‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Says She’s Hoping To Get Surgery On Her Breasts Next Month

“Maybe Farrah will want the excess boobage? She can have it if she wants it!”

Kail Lowry is planning to go back under the plastic surgeon’s knife and have surgery on her breasts! However, unlike a lot of the Teen Mom franchise stars who have had breast enlargements, Kail is hoping to have some of her ample bosom removed!

During the most-recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, the Teen Mom 2 star confessed that she may be getting breast reduction surgery as early as next month.

“They’re massive!” Kail said of her breasts. “It weighs me down. I already have bad posture and my boobs add to it.”

Kail’s co-host Lindsie Chrisley agreed that Kail’s super-sized knockers need to be reduced.

“It will be such a relief for you though because yours are so big!” Lindsie told her.

Kail told listeners that she is currently wearing a 36 DDD bra, but was surprised when she recently measured at a 44 DDD.

“When my trainer came here the other day, he took all my measurements to do the weight loss stuff, he went to measure my chest and stuff too, checking everything,” she said. “When he took my measurements, it was 44 inches! I don’t think I’m even wearing the right size bra. I don’t even think there is a 44 DDD. I’m so big and I’m super nervous and hopeful that I can get the surgery.”

This is not the first time Kail has mentioned that she wants to have her breasts sized down. After a fan tweeted her in March to let her know that her boobs looked “massive,” Kail agreed with the fan (before telling her to f**k off, naturally).

“My t**s are just too big and I can’t wait to get a reduction,” Kail tweeted.

In January, Kail traveled to Florida to have liposuction and a boob job done by Plastic Surgeon To The ‘Teen Moms’, Dr. Miami, but she backed out of the surgeries on the day she was set to go under the knife.

“When I get home I’ll use the money I was [going to] spend on surgery for a nutritionist & get back into working out,” she tweeted after revealing her cancelled surgery plans.

It appears that Kail has done just that. During recent episodes of Coffee Convos, Kail has discussed her workouts with a personal trainer, and how her large breasts are making it hard for her to work out.

“I’m having a really hard time with sports bras and I don’t know if it’s just me or that my tits are so massive that I just need a reduction,” Kail said on the podcast in May. “I’ll run or do box jumps and my whole boob will come out of a sports bra. I’ll look down and my nip is out.”

If Kail does go through with the breast reduction surgery, she will be the first ‘Teen Mom’ star to actually have her breasts downsized instead of inflated.

Listen to the full episode of Kail’s Coffee Convos podcast below!

(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Twitter)

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  1. 44 is the inches around your chest. It’s not the size of your breasts that has changed, it’s from weight gain.

  2. Her trainer is clearly not an expert at bra sizing. She’s almost certainly not a 44 band size, and she’s almost certainly quite a few cup sizes larger than she’s wearing. A 44 inch underbust chest circumference is massive, and she’s simply not that big. Whoever measured her probably used the archaic “add 4-6 inches to your chest size for the band size” advice that only made sense in a world before elastic bands existed, and cannot conceive of a cup size larger than a D. She needs to hit a boutique, or even a Nordstrom to get sized properly and into a well fitting bra. I used to think I wanted a reduction, but it turns out once I was wearing a 28G instead of a 34D most of my physical problems were resolved. And stay the fuck away from Victoria’s Secret, they are the worst for shoving women into the absolute wrong sizes.

  3. I’m baffled that she thought she was/wearing a 36!!! I’m a relatively petite person at 120 with a B cup and I wear a 36!! And she’s the hulk! That musta been uncomfortable..

    1. It just does not work like that…I weigh 70lbs more than my teen…I’m a 36E and she is a 36C at 110 lbs. I have a small rib cage *proportionately* and she is wide (extremely broad shoulders)

    2. Yeah, it doesn’t really work like that…I weigh 75lbs more than my daughter…I’m a 36E at 185lbs and she is a 36C at 110 lbs. I have a small rib cage *proportionately* to my body and she is wide (extremely broad shoulders).

      Kail is not 44″ around her BODY. Over her boobs may be 44″. If the measurement around her body is 36 or 38 inches she would be something like a 36G or 38H possibly.

  4. She should try to lose weight before surgery. She was always a big boned girl and you can tell in her early episodes. Her butt right now looks ridiculous. I agree with someone getting breast surgery to undo pain but i hope that wasnt one of the surgeries she had earlier, did she have a breast enlargement before?

  5. The comments on this thread are absolutely appalling. Like or dislike Kail all you want, but this is exactly why woman have body image issues. If she has the money to do it, who are any of you to judge how she spends it?

    1. Um, hello! We don’t like her! They all put themselves out there for our critical comments, they get paid well for it so, get over it!

  6. I may be remembering this incorrectly but didn’t she get a breast enlargement not that long ago? She’s acting like this just occurred through no fault of her own, just admit you made a mistake and get your implants taken out.
    Also I don’t know if it’s the same but in England the number is the measurement around your back and under your boobs, nothing to do with the size of your breasts.
    I’m not against cosmetic surgery in the right circumstances but these girls seem to think it’s like changing your hair colour, just keep trying till you find one that suits you.
    Rant over ☺

    1. I’m pretty sure it was a lift, not enlargement. It was Briana who got an enlargement. (I could be 100% wrong though)

  7. I may be remembering this incorrectly but didn’t she get a breast enlargement not that long ago? She’s acting like this just occurred through no fault of her own, just admit you made a mistake and get your implants taken out.
    Also I don’t know if it’s the same but in England the number is the measurement around your back and under your boobs, nothing to do with the size of your breasts.
    I’m not against cosmetic surgery in the right circumstances but these girls seem to think it’s like changing your hair colour, just keep trying till you find a look that suits you.
    Rant over ☺

  8. This is actually the only plastic surgery of her I can support. I can’t imagine the pain she must be feeling.

  9. i knew she had big boobs but until i read this and saw he pictures i realized how massive they are ?

  10. I have a hard time believing she’s wearing a 36 bra! If she is it’s a no wonder she’s miserable.. you have yourself squeezed into a bra that’s nearly 10 sizes too small dumba**

  11. Didn’t she fucking have surgery to make them bigger to begin with?! What the fuck is wrong with all these idiot “teen moms”?! They get paid to dick hop, have babies, and surgeries. REAL teen moms don’t have that sort of life. Well, they could but their 4th baby daddy is a meth dealer, so….

  12. Get your tubes tied while you are at it. Because you know you’re going to get pregnant again and it will just ruin your breast.

  13. If you get your boobs reduced it will make you look even bigger. What you go do about your big azz? Why get plastic surgery and risk your life to now change it again?

  14. She’s had three kids and never knew to go get herself measured for the correct bra size after having each one? Oka Kail, here’s my tip to you. Go get a proper fitting. Purchase and then wear the correct size. You will be amazed at the difference the correct bra size will make. It’s a lot cheaper and less painful than the surgery you swore you wouldn’t do.

  15. Sometimes despite weight loss breasts remain big. The only time I lost breast size was when I went very underweight. Large breasts do cause all kinds of problems. I’m presently waiting to see a surgeon about having mine reduced. Will be nice not having to go to specialty shop and paying $200 for bras in my size. The ease on my back, not being pulled forward from being so top heavy and no longer having bra straps dig into my shoulders will also be welcome. Hope she has it done plus continues with her fitness and good nutrition.

  16. Classless. There are so many legitimate things you could criticize about this woman and you need to resort to petty name-calling and body shaming?? Do better.

  17. I have the same problem. The thing is she won’t lose the 44 band just by having a breast reduction. She will need to lose weight and back fat to change that number. She will lose cup sizes, but the ban is measured under her breasts. I find it hard to believe she can wear a 36 band when she measured a 44. Kail and her tall tales!

    1. I had the exact same thought. I had to look her size up because we have European sizes and she claims to be a 100F. I have never even seen bras go over 85 in underwidth (38 inches)! But it’s also possible the trainer measured it wrong. I measured it at home time and time again and always got to 85AA/38A (that size doesn’t even exist), but it turns out I’m a 75D(or E)/34D(D). Especially her saying her bra size doesn’t even exist I’m really suspecting the trainer measured her wrong. Kinda weird she’s not realizing that though, since 36 and 44 is quite a big difference!Just go to a proper underwear store and get that right measurement done, it saves you a lot of trouble (and weird stories, Kail)

    2. Exactly what I was thinking!
      How does one squeeze into a 36 inch band when measured at a 44 inch?? That should have been a clear sign at the get go…

    3. She cannot. I was a 36 pre baby, post a 40/42 depending brand. I CAN NOT get anything under a 38 to clasp and that’s tight with obvious back fat. No way a 44 is closing a 36, no way. I tried my old 36 in desperation, the friggin clasp bent itself straight to let go of the bra!

    4. Not necessarily a tall tale. My mom never explained bras well to me. After my son I just moved into what felt comfortable a 38c. Several years (and weight + scoliosis issues later) I stretched the 38C into wearable but got measured at my sister in laws suggestion & was actually a 44D. Getting the right size bra has made a difference!!!!! My scoliosis causes so much pain I frequently suspect I could use a reduction so I do think she could avoid future health problems if she reduces now.

  18. You deal with it. Too bad all of us poor and penniless big breasted girls can’t run out and get breast reduction surgery.

    1. You’re dumb as fuck. If you get it documented and etc then your insurance will cover it. I was a lot bigger than Kail, I couldnt find a bra in my size at all. I was at about an F or an H. I got a reduction down to a C. And love every second of it. I was a 44, and dropped to a 32C, with out losing any weight around my chest

  19. YOUR BOOBS ARE GETTING BIGGER BECAUSE YOURE STAYING FAT HONEY! I lost 40 pounds since February and my boobs shrunk. LOSE SOME WEIGHT instead of running to a surgeon. Doesn’t this girl want to be an “inspiration” to young girls everywhere? Hop on a treadmill, document your diet and your weight loss journey and more than just fans will hop on board. This is what you get when you hand teenagers thousands of dollars to spread their legs and document their every move as compensation?

    1. You’re dumb as fuck. I tried losing weight, or my doctor. Was in the gym three times a day! And I lost like 10 pounds, but nothing in my tits so shut up

    1. You’re stupid. I never lost weight in my boobs before my surgery. It’s not as easy as you think.

  20. Maybe at the same time she’s having a boob job she can have those nasty ass tattoos removed. Robert

  21. She should probably try to lose the weight first because her boobs aren’t naturally that big when she’s thinner (or at least they didn’t used to be). Mine are huge and I already have back problems, but having two kids in less than a year and gaining weight didn’t help, plus I’m still nursing my ten month old. I’m sure they’ll go down some soon (although not too much, since even when I got underweight at one point the smallest they ever got was a 36D, but that was a lot more manageable). I couldn’t imagine having a surgery like that done without at least trying other options first.

    1. I dislike Kail, but losing weight doesn’t always help. I’m 5ft11, 120lbs, but measure in at a 32EE-32F. I used to be heavier, but when I lose weight my boobs just stayed the same size.
      If I had her money I’d get a reduction too because they’re so painful and make exercising SO uncomfortable

      1. Insurance will often pay for a reduction. It can be a hassle to get approval, but if you find a doctor that specializes in this procedure, they often will work with your insurance company to help you get approved.

      2. That’s a different situation, though, because you are thin and know that they aren’t going to get any smaller with weight loss. Kail, on the other hand, doesn’t know that losing 20 or 30 pounds won’t help her boobs. When she’s been thinner (without surgery) her breasts have been smaller. So all I’m saying is that it’s at least worth trying before opting for surgery.

      3. Hi I work for a plastic surgeon – 600 grams is usually what they look for to remove to get it covered by insurance..good luck! 😉

  22. First of all, sports bras come in maaaany sizes. True it’s hard to find them in shops in America, but Kail has the resources to do a simple google – ShockAbsorber, Panache, Curvy kate, etc all make larger sizes sports bras that work. I have a 32H chest and ran a half marathon just fine in one.

    Second of all, it’s very unhealthy to jump to surgery at the drop of a hat. She JUST had a baby – they will go down in size! Put the work in instead of looking for a quick fix all the time. It’ll take time but that’s the right way to do things. Kail is going to be like that crazy plastic surgery cat lady if she keeps it up.

  23. A good surgeon will make you lose excess weight before they’ll do a breast reduction. The first place you lose weight is in your breasts. It’s a really big surgery with lots of scars. I hope she chooses not to do an elective surgery that can most likely be fixed with diet and exercise.

    1. I had the surgery done four years ago, not that many scars, I have some around my nipples, and on the under side but that’s it. It’s not a lot of scarring lol. And just because diet and exercise helps you, doesnt mean it helps everyone

      1. It’s the last place I lose weight. I recently lost 30 pounds. Still wear an H cup.

        BTW it sounds like she needs to invest in a real sports bra. Prima Donna makes nice ones and she can certainly afford them.

  24. Her attempts to bring up her chest at every opportunity – while being sure to make sure everyone knows they’re huge – sure sound like a thinly veiled compliment to herself. Her attention seeking and narcissistic behavior just gets more and more off-putting as time goes on.

    1. Having boobs too big to be contained securely in a sports bra during high-impact workouts is a concern for lots of women. The struggle is real.

      All podcast hosts talk about themselves when they have a conversational podcast like Kail’s–that’s how they fill the space.

      1. I understand that it can be uncomfortable, and I understand that isn’t doing justice to how difficult it can be to deal with. My best friend of over 30 years had a breast reduction several years ago.

        That being said, Kail’s attitude is what I’m criticizing. She’s purposely drawing attention to it. Not because “the struggle is real” – which I honestly know it is for lots of women. She’s bringing it up because she’s getting off on thinking everyone in the free world is thinking about her chest.

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