‘Mob Wives’ vs. ‘Teen Mom’ Showdown! Here’s What Farrah Abraham Said About Drita D’Avanzo To Make Her Angry

“Don’t make me send my mini horse Starburst over to kick your butt, Drita!”

Farrah Abraham blasted her strip club opening co-host Drita D’Avanzo on Thursday night in an Instagram rant, and, as The Ashley previously reported, the Mob Wives star was not happy once she heard what Farrah was saying about her.

Drita told her social media followers that she plans to “smack the f**k” out of the former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star over what Farrah said about her on Instagram…and now The Ashley has found the video in which Farrah blasts Drita.

In a post-appearance rant, Farrah calls Drita a “has-been” and “unprofessional,” and implies that she’s on drugs, among other things.

After Drita went on social media and told her followers she’s ready and willing to beat up the former ‘Teen Mom’ star, Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, went on the defense on Twitter. On Saturday, he even told one fan that Drita’s mob connections are nothing compared to what the Abrahams can bring!

Hear what Farrah said about Drita to piss her off by watching the video below. (Just note, the video contains plenty of naughty words…and a lot of “Farrah Speak!”)

(Photo: MTV)


  1. If you go read through Mykol’s Twitter, I think you’ll find the origin of Farrah-speak. It’s rough! ?

  2. At some point Farrah is going to cross a line she can’t walk back, and no Farrah-speak or defense from Michael will help.

    1. One of the (many) problems with skank face Farrah is that she is a cop caller! She’s just trying to keep herself relevant! Gross. She totally needs to be bitch slapped down to reality!

  3. Like the twat she is, Farrah takes out a restraining order against Drita. I can’t with this family of utter dumbasses. ?

    The video with Drita calling Farrugh a dick sucka has me in tears!!

    1. Yeah I saw the article about the restraining order. I think that whole thing is ridiculous. The judge won’t grant that.

  4. Farrah doesn’t want that w/ Drita, she will put those paws on her and she’ll need more plastic surgery to rearrange her face.

  5. She’s ridiculous and needs her ass whooped into the pavement. Reality check! She would make the perfect addition to Spencer and Heidi Pratt! I really think that Farrah and Spencer would make the perfect couple! Farrah should take a look at their life now and realize that she’s done and will be broke soon enough!

  6. Michael is Farrah’s cuckhold! She is a pig and he is an enabling buffoon. She seems to be slurring her words periodically, and it was a strip club appearance so I’m guessing adult beverages were involved, but it seems horseface is definitely imbibing toooo much.
    And as for the proposed fight, I’d pay to watch that, and I’d say the Albanian mob is much tougher than the Italian mafia…and Daddy better just quietly cower in the corner because his dumbass couldn’t fight his way out of a papersack without help, and it surely won’t be his “connections”, unless maybe he calls on Matt Baeir for help hahaha

  7. Farrah is a stupid bitch who shld of never been a mom. J.s she is a bad role model. I can’t stand her. She needs a wake up call n her dad just backs her up instead of calling her out like her mom does….

  8. Drita literally kicked her neighbor’s ass over a parking spot. This is not the woman you want to run that mouth off about Farrah. And the threats of a lawyer calling her? For what? Ain’t he busy enough having to take care of YOUR recent arrest?

    Also, Michael. I get Farrah’s your kid and you’re gonna want to defend her but she’s also a grown ass woman. You are CREEPY about her. If she can host at strips clubs, she doesn’t need Daddy who she won’t actually call Daddy to come running to fight her battles.

  9. Michael needs to grow up and stop kissing up to Farrah. She’s not worth it. Isn’t she the one who’s always saying that the other girls are always doing insane things just to get attention and stay relevant? Isn’t that exactly what all of this is? By the way, even though I’m a big Kevin James fan, I thought the Paul Blart comment was funny.

  10. Yeeeeaahhh Michael your “Italian Family” is so hard core!! Give me a break. I’m not sure who makes more embarrassing comments, Farrah or Michael..? Please Drita read all the blogs and know we FULLY SUPPORT you and your connections (real connections Mikey!!) whooping Farrah’s ass! xoxo

  11. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Drita could take care of the situation herself and wouldn’t have to drag her Albanian (yeah, that’s right MyCull) family into it, much less her Italian in-laws.

    You and your petri dish of a daughter would have to bring every relative out of the woodwork along with a SWAT team to go up against Drita. Good luck with that.


  12. From what I’ve read in social media, Drita received all the attention at the club and Farrah was mad about it. Drita didn’t need Farrah.

    Farrah talking about crazy reality stars made me think of the old saying about “pot calling the kettle black.” Has-been? Aren’t you a former reality “star” too?

    Mykol…you are a sad, sad patsy. it must be exhausting coming up with words to defend Farrah. You’re as delusional and narcissistic as your crazy daughter.

  13. Just wondering where Michael’s “family connections” were when Amber’s ex-boyfriend Matt Baier physically flung him off the stage and almost out into the audience at the 2016 TMOG reunion show.

    Again, in a case of rushing to defend Farrah’s big “Joe Camel” size mouth, and all the empty-headed, rambling trash that comes out of it.

    Have a seat, Michael.


  14. Pretty sure Abraham is NOT Italian. Lmao I’m 100% Sicilian Her mom has “some”, Italian in her that’s it. Give me a break. Just my mom’s side literally had into the thousands because my great grandma had 15 children and then from there must had huge families. Now the great-great grandchildren anyway I’d never say shit like that. Maybe they are not clear what mob means haaa just coz you took a trip to Italy does not give you connections. I never saw them go see family. We still have people to go see in Sicily. Don’t disgrace Italians/Sicilian that way. By the way we’ve always considered our family Italian-American even tho my dad’s father came over as does my mom’s grandparents and the first few of her 15. I’m sure there are plenty like me that can challenge the Abraham’s if they choose on what being Italian is all about. One thing for sure we’d never speak to our mothers the way she does. We were treated with this thing called respect and if you didn’t you met the wooden spoon. Not just used for making Sauce lol.

  15. The only reason Farrah is talking about anybody. Is because they can’t get to her she would never say that to their faces always behind their backs. One day her luck is going to run out and she’s going to talk about the wrong person.

  16. Girl, I know you didn’t just call Drita a criminal when you were legit in handcuffs two weeks ago for basically being a dumpster human being towards people just trying to do their jobs.
    FFS Michael, once again STFU you enabling bafoon.

  17. I seriously can’t quit laughing about this. Please God, let this come to pass! Mykol needs to be included in beatdown.

  18. Let’s have the Mafia wipe out Farrah and her father for their pisspoor attitudes and mouths. That family is f’d up and represent us Italians in the worse way. Their low class f ups!! WIPE THEM OUT!! Leave the daughter to the mom to straighten out all the wrong the father and Farrah did to her

      1. Either is Drita though. She is Albanian and married a low level associate that grew up on the same street as another low level not made connected guy to the Bonanno family. They both are fake. Farrah is fake because 90 percent of her body is plastic and Drita all of the sudden has a bigger New York accent then me when I actually grew up in NY. 15-20 years ago she spoke with an accent, but it sounded more Eastern European the NY. I am from Staten Island ask anyone that new here back in the 90’s and they would say she did not speak the same way. Also I did meet Michael in Austin and even though I do not agree with his choices recently he was very nice to me in our brief conversation. I can’t believe I wasted 3 mins of my life writing this

    1. Or he’s what the Kardashians are, which is why Farrah thinks she’s one of them! And Debz is the Italian one.

  19. Is Michael implying that because his family is Italian they are tougher/have more connections than Drita’s (also Italian) connections? Way to diffuse the situation Pops! Such a good example you’re both setting for Sophia….

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