita’s full video below. (Just be forewarned, the video does contain a lot of naughty words!)

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  1. I guess Farrah was trying to come at her with some talking words but Drita took them as fighting words.

  2. Uhh,,,”Hundreds of millions of people get along with Farrah!”…WTF is that all about, what drugs is Micheal taking?

    As a retired attorney, I’ll just say if my client were charged with assaulting Farrah, I’d just play 15 minutes of her Teen Mom clips, not ever outtakes, and rest my case and be sure no jury would ever convict her of anything other than “GOOD MOVE WTG HIT HER AGAIN FOR ME!”

    1. WHO the HELL gets along with Farrah? I wasn’t aware that anybody did. Oh, wait, that’s just Michael kissing butt again.

  3. Hundred of millions of people get along with Farrah??!!! ?☠️

    Didn’t Farrah just get arrested for assault? But assaulting people is wrong and Drita is a criminal? Oh that’s right, when Farrah did it, she was the victim, as usual.

  4. “Unemployed blow job,”

    That’s enough The Ashley for me today.
    P/S: I love Drita and I miss watching Mob Wives.
    R.I.P. Big Ang

  5. Oh please Drita you couldn’t beat a fly. You’re all mouth and it certainly is a nasty mouth. Nothing to be proud of. I think your description of Farrah was really a description of yourself. Go look in the mirror. You can’t be proud of what you see. Strip clubs. Really??

    1. Truth aka Farrah aka Michael aka Michael’s unfortunate fiance, you should watch who you shit talk on social media. This ain’t Amber running her mouth backstage where shes sure there are security guards coming after you. It’s Drita D’Avanzo telling you what time it is!! Time for you to run dumb bitch! I was so elated when I saw this message at 6am while getting ready for work:) made my day to think Drita would take one for the team and knock Farrah’s ass out! We can only hope she runs into her again ♡♡♡ I ♡ Drita!!! My fave Mob Wife ever!

    2. Down vote all you want. That’s good! I am in no way siding with Farrah but seriously you all are just siding with the lesser of two evils. They’re both just as trashy as observed from their behavior. True class would just ignore it and not give her the pressshe so craves. Bad press is the ONLY press Farrah gets.

    3. Just a note… Drita went to jail the last time some dumb little thot mouthed off to her. Farruhhh is doing the more stupid thing in doing it behind her back. I’d love to see Drita slap the snot out of Farruuhhhhh and her creep michael.

  6. Out of the hundreds of millions of people who “get along” with Farrah, I’m wondering if Michael can name just ONE.

    From cursing out MTV producers, to cursing out police officers and getting arrested in hotel lobbies, to causing problems in strip clubs, to even cursing YOU yourself out occasionally — it’s never Farrah’s fault.

    Is it, Michael?


  7. I love u drita!!! Dickless unemployed blowjob is the best description of farrah i have ever heard. Shit, i would pay money to watch drita bitch slap farrah.

  8. And here comes Michael to the “rescue”! He is so delusional about Farrah (prob is only trying to stay on her good side), even Debra stopped doing that! But her money doesn’t stink to him, I’m sure.

    1. I %100 agree.

      Michael HAS to be gaining something from this ridiculousness. No father in his right mind would ever support this behaviour!

  9. FFS Michael, shut up.
    Hundreds of millions of people get along with Farrah? LOL.
    Isn’t there a saying “If everyone you meet is an a**hole maybe YOUR the a**hole”? Fits Farrah perfectly.

  10. Farrah is a vile, nasty, mean, sick, bitch. She needs to learn manners and morals which was never taught to her by her father. He’s to afraid of her to say anything. That’s sad. That’s why farrah is nasty to everybody. She doesn’t know how to act kind or normal. She’s threatened to sue Drits because that’s how farrah makes her money now. Oh and prostituting. Farrah is truly a clown. Get your life together. You are going down a bad path. Put down the coke and straighten up. Loser.

  11. Farrah is so vile, and nasty. Perhaps she needs to stop doing so many lines of coke while she’s doing her classy prostituting. Just what we hear.. How can her father defend such a disgusting disrespectful, mentally ill, mean girl when in fact, she needs to learn morals, manners, kindness. I know he’s afraid of her so he’ll keep kissing her ass. So sad. That doesn’t show love. Shows fear.. As for Drits calling farrah out for being nasty yet again. She deserves a slap in her face. But farrah would sue since she only makes money that way, and hooking. Farrah’s a clown. Period.

  12. “Dickless unemployed blow job”

    HOLY FUCK, Drita, you’re my new hero. Best insult I’ve heard in years!

  13. Wait, did Farrah just say something without including the phrase “I don’t need this negativity in my life” ?

  14. D*ckless, unemployed bl*wjob is the greatest description of Farrah I’ve ever heard! It’s so incredibly accurate.

    I’d actually enjoy seeing this lady confront Farrah, not so much the violence (but hey, people would pay to see Farrah get slapped silly). I’d love to see Farrah quirm when someone confronts her and is ready to go toe to toe with her. Knock her back a few pegs!

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