Police Called After Nathan Griffith’s Mom Refused to Return ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Son Kaiser Due to Alleged Abuse: EXCLUSIVE DETAILS!

“Gimme that kid!”

All is not well on The Land!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is “infuriated,” according to The Ashley‘s sources, after her son Kaiser’s grandmother, Doris Davidson, refused to return the boy to Jenelle and her husband David Eason at the custody drop this weekend. Doris, who is the mother of Jenelle’s baby daddy Nathan Griffith, became alarmed when she allegedly found bruising on Kaiser.

The Ashley has seen a lot of false information floating around The Interwebs regarding this incident, so she went straight to her source who told her how things really went down.

“Kaiser was with Doris, and during his visit, Doris discovered bruising on Kaiser,” the source said.

The Ashley’s source confirmed that Kaiser was not “beat up” or “covered in bruises” as some media outlets are claiming.

“It was medium-sized bruising,” the source said. “There was no finger mark bruising or anything like that.”

Still, Doris and Nathan were alarmed.

“Nathan texted David on Friday and told him that there’s going to be a warrant out for his arrest for abusing Kaiser,” the source said. “That same night, Doris told Jenelle that she and Nathan aren’t giving Kaiser back to them because of the bruise discovery. Doris called the police on Friday night to make a report.”

“Dang that Doris!”

On Sunday–the day Doris was due to return Kaiser to Jenelle and David–she was still refusing to give the boy back. That’s when Jenelle called the police and told them that Doris was refusing to bring Kaiser to their designated meet-up spot.

Radar Online confirmed that Jenelle called 911 from The Land around 1:30 p.m. While all this was going on, Nathan Griffith‘s friend Josh Friedman declared on Twitter that “Operation Save Baby Kaiser is in full effect!”

Jenelle and David brought the police with them to Doris’ house in South Carolina. The police officer on the scene was the one who contacted the Department of Social Services (DSS) [aka CPS], and an agent came to Doris’ house to investigate.

“The [DSS agent] basically said that there wasn’t enough proof of abuse to keep Kaiser away from David,” the source said. “She said that amount of bruising could have happened while Kaiser was playing.” (The Ashley’s source says that Jenelle told the cops that Kaiser got the bruise while playing on David’s boat.)

“[The DSS agent] said she didn’t have enough evidence to step in,” the source said.

The police officer on the scene allegedly disagreed, however.

“He said he wasn’t going to force Kaiser to go with Jenelle and David because there was a bruise on the child,” the source said. “The cop had the power to enforce one way or another and he chose to allow Kaiser to stay with Doris/Nathan.”

Once Jenelle found out that she wasn’t getting Kaiser back from Nathan & Co., the source said she immediately contacted her lawyer to try to set up an emergency hearing to try to get Kaiser back.

No hearing has been held yet, though, according to The Ashley’s source. (Some media outlets are reporting that the hearing took place this morning but The Ashley can confirm this is not true.)

The Ashley has been unable to locate an arrest warrant for David in either Horry County, South Carolina (which is where Doris lives), or Columbus County, North Carolina (which is where David lives). However, it may not have been made public yet, if it exists.

Late Sunday night, an Instagram account that has been proven to have behind-the-scenes ties to Jenelle posted a video (that was soon removed) showing Kaiser. Nathan’s voice can be heard asking, “Who put the marks on your butt?” Kaiser can be heard saying “David” and Nathan asks him to repeat what he said. Kaiser again says “David.”

The video was removed early Monday morning. Nathan was very unhappy that the video was made public. (The Ashley has a copy of the video, but is choosing not to post it.)

“I don’t know how the hell you got this video but it’s sick posting this and subjecting this little boy to your all charades, just for your entertainment and their humiliation,” Nathan wrote to a person who had posted the video to Twitter.

The Ashley’s source said that the video may not help Nathan’s case in court, though.

“Jenelle has a video of her asking Kaiser the same thing, and Kaiser says it was Nathan,” the source said. “She has tried to use it against Nathan in the past from what I have heard.”

Jenelle attempted to do some damage control on Monday, posting a photo of something Kaiser made for David, along with a caption that discusses how much Kaiser loves David.

“My kid is one of a kind that’s for sure!” Jenelle wrote. “When asked to make a #FathersDay gift the first person he thought of was David. He refused to make another gift for his biological dad. The impact my husband has had on my son has been truly remarkable. When others didn’t step up, David did. Sometimes all you do as a parent goes unnoticed until your child comes home with a sweet gift like this one from school. The bond between them will forever inseparable no matter what tries to come in-between them. (Kaisers teacher wrote his answers for him).”

This is not the first time Nathan’s mother has tried to secure custody of Kaiser. Back in September 2017, Doris filed for emergency custody of the boy, stating among other things, that Jenelle had neglected to follow the orders of Kaiser’s doctors in relation to a health issue he was having; that Jenelle locked Kaiser and her older son Jace outside in the yard on a hot day; that Jace once got lost in the woods on “The Land” for two hours; and that Kaiser has repeatedly come to her with” bruising and markings… that are unusual and more than normal.”

In January, Doris dropped her bid for custody. At the time, Doris’ husband was having major health issues, which made it hard for her to battle Jenelle in court.

“Jenelle’s lawyer was able to show proof of some texts that had gone between Doris and Jenelle, and basically made the case that Doris only filed for emergency custody out of spite,” The Ashley’s source told her in January. “Doris backed off when she realized she wasn’t going to get emergency custody after Jenelle’s lawyer showed some stuff.”

As of press time, Doris still had Kaiser and he had not been returned to The Land.

UPDATE! On Monday, Jenelle posted a message to her personal Facebook page that seemed to be aimed at Nathan.

“Drop your kid off, then go drink. That’s what you do best,” she wrote.

Jenelle also discussed the bruise in a conversation on her personal Facebook page on Monday. (She did not make any mention of the fact that Doris still has Kaiser, though.)

“There is not an emergency hearing. There’s an investigation based off a bruise from a water slide on water day confirmed by his daycare. Don’t want to hear it,” Jenelle wrote, later adding, “Yeah it’s all bulls**t. Even my mom told Nathan she saw nothing wrong with the bruise. Now I could show everyone some s**t that Nathan has done that’s way worse and has been reported and he’s been watched. But that’s no ones business. When kaiser is at home he’s go-karting, dirt biking, 4 wheeling, zip lining, jumping off our waterfall spa into the pool. He’s fearless and gets bruised from time to time. He has 9 acres of land to play on.”

Stay tuned– The Ashley will update this story when more information becomes available.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. Let’s be clear on one thing. Janelle did not just sign over custody of Jace to barbara- she lost custody, twice actually. When Barbara filed for custody of then infant Jace, Jenelle’s own lawyer told her on camera that there was no way she (jenelle) could win and that the hearing would simply be formality. She told Jenelle that if she signed the papers before the hearing that it might make regaining custody later easier because Jenelle’s lifestyle and neglect would not be a part of the official court record. She also pointed out that Barbara was willing to allow Jenelle visitation but that the court might not. Jenelle lost custody then and permanently lost custody again last year because she was then and still is a piece of shit.

  2. I’m sorry but I’d cps knocked on my door 20 times in a year or so -I would quit reality tv! My kids are worth more then ANY paycheck! Im scared if they aren’t on tv these poor kids would end up dead. Idk but it’s sad…

    1. If you’re a white trash POS with zero job prospects, your first choice is to get paid to be a white trash POS.

  3. Thank god someone is finally trying to do something! Sadly Jenelle probably has more money and will somehow win but eventually Kaiser will be able to talk and be believed, hopefully before these 2 idiots really harm this child although I believe the damage has been done already! Poor kid. I really hope NC Child services keeps knocking in their door! I’ve had experience with them in Charlotte and they were definitely on top of things. I don’t know about the county she lives in. Seems like they just turn a blind eye to her and David. Sad.

  4. I am grateful that the cop intervened and erred on the side of caution…. that’s what you do when a child is involved .I know that might not law When it goes to court.. but we can see with her own eyes much less what he has admitted to …that he mentally emotionally and physically abuses Kaiser. I applaud the officer for overriding the CPS worker.

  5. But the bruises have been ongoing since before she even married David. And when David is ranting on the kids, the look of pure fear on Kai’s face is alarming. Marissa looks down and the baby is just kind of oblivious. We don’t see much footage of David’s son.

  6. The meds thing was awful. The meds Jace is on don’t WORK if you don’t take them consistently. If he is only being given them when he’s having certain issues, it’s too late by then! They have to be scheduled and taken on time even when he is doing just fine. You can’t just skip. Jenelle is a stubborn idiot. Poor Barb didn’t even have the energy to argue the point because she knows Jenelle will just make things up rather than admit she messed up. She either forgot and wouldn’t admit it, or she and David are taking the pills for their own addictions. A+ Mom right there.

  7. I wish I could adopt Kaiser… why is CPS if the police doing anything to save this innocent child? ?

  8. Obviously Janelle, a kid his age isn’t going to want to sit down and answer another 902 questions that you forced him to do. It’s obvious by the little fellow’s body language that he loves his biological father. Stop letting huge scary “men” verbally, emotionally, and physically abuse your kids, then force them to tell what they “love and like” about them, it’s sick! Reality TV can’t make up the scenes where he his grabbing his arms and jerking him (not guiding) to other places (they can’t make that stuff up). The tirades, the yelling, bashing of walls (the placement and shape would indicate a fist beating on the bedroom door), refusing to let him use the bathroom! It’s so harmful to his development, but you’re so love-drunk that you don’t give a flying flip about your child’s well-being. Grow a pair and get your kids and yourself out of that type of environment. You are a very intelligent person who has made mistakes. It’s not too late!

  9. I don’t want kids anytime soon but reading all this crap makes me want to adopt little Kaiser and do my absolute best to provide him with a safe, loving home, take him on fun days out, actually let him be a CHILD. My heart aches whenever I read a story like this and see a picture of his little face. He’s 4 years old – I can’t imagine how stressful his young life must be in the ‘care’ of these 2 incompetent morons.

  10. Kaiser, this cute little boy, was just four. I haven’t even heard if they remembered?! Ofc he is their least favorite child, looks just like his dad and that makes David mad. CPS should intervene, I don’t have much hope for Nathan sadly.

  11. While it is sorta funny when Jace said that comment, the sad part is that he has obviously heard this before and most likely not only once. He did not come up with that on his own. While, yes it is true, it is just hurting him to be around people badmouthing his mother and step dad. As much as my kids’ father is a shit to me, I do not bad mouth him in front of them! It only hurts the children!!!!!!

    1. Doesn’t mean anyone said “Your Mom and David are pieces of shit”. Obviously he heard “______ is a piece of shit” before – could’ve been from Jenelle/David saying “My Mom is a piece of shit” or “Nathan is a piece of shit” or someone at school saying “Joey is a piece of shit”.

      Not saying no one has ever said that Jenelle and David are pieces of shit in front of him. Everyone in his life talks about adult topics in front of him. But it’s possible no one said that in front of him and he just knew the phrase and filled in the blank himself.

  12. This is disgusting! First, I don’t know why Jenelle & David want kids, they are so about themselves and act like miserable people when it come to including the kids in their fun time- it’s like go find something to do and stay out of my way.
    Second : Doris may have done more harm than good. Kaiser will be going home ( if he’s not already) the cop is an idiot that basically inforced kidnapping! Cps found not enough evidence to investigate and Jenelle has custody, man is the judge going to be pissed!!! Doris is looking for the easy , cheap way to get Kaiser .. get an attorney lady! Even if cps found enough to remove Kaiser ; he will be in county custody NOT Doris’.
    Kaiser will suffer terribly for this stunt as most likely Jenelle is going to stop visits with the courts on her side, Doris is going to be starting from scratch.

    1. While I agree that Kaiser may be in trouble with David when he inevitably goes home, the police officer did not “enforce kidnapping”. Custody is a civil matter and cops do not like to get involved in custody disputes. They probably told Jenelle to contact her lawyer to get Kaiser back because it is not their job to get in the middle of two parties laying claim to a child. It’s not like Jenelle showed up after a hearing with a new order in hand. And there is enough there with the bruising that a cop could argue that he did not want to inadvertently put that child into the hands of his abusers. The cop did nothing wrong.

      1. No! The cops have an obligation to follow the order signed by the judge that states Kaiser is to go home at a certain time on a certain day! Doris has no right to keep him when cps refuses involvement, mark my word.. Nathan just lost his visitation for this. Also, that’s right , cops don’t have authority to decide civil matters that’s why they have to follow the court order!!!
        The cop was dead wrong!!!! Cps walked away and he decided he will make the call?? No, doesn’t work that way

    2. She tried to do it through a lawyer last Fall, but she ran out of money and Jenelle had plenty to keep going.

      1. Where is her piece of shit son’s money that he makes off mtv??? This Child is meaningless to BOTH parents!

  13. I was horrified that Babs just cackled when Have said that last night. That isn’t ok, even if it’s true. I know I’m going to get down coated for playing devil’s advocate, but I don’t always know where my toddlers bruises come from. Hell, I don’t usually know where my bruises come from.

    1. It’s very possible she was told not to correct him when he expresses his feelings. Even when he does it in a negative way as long as he is using words he sees a therapist and they’ve spoken about how angry he gets. So it’s just a thought but this behavior has probably been spoken about and instead of physically acting out he’s speaking negatively. They might see this as a means of expression for him.

    2. She didn’t just cackle though… We barely even got to see any kind of response from her because the scene/show ended. We don’t know what she said to Jace about his language. She did seem surprised that he said that since she asked him “what?” a couple of times.

  14. Well at least Nathan goes out for a drink when no child is in his care.

    When CPS comes into your house, they smell the weed you and Dave both use while responsible for kids. How can you raise kids when you are both stoned?
    How’s the weed in the shed growing?

    1. I’m sure everyone that watches the show notices that even when the kids are with them they are never WITH them. They might bounce Ensley around a little bit but it’s always them laying somewhere. They are coming out of the bedroom door or sprawled on the couch all the time! Anyone with four kids in the House ESPECIALLY a toddler can back me up that you never sit that much with kids.

    2. Jenelle is vindictive and lies. Don’t believe you see. Also Kaiser is in the care of Doris (nathan’s mom) so Nathan is not a danger to kaiser. Unlike David

  15. Who else laughed when Jace said Jenelle and David were pieces of shit on tonight’s show? At first I was shocked. I rewound it, listened again, then laughed hysterically. That kid knows what’s up!

    On the really sad side though, for an 8 year old child to say something like that, really bothers me for him. When my kids were 8, “shut up” was a no no. I’d have crapped myself if my own kids had ever said anything like Jace said. But then my kids weren’t raised anything like that poor kid is being raised. I feel awful for Jace and Kaiser. Those poor kids need all the love and prayers they can get.

    1. How about when Jenelle was returning Jace to Barbara and when Barbara asked why there were still pills in the bottle and Jenelle said he didn’t need them ! They need to take all the kids away !

      1. That was infuriating! Jenelle is not the custodial parent and she does not get to decide what medication Jace does or doesn’t need.

        And of course she doesn’t give him meds because then when he starts acting up at Barb’s house when he goes home she can be like “he acts totally fine at our house!” This trash isn’t fit to raise a goldfish.

  16. This isn’t entertaining anymore. It makes my stomach turn when I watch jenelles segment, and reading all this makes me sad. I miss the days when babs seen ya wif kiffa… high high ya both high

    1. Yep, they were the good old days when the teen moms were genuinely broke & struggling.

      Not like today’s unrealistic crap with huge egos, holidays, new houses and new cars and first world problems. Not realistic to teen mums at all.

  17. Ty fer clearin’ this up. I knew Doris and Nathen were gonna pull something but this just stupid even fer them. How much trauma is bein’ caused to this child due to all this? Give him back to his mum, Doris. Not like ye did steller job of raisin’ yer own babais.

  18. Teen Mom 2 just had a clip with Barbara and Jace at their house. Barb is asking about Jace’s visit to The Land, where they went out on David’s boat, except Kaiser went to daycare. Barb asks Jace if he asked if Kaiser could go out on the boat, too. Jace said he did, but Kaiser went to daycare. Then Jace says, “Mommy and David are pieces of s**t.” Barb says, “What??” Jace repeats it, word for word. Yeah. Sent chills up my spine. What 8-year-old says that??? Those poor, poor kids.

  19. This whole Father’s Day card thing is ridiculous. He’s a good dad because kaiser made him a little card. First of all does anyone think she’s not completely trying to brainwash this kid against Nathan. She’s so obsessed with David I wouldn’t be surprised if she had rehearsed what to write in the card they made in school. It’s like poor Leah with the ornament. She’ll never show amber an ornament for her house again because amber cried last time. Poor kaiser is just doing what he can to escape David’s wrath.

  20. I am praying for Kaiser, and I am praying for Doris. I am also praying for Nathan to man up and sober up and clean up and go rescue his baby! He has the best chance to fight Jenelle for custody, he’s a parent. He needs to get Kaiser away from Jenelle and David before it’s too late.

  21. Soooo, Jenelle tells the cops that the bruise happened while he was playing on David’s boat, and she says on FB that it happened at daycare. No, I’m sure everything is fine.

  22. “The impact my husband has had on my son is truly remarkable.” Yeah, Jenelle. I’m sure the impact of David’s hand on poor, little Kaiser’s body has just done wonders for his well-being. *sarcasm off* These two wastes of space make me madder than a 3 legged dog trying to bury a turd on an icy pond.

  23. I see jenelles story has changed to kaiser being bruised at school on a waterslide when she originally told the police he got bruised on the boat. She’s already changing things up and lying.

    And that little thing that Kaiser’s teacher filled out about David was sad. My dad loves me bc “lets me play outside”? Really? Also he “lets me go to school”? He always says “don’t eat candy”? He laughs when he “tinkles me”? Is that supposed to be tickles? Or is there something creepy going on there? It sounded like the sort of answers that any small kid could come up with for any random man in their life, and it doesn’t show any love, fun, or personal connection between the two. It’s actually kind of creepy with all of the “he lets me” do stuff that all normal kids get to do. The fact that jenellle seems to think that these are sweet or loving answers that prove David is a good father is kind of upsetting. And I absolutely believe that Jenelle tells kaiser that David is his dad now, and kaiser probably sees David way more often than Nathan, and David probably dropped him off at school which is why he would think of David when they said it was time to do a Father’s Day project. I don’t believe that he “refused” to make something for Nathan.

  24. Well obviously Jenelle told his teacher that she wanted the worksheet done about David. Probably out of fear of his reaction if the kid came home with something for his own father. At barely 4 years old there is no way a child can distinguish between a father and step father in a way where they pick who has made more of an impact on their life, not that I would say its David. This is outrageous and I do believe Doris is acting in Kaisers best interest. Hopefully DSS doesn’t let this one slip thru the cracks again.

    1. “Well obviously Jenelle told his teacher that she wanted the worksheet done about David. Probably out of fear of his reaction if the kid came home with something for his own father.” Sadly I can see this happening. Jenelle wishes that David would be like Cole to Aubree in how she adores him and pretty much sees him as her ‘real dad’. Big difference there though sweetie

      1. It’s crossed my mind more than once that this is the reason she attacks Chelsea and co. For example the random as hell twitter post about hair extensions.

          1. Chelsea posted about getting new extensions and Jenelle then just happened to post that extensions are horrible for your hair and cause thinning. Of course, Jenelle acted like it was totally unconnected, but it was right after Chelsea’s post. Not the first time she has “just happened” to post something that is a direct response to Chelsea. Weird how that keeps happening ?

      2. Remember when Jenelle declared that when she got custody of Jace (?) she was going to change his last name to Eason? David had barely been in the picture that point and Jace doesn’t even like him, but she is so desperate to have what Chelsea has. She thinks she can just force it all together, but David isn’t 1/100 the man Cole is. He will never love her children and she is deluding herself into thinking they have some fairytale life that the haters keep trying to destroy. Even last night, she and David “are fine” – it’s everyone else that has a problem.

  25. This is so sad. The poor kid isn’t going to win either way. Nathan is just as psychotic as David. He’s been in jail for violence multiple times, and he would have knock down, drag out fights with Janelle on numerous occasions. Nathan is certainly not the hero here. I remember on the “Being Nathan” special that he wanted nothing to do with Kaiser. It’s sad to say, but I don’t see any hope for that child unless some other outside family were to adopt him which isn’t going to happen. You could argue that Nathan’s mom would be better than David, but look who she raised. Either way he’s screwed, but I guess Nathan’s mom would be the lesser of two evils.

    1. I think a lot of Nathan’s aggressive behavior and anger come from being in the military where he had a traumatic brain injury, taking steroids, dating assholes like Jenelle, and body building culture. Being on MTV probably gives him a sense of entitlement and the money he made on the show probably agravated a lot of issues he already had. He doesn’t seem like a very bright person in general, and I think that combined with the military and brain injury led him to focus on things he could control and that he thought he was good at like his looks and his body, which led to steroids and hanging around with a bunch of guys like Adam, who all encourage each other to be macho, badass, drug using, violent, rage freaks. I don’t think ihis behavior is on Doris.

      1. I completely agree. You cannot look at an out of control adult and blame their parent right away. Some parents are of course to blame. Doris seemed loving and genuinely concerned for kaiser.

    2. Doris has said on camera before that Nathan came back from combat totally different than he was before he fought overseas. She also said that she doesn’t allow him to use his brain injury as an excuse for the alcohol problems and run-ins with law enforcement that he has had. She knows and has publicly acknowledged that Nathan has things that he needs to fix but she has also said that he’s her son and she’s never giving up on him. She filed for custody of Kaiser because she knows Nathan would never be able to win in court with his background and she also said that she knows that Nathan isn’t capable of full-time parenting, either. I found Doris to be credible, honest, and very likeable in her time on camera at the reunion. She seems to be the only person in Kaiser’s life who may be able to give him a chance at a normal existence.

  26. We all know Jenelle is a shell of a human and she’s married to a gigantic Ignorant immature monster- however in the case of Kaiser there is no excuse for Nathan- the biological father of that child should care enough for that little boy to step up and be a real father.. a protector, provider and example. Jenelle is a lost cause- things will only get worse for her because she has no ability to self reflect and change.. she is a text book narcissist. Nathan is just as bad if not worse for letting down that sweet child over and over by being horrible in his own life to the point where that little boy would ever be seen as better off to be in the custody of those child abusers- shame on all of you

  27. It’s going to get worse and worse until someone dies in this situation. This is so sick and sad. Ill never forget how David did his thinly veiled threat to Kaiser at the reunion when he had to hand him back to Nathan “now dont let them scare you” it was disgusting and I can only imagine the sick brain washing he will do when he gets returned to the land .

  28. Daycare? Well you told CPS it was David’s boat. Hmm. Story changes. Domestic violence is a monster. It makes those who live with the perpetrator live in such fear that they accept it as normal. This is normal. Sad.

  29. Not that Barbara is in any position to take on and raise another child, but I do wonder why she hasn’t tried to step in at all, and try to team up with Doris? Since she has Jace, she might have a bit more of a leg to stand on than Doris/Nathan do.

    Regardless, poor Kaiser. It’s just sad all around.

    1. Barbara probably doesn’t want to deal with the wrath of Jenelle, she’s done it long enough with Jace. Also, Jenelle signed over custody of Jace to her mother so she could party and do drugs. Jenelle would never sign over custody again.

      1. The wrath of Jenelle is already at a level that things can’t get much worse. Besides, Jenelle’s wrath has never stopped Babs from protecting Jace.
        She already has two boys in her care and Kaiser and Ensley hardly know her or do not know her.

    2. Jenelle made sure she didn’t see Kaiser that much so they couldn’t bond. She is keeping Ensley from her mother for the same reason.
      When nothing is going on, she shouldn’t have to make sure her mom doesn’t have a chance to file for custody.

  30. Even though I don’t believe it for one hot second, if Kaiser did in fact refuse to make a Father’s Day gift for his OWN father Nathan — it’s certainly nothing to be proud of or to be put on blast, Jenelle.

    Especially, in favor of some controlling “soulmate” doofus who is 100% NOT Kaiser’s dad, and won’t even let this child use the bathroom when he says he has to go.

    Team Doris, to save this sweet little innocent boy from the ongoing nightmarish hell story known as: THE LAND.


  31. I’m sorry to say it but either way this poor babe is fucked. He’s either being abused by his stepfather without any intervention from his mother, or being dragged into a bitter custody battle. Regardless of which is true, this little boys life has been a spectacle since birth. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like growing up and finding this shit on the internet? Sometimes I think people forget this is a real little person who had no say in all of this, makes me feel bad for even reading it (even though I realize we all do so bc we hope someone will help him, it’s still a sucky situation)

  32. Is there no end to this drama? By the way, Kaiser looks just like Nathan. Unfortunately Nathan is not capable of taking care of Kaiser and I am not sure about Doris. She has health issues and is older. Plus she didn’t do a very good job with Nathan. Poor Kaiser. His future looks grim. Will be interesting to see how all these kids turn out in 15 years. David’s temper really scares me. Does Nathan have another child????

  33. His favorite thing about David is that he lets him go to school

    I would want to get away too Kai, I really would.

    Honest question y’all, cause I couldn’t stand to be around the two of them… but do they only have “friends” because they are on a TV show or do people actually enjoy being around them?
    Cause I can’t imagibe that.

  34. These people are sick. David obviously is an abusive POS and Jenelle is more concerned about posting their defense on instagram to a bunch of strangers than handling this privately for their kids. God help these children. So sad.

  35. hey Jenelle maybe that policeman watches your show also I hope that nine-one-one dispatcher had to do her makeup before she answered your 911 call also I told you guys CPS sucks

  36. This is very sad. I never knew what to believe in the past because Nathan has his share of problems, but after seeing David’s propensity for violence I wholeheartedly believe he is behind this. VERY sad.

  37. Yesssss doris!!!!Please dont give him back. Its such a sad situation. I feel so badly for all the kids that live on the land but my heart aches for kaiser i believe he recieves the brunt of the abuse. Get a good lawyer!! maybe put up a go fund me page if u dont have the money. You would be surprised how many people who would probably contribute. Dont stop fighting!!! This child deserves a warm,loving, safe home to grow in.

  38. None of this is funny anymore. That child means absolutely NOTHING to Jenelle , other than an object she can use to exact some sort of revenge on her ex. Same thing with Jace. She doesnt give a crap about that kid, but at least he doesnt live with her full time. This current babydaddy comes across as a total psychopath as well. Its heartbreaking and its scary at this point.

    1. It’s sad that she’s such a basket case….maybe she could have played her troubles with Jace as being young and on drugs and blamed Barb, but now this is happening all over again with another child!! Like if you have two grandmas trying to take two kids away from you by different men, YOU are the problem. And David is fine now because they’re “in love”, when that goes south you can bet he’s going to take Ensley from her too (or at least try)

  39. Jenelle first posted this All About my Dad on Father’s Day. Seems like she’s reposting it to damage control. I also don’t believe for one second Kaiser gave these answers about David.

  40. Oh man. This is heartbreaking whether or not it’s true. He either gets abused by the people who are supposed to love him the most or the people who he loves and trusts are being accused of abusing him by other people who he loves and trusts. Either way it’s a terrible situation. I hope CPS does a more thorough investigation into these claims and finds out what happens to this poor little boy.

  41. I’m scared Doris is going to have to give him back and God only knows what David will do to him then.

    What is it going to take for someone to step in and really help those kids??

  42. Oh man. Poor Kaiser. It’s so heartbreaking, whether or not it’s true. He either gets abused by the people who are supposed to love him most or the people he loves are being accused of abusing him by other people he loves. It’s so sad either way. I hope there will be more thorough investigations into the truth of what is happening to that child.

  43. My whole issue with Doris is when she mentioned she seen and know the signs of abuse, I just wish she would’ve done something immediately after that reunion she was on….or maybe I’m wrong. Also….funny how Janelle closed the comments on that particular post. With everything that’s transpired, I seriously don’t think Kaiser really has a liking towards David.

  44. If only the 3 year old could talk actual sentences, he’d be able to say how he got the bruises.

  45. This still worries me. If Kaiser gets returned to The Land, god knows what kind of abuse he’ll face because that video went public. I hope law enforcement and CPS take that into consideration before making any moves. That poor sweet baby. I hope the officer that made the decision to allow Dorris to keep Kaiser in her home for the time being has something up their sleeve to help that boy.

  46. I have been waiting for this!! Thanks The Ashley for getting to the bottom of this.

    I’m relieved that Kaiser wasn’t covered in bruises. That poor baby has been through enough as it is.

    I hope Doris is successful this time, but with DSS refusing to weigh in at this point (maybe that will change) I’m not super confident. Jenelle always seems to get away with everything. Here’s hoping the tides are finally changing.

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