Get Your First Look At Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross’ New Reality Show ‘Ashlee+Evan’

“‘Member us?!”

Ashlee Simpson and her husband Evan Ross—aka the sister of Jessica and son of Diana, respectively, for those ready to drop a “who?” in the comment section—are joining the world of reality television with their new E! docudrama, Ashlee+Evan.

We’ll give you a moment to calm down from the excitement this news surely brings…

Anyway, according to the new trailer posted by Us Weekly, ‘Ashlee+Evan’ will focus on the couple as they navigate life as parents while writing and recording their first duet album.

“It’s a lot more like a documentary than a reality [show], the way we show it at least,” Evan told Us Weekly. “It was something that we created that we ended up pitching. It wasn’t something that was given to us. It was something that we executive-produced, decided what we were really trying to do and go behind it.”

Of course, this isn’t Ashlee’s first time in front of the reality show cameras. Fellow reality-show fiends may recall watching the horror that was The Ashlee Simpson Show on MTV back in the day. The fright-fest of a reality show ran for two seasons from 2004 to 2005 and largely focused on Ashlee’s musical career as she recorded and released her debut album, “Autobiography.”

The show also featured Ashlee’s mom Tina, dad/manager Joe, then-boyfriend Ryan Cabrera (along with his super spiky and blond-tipped hair… #NeverForget). Big sister Jessica even popped up on a couple of episodes of the show.

Sadly, ‘The Ashlee Simpson Show’ failed to show Ashlee’s greatest contribution to pop culture to date: the lip-syncing/hoe-dancing fiasco that was her Saturday Night Live performance.

Ashlee took a break from the entertainment world in 2009 to raise her son Bronx, whom she shares with ex-husband Pete Wentz. She and Evan tied the knot in 2014 and are parents to 2-year-old daughter, Jagger Snow. While Ashlee has stayed out of the spotlight in recent years, Evan has stayed relatively busy as an actor, most notably appearing in the “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 and Part 2,” as well as Fox’s Star.

On ‘Ashlee+Evan,’ viewers will see Evan focus more on his music—something his wife already knows a thing or two about.

“Ashlee’s super talented, she’s had an incredible career,” Evan says in the trailer. He also jokingly asks her, “Do you even know the movies I’ve done?”

We also see Ashlee impart some wisdom on her husband.

“You’ve never done this before. If you make a mistake, you can never f**king take that back,” she warns him. (Again, see: Saturday Night Live Hoedown.)

And speaking of things that went wrong, here’s hoping that Ashlee’s new show won’t follow in the same footsteps as those of Jessica and now ex-husband Nick Lachey who appeared on MTV’s Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica from 2003-2005. The married musicians’ reality show aired its season finale in March 2005 and nine months later, the two had filed for divorce, with many speculating the show was to partially to blame for their split.

‘Ashlee+Evan’ premieres Sunday, September 9 on E!

Watch the show’s trailer below:

(Photo: E!)


  1. I remember when that lip sync thing happened & it was such a big deal at the time, with everyone talking about it for weeks. Just rewatched the clip now and it’s so crazy bc it’s literally almost nothing at all. Nowadays every single week there are so many shocking ass things in the news we don’t even have time to process it or talk about it all before the next crazy ass thing happens. Lol we all were so innocent back when Ashlee Simpson was lip syncing on SNL

  2. I binge watched all,of Ashlee’s old MTV Series episodes!
    Wow! It was a trip,in the way back machine! I forgot about Flip Phones! LOL!???

  3. Don’t remember him at all in The Hunger Games Mockingjay. Who did he play? The only black actors I remember were Mahershala Ali and Lenny Kravitz.

  4. I really like Ashlee’s voice and she is pretty talented. But i loved the original Ashlee. I am still pissed at her for saying “i love my nose… it’s huge” and then getting a nose job soon after. I felt a big nose camaraderie with her before that but after i felt she was very fake in every way. She is now a nondescript pretty, blong girl.

  5. You would think she would learn from her sister’s mistakes.. well good luck to them, i met her in the grocery store once and she was really nice.

  6. Hey, girl, remember when your sister had a TV show and divorced shortly after? Do you want to follow her footsteps with that too?

  7. “Ashlee’s super talented, she’s had an incredible career.” Ok, Evan. Someone sure wants his d**k s*cked tonight.

    1. I enjoyed Ashlee fighting it, keeping her original nose, being “dark” pop/punk as opposed to her sister’s happily ever after music/life

  8. Have they learned nothing from couple reality shows past, especially her own sister?! Divorce in 3…2…1…

  9. Oh no! I was perfectly happy with the Simpson sisters slowly fading into obscurity. I will not be watching.

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