EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Is No Longer Single: Get the Scoop on Her New Boyfriend!

“I’ve done fetched me a new man, y’all!”

Leah Messer has got her groove back– and a new boyfriend too!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the Teen Mom 2 star is in a relationship after several years living the single life. ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers have watched as she married (and divorced) the father of her twins, Corey Simms, as well as Jeremy Calvert, who is the father of her daughter Addie.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Leah has been in a relationship with a man named Jason Jordan for several months, and that things have been going well. She has been keeping it on the down-low.

From what The Ashley can gather, Leah’s boyfriend is much older than she is. (He’s 39, while Leah just turned 26.) He is the father of a two-year-old son.

Like Leah, it appears that Jason is a divorcee. According to online records uncovered by The Ashley, Jason was married to his son’s mother from June 2014 until October 2017.

Jason is a local guy whom Leah apparently met through mutual friends. The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ sources tell her that, at this point, Leah does not want Jason appearing on the show.

“She is filming for Season 9 but has mentioned to [crew members] that he will not be on ‘Teen Mom 2’ because she wants to keep this relationship more private,” The Ashley’s source said.

Unlike some of the other ‘Teen Mom 2′ girls’ beaus, Jason doesn’t seem to need the MTV money. He has a successful career in medical sales, and graduated from college with a double-major Bachelors degree in psychology and sociology. He is also a former basketball player.

Leah’s new squeeze!

From what The Ashley hears, Leah’s kids get along well with Jason, but Leah has yet to introduce him to either of her ex-husbands.

Back in February, Leah appeared on Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast and spilled about trying to date again.

“I am single AF!” Leah said at the time. “I just now started getting back out into the dating world…It’s difficult [being single with three kids]. It’s really challenging trying to date.”

During recent episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah and Jeremy have been shown considering giving their relationship another chance. Although they did hook up, Leah and Jeremy eventually decided not to try to date again.

“I guess at first maybe I considered [getting back together with Jeremy],” Leah said on Kail’s podcast in February. “Like, ‘If we are getting along this great, why not try it again for Addie’s sake’ but at the end of the day we weren’t happy. We didn’t do well together but we do great as friends.”

Leah also stated during the podcast interview that she didn’t think she would find her ‘forever’ guy in West Virginia. However, with Jason being a West Virginia native, she may be rethinking that statement!

UPDATE! Leah, who is currently on vacation in Florida with Jason and her daughters posed for paparazzi photos with her new boo. She also posted one photo to her Instagram showing the group at the beach and confirmed in the comments that Jason is, indeed, her boyfriend.

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(Photo: MTV, Facebook)

43 Responses

  1. Why does Ali not wear a brace on that leg that is turning inward? Where is her physical therapy? I am not feeling that Leah is doing the most for that girl. Leah is still clearly on hillbilly heroin. Her pupils are still pinned and her affect is weird. She needs real rehab for a good 3-6 months, not a boyfriend! They met through friends? I bet they met through her drug dealer. He looks a little “off” to me.

    What does Leah have to offer this man? Why would he want to get involved in this mess especially with his own child being so young??? He wants to take on a drug addict with 3 kids, one of whom is seriously ill and may not survive into adulthood?

  2. Leah looks great these days!! I get slight skeevy vibes from the dude tho but as long as she’s happy and he treats her and her girls good – that’s what matters

  3. You mean her next baby daddy? Sounds way too good for Leah. I hope it works and she continues to grow and mature. She seems to be doing so much better and I hope it continues.

  4. Leah has either managed to make positive steps in her life. For example it doesn’t look like homeless gypsies are living in her car anymore, and I haven’t heard the kids are not showing up at school on time in a while. Or she has just become smarter at keeping that from not being shown during filming. I tend to think she made positive steps though. I wish she would find a career though and not date a man that has money and control. Let’s face it once Teen Mom is finished that motivational speaking is going to dry up. I am amazed it has not already since she is not the greatest speaker. Let’s hope this guy likes to be fed lunchables, sugar packets, and gas station sandwiches since Leah is an expert in serving that food.

  5. Hey y’all, I just wanted to let everyone know that about 5 minutes ago I got the Grace Report update on this guy. By the way, I’m just curious, how many of us are Grace Report subscribers?

  6. Leah’s saving grace has always been that she’s actually capable of choosing decent men, at least to marry or father her children. Her problem is keeping a good man one she’s got him (hint: cheating on him with your old high school flame? Bad idea).

    1. what are you talking about, Jeremy seems like a real absent drunken selfish asshole. Any decent man with their life in order, would want nothing to do with this white trash hillbilly. The woman has Titanic sized baggage. Who wants that skank who everyone can see has been rode hard. No one but an opportunist loser would want her!

      1. Granted, he isn’t exactly Dale Carnegie, but he manages to hold a job, pay his bills, and stay out of jail. For the Teen Mom franchise, that puts him ahead of the pack.

  7. I’m glad someone else said that about Ali. I grew up around other kids with disabilities, including muscular dystrophy. Unfortunately, most of them are gone now. With muscular dystrophy, you usually don’t live terribly long. I didn’t want to say anything, because I didn’t think you guys would believe me. I didn’t want to sound cold-hearted or anything like that.

  8. Good for her. Her singleness lasted more than that of the other girls. (And yes I know she dated T.R. after Jeremy, still she was single for a while after him) Just take it slow, okay?

  9. I am so glad u have found a real man and u look so much healthier glad you are doing well and glad u have decided to keep him off the show it seems like this show reunion relationships so item glad u have made that decision so happy for u keep moving forward

  10. I’m happy for her. She didnt go out and jump into relationship after relationship and bed to bed after her last divorce. She took plenty of time to work on herself and her kids. She deserves to find happiness and although I’d love to see him on the show I think she’s smart to keep him off

  11. I am old school but I wish Leah and ALL the rest of these girls would wait a bit before dating. Dr. Phil doesn’t agree with it also. When you have little girls living in your house, bringing guys into it is asking for trouble. We always want to believe that SHIT doesn’t happen…only to OTHER people. BUT IT DOES! I just don’t get why these girls always have to have a man. Why cant they just enjoy their children and be the great moms? Moving a new guy in isn’t a good idea, so I hope that she doesn’t do it….

    1. She was single for multiple years before dating the new guy! How long do you expect her to wait?! She’s 26!

  12. Sounds like a potentially imbalanced relationship to me, between the age and educational gap, but I will give them points for a couple months of dating but (one hopes) not yet knocked up.

    1. Both of these things may be very positive for Leah. She may need an older, mature guy to help keep her grounded and give her support. Leah also has three children and has been divorced twice, she does need an older guy that’s ok with dealing with the baggage. Not only does this guy have an ex-wife, he also has a child. In that, he and Leah have empathy for the custody situations.

      Also, Leah was planning on going back to school last year, maybe she needs an extra kick to try again and stick with it this time. Leah has no way to provide for herself after TM2 ends.

  13. Glad for her….seems like she found herself a decent and good looking guy. It’s nice when the girls snap out of their delusions and get their act together….it doesn’t happen very often on this show. She’s defintely come a long way from where she was. Hopefully she’ll steer clear of Robbie, cuz this guy seems like a catch.

  14. Leah has come a long way.

    So if she’s happy with this new man I wish her the absolute best. (Nice looking guy too.)

    Good for her.

  15. I’ve always rooted for Leah. She grew up poor, with no father around, a mother who’s a trainwreck, in a place where opioid abuse is rampant, and she has a daughter with serious medical issues (which I think people forget a lot. If I had a daughter who could possibly die very young from an ongoing medical issue, I don’t know how I’d get through the days). Leah made some bad decisions, but she was able to turn her life around, and, even when she was struggling, you could always tell that she adored her kids and made them the center of her life.

  16. She lived with a trainer named T.R. Dues right after her and Jeremy divorced. She kept him off the show. She certainly hasn’t been single as long as she makes it sound. She also always manages to find guys with good jobs and a good income.

  17. I personally find the new guy very attractive from his picture, and am super happy for her. There is a pretty big age difference, but I do understand that being as Leah is 26 with three children. A large majority of men her age are not at a place in their lives where they have matured enough to be a family man. This new guy sounds fantastic from what information The Ashley provided. Education is key. He is well-educated, has a career and is capable of taking care of himself. Congrats Leah!

  18. I’m happy for Leah. I’m glad she took a few years to concentrate on herself. That’s what she needed and she seems like she’s matured a lot. Hopefully, she’ll take this relationship slow and not rush into marriage like she did the last two times.

  19. Jeremy isn’t hot either. He’s got a bad attitude and a pig nose. This guy has it together. I hope it works out for them. She does need to stop hiding relationships though. Remember TR Deuse?


  20. Who ever thought Leah was ever single??? A penis fly trap will never let her bed get cold even of its just steady rotation of ex’s Leah will always have always man. That’s always the teen mom’s actually

  21. she’s 26 has 3 kids and two divorces, no real skills other than opening her skanky legs. If he doesn’t heed her money why would he be with her?? He looks like he could be gay, but even if he’s not, no normal person would have anything to do with her! She’s gross!

    1. That’s your criteria? She should be with someone she isn’t happy with, just because you think he’s more attractive? That they should stick out a relationship where they bring our the worst in each other rather than in a (hopefully) healthy relationship with someone you deem “not hot”?!

      What is wrong with you?

      1. It matters. If she doesn’t find him attractive then there’s no point in a relationship. That’s called a friendship.

        1. We can assume that Leah DOES find him attractive. The issue is that the other poster doesn’t find him attractive and think that should matter.

          1. Right?! Why should it matter to her if some commenter doesn’t find him attractive if she does? Like, does no one know all eyes don’t see the same, there is no universal rule for attractiveness? Btw, to me he is good looking.

    2. He’s attractive and looks like a MAN rather than a boy, unlike the other Teen Mom dads. Minus that stupid chin strap, ugh. Not to mention, education and success makes someone 10000x more attractive in my opinion… think it’s time to grow up girl!

      1. yeah but why is he with her? She’s a really bad loser. She quits everything she tries, the only thing she’s ever consistent with is spreading her legs wide. She’s a loser with no education, no skills no accomplishments, two divorces, three kids, she’s far from a prize, She’s average looking at best, what successful man without a ton of issues would want her and her baggage?

        1. Pat Brown.. You have a real hard on for Leah! What the hell did she do to you to make you so damn bitter? Couldn’t nobody on this earth make me a hateful cunt like you are being! Just sound super petty!

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