EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Gets Son Kaiser Back From Nathan Griffith’s Mom: All the Details of What Went Down

“I got him!”

The custody showdown between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith‘s mother, Doris Davidson is over–at least for now!

Days after Doris refused to give Jenelle’s son Kaiser back after allegedly finding worrisome bruising on the boy, The Ashley can exclusively report that the Teen Mom 2 star was allowed to take Kaiser home with her on Tuesday evening.

Jenelle–along with a police escort– headed to Doris’ South Carolina home to fetch Kaiser. The Ashley can reveal that she was allowed to take Kaiser back to The Land after a complete investigation was conducted on both Jenelle and David.

“The [DSS worker] had to talk to a variety of people before Kaiser was allowed back in Jenelle’s care,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “[The worker] talked to teachers at Kaiser’s daycare, [Jenelle’s mother] Barbara [Evans], and the police, as well as agents from Columbus County [where The Land sits] CPS. They determined that no abuse had occured.”

The Ashley can also reveal that that Jenelle and David submitted to a full drug screening, which they passed.

“There is no emergency hearing happening,” The Ashley’s source said. “Kaiser is going home with Jenelle, end of story. Doris is very upset. She didn’t know Jenelle was coming.”

According to Radar Online, who obtained a transcript of the 911 call that Nathan made on Friday, Nathan told the emergency services operator that he found marks on Kaiser when he was helping the boy wipe his butt.

“That’s when we saw the marks,” Nathan said. “We asked him about it and he said David hit him with a stick.”

Over the last few days, Jenelle and her husband David Eason have been posting on social media about how much they love Kaiser, and how his clumsiness often causes him to have bruises.

“Kaiser is so funny, he keeps us smiling and laughing all the time!” David wrote in the caption of a photo of Kaiser posted to his Instagram account. “You couldn’t ask for a better kid. Kaiser is more active than the rest and tends to be a little clumsy but he is a bruiser and nothing stops him when he is having a good time!”

“I love you allllll to the moon to back Bubba! I felt bad Kaiser Griffith put my name on the fathers day gift but they said he wouldn’t budge about it all week and wouldn’t have it any other way. Nobody will come between the bond we have and cant wait to get you back today or tomorrow!” David wrote on Facebook on Monday.

“I’m so glad Kaiser had a great birthday party with us because there was a lot of fighting and drinking at his dad’s bday party!” David wrote in another Facebook post.

And, as The Ashley told you earlier today, MTV is “freaking out” because Jenelle is not allowing them to film any of the Kaiser custody situation.

“She said they are not allowed to film Kaiser at all, even when he’s with Nathan,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “Normally, MTV only requires one parent’s permission to film the children; however, because Nathan only has supervised visitation of Kaiser, they would need Jenelle’s permission to film Kaiser.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle has refused to sign her Season 9 contract, due to the fact that MTV won’t allow her husband, David Eason, to participate in filming. The other ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls have all begun (or are about to begin) filming for Season 9.

The Ashley’s source tells her that, for the time being, no one associated with Jenelle has been filming.

“Barbara and Nathan have not shot any scenes for Season 9,” the source said.

It’s unknown if MTV will continue filming them even if Jenelle does not sign on.

(Photos: MTV, Facebook, Instagram)


  1. Heres the thing we dont need MTV to see all the shit going down, Jenelle and David are very active on their social media. Dont forget Radar Online, OK Mag, Starcasam, and all the other reality news pages including this one. MTV has become a bunch of bottom feeders.

  2. I wouldn’t trust anything jenelle says…she is a liar … And so so is her creep of a husband…..

    1. And let’s not forget that Chelsea is pg too. It would make perfect sense to me if Jenelle was pg again at the same time.

  3. And also, something else about the drug tests. 4 years ago my fiance got put on probation for some trouble he got into before we met (It took about a year for it to catch up with him), he used to smoke weed (No other hard drugs though) The state we’re in hasn’t legalized yet so he used the detox drink (like we saw Jenelle doing a few years ago) and passed every single one of them, easy as pie. Seeing as we literally saw her drinking one to pass a test for probation before…. I’d be willing to bet that’s what they did.

    1. Sadly my brother had a drug problem as well but before it was harder stuff it was always pot. I’ve never tried it & was skeptical but he also passed every single time drinking that stuff. Seems users (especially the ones who have experience with being tested) know all the tricks

  4. Oh my goodness! That video is so disturbing! I don’t blame Jace for calling them POS. My husband heard that comment, and said that the kid shouldn’t have been so disrespectful. Y’all, I want you to know I said him straight quickly. once he understood the situation, he understood where Jace was coming from. David’s video of getting Kaiser is truly frightening.

    1. It was. He acted like it was all about the win. I feel like that’s the reaction when you go hunting and get a big kill! Such a monster

  5. I saw a post that said Jenelle might be pregnant again. Apparently there are screenshots of her showing a belly while she picks up kaiser. It looks like David confirms it but I’m not sure. Hope I’m not leaving a duplicate message. Didn’t see the first one.

  6. I don’t know if it’s real or not but someone posted a screenshot of David’s disgusting rant and you can see what looks like a little belly on Jenelle. Someone commented and he answered back that she’s 13 weeks along. Let’s all pray she’s not pregnant again

  7. This is gonna be long…very long.

    The entire structure of CPS, and who oversees it is absolutely dreadful in the US. This state is FAILING these children. I’ve seen firsthand what happens when a state does that, repeatedly, and continually finds “no evidence of abuse”.

    I was there to carry the coffin of a 4 year old girl who died at the hand of her abusers, though authorities still claim it was not abuse that killed her. I was there to console her siblings. I watched as they, terrified beyond belief, were placed back in the care of those who MURDERED their sister. I have watched, tearfully, as they struggle to make sense of everything that happened, as they cried because “why would mommy do that”, I watched them fear for their lives when those that MURDERED their sister were given nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Though they have since been removed, it was merely because these monsters chose to sign a piece of paper to “get rid of the problems in their life”. I have been watching this play out for three years now…three years ago a beautiful, vibrant, amazing little girl was taken from this earth by the hands of those that had abused her since birth. It all started with “a spank”, “being yelled at”, “being a disobedient toddler”…where the fuck does it end people? I will tell you where it ends, it ends with you, trying your hardest to keep composure as you carry the coffin of a sweet little life, knowing that no matter how hard it is for you, life was HELL for her. It ends with people saying “she’s in a better place”. No she’s fucking not!!! A better place would be a loving home, the home she was placed in during the “investigation”. Dying is not a better place, and we should never see it as such. Her siblings are forever scarred, they are forever going to mourn their loss, they are forever going to remember what it feels like to be abused, they are forever…going to remember. The lifelong impact of that is..insurmountable for many.

    I am so sick and tired of the powers that be overlooking the heinous way children are treated. I don’t give two shits how annoying your child is being, how much they disobey, how angry you are..I just don’t give a shit. The moment you get actually angry at a CHILD, you walk the hell away and compose yourself, and then you deal with the problem-should there actually be one. Odds are pretty damn good, you’re the problem, not the child. If you feel the need to raise your voice in a negative manner to your child, belittle your child, raise your hand to your child…walk the fuck away, put on your big person panties, and figure out what’s going on…without acting like a barbarian without a lick of common sense, or human decency.

    This is not the first coffin for a child I have carried. It, sadly, will not be the last. For the love of all that is holy, someone step the hell in already. I am so angered by the state’s “findings” in this case…so angered. We see stories about children who die at the hands of abusers all the time. When will people wake up and realize CHILDREN are not the problem, and neither is their behavior…supposed “adults” are the problem. MTV, you are the problem. The states where these people live, are the problem. CPS is the problem, the people that oversee CPS, are the problem. The people performing these incomplete drug tests, are the problem…do a follicle test, do a comprehensive test, who gives a shit what it costs, these are the lives of children at stake here. Completely search the home for any and all weapons(none of which either should be legally allowed to own), look for signs in the other children, monitor the family for an extended period of time, not a day or two, not even a week or two, but months. PUT them under a damn microscope.

    Stop making this about “kids will be kids”, “kids get bruises”, “kids are rough and tumble”, “kids misbehave”..no shit sherlocks, no shit. Bruises on the ass, bruises on the backs of knees, bruises across the face in the shape of a hand, bruises that resemble a human grasp on a body part….those are not because “kids get bruises”, the vast majority of the time(and nearly never in some cases). Those are signs of abuse…loud, apparent signs of abuse. Ugh.

    1. The system is failing children I am related to who remain with their abusive and negligent mother even though there are several other caring and responsible relatives ready, willing and able to raise the kids. Beyond frustrating and heartbreaking.

    2. I can only assume that the trash down there on the LAAA-AAND is trolling sites like The Ashley. No other reason for some of these downvotes I’m seeing, especially with a post like yours. So trash, I am directly addressing you: your gravy train won’t roll on forever and when the money and the attention stop, MTV won’t be there to rescue you. So please, by all means, stop filming. You disgust us. And obviously, whether cameras are rolling or not, it doesn’t seem like it will help these poor children at all. MTV is the ONLY reason I can think of for why these children have not already been removed. I live in North Carolina and I work in communities and I can honestly tell you, the average citizen here wouldn’t get away with 1/10th of this bullshit. And for anyone who might disagree, just consider how anxious MTV is to make a quick buck off of the anguish of these children by filming what they refer to as “drama” but the rest of us know to be flat-out, evil abuse.

      1. The people that downvote any post that goes against child abuse fall into three categories

        A-They’re lazy as hell and don’t like reading more than a few sentences…so read halfway, got pissed/bored/wtfever, clicked downvote

        B-Do some of the things I spoke out against and are now in “you don’t tell me how to discipline my child” beast defensive for no damn reason mode, clicked downvote

        C-Actually condone child abuse, clicked downvote

        In any of the cases, there is something fundamentally wrong on so many levels with those folks. I only feel sorry for group A, ignorant lil fellas. The other 2 groups..they should never be allowed anywhere near children, much less have children of their own. They all belong behind bars, imo. I take child abuse, in ANY form, very seriously, I don’t sugar coat how I feel about it either.

          1. Nope, you can unclick those votes if you do it by mistake, lol.

    3. Child abuse is a terrible thing but disciplining your child is not child abuse. You act here like you can’t discipline at all. So what do you think you should do when a child is talking back, calling their parents names, being rude, hitting their siblings, putting their fingers in light sockets, etc? Do nothing? Just let them keep doing it? This is written like you are saying just do nothing because you can’t raise your voice at them or spank them. If you do nothing they think it is okay and then that child turns into an adult that thinks the world revolves around them because no one did anything to teach them right from wrong.

  8. Did anybody see the disturbing video The Grace Report posted of David live-streaming getting kaiser back? He was being so extra and putting down Nathan and Doris from his car, then starts making this huge deal to be all over kaiser then as they are getting in the car he starts mocking Doris and setting her off. It was so cringeworthy. How petty to post that.

  9. If David loves him so much as he professes on social media how come he doesnt show it on the show? I always see the opposite…

  10. I’m sure that Jace has learned to lie to make whoever he’s with happy or well,to make Barb happy and to get Jenelle off his back. Teen Mom is the worst thing that has happened to him, really, since without this show his biological mother wouldn’t be in his life, she would probably be dead of about n overdose long ago.

  11. SAVE KAISER BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! God dammit, what does need to happen, he ends up in a hospital because David beat him so much?! And sadly, we know whose side will Jenelle be on regardless…..and it’s not Kaiser’s.

  12. I don’t get why MTV is so desperate to film Jenelle and Kaiser. I don’t have to see this and leave that child alone.
    Once again, Jenelle is using one of her kids as a pawn.
    MTV wants to film Kaiser and hopefully film some markings people can speculate about.

  13. Guaranteed, if Jenelle had out of town tickets for a Kesha or Cardi B concert, she probably wouldn’t have minded if Kaiser stayed over with Doris. Or even at the daycare center — if it were possible.

    No time to give up now, Doris.

    Keep fighting for that adorable little boy who came into this world NEVER asking for any of this.

  14. Shameful. Trash married to trash. Get this trash off my tv. I WANT MY MTV GODDAMN IT. Also. Wouldn’t surprise me if they made Jace pee in a cup for them. It happens all the time. Even Enseleeeeleeee whatever her name is.

  15. When your own son calls you and your soulmate “pieces of shit”, maybe you need to check yourself. I hate to say it but I also think Jace is growing up to be Jenelle 2.0. What kind of kid talks like that?? That ain’t a good sign.

    1. His life has been nothing my turmoil and Janelle has done everything she can to send him down this terrible path. Of course he’s going to be an angry little boy.

    1. If that happens, if he leaves her bc mtv isn’t filming her and she’s not making money, then you know Jenelle will be back on teen mom as soon as he’s gone, with a “redemptive” story line about how she’s the survivor of an abusive relationship, how she’s trying to get her life back together after surviving the tyranny of David. And she will expect us all to believe her new story, pity and love her, and support everything she says and does. Ugh!

  16. These poor kids are going to have such a hard time processing all this manipulation and drama between all the parents.
    I’m sure she only passed the drug screen because everything is prescribed to her.
    Stop filming and leave this girl, maybe she can get it together without always trying to appease social media of a perfect family.

  17. This may get down votes but I was pretty disturbed by the fact that they allowed that baby to stand on the front of a pontoon going down the lake. I wouldn’t let any of them do it but she could’ve easily slipped thru the rails and there would be no time to stop before it’s too late. Not saying that’s a CPS worthy infraction, just e trembly bad judgement.

    1. I found that a bit sketchy too. They probably thought it’s fine bc she’s wearing a life vest. Was at least good to see all the kids were wearing one.

  18. Go watch the live Instagram story from David last night. He has issues and it’s so obvious he loves the drama. I’m still not convinced that he wasn’t on something while rambling during this video.

  19. What a crock of shat! She is so full of spite and pettiness all she cares about is having the upperhand! She cares so little that she can’t even give Jace his prescribed medication because she can’t be bothered! David makes my skin crawl, such a controlling scumbag!! Jace was right, they are pieces of shit!! Free Kaiser!!

  20. So I have no clue about them and I don’t watch the show, but my 2.5 yr olds are constantly covered in bruises. They trip over everything, run into each other, fall off things. It’s non-stop because they are high energy and never sit. So don’t think all bruises are signs of abuse.

      1. True but they have big imaginations and exaggerate things. They are also easily coached. However, reading all the other details it definitely seems like something much bigger is going on. And these parents really don’t realize how much they are damaging those kids with all this chaos. Ifs awful.

  21. Ridiculous!! Will she ever truly have a consequence for her choices?? She should have been grateful that that grandmother kept that boy and knowing that he was safe from the abuse he gets from David. Instead she fights to bring him back into the home where she knows that there’s abuse all around verbally mentally and physically! It was a perfect chance for her to let that happen and have it be not her choice to send Kaiser to somebody else because of David. I think she’s so abused mentally that he has incredible control over her

  22. They will allow david to killthat little boy. Mtv hould fire jenelle for good then she wont want kaiser and will let him go to Doris. David eason is a POS garbage and deservea to be beaten with a stick until he is within an inch of life. So the person who did it can say oh he just got bruised from our boat trip

  23. They’re so transparent. Here comes the picture of Kaiser on a boat right after Jace reveals that Kaiser was at daycare when they went out on the boat during his weekend. What a coincidence!

    Also David – I’ve literally never seen you smile or laugh in any episode so that’s interesting that you say Kaiser keeps you laughing and smiling. I’ve only seen him stress you out, make you swear, make you slam doors, and make you raise your voice. Must be that “editing” again, huh?

  24. What a crock of shit! Poor Kaiser! Jenelle is full of spite and pettiness and David makes my stomach turn!

  25. They might have passed a screen, but whose urine did they use? This is all about having the upper hand and control for them. They don’t give half a crap about Kaiser. All he is to them is a pawn against their enemy. The system is failing this poor, sweet, innocent boy. And the only one that gives a shit can’t do anything about it until something tragic happens. F!ck you Nathan, drunken scum bag, half-a$$ dad, f!cj you David, abusive, vile, psychopath. Most of all, F!CK YOU JENELLE, piss poor excuse for a mom, narcissist, spiteful slut. One day your karma is coming & it will hit you so hard you’ll never get up. I can’t condone this anymore. Unfortunately, I am stepping away from all talks of teen mom, more importantly Jenelle, until these innocent children receive justice.

  26. They waited a few days to try to get him back so they could get the drugs out of their system

  27. I can’t stand that I’m reading stories about child abuse. This is so wrong on so many levels.

  28. Not surprised!!! Iam sure they know how to have a clean test. Hair test should be done.

  29. David and Jenelle are so clearly terrible PEOPLE… let alone parents. The fact they have a gaggle of children is a tragedy. These posts about how great they are aren’t fooling anyone. In the words of Jace “mommy and David are pieces of shit”. Please don’t let her back on teen mom and pray her poor children stay safe and happy.

  30. Glad to hear Jenelle and David checked out. Didn’t sound very good before. I pray there’s no more wrongs against Kaiser and that boy can be happy. All the kids should be happy and spending time together

  31. Don’t they both have doctor issued medical marijuana prescriptions? (I believe The Ashley has published this about them in a previous story?) Because of this, does anyone know if that would excuse a dirty test? Like if it’s “prescribed”, doesn’t it still count as a clean screen?

  32. I’m about ready to go get that little chunk myself because what the hell?? This poor boy is being tugged in so many different directions and used a pawn out of spite.

    1. You saw all those prescriptions. As long as it’s prescribed, it doesn’t count as a failed drug test.

    2. And also, something else about the drug tests. 4 years ago my fiance got put on probation for some trouble he got into before we met (It took about a year for it to catch up with him), he used to smoke weed (No other hard drugs though) The state we’re in hasn’t legalized yet so he used the detox drink (like we saw Jenelle doing a few years ago) and passed every single one of them, easy as pie. Seeing as we literally saw her drinking one to pass a test for probation before…. I’d be willing to bet that’s what they did.

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