Chantel Everett’s Brother River Says He’s Mad At Himself For Getting Into Physical Fight With Pedro Jimeno On “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?”

Pedro with The Family Chantel in happier times…

Chantel Everett’s brother River is speaking out after Sunday’s explosive episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? showed him getting into a physical fight with Chantel’s husband Pedro Jimeno.

Fans watched as fists and (chicken legs) went flying at a family dinner on Sunday’s episode of the TLC reality show. In a recent Instagram post, though, River explained what really happened that night.

“Pedro was doing this [points finger] and he told my parents to shut up,” River said on Instagram Live. (The live broadcast was captured by the Instagram account @90DayFiance_ .)

“I said, ‘You can’t disrespect my parents like that,’” River explained. “He stood up, I stood up. People said it looked like I threw something—from where I stood up, I couldn’t even see Pedro. All I did was hit the lamp, because I was getting frustrated. I don’t wanna take it out on nobody else.”

River said he actually wasn’t trying to start a fight with Pedro.

“I’m actually mad,” River said. “I don’t regret it, but I’m mad at myself because nobody should get me out of my character.”

There is only one thing to say about this situation: “JERRY! JERRY!”

River is just one of the members of The Family Chantel who has made it clear that they do not trust Pedro. River and Chantel’s mother has stated numerous times on the show that she feels Pedro is using Chantel to get his green card and to “harvest the American dollar.”

As to how much damage he actually did to Pedro during the fight, River said he was unsure but, “I saw him holding his lip so I must’ve done something.”

Neither Chantel nor Pedro have addressed the fight on social media. However, Chantel did post a selfie on Instagram thanking her fans for their support on Monday.

“I really appreciate the kind of encouragement that the majority of you offer,” Chantel wrote.

In the comment section of the post, a fan asked Chantel is the scene was scripted, to which Chantel replied that it wasn’t.

Fans on Twitter seemed to think that the fight was definitely not staged.

“Ok. The fight between the Family Chantel and Pedro was real. Those were real words and real punches!” one person tweeted. “Chantel’s mother was on the floor, literally. River pushed Nicole. Production got involved. Wowwwww!”

“It sucks the crew and family split up the fight!” another viewer wrote on Twitter “Boooooo to the crew! I wanted more drama!”

Watch River talk about The Family Chantel’s fight with Pedro in the video below:

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(Photos: Instagram, TLC)


  1. I have such a deep dislike for this family, the parents are ignorant, the brother has SERIOUS rage issues, and as a whole they are disrespectful and ignorant. Chantel should be keeping what transpires in her marriage to herself, if she needs advice or to blow off steam that’s what friends are for. River has hated Pedro since day 1,and he says it was because Pedro lied, ok River if that’s the case clearly you didn’t watch the show bc Pedro was the only one begging Chantel to tell the truth…. The dinner had already started off in a rude manner when Nicole entered the house and Chantel mom was completely rude and disrespectful but pushing her away when she went to huge the woman. Then Pedro wants to have his sister by him as the accusations start flying, I definitely did not hear or see Pedro tell the parents to shutup, next thing we see is the fight. For Chantel to sit at the tell all reunion and still blame Pedro for the fight is delusional,like girl wtf show were you watching hmm?

  2. Chantel and her family are too tight. They immediately were suspicious and conducted themselves as such. River is a smart ass and immature. Each of them needs to step back and let Chantel make up her mind, then support her.

  3. The family Chantel is way way way too nosey. This is who Chantel decided to impulsively marry, so she needs to deal with it, not them. If he’s a conman that’s on her. It was only a matter of time before Pedro and River got to fighting….You can only talk to someone the way River talks to Pedro for so long, before that person snaps.

  4. Chantal needs to stop running to her family about EVERY DETAIL of her marriage, then bawling her eyes out when the families fight. Her family is way too involved in her marriage and have absolutely no boundaries. Chantal needs to decide if she’s a big girl, or a girl who runs to mom and dad over every little thing

  5. I’m not a big fan of Pedro, but Chantel’s family is crazy too. Her lying about what type of Visa Pedro has is ridiculous. She should have told them the truth in the first place. Purposely getting your spouse in trouble with your family is wrong and very immature.

  6. Funny how Chantal never ran back to River or her parents with the actual TRUTH about Pedro, but instead cooked up a big, boldface lie about him being here on a student’s visa instead of a K-1 visa. Seems to me, while running this bogus scam on the “Family Chantal,” she should have been taking the time to learn more about the vast “cultural” differences between herself and the man she was about to marry.

    So now if Pedro feels “culturally” committed to his family, regardless of the fact that it often depletes funds from his own household here in the U.S., perhaps she would have already seen this coming down the road a LONG time ago.

    And after this big hair weave pulling and table smashing throw down last Sunday, I think both the Family Chantal and La Familia De Pedro just need to take a HUGE step back, and let this couple decide what’s next.

  7. Convenient how he leaves out that he called Pedro the N word not once, but twice. River is a twerp of the first magnitude and deserved a beat down. I wish he had gotten it.

  8. Of course he regrets getting aggressive with Pedro, his river got rocked on national television. Whether he threw something at Pedro or not, he puffs his chest out and talks ish every single time he gets around him. I understand wanting to protect your sister, but she’s a grown woman and she’s not naiive like a Nicole or a Danielle. You can only push and push and disrespect the spouse of someone you care about (whether it be justified or not) before your loved one eventually phases you out (take it from experience). Of course Pedro and his family are up to something, but if the Family Chantel doesn’t lay off they will be the ones on the sideline once the grandchildren come.

    1. I’m in a similar situation with my younger brother and his longtime girlfriend. It’s really hard to keep yourself composed when you hear all the bullcrap and sometimes you can’t keep yourself together, but in the end you will have to find a way to somehow be friendly just so you don’t lose contact with your sibling altogether. I’m regretting trying to make things right before they got married: since she has no friends and we are sort of alright I’m her maid of honor and she’s a bridezilla… And I hate weddings…

      Pray for me, please

      1. Kaiser and Ensley’s Escape Plan: It’s sad, but it’s a reality. I learned a long time ago to stay out of folks’ relationships, and to be there as a sounding board when requested. I have a really close friend who married a douche and I made the mistake of telling her that, guess who’s on the sidelines……….

      1. Well, she kind of acts like a ten-year-old, always running to her family, instead of trying to talk things out with Pedro like an adult. I get the feeling her parents taught her to be that way.

    2. Chantel acts like a teen but that being said, her family needs to decide to either support her (and therefore keep their mouths shut ) or not (and cut her out of their lives). In our family, we have a sister in law who is horrible but we have kept our mouths shut for decades because fighting goes no where. If he cares about his sister, then he has no reason to fight. Chantel is a big girl and needs to start acting like an adult who owns her choices.

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