Weekend Link-a-Polooza! Other Reality TV News From Around the Web

“Is there any possible way I can blame Chelsea, Leah or Kail for this?”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that weren’t covered by The Ashley this week!

 Pills…What Pills? Starcasm: Jenelle Evans Explains Why She Had So Many Pill Bottles On Her Counter During Last ‘Teen Mom 2’ Episode

Go Gwen! People: Gwen Stefani Kicks Off Vegas Residency With Blake Shelton By Her Side

Car-tastrophe! The Blast: ‘American Chopper’ Owner Sells Off His Beloved Car Collection to Keep Orange County Choppers Afloat

Charming Fashion! Reality Tea: ‘Southern Charm’ Star Naomie Olindo Debuts New Clothing Line

Name Shame? In Touch Weekly: Fans Criticize ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry For Calling Her Sons By Their Middle Names

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  1. OMG. We call my stepdaughter by her middle name 99% of the time… It turned into her nickname. She only hears her first name at school or when she needs a talking to. She’s fine. She knows her name /nicknames… I’m sure they don’t mind their middle names…

  2. The Ashley,
    Do you have any news on the situation going on with Janelle and Kaiser’s grandma? Supposedly, she’s holding Kaiser and refusing to give him back. One of Nathan’s friends tweeted about it.

  3. I really don’t see the big deal about sometimes calling your kids by their middle names?? Why would anyone care enough to bitch about that?! I feel like it’s just cuz it’s Kail. Leah does it all the time and I’ve never heard of read anyone say a peep about it.

  4. The pill excuse makes no sense. Also, antibiotic prescriptions are supposed to be taken in full. That’s why there are resistant strains of bacteria now (VRE, MRSA, CRE…etc).

    1. Eh, In all honesty, if i emptied my medicine cabinet onto the counter like that, it’s probably close. Some could probably stand to be thrown out too.

    2. The antibiotic thing drives me crazy. I’m a dentist and I constantly get patients that are like “I have some antibiotics that another doctor gave me a couple months ago, can I just take those?” or “I took some of my husband’s antibiotics when my tooth started hurting,” and I’m like NOOOOOO.

  5. Just read the starcasm article and Jenelle really needs to think her excuses through before blurting them out. She’s claiming some of those bottles are for Jace, except She’s not his custodial parent so there is no reason for his meds to be at her place. Even of his meds are there it looks like about 6 bottles per person assuming she is to be believed…

    1. If My kids need medicine and they visit my mom’s a lot, I’ll keep a few over there, just in case. Janelle has so so so many faults, not keeping her meds in a cupboard or medicine cabinet being another, but with David having had thyroid cancer, she’s believable on this one to me

  6. Kail just calls him Russel cause Chris hates the name Lux. Kail does what Kail wants. Those kids are confused enough as it is with 4 siblings by different parents, seeing her with several men and women, watching her travel the world and knowing she never loved their dads. She is a selfish, angerissued, attentionseeker.

  7. Kailyn will do anything to change her life story and cut the fathers of her children out of their lives. There’s no harm in using a child’s muddle name, but after they’re already several years old, and doing so after you say you never truly loved anyone besides your third baby daddy.. There’s something behind that. I also think she has no respect for any of her children’s culture. Remember when she was all upset that Jo got Issac’s hair cut and he looked too grown? So was only upset because he looked like the little latino boy THAT HE IS! Lux looks a mess. I don’t think she’s ever learned how to properly style his hair, and never will. Because she doesn’t care about that part of him, she only cares about saying this is MY child and I’ll raise him how I want! Meanwhile he never thrives because she wants to erase that part of him.

  8. why do people care that kailyn calls her kids by their middle names? it’s not like she’s jenelle. kail is a great mother

  9. I don’t understand why people are so upset with Kail calling her kids by their middle school. People do that all the time lol and I don’t think anyone said anything when Leah started calling Aleeha, Gracie?

    1. Tbh, they can complain about her all their want but criticizing her for using their middle names is not necessary.

    2. Yeah the outrage over the middle name thing is stupid. Growing up my mom’s side of the family all called me by my middle name and my dad’s side called me by my first name. At 27, I respond to both. It’s fine. Her kids will be okay. Good lord.

  10. Jenelle is in denial or delusional. A camera crew is present and filming but you can’t put away your pills, a sheriff knocking on the door, David no clothes on, kids are in daycare and two adults home napping? “But everything is fine here.” Oh and a fist mark in the door? And then she brings up Chelsea’s extensions?! Hope she reaches out to her mother, she was right.

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