RECAP: ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Gets ‘Naked And Afraid’… For A Few Hours

“I’d do just about anything for a Things That Matter tank top right about now, y’all!”

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout says there’s not much that can scare her these days. After all, she’s already had a child shoot from her loins (on TV, in cartoon-form) at the tender age of 16; gone face-to-face with whatever face her ‘Teen Mom’ foe Farrah Abraham was using at the time; and co-parented with Ryan Edwards.

Because of all this, Maci (oh so humbly) describes herself as a “badass.” She’s decided to leave the leather-pocket-T-shirt-filled home she shares with her husband Taylor McKinney and their brood of oopsie babies to venture into the Central American jungle to live for 14 days without food, clothing or…(gulp) Bud Light.

She’s heading to be Naked and Afraid, y’all!

“I wonder if I can smuggle a couple of tall cans in my hoo-ha?”

Fans of ‘Teen Mom’ watched last season as Maci dished on the “survival show” she would be appearing on. During one episode, we watched as Maci built herself a survival shelter…out of wooden pallets surely stolen from the local Food City…as you do.

She also trekked her oldest “oopsie baby,” Bentley out to her Pallet Palace to explain to him how badass she is because she was able to parent him solo while his dad napped Bentley’s life away. Because of this, she said, she would never quit on ‘Naked And Afraid.’

She also hired a survival expert to teach her to build fire and throw hatchets and whatnot.

“If anyone from the grocery store asks, I got these pallets in an MTV event goodie bag, OK?”

As the episode kicks off, we learn that this is a special edition of the show that has invited two “super fans” to live out their dream of facing blazing hot temperatures, dealing with more bugs than Kieffer Delp’s green hoodie ever had, all while wearing no clothing and hanging out with a stranger.

Sounds like fun!

Before heading out to the jungle, we get a little introduction from each of the participants. Maci tells us that she knows she can survive out in the wild. After all, she says, she’s been camping MULTIPLE TIMES a year, guys. She’s got this in the bag!

We’re also told that she was a teen mom, though she conveniently leaves out the part about being on ‘Teen Mom.’ #NetworkContracts

Maci tells viewers she hates when people tap out of the competition early. (Pay attention here, as this is important.)

“I mean, it’s gonna suck for sure but I’m not gonna quit,” she says.

“I sure hope Ryan doesn’t DVR my episode…I never want him to be able to see me naked again!”

We then get to meet Justin, the guy whose exposed trouser snake will be swinging in Maci’s face for the next 14 days. Justin is an ICU nurse and outdoorsman originally from Hawaii.

After factoring in their experience and qualifications, Justin is given a Primitive Survival Rating (PSR) of 5.3 out of 10.

Maci is given a PSR of 4.3. (Um…I guess she got a few points for being a celebrity?)

Who else thinks MTV should start using this scale to rate all of the Teen Moms? Naturally, Farrah would be off the charts because she’s great at everything…

Next, we see Maci and Justin head separately to the middle of nowhere in Nicaragua. They are boated out to their location, which looks nice…from the water. It’s some sort of beach-like area, with plenty of dense jungle behind it.

Soon, it’s the dreaded moment whenMaci has to strip off her trusty Converse and clothing. After the producers have wrestled away her “Things That Matter” tee, Maci finds herself naked…and afraid.

Let’s stop here for a minute. The Ashley has never watched an episode of this show and would like to go on record to say that she has respect for anyone who even attempts this ridiculousness. So please do not bother leaving comments in regard to how The Ashley shouldn’t criticize Maci, since The Ashley just sits behind a computer all day writing about ‘Teen Mom’ and being lazy. That’s already been confirmed to be true.

Anyway, back to the jungle…

A naked Maci meets up with Justin, who is doing his best to pretend that he’s just reading Maci’s many body tattoos and not staring at her penis-gobbler.

“I like your, um, smile. Yeah, that’s it…”

Maci opens up with, “Are you excited?”

Well, for her sake, we hope not. #Awkward

Maci tells Justin she’s a big fan of the show and is pumped to be on it, though she admits it’s a bit uncomfortable being naked in front of a stranger (not to mention a camera crew!)

“I’m just glad they didn’t send me Jenelle! Her husband would have filled my face with uppercuts for looking at his naked wife!”

Maci and Justin check out their survival gear and decide to head toward fresh water. During their trek to the watering hole (that may or not be full of venomous snakes—fun!), they have to dodge giant thorns at their feet, one of which manages to get Maci.

(Um…is there a rule that these people aren’t allowed to tie leaves and vines around their feet until a few hours in or something? You best believe The Ashley would be weaving faster than Farrah’s hairstylist before a red carpet event—trying to make herself some damn hoof-covers before she ever started walking!)

Maci and Justin trek on, and shortly after, Justin spots some papaya high up in a tree. He and Maci decide to pull a “redneck ladder” and gather the fruit. After Justin hoists a nude Maci in the air, she’s feeling confident that she’ll be able to make it through the entire 14 days.

“You’ve had three kids? I can’t even tell!”

Later, they encounter more thorns on the ground, and Maci is on the full-on struggle bus. She’s limping through the jungle, complaining that her feet feel like they’re splitting apart.

Meanwhile, Justin doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the fact that he has spikes in his feet. He tries to encourage Maci but she lags behind and admits she may have underestimated this whole experience.

Maci tells Justin her feet feel like they’re going to fall off, so he generously offers to give her a buck-naked piggyback ride. Now there’s a good ice breaker!

Maci launches her nude body onto Justin’s sweaty back and he carries her (and her hoo-ha) through the jungle. Finally the poor guy is like, “Um…do you think you can walk now?” and Maci hops down sadly.

“If I pretend I’m dead, maybe he’ll carry me longer.”

After coming across some angry tree monkeys, Maci and Justin finally reach the water and start to set up camp.

While Justin chops at a tree, Maci attempts to get a fire going. Between the two of them, they get it sparked and Justin celebrates with a fire dance that he dubs his “nut slap.”


Justin’s slapping body part dance just may have been where it all started going south for Maci…

Next up, Maci and Justin  prepare for their first night in the jungle. They collect branches for their bed…but they soon realize that those branches are full of thorns. Instead of shucking the spiky sticks out of their bed, though, they continue to lay on them all night, for some reason.

Maci says she doesn’t get much rest, due to being poked with thorns, and having to worry about howler monkeys eating her. (And, of course, there’s always the chance that some sort of snapping-jawed bug could crawl up into gentleman greeter and/or “Backdoor” and infect her with some weird jungle disease worse than anything Ryan could have ever given her.)

“And I thought listening to Mackenzie read her letter to me at the Reunion was bad…”

Maci and Justin make it through to the next day. Justin—a regular jungle Buster Brown— is over by the river, weaving himself some palm frond slippers. Maci, meanwhile, is sitting in the dirt crying. She says she’s trying not to think about going home (or eating her words), but then breaks downs and tells viewers, “it’s really f**king hard.”

After seeing that Maci’s fashion abilities end at making leather pocket T-shirts, Justin offers to make her a pair of shoes like his, but Maci basically tells him not to waste his time, since she’s considering calling it quits. Justin tells her he thinks she’ll regret it if she bows out on Day 2.

“Badass my balls, Maci!”

Maci says it’s easy as a fan to sit back and watch people tough it out naked in the wilderness, but it’s a lot harder when you’re the one riding strangers naked and being stabbed by thorns.

After a few “Blair Witch Project”-esque closeup shots of Maci crying, she announces that she’s tapping out…after less than two days.

Whomp, whomp!

“The ‘Teen Mom’ recappers are gonna have a field day with this, aren’t they?” (Answer: Yes.)

Maci says that she would have left even sooner (is that even possible?), had it not been for her awesome partner. (She really did hit the jackpot in the partner department; that may have been the most positive guy who has ever appeared on reality TV!)

Maci says her goodbyes to Justin, wishes him luck and most likely promises to send him some TTM graphic tees, an MTV swag bag and an autographed photo of Dr. Drew if he’s able to make it to the end.

After Maci’s departure, Justin ultimately suffers a severe machete injury to his foot and has to call it quits seven days early. In the end, Maci’s PSR dropped to 1.3, Justin’s dropped to 5.0 and our want for a full on ‘Teen Mom’ edition of ‘Naked and Afraid’ hit a 10.0!

Mackenzie Edwards’ new screensaver…

Might we suggest filming a season of ‘Naked And Afraid’ on The Land where viewers can see Jenelle Evans and David Eason in their native habit? Now that would be something to be very afraid of!

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(Photos: Discovery Channel, MTV)


  1. I’m disappointed in Maci…she couldn’t have stuck it out for at least a few days? She barely gave it a chance. And doesn’t she know she will never live this down?!

  2. Maci had always been the most responsible one on her show. She’s got a great husband and calling all her kids oopsie babies is bullshit. She did not just pop out babies like the others. She waited till she fell in love with a working man and they were married and planned the other kids. She’s been a great mom and devoted her time to Bentley before even getting in a relationship when he was older. Her and Chelsea are an exception. It’s do easy to sit here and comment and put her down. People grow up. That’s what’s wrong with this world people are so busy judging others than worrying about their own lives that I’m sure y’all aren’t so holier than thou as are your attitudes. At least she can say she went on the show and tried she’s also one of the few moms that doesn’t go on extravagant vacations and leave her kids Behind she’s all about family and so is her husband.

    1. I agree that Maci has seemingly been 1 of the more responsible moms on the show, but I think so many people refer to her kids as oopsie babies because that’s how she presents them. She makes it seem as if they weren’t trying to have more kids, especially in regards to Jayde. Not knocking her because she was young when Bentley was little and everyone makes mistakes, but Taylor is technically the third man Bentley’s lived with. He lived with Maci & Ryan, Maci & Kyle & now Maci & Taylor. Again not a knock to her, but this may be why people give her such a hard time.

    2. This is a site based on sarcasm and satire. If you’re looking for a fan site, you won’t find it here. Maci is nowhere near perfect. What’s wrong with this world these days are people like you who can’t enjoy a good laugh. It’s a funny story, not a d!ck, don’t take it so hard.

  3. I’m a fan of Naked&Afraid, not so much the XL or 14 day challenge, watched this one because Maci was on.
    I did think it was odd to see her tap out so soon BUT, I also think her partner was odd. He seemed to be a nice laid back guy however, he made a couple comments that were ( one about intimacy) inappropriate and rather flirtatious. While they may have been innocent, it was awkward.
    Yes, they’re agreeing to be naked, that’s to make it more challenging. Personally, I would have been uncomfortable with him.
    As far as the bad ass comment, she was pretty humbled when she left , I don’t feel the need to rub salt in an open wound.

    1. He was a nurse and definitely wouldn’t have done anything other then help her! Come on your ridiculous!

  4. If Maci really wanted to rough it out she would have gotten a job, but as we see she not trying to punish herself so guess the job would of been too realistic.

  5. She’s bad ass because she took care of Bentley by herself? Well welcome to the real world Macy! Do you seriously think you’re the only person to ever do that??!! Ha ha. But hey, we all know you really didn’t. Jen (or your parents) probably had that kid more than you ever did. You only had him when the cameras were around. You let that liquid courage (bud lite) get the best of you!

    1. I think anyone that’s raised a baby on their own is a bad ass. Just because lots of people have done it, doesn’t mean that it’s still not a big accomplishment that requires some badassery. Lots of people have survived cancer or served in the military, too, and they’re all badasses as well, even though it’s not a rare thing to do.

  6. She was probably drinking when she proclaiming “how bad ass she is”Most of theses teen mom girls would probably tap out from leaving the couch for a few hours..?

  7. Less than two days…really? I get the naked part, but that awkwardness would be done in less than an hour, no? For someone so “bad ass” one would think she would last at least a week. Not a fan of Ryan, his parents, or Mackenzie; they wouldn’t have lasted at all!

  8. I’ve always liked Maci but that was pretty pathetic. I wasn’t expecting her to make it the full 14 days but I at least thought she was tough enough to last a few more days. I can’t really give her too much of a hard time though. There’s no way I would be able to do that. I think a lot of the people giving her shit wouldn’t be able to do it either.

      1. There are shows that are not made for everyone. I myself couldn’t last even a day in Big Brother BUT that’s why I would never apply to it. If you are proclaiming how badass you are and then quit after two days (one night), I’m sorry Maci but you are not badass at all.

    1. I know! That’s actually why I don’t want people to hate on Maci too much about this. That only gives that bitch Mackenzie more satisfaction and I do not want that.

  9. I may be wrong, but doesn’t Maci wear glasses or contacts? I am not seeing any glasses on her face in these pictures. So, either she went out their blind or planned to keep the same pair of contacts in her eyes for 14 days. Yeah, she is so badass!

  10. I feel like this didn’t need a recap. I was so excited to watch this episode and watch “badass” Maci. But I think Bentley could have lasted longer. Jade could have lasted longer! What a waste of time.

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