BREAKING NEWS! Bristol Palin Is Joining the Cast of ‘Teen Mom OG’ (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS!)

“Um, yeah, you can go Farrah. You’ve been replaced!”

TMZ broke the news that Bristol Palin will be joining the cast of Teen Mom OG for the upcoming season– and The Ashley can confirm that this is 100 percent true!

The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom’ sources informed her earlier this week that Bristol was being added to the cast (but The Ashley always waits to get big scoops confirmed by multiple sources before posting).

The 27-year-old daughter of politician Sarah Palin was a teen mom, and is now the mother of three children. Her son Tripp (who was fathered by Bristol’s ex-fiancé Levi Johnston) is nine. She also has daughters, Sailor, 2 and Atlee, 14-months with her soon-to-be ex-husband Dakota Meyer.  

The Ashley can confirm that Bristol has signed on to be the fifth cast member on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ She will join Catelynn LowellMaci Bookout, and Amber Portwood, as well as The Challenge star Cheyenne Floyd (whom The Ashley told you earlier this month was joining the ‘OG’ cast).

TMZ is reporting that Mackenzie McKee is also joining the ‘OG’ cast but The Ashley can confirm that’s incorrect.  Cheyenne is still being added to the cast but Mackenzie is not.

“They wanted five girls, like they have for Teen Mom 2 because it’s been working out well in terms of story lines,” The Ashley’s production source tells her.

As for the selection of Bristol, the “OGs” most likely found out today when TMZ broke the story.

“Amber, Catelynn and Maci did not even know,” The Ashley’s production source tells her. “It was kept under wraps because MTV was afraid that Sarah [Palin] would pull out, and MTV knew that the original girls would be upset. In fact, they even used a different name when discussing Bristol being on the show, to keep it a secret!”

“You’re closing on my turf, girl!”

“MTV has been shooting with her already,” the source tells The Ashley. “They’ve been out there filming her for the last few weeks under a code name. It’s likely that someone in the Palin camp leaked the news to TMZ.”

Maci, as well as Farrah Abraham, have met Bristol on multiple occasions. The trio appeared as part of a panel on teen motherhood back in 2010.

UPDATE: The Ashley’s sources tell her that, at first, Bristol was cast because Maci was refusing to film.

“She basically told production and crew that she wasn’t going to film if [her son Bentley’s father] Ryan Edwards was filming because she didn’t want his drug struggles to play out on TV anymore,” The Ashley’s crew source said. “She didn’t want Bentley to be able to watch that go down.”

The Ashley is not sure if Ryan is filming, but she can confirm that Maci is, indeed, filming for the next season.

“It worked out because MTV is happy to have five girls on the show now,” the source added.

UPDATE #2: Cory Wharton, the baby daddy of Cheyenne, posted this tweet after news of Bristol joining the cast broke.

“Out with the old, in with the new. You guys are boring they want ratings,” he wrote, seemingly in a message to the original ‘OG’ cast members. “I can’t wait till I can really talk.”

‘Teen Mom OG’ dad Tyler Baltierra retweeted Cory’s tweet, adding, “Dude it’s so true though.”

UPDATE #3: Ryan and his wife Mackenzie have confirmed that MTV has booted them from ‘Teen Mom OG!’ Click here to read all about it!

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  1. EW, thanks but no thanks, Bristol is a known promoter of ABSTINENCE ONLY as birth control, and now she has a new platform to push her nonsense. (Here is a Bristol quote: “Regardless of what I did personally, I just think that abstinence is the only … 100 percent foolproof way to prevent pregnancy”) Well that’s literally the opposite of a realistic strategy to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Statistically, shows like 16 and pregnant helped reduce teen pregnancy back when it was introduced, and I worry that this attitude will have exactly the opposite effect. This is obviously what it takes for me personally to stop watching, but I know just ‘me not watching anymore’ won’t end this train wreck, so hey everyone tell your friends- Safe sex is a thing! Abstinence is unrealistic and adding this confusing conservative message will be harmful. (On a side note, I have always secretly suspected that Sarah’s youngest child was actually Bristol’s. I’ll just leave that there.)

  2. Yuck all around. Maci used to be one of my faves, but even she’s worn out my patience with her second shit fit/threat not to film, only to not follow through. Over it. I hope their ratings plummet.

  3. At this point, they need to give Maci, Amber and Cate the boot and completely rebrand the show. They can called it ’Reality Moms’. Tagline: MTV follows four former reality tv moms who are desperately trying to keep their 15 minutes by exploiting themselves and their children in this new mockery of a docu-series. Dang! And Farrah would have been so perfect! She would be the star in that show too! Unfortunately, she ’severanced’ her relationship from MTV.

  4. “Amber, Catelynn and Maci did not even know,” The Ashley’s production source tells her. “It was kept under wraps because MTV was afraid that Sarah [Palin] would pull out,” Sorry, I can only wish more would have “pulled out” and we’d have been spared this shit show. This week was so effing boring, it’ s just not worth watching. And sorry, but “Kail and Leah take a break from dealing with their 6 kids with five fathers and it would be five for five if not for the twins, to do what typical mid-20s unemployed single mothers do, jaunt off to Hawaii for a break, especially for poor Kail, who has gone close to a year without a vacation to some far-off tropical island,” was just a classic example of where this show has gone off the rails.

    I honestly wish they’d ditch both TM shows, and go back to showing us actual teen moms dealing with the consequences of teen pregnancy, dropping out of school dealing with usually teen fathers also not remotely ready, living at best in some basement apartment, and struggling to pay for diapers and formula. Show the “real reality,” not this shit show of women getting rich for their bad choices.

    I noticed that despite the usual SUPER recap, not that many comments on the recent episodes, I think in part becuase we’re all seeing the same shit every time, and we’ve already said it all and are just repeating ourselves. Me, I say dump both shows and instead, do a season where they do one-hour segments on former “16 and Pregnant” mothers and fathers, and show us the REAL life of those who got pregnant at 15-16-17, a few years down the road. I’d much, much rather see how those other girls are doing, than this same set of overly-paid and pampered prima donnas and their litters of kids. (Yes, Maci and Chelsea seem to be leading rather normal lives, but that is, let’s face it, pretty boring. Their fading story lines are their druggy exes, and that’s boring at this point as well.)

  5. Bristol Palin is a joke!!! She goes around getting paid to preach abstinence. Talk about a hypocrite. I’m not usually one to sex shame, but this girl is straight up ridiculous.

    1. Well the whole show is about people NOT being responsible with their sex lives, look at Amber and her “We’ve just met, let’s have unprotected sex!” and she’s in her mid twenties, her BF is what, in his thirties, and they STILl can’t grasp the concept of pregnancy and STDs? If any of them had been taking birth control seriously, they’d not be on this show in the first place, let alone producing litters of kids.

  6. Last straw, the show is now officially rich celebrities who were knocked up as teens and became wealthy and famous for nothing but bad choices.” I think the reason many of us enjoyed Young and Pregnant more is because it was more like the original TM shows and far more reflective of the real consequences of becoming pregnant while still too young.

    1. I’m done watching now too! I really enjoy young and pregnant a lot more than teen mom.

  7. MTV you have officially jumped the shark. I have no interest in this story line and minimal in the others. I will now exit stage left.

  8. This move makes no sense. Bristol Palin grew up overly privileged. It’s not the same at all!

  9. I like how mtv fired David for his homophobia, but then hire Bristol after she has publicly bashed homosexuals on multiple occasions

  10. Congrats, MTV. Get ready for Jenelle and fired anti-gay enthusiast David Eason to have a literal sh*t fit over this one .

    Bristol Palin is a known homophobe who has used the word “f*ggot” on several occasions. Her son Tripp was even heard using it back in 2012 as a toddler. Google it.

    This, after recently signing another new cast member, who wants to kill all white babies?

    With a full staff of employees at your disposal, one begs to wonder who does your research on these totally EFFED UP decisions.


  11. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Now get Cheyenne’s racist ass the fuck off there. Why is she still signed on? Oh yeah it’s racist to say racist things about every race EXCEPT whites. Gotcha.

    1. This is a very ignorant comment. Before you comment about things you’re not clear on, figure out the difference between racism and prejudice.

  12. the show has ran its course we also mainly wanted mckenzie mckee on og but my just doesn’t get it smh

  13. Personally I would have preferred they just left it the 3 moms who are left. I don’t understand having Teen Mom OG (original girls) and then adding people who were not in the original group. I didn’t like the addition of Brianna on TM 2 either. It was fine with the 4 girls. I don’t watch TM2 at all anymore and now I’ll stop watching OG. I don’t want to see new people on OG.

  14. I started watching 16 & pregnant when I was a mom of 2 at 19 years old, totally relatable to the lives that these girls led because they are only a year or two younger than me. I had money problems,problems with my girls’ dad (we are much better now and still together) and their kids are my kids’ ages. And I really wonder if this show outgrew me or if I outgrew the show. Because I have no interest in these new people, but at the same time I wonder, “Would that 19 year old me like this dumb ass show back then?” And honestly, I probably would. I think all of us that are sick of what this show has become, which I’m sure was comprised of a lot of teen moms, simply grew up. We know better, something these girls never came to realize. And, sadly, there are new crops of young adults/teenagers that will keep this ridiculous show in business. I’m gonna move on with my life and only come around for the recaps (if The Ashley ever gets around to them, hint,hint) and I am not watching this show again. It’s time to leave this show in the past where it belongs.

  15. This is the worst decision they could make. I rarely watched the show anymore because it’s getting old, but now I will definitely never watch another episode.

  16. Yeah they have the “racist” slot covered with the Eason’s, they don’t need another, that thinks all white people, and all white babies should be killed. Cold day in hell, before I would ever watch scum, like that!

  17. Well she has a couple of baby daddies and all her children were “oopsie babies” so she is in the right place. Welcome to Teen Mom, Bristol!

  18. How much is Bristol getting paid for this, because she already has a famous name….is she getting as much as the OG girls? Or is she getting as much as that other new girl….I don’t feel like scrolling back through the article to find out her name.

  19. Nikkole Paulun is a hot mess. I totally would have watched her on Teen Mom! Why is Mackenzie McGee out? Because her mom is sick? Also in the article it said MTV didn’t want anyone to know in case Sarah Palin backed out. What does that mean? They wouldn’t take Bristol unless Sarah was willing to be filmed too? I don’t really understand that.

    1. Nikkole would’ve been a better choice than Bristol and this other nobody because youre right, that girl is a flaming hot mess…She has no shame in her game and would be good for TV. I also feel like Mackenzie would’ve been a better choice too. I have no idea what MTV is thinking bringing in 2 randoms off the street.

    2. Nikkole & Whitney would have been my top 2 for sure. THAT would have been a true story of what happens when you get knocked up young.

      Drugs, jail, losing custody… those two would have put on a show.

      Oh.. the mom with twins from FL. I would have liked to see her also.

      Wasn’t there another OG mom who was in the AF or something? Her kid was taken away also by DCF? I vaguely remember hearing she might have passed away?

      1. Ooooo Whitney would’ve been a good one too….the mom with the twins from Florida, I think she just had another baby…..I wouldn’t mind seeing that one girl that thought she was going to have the perfect baby, with the perfect family, and the perfect life…I wonder if it all turned out so “perfect” for her and her aspiring glass blower fiancé at the time.

  20. This is ridiculous. I’d honestly rather have the Mackenzies on. I used to like Bristol, or at least feel bad for her because it had to have been hard to be a pregnant teen, in a tumultuous relationship, and then suddenly be forced into the public spotlight. However, since then Bristol has shown many, many times that she’s a rude, immature, and hateful person. I’m not even talking politics, she just has said lots of nasty things to a lot of people, gets into drunken brawls, files from divorce from her husband every other month, has a massive ego

  21. It’s official – TMOG has jumped the shark. Now there’s two new characters that nobody cares about. I don’t think I’ve watched it since it’s returned with the OG title as The Ashley’s recaps are a much better use of my time. IMO, TM2 is still entertainingly trashy and will likely stick around longer.

  22. Didn’t watch OG last year and am not going to watch it again this time. MTV needs to face reality and cancel OG. You had how many girls on the first and second season of 16 and pregnant and you couldn’t bother to add one of them but you go and add two girls who have no ties to either show? Stupid decision.

  23. I actually think she will be good for ratings. HOWEVER, since that one moms tweets came out about killing babies there’s no way I will watch it.

  24. What in the name of unwed underachievers……….. Next they should ad someone from that show Buckwild, maybe Luann from King of the Hill. This show is a million miles away from anything that they once purported to be. The shark has long since been jumped, it needs to be cancelled and brought back for a few episodes a couple of years down the line. I don’t get pleasure from the misfortunes of others, but I have to say I’d love to see their lives after the cameras and checks have stopped rolling in (especially entitled Amber and Jenelle). I feel worried for Cate and Ty though, they seem like nice people, but they have absolutely no actual life skills. I think they both graduated high school, but Cate would get detachment issues if she had to leave her couch and work a 9-5.

  25. I’m just glad it’s not Ryan’s crazy wife… and I’m proud of Maci if she really pulled the plug on them recording Ryan’s drug struggle. She’s a better mom than I give her credit for because no child should be able to watch their parent under the influence. Sometimes I feel all kinds of emotions when I see Ryan doped out and I’m a stranger.

    1. And as an unintentional bonus, I imagine Mack just stewing about the lost screen time (and hopefully income). Maci got one over on that vapid twat by never, ever sinking to her level and never saying a bad word about her.

    2. Too be fair, Maci is a raging alcoholic. She has ZERO room to talk about Ryan. While filming, her and her husband always have a beer in their hand or nearby. They don’t film all the time so if they are drinking every time they film that means they are drinking all the time when they are not. She has even admitted to alcohol abuse being a huge factor in her marriage. MacKenzie, on the other hand, is just an enabler. She doesn’t have a drug or alcohol problem like Ryan and Maci.

  26. The Ashley, I believe Bristol and her husband reconciled. I don’t know why I know this…it’s kinda making me throw up a little in my mouth because of the fact that I know this. Ehhhhhhhh

  27. What the hell MTV?! These are the 2 worst and random selections for replacements. Just combine the 2 shows and call it a day…..I do wonder if we’re going to be able to see Russia from Sarah and Bristol’s back yards ??

  28. I must be living under a rock bc I have the idea who the heck Bristol is. And I’ve never heard of Cory or Cheyenne either. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

    1. Considering Sarah Palin was a vice presidential nominee, I really hope you are too young to remember the 2008 election.

    2. Bristol is the daughter of Sarah Palin who ran for VP of the United States as John McCain’s running mate. It is said that him picking Sarah Palin is the reason he lost to Barack Obama because she was just a little too conservative and it turned voters off. Bristol is her daughter who got knocked up as a teenager. I believe she was pregnant during the election actually. Cheyenne was on MTV’s The Challenge once or twice. Cory Wharton is her baby daddy and he has been on The Challenge multiple times and on their new show Ex on the Beach. They are not together and no relationship between the two of them has ever been shown on the challenge so I don’t think the world knew Cory even had a child and when it was reported everyone was like, “what,” because Cory was filmed sleeping with a lot of woman, but Cheyenne was never one of them. MTV has been trying to shove Cory down the throats of all Challenge fans for years. I personally dislike him a great deal, but I promise he will probably be featured more then Cheyenne. I guarantee Cheyenne would not have been cast if her child’s father was not Cory. He is a big name on the Challenge and she just won her ticket to reality fame because she slept with that player.

  29. What the actual fuck.

    Side note: I like Maci’s hair like that. Shoulder length is a really nice look for her.

    1. I think that’s a really old picture because Farrah looks human and not like a freaky blow-up doll. Here nose there is like three or four nose incarnations ago and she’s flat chested.

  30. At first I thought this was a joke. This show is one big cluster. I don’t understand the logic behind this. She grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. This show is getting old. The kids are almost pre-teen!! I am done watching.

  31. How are they going to call this show Teen Mom “OG” with two girls being added to the show out of nowhere? They weren’t even on 16 & Pregnant..give it up MTV, seriously. It’s time.

  32. I like this much better than Cheyenne. At least Bristol was an actual teen mom who had a previous reality TV show. I dont agree with them politically, but at least she changes up the dynamic some!

    1. This is what you get when they allow the likes of Morgan J Freeman to produce a show! The guy is a joke. Some producer, if this is the best gig he could get! But at least he won’t have to worry about buying a tuxedo, to accept any Grammy Awards!

  33. Wait…it’s not April 1st and this has to be an April Fool’s joke. Has MTV lost their damn minds?!

  34. Let the rants commence..
    Farrah will serve the chef’s special word salad and Amber is going to loose her cool over this.

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