EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2′ Producers Desperate to Film Jenelle Evans’ Custody Drama As Season 9 Moves Forward Without Her

“Dude, just let David be on the show! Everyone loves him!”

There’s chaos happening on The Land and MTV is frantic to capture it all on film for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2!

As The Ashley told you on MondayJenelle Evans‘ son Kaiser was not returned to her on Sunday by Nathan Griffith‘s mother, Doris Davidson, after Doris and Nathan became alarmed by bruising found on the boy’s body. Cops were called, CPS came out and, as of press time, Kaiser is still in the care of Doris.

Unfortunately for ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans, none of this drama has been filmed for the show. The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Jenelle is still refusing to sign her Season 9 contract because MTV will not agree to allow her husband David Eason to participate in the filming.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that on Monday, the show’s producers were blowing up Jenelle’s phone, trying to convince her to let them film the Kaiser custody situation, but Jenelle refused.

“They were literally BEGGING Jenelle to film yesterday,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “The producers really want this Kaiser stuff included in the show. They keep telling her it’s part of ‘her story’ and she will get a chance to show her side of what’s happening but she still said no.”

“So….does this mean I don’t need to go out to The Land anymore? Dang, I just bought a new bulletproof vest!”

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle has been refusing to sign the Season 9 contract for almost a month now. (She was initially presented with the contract around the time Dr. Drew Pinsky came out to North Carolina to film Jenelle’s portions of the Season 8B Reunion.)

The source tells The Ashley that producers thought this was just another one of Jenelle’s tactics to get what she wanted, but now they believe that she really is going to leave the show because MTV is not going to budge on the rules regarding David.

“The contract situation is at a complete stop right now,” the source said. “She rejected the contract [the producers] sent her last week. She didn’t even read it once she saw that David wasn’t going to be allowed to participate, even behind the scenes. [MTV] is not negotiating with her on it, and Jenelle is not budging.”

The Ashley broke the news last month that ‘Teen Mom 2’ had been renewed for another season. The Ashley’s sources told her what Jenelle was demanding in regard to David and the upcoming season.

“Basically, Jenelle wants David included in filming, and if that’s not possible, she wants him to be allowed to be around while she’s filming,” the source said last month. “She doesn’t care if he isn’t shown on-camera or paid. She told [the producer] that if she is filming at their home, she is not going to make David leave. She also wants him to be able to attend Reunions  and other filming events with her–even if he doesn’t go on-camera– and for MTV to pay for his travel.”

The show’s producers had been waiting until Jenelle signed to begin filming with any of the girls, but The Ashley hears that the remaining four girls– Chelsea HouskaBriana DeJesusKail Lowry and Leah Messer— are either already filming for Season 9 or about to begin next week.

“Well Juh-nelle, if ya quit, ya betta get a job or you’ll end up on the street with ya booooooyfriend…I mean husband!”

“If Jenelle doesn’t sign, [the producers are] planning to just move forward without her because they’re not budging,” a behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “The other girls are ready and willing to film, and the producers and crew were off work way too long already because of this hold-up.

“They have to move the show forward, because they are missing too many important milestones in the girls’ lives.”

The Ashley will update this story when more info becomes available.

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50 Responses

  1. Now this waste of space Trashelle is pregnant again, way to get your job back LOSERS. And MTV will give in to their demands. Freeman and Co are just as bad

  2. PLEASE These children are being ABUSED!!! These WOMAN use filthy words continually right in front of everyone. I know that the $ is all that MTV seem to worry about. I can only imagine what the children will grow up to say.Jace is already using S–T at his young age and Barb acted pleased with it!!! I say STOP this trashy show and give these children a chance at a normal life!!!

  3. There was a time when this show was doing a service to its audience, given them valuable information on teen pregnancy and the ramifications of it by following the stories of these girls. Now ‘their stories’ are anything but, just negativity and crazyness. Plus they are no longer teen moms and haven’t been for a long time.

    The show should be called ‘Kids, exes, chaos, social media drama while navigating your late-twenties and having a production crew following you around while at the same time dealing with the aftermath of being a quasi-celebrity, and oh yes, we used to be teen moms too, no lessons learned unfortunately, but keep watching their stories ok? they need the money and we need the money’.

  4. I’m sure this is all David’s doing. Jenelle knows that it’s easy money and the smart thing to do would be to sign the damn contract. But David tells her what to do now and he’s being stubborn. Ok David, you just might get your way, and you and Jenelle can watch while the other 4 girls laugh all the way to the bank.

  5. as much as I love reality trash tv there is no reason to film kaiser he is abused no one does anything and I have no interest in seeing a child in the middle so go ahead mtv give her everything she wants I’ll be done watching

  6. Two grandmothers constantly battling for custody of these two boys — with one of the boys HIMSELF declaring what “pieces of shit” Jenelle and David really are.

    And based on this, I personally hope Doris holds on to Kaiser for as LONG as she possibly can.

    Period. That’s all. The end.

  7. It amazes me the extent MTV is willing to hide to keep her. Don’t they have the footage from her road rage incident but police never saw it? She has CPS issues about being on drugs while pregnant with Ensley and we never saw. They put just enough out to make us all see how bad these two are but don’t help law enforcement protect these kids?! I mean for goodness sake the footage they had of amber hitting Gary was what got her locked up but I feel like Jenelle and David show more violence, cursing and drugs then watching Amber back in the day but she’s still their fave train wreck. Shame on you MTV! What kills me is the records both of them have have for thins kind of behavior but nobody investigated it. Nathan’s phone call to police was on Friday and they did nothing but Jenelle comes over Sunday and child services didn’t even try to look into it after she changed her story twice. Thank God for the police stepping in. It’s like she’s bribed everyone to letting things go.

  8. Good for mtv for sticking to their guns!!
    Go on without her, I’d love to see how she’ll get along without the cash coming in. Easy cash at that. She can act like the horrible asshole deplorable mother that she is and get paid 500k for the season.
    That would be the most money she’d see unless she makes a porn. But with James dean not the the swamp thing.

    Anyway put Mack M on in her absence. Let it be the original 4 and her. She’s goofy but it’d work, if we can put up with Farrah for 10 years, she’d a be fine fill in until THE END OF TM.
    Fuck Jenelle!!
    Fuck UBT!!
    Fuck You Jenelle we know you lurk here!!

  9. Jenelle lives in her make believe world. It’s all gun drops and rainbows. Bless her heart.

    1. I think “GUN drops” was a typo, yet apropos as guns certainly are a part of her messed up world on The Land… And she and Lurch certainly shouldn’t be armed.

  10. I’m kind of glad that Jenelle isn’t letting them film this custody drama. Even though I know her purposes for not allowing them to film aren’t right. MTV has seen evidence of abuse, probably they know way more than we do. I read the article about them saying that they could only do so much. But I mean you are human beings! Any sane person would want to help save a child in need from abuse! If they really wanted to they could have done something about this idc what anyone says! Now they want to film the fallout from it? No! How about you guys start standing up for the kids and other people in harms way when you guys are filming.

    Letting Ryan drive while high. Filming him while he was obviously high. Filming Jenelle and Leah while high. Mtv should feel bad. When someone gets hurt because they are trying to get footage THEN they’ll do something.

  11. Honesty I would watch a show with just Chelsea. I literally watch just for her anyway. They might as well just drop Jenelle like yeah her story is somewhat interesting but behavior like that should not be awarded. I mean they did it with Farrah now it’s Jenelles turn.

  12. Perfect opportunity to cut Jenelle loose. Stop paying her to f’k up her life and endanger those children. Let her sink on her own and hopefully the caring adults in the children’s lives will save the kids. Unfortunately Maryssa, Kaden and Ensley are f’kd because their Grandma is complicit and will protect David over them.

  13. I think it would be amazing if MTV just filmed everyone around Jenelle and told their sides of the story and perspective. She would get soooo angry. I really do hope MTV doesn’t cave though. I feel like her “storylines”are just getting too dark.

  14. Please end this sh/t already. Everyone has an ego on both shows, they’re entitled (Jenelle and Kail), nobody thinks they are replaceable. It’s the same thing every yr. Why are they begging this trash for anything? Fire her candy ass! The producers don’t want the Kai drama filmed for “her story”, they want it filmed for ratings. They don’t care about that kid. If they did they would have told Morgan they see abuse and gave up whatever info they had. These recent allegations alone need to be the driving force that pushes their hand into firing her, especially since she is being a b7tch about the contract anyway.

    1. Omg, this weeks episode with “Kail is always right.” Please. That is all we needed for her to hear.

  15. MTV is such trash. They’re desperate to exploit a traumatic event for Kaiser. Lovely.

  16. Does anyone else thing this entire stunt was planned so that Jenelle could keep her job with MTV? She is dangling the carrot in front of the donkey (MTV). I don’t trust her or David, this show is their cash cow.

    1. I’m confused- how could this have been ‘planned’? That would mean Nathan’s mom Doris & Nathan would have to be in on it, pretend that Kaiser was showing signs of abuse, and contact the police, CPS, etc. Jenelle would be risking her custody, which she would never do since we all know she’s desperate to keep Kaiser not because *she* wants to keep him, but strictly so *Nathan* doesn’t get to keep him. He’s a pawn to her. None of that makes sense.

      And (pathetically) Jenelle is not at risk of being fired/losing her job. *She* is the one who thus far has refused to sign her new contract since MTV is stipulating that David can’t be around when filming. MTV is pushing her to sign so they can begin shooting her. It’s pretty clear they believe she is crucial to the success of the show due to her drama. I just cannot imagine ANYONE else in the cast being given all these chances, keeping them on TV despite gun photos, pulling a gun on someone during road rage, child abuse scandals, countless CPS visits, etc. I’m completely convinced that MTV is scared that without Jenelle’s constant drama and the amount of people who hate-watch her, that the show would be so dull it would lose major ratings. There’s just no other reason in the world they would keep her on the cast.

      1. Pay Doris and Barb Jenelle’s share – the money would actually support the kids if that happened.

  17. Of course MTV is desperate to film this Kaiser situation. That’s all they ever cared about anyway – their money, even if it means exploring those poor babies. As disgusting as they are, I am glad they are calling Jenelle’s bluff and moving forward without her. She deserves nothing.

  18. So happy they are not filming Jenelle! She’s the reason I stopped watching TM2 now I can enjoy next season without watching her & her boyfriend abuse children! Way to go Mtv! Bye Jenllie!

    1. Lol! Imagining Barb getting a spot on the opening credits…her own cartoons…her VOICEOVER!! Please let this happen.

      1. IKR! The Babs segments/animations would be hi-larious! I have wished they’d film Babs instead of Jenelle for some time now. Babs is the best. lol

  19. I can understand not making David leave the house when they film but, I get why they would feel unsafe. The reunion demand is ridiculous. Even if MTV just flew him out but, he couldn’t go to the reunion, they would still try to sneak him in. No way David would sit in the hotel room while Jenelle filmed. And I highly doubt any of the girls (besides Brianna) would feel comfortable sharing a hotel with them. So, they would have to separate them somehow and if Jenelle gets preferential treatment (again), the others would not be happy. Just flying David out would probably set them off.

    You really screwed the pooch, MTV. You’re damned either way. You got to accept a loss somewhere. Might as well be the biggest liability aka Jenelle and David.

    1. If they’re all scared of David and going to the swap land
      Imagine how poor little Kiaser & the step daughter feels.
      Those littles can’t just leave
      So dang ? sad ?

  20. MTV is disgusting. What is going on with Kaiser is really serious and all they care about is capturing the drama to exploit this child abuse for their ratings. It’s sicking.

  21. Honestly, I don’t care.
    Watching her drama stresses me out, I just fast forward through all her parts on my DVR because she’s just an idiot.

  22. Someone please tweet MTV and let them know that it’s fine with us if they don’t film jenelle. We can easily read tabloids and watch her downfall. As a matter of fact, I’d prefer that to watching her get her way and have David get his way. These are bad people who deserve their consequences.

      1. Taco Bell is one
        I wrote down the other’s

        Boycott !
        And write them
        I did
        But they need a flood of people

  23. So her demanding MTV to fund David’s trips to the reunions and him being around while filming are more important than the safety of those babies?? And MTV ain’t shit having to beg for her to include Kaiser’s custody issue.
    Newsflash, Jenelle…..in order for David to be around while filming or to even attend reunion shows, he would still have to be affiliated with the network, which he is not due to his disgusting ignorance on Twitter. Having David on set isn’t important, so suck up your pride and collect that damn check cause we all know that after your ride is over, you have absolutely no other means to make a solidified income.

  24. Bye bitch bye. Dont let the door hit u on the way out. Dont watch her segments anymore anyway they make me wanna cry. And doris dont give kaiser back to that lying bitch and that abusive monster.

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