‘Teen Mom 2′ Fans Freak Out Over Briana DeJesus’ “Creepy” Kiss With Her Mother Roxanne: See What Briana Had To Say About It

Briana kissed her mom….and ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans DIDN’T like it…

Over the years, Teen Mom 2 has featured plenty of “smoochy” moments—from Jenelle Evans sucking face with whatever booooooyfriend she happens to be soulmates with, to the kisses that sealed the girls’ (short-lived) marriages. However, there has never been an on-air kiss that has caused such a stir on social media as the one featured on Monday’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ between Briana DeJesus….and her mother, Roxanne.

The show’s viewers seemed to simultaneously cringe and gag as they watched Bri’s mom go in for the long, full-on lip smooch.

And, no, this wasn’t just a peck to show motherly affection. The kiss basically lasted longer than Briana’s relationship with Javi Marroquin!

Fans—and Briana—soon discussed the kiss on Twitter.

“Does anyone else feel uncomfortable after seeing that creepy kiss between Briana and her mother?” one person asked on Twitter.

“Ewwww at that long ass kiss on the mouth that Briana’s mom put on her,” one person tweeted.

Even Briana’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star (and longtime nemesis) Kail Lowry commented about the mother/daughter smooch.

“What the f**k did I just see on my tv,” Kail tweeted after the kiss aired.

When you know the kiss between your mom and sister was weird but you don’t say anything because you don’t want them to throw something at you…

Briana did address the scene on Twitter after the episode aired, admitting that it was a little weird, even to her.

“Damn ma that was gross @roxy991roxy but hey at least you love me,” Briana wrote. “Some other kids need that Motherly love ASAP. Better write some notes!”

She later explained that Roxanne went in for the long kiss because she was saying goodbye to her daughter, who was about to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife (again).

“It sure was,” Briana told a fan who said the kiss was creepy. “Lmao but I was leaving for a major surgery so I understand why she did that. Imagine something happened and we didn’t get to say goodbye?”

Roxanne wasn’t quite as cordial to fans who questioned her expressions of love for her daughter. When a fan tweeted to her that, “There is a huge difference between motherly love and what happened there. That was gross,” Roxy told her to “kindly f**k off.”

(She did not, however, attempt to hit the girl with her red high heels, so there’s that…)

You can watch footage of the kiss in question in the video below!

(Photos: MTV)


  1. So if I was going away or something my mom would give me a long hug and maybe a few seconds longer kiss on my CHEEK which I think is totally normal. It’s a maternal love she’s expressing, Roxannes kiss looked like the love you show a significant other. ??

  2. So Rocy, would it be ok for Devon to kiss Nova like that? Or Luis with Stella?!! Keep ur tongue out of ur daughter’s mouth!!!

  3. The mother is heavily medicated bc of her disease….she prob just nodded out of her kid’s face. Yuck

  4. As others have said a peck on the lips is one thing, even normal in some places, but this…grabbing your daughter’s face so she can’t move away and swaying…just no. I understand moms worry when their child is undergoing surgery but the normal thing to do is a long hug. I had major surgery as a teen and my parents didn’t try to make out with me. They hugged me and sat in the hospital room with me.

  5. Maybe I shouldn’t comment since I *only* have a son, but he’s 15 now and I’d NEVER kiss him like that – saying as a parent who didn’t know her child was allergic to jellyfish until one fateful day out with the family on a beach Memorial Day Weekend a few years back. I often hug my son, but I was terrified that day when he got smacked in the face with a box jellyfish & instantly I knew things were not normal and his face swelled double normal size in a few minutes before we could get to the hospital off the beach. I held his hand, stayed up all night, babied him once home, etc – but I NEVER felt the need to kiss my CHILD full on the lips bc *I* was scared/worried. As another side story, my alcoholic mother used to come around for awhile when I was a child (in the 80s), and when she left, always kissed me twice on the cheeks, then a peck on the lips. One time there was sores around my mother’s mouth, and my father nicely asked my mom to not kiss me on the lips – I was about 8/9 years old. Since that time, other than my fiance, I do not kiss family members for any reason on the lips. I respect other cultures, where kissing/holding hands even as friends is the norm, but it is not so in America. My mother later stated she was HIV+ (not saying not kissing your mother is right, but my father was right to notice and worry – especially early 90s) and it just irks me for the DeJesuses. No, your “baby” just had two babies by two different low lifes, now she’s opting for an elective surgery so she can lure/trap other men… check yourself, mom gets no passes from me. Morals of a cat in heat dont move me.

    1. That kiss was so gross! I’m sorry you had to go through all of that with your son, but I’m glad he’s okay now.

  6. A peck on the lips is one thing, but this is a little awkward. A long hug and a quick kiss would seem more appropriate.

  7. I see how this is creepy to people , I also see it being explainable.. her daughter ( her baby) is leaving to go under the knife… perhaps Roxanne was lost in a thought or prayer and didn’t intend the length. Idk, to insinuate some freaky romantic feelings for her daughter is far fetched.

    1. It’s possible.
      Side note: does no one understand sarcasm? Why all the down thumbs on a funny as hell comment?

  8. Well, for as much as we all bitched about Briana and the cauldron being added to TM2 and as much as we all can’t stand them, they have added some good fodder for snarking.

  9. It was super awkward and passionate looking. Yes i understand that something can happen to your daughter but i mean come on. Just give a long hug and kiss on the cheek or forhead. Lips are a little too romantic for mom and daughter.

  10. I think Roxanne has been single for too long. Maybe they need a spinoff series where they find her dates in different cities:

    “Roxanne Gets ‘The D'”

    “Roxanne Meets The Big Easy”

    “Roxanne Gets A Cheese Steak”

    1. Roxanne and Barbara spin off!!! MTV make this happen #babscoven #edipuscomplex #tm2spinoff #grandmadoesdallas

  11. That whole family dynamic, Roxanne and the girls, is creepy. The things Roxanne does to keep the girls living with her in her house are disturbing. The guilt tripping, the constant male bashing and manipulation she does, etc…It’s really no wonder why Brittany and Briana have a few screws loose….their mother is obsessed with them.

  12. So I guess this is where Nova and Stella learn what “bad touching” means?

    Just asking…while still being unable to un-see it.


  13. Isn’t there an old Police song about Briana’s Mom? Goes something like:

    You don’t have to French Briana tonight
    Make an ass outta yourself on MTV for money
    You don’t care if it’s wrong or if it’s right

    You don’t have throw the red pump with might
    throw the red pump with might

  14. Now it all makes sense as to why ‘ol Roxy is so nasty to all of Bri’s boyfriends – she wants Bri all to herself. Weird boundary issues in that warped family – poor Nova and Stella. There’s more to the cauldron than I thought.

  15. Anyone who is like “what, they just love each other!” needs a lesson in body autonomy and boundaries. Adult parents don’t need to grab their kids face and lip lock….because if this was a 20 something year old and her father ppl would flip shit, same goes for her nasty mother. (And yes, my mom loves me. We just don’t need to show each other by swapping spit ?)

  16. Idk about this one. I kiss my daughters (19 & 15) still. Not so much on their mouth but I have on occasion & it was a very quick peck. However they pop me on my butt all the time, I do the same to them. They pop each other in the boob, I don’t really partake in all that lol! They’re just goobers. I would never linger kiss them like that though. Maybe on the cheek but not the mouth! That’s just my opinion.

    1. Only problem is that Roxanne was literally a half inch away from giving tongue….
      That’s why it seems gross

  17. You kissed every dick Briana has every suck….
    Congratulations, Roxanne….ya played yaself.

  18. I would probably punch my own mother for kissing me like that, but I understand. Briana is an adult but that is still that woman’s baby in her heart. She was going away for a major surgery. People need to get their minds out the gutter and realize everyone is different! As a mom I get it, but it’s still going to be a big NO for me. I am just not passing judgement.

  19. Briana can say what she wants. That was some predatory shit to watch. My mum has always been affectionate, but she’s never, ever forced a kiss on me like that by grabbing my face!
    That family has some serious issues!

    1. Right! I’d like to know what the people defending them would think if I kissed my oldest son(15) like that. I’m a 35 yr old woman. It’s disgusting and I can’t remember the last time I felt so uncomfortable.

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